You Only Get One Bite of The Apple! by Boyd Miller

The prophet business is pretty scary to anyone who has read Deut. 13. I ran across a good article on one of the expose Doyle Davidson sites,

This is discernment 101, and applies to not only those who market their annointedness, but also to those of you who say “God told me” to move, quit my job, buy this house, go to this church, start a weblog(ouch!)…..etc.. Anytime someone tells you “God told me” and does not reference scripture, your discernment antenna should go up!


2 thoughts on “You Only Get One Bite of The Apple! by Boyd Miller

  1. Hi Boyd,

    I love that “discernment antenna” picture. Unfortunately, there seems to be no end to those who believe them.

  2. As a Reformed Christian, you’ll hardly ever hear my say, “God told me…”, rather doing all things to the glory of God. Things that honor & promote God, His plan, His character, His Son & our Lord Christ Jesus.

    The point is, as long as you are doing, whatever you are doing in glory to God & if by biblical standard it is not in of itself sinful & does not cause another to sin, then THAT is what you should be doing.

    HOWEVER, even the evil things meant by men have a purpose & God tends to even show us this side of heaven some point or purpose in it all that God means for good.

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