Why Do You Visit Theology Today?


Tim Challies has written an article that I would like us all to consider. I think it’s well written and timely since one of my main themes at Theology Today has been reform on the Christian blogosphere. (source)


After reading the linked post I have a question for you that will determine the future of Theology Today and that is;


Why do you visit Theology Today?


I’m not looking for pats on the back here….far from it. So please feel free to be honest and tell me why you come here or tell me how I can make Theology Today a better site. As I said before I will use this information to determine the future of Theology Today.


16 thoughts on “Why Do You Visit Theology Today?

  1. Hi,

    Chuck Swanson from SPM had this to say to me before closing down the comments;


    Infringment of the copyright law? Hmm? Sounds a lot like Abanes to me. Why not just add his add-on to your emails too. That way you can be just like your elder brother and remove all doubt. By the way, how did you know of our posting to begin with? Are you googling your own name? I guess Ken Silva is not alone in that.

    Phil says,

    Dave Norris emailed me informing me of Nathan’s article. Do you often make unfounded accusations Chuck? I expect a public apology Mr. Swanson both here and at SPM.

    Actually I do have a disclaimer attached to the bottom of my emails (ask Dave). I removed it and set up a different email address for my tennis academy.

    It’s interesting how you defend Silva Chuck. Guess a link to one of your articles on CRN goes a long way huh?

    Now if the SPM boys are consistent Chuck will delete the post and pretend it never happened as SPM has done in the past when things get too hot to handle.


    • Hi,

      Just like children playing a game the comments are now open again….for the moment….including one I left regarding a podcast I will be doing regarding ethics…..

      They FINALLY sourced the article but as of yet I still haven’t received a public apology from Chuck Swanson…….


  2. I have to weigh in here. I’ve moderated lists for years. I’ve often made appeals to those on lists for feedback on what topics they would like to cover, ideas to make the site better, and why people are there. When I have done that, I’ve often run into others who are quite shy or feel enept at public postings, and they will speak to me privately. Some have revealed they have a very modest education, can’t spell, fear being ridiculed for asking stupid questions. Shoot, some put aside their fears and venture out to speak publicly. What a blessing it is to see them set aside those fears and observe them add tremendous contributions. I have always viewed those actions as a move of the Spirit by virtue of what comes forth.

    I’m quite sorry, but it appeared to me that this had more to do with Silva and Abanes and I noticed how quick those two names entered the conversation. There was the calling of Abanes a “brother”, yet they want to attribute his influence to what they see here. Well, if Richard is in fact a brother, as I believe he is, then his comments should be taken into consideration shouldn’t it? Isn’t Richard led by the Spirit also? Or is it just Silva who is led by the Spirit? I guess now it’s no longer THE SPIRIT, but the spirit of Abanes or Silva as men they question as governing the work of this site. As men, which one should we follow? That mindset is just plain WRONG.

    Let them talk on long enough and you will always get to the bottom of their issues. No doctrinal issues as they admit. hmmmm so what was the point? I lost it in that maze of comparisons to men – oh and possibly Wicca. I guess by involving the community here, this site could be reduced to the lowest common denominator of man? That comment isn’t even worthy of consideration. Heaven forbid we not be community minded.

    That’s my 2 cents worth – I’ll pay at the door.

    • Just to clarify my comment on the community mindedness – I do mean Christian Community. I’ve seen a dramatic effort by some to be so controlling that the community is left in the dust.

      • Hi,


        Apparently there is some confusion over at SPM. They claim I wasn’t fast enough in posting what “Chuck did”. Chuck suggested that I googled my name to learn of Nathan’s post. When I forwarded him the email I received where I learned about the post from “Dave Norris” he explained to me that Nathan actually sent the email. Either way I didn’t discover the post through Google but from an email from SPM.

        As far as posting on this site goes, my last post was at 1030am or so….the “flurry” of emails happened while I was on the tennis court which I answered with my telephone.

        Here’s the bottom line. Mr. Swanson suggested I learned of the post with Google….when I cleared up that matter I then asked for an apology….and I’m still waiting….


        • Hey Phil,

          I’m trying to catch up here. Dave Norris sent you an email that he didn’t write, Nathan did, but Chuck didn’t know about it? This is the second critical piece lately what’s up with that? Why don’t they comment here if they disagree? I like to hear issues threshed out scripturally.

          As to your original question, Dorothy has it right.

          There does seem to be alot of people in the ODM community that are obsessed with or jealous of Rick Warren for a variety of reasons. As to Mr. Challies remarks about negativity, when you preach repentance(John the bapist) it is considered(by the sinner) negative.

        • Hi,

          Yea. I don’t care if they’re critical Boyd. You see it’s not my doctrine, so what is it?

          Chuck claimed on that thread that I “googled” my name to learn of their little article. The reality is I learned of it via email from Nathan who apparently uses Dave Norrris’s computer and email account. Either way I learned it from THEM. Where’s the apology?

          All roads my friend lead to Rick Warren. Because I don’t treat Richard Abanes like a leper I’m now a “Rick Warren” sympathizer…..or maybe a “Rick Warren Apologist”. Because Ken Silva and Ingrid Schlueter hate RA and RW anyone in their circle must hate those two as well. Thus TT and myself get attacked by their minions like SPM. Oh well. I can handle it and ALL of them.


  3. BTW Phil,

    I like this site because it is community minded. The work builds up the body of Christ. It reveals error and addresses those who teach another gospel.

    It makes me a stronger Christian. Every time I write, I am not just addressing issues with others, but often find my own work reveals some of my own weaknesses and I make note to work on those areas.

    I learn from everyone here – from the weakest to the strongest.

    I’m also in tune to the ultimate goal which is focused on reconcilliation. That’s a biggy for me.

    AND – one thing I know about Christianity – there is no us versus them. It’s “we” striving to be in unity. Iron sharpens iron.

    Thanks for asking. 🙂

  4. Hi Boyd,

    It’s all about Abanes & Silva and now Rick Warren. They’re just looking for reasons to pick a fight.

    They start out criticizing TT for it’s direction but then qualify it a doctrinally sound, thus refuting their own argument.

    When that occurred, they ran for shelter behind the skirts of the Silva & Abanes controversy. Throw a dash of Rick Warren in the mix and hope that no one notices their original platform has been defeated. I worked in marketing and we referred to this as a bait and switch. Whether they realize it or not, it’s fraudulent.

    A bait and switch would work like this in argument: bait the audience with a false concern, then turned the topic to it’s intended theme…

    If you noticed this one is now expanding in scope and imho this is what they really wanted to address from the first stroke of the keys.

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  6. Plain & simple… you’re good, brother. Research, wit, focus. You got style and look to edify.

    My kind of blogger.

    Peace, bro.


    P.S. My travels have had me blowing and going… haven’t listened to THAT podcast yet, but can’t wait.

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