Open Blogging Weekend!

It’s been an interesting week huh?


How will you celebrate Easter?


What does the Cross mean to you?


I will be celebrating Easter next weekend according to the Orthodox Calendar as I have done since 2002. That should get my detractors going eh?


Happy Easter Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Open Blogging Weekend!

  1. Happy resurrection commemoration day, which is everyday, regardless of how you do it:
    I was listening to an old song this morning by Porter Wagner titled “What would you do(If Jesus came to your house)” and was wondering if some people would ask Jesus when He was going to do something about this homosexual problem, or when He was going to build a wing onto the church or what was he going to do about this emergent marketing plan, however I think most of us would cover our face and beg for mercy.

    God Bless


  2. My laptop has been in the shop for two weeks getting a new keyboard so im just now seeing all this…
    I opted to not go to church. Im not very fond of church anyway. Especially on holidays and holy days. My husband sat out on our trampoline and watched the sun come up and he read to me for about an hour. We colored some eggs but didnt hide them for the kids.
    I dont call it easter…….. I just call it resurrection day. Im so very wary of any holiday that wraps itself around Christ and isnt even mentioned in the bible….the exact days or the word easter.

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