Here We Go Again!

This “restoration” process that apparently Todd Bentley is being put through is a joke.

In the above video Rick Joyner says there isn’t a timetable for Bentley’s return to ministry. The he quotes Galatians 6:1 as his support for restoring someone to ministry.

Brethren, even if anyone is caught in any trespass, you who are spiritual, restore such a one in a spirit of gentleness; each one looking to yourself, so that you too will not be tempted.

That’s not what the Scripture actually means but then again twisting Scripture is nothing new for these folks. The above verse doesn’t mean to restore someone to ministry, it’s referring to restoring them to the Body of Christ.

Joyner says there isn’t a “timetable” for Bentley’s return but in the latest video Todd now has an office!

This isn’t restoration my friends.

If it were up to me I would hand Todd Bentley a mop and bucket and have him do nothing but clean the church for the next 5 years and then get back to us.

I hate to break it to Bentley but his revival was all about “Todd” and had little if anything to do with God.

How many lies do you hear in these 2 videos?

What do you guys think?


16 thoughts on “Here We Go Again!

  1. Well, for those who weren’t here for the first round, they may want to get ready for the second. It’s coming.

    When I think of all the lies they told about resurrections, etc. that were proven untrue, this makes me sick to my stomach. Are there apologies out there for any of those antics?

    Their apostalic alignment blew up in their faces last time. I don’t doubt these guys took some heat but apparently it wasn’t enough if they are willing to put Todd back on stage again. Can we say “repeat” stupidity? I call this the suicidal tendancies of abhorant doctrines.

    • Hi,

      To the best of my knowledge TB hasn’t apologized for the lies surrounding the false claims or the visions or whatever.

      Wendy and Rory Alec should take responsibility, Peter Wagner is responsible and so is Stephen Strader and NONE of them to the best of my knowledge have apologized either.

      In the 2nd video TB still claims Lakeland was of God. He also claims that at the time of the “ordination” he and his wife were still undecided regarding their future as a couple yet he was still with the babysitter who he later married.

      You know what I don’t see in these and the other videos available? Remorse. Without remorse there can’t be repentance, without repentance there can’t be reconciliation and without reconciliation their can’t be true restoration.

      This whole thing is a joke. A SAD joke!


  2. These people are predators, they can’t help themselves. Bentley like Bakker and all the others that prey on the flock for a living, are habitual sinners and thieves. They all have this “I was working so hard for God that I fell into sin excuse.” In order for a thief to be restored he must admit his sin and repay those he stole from and steal no more. This restoration process is to allow him to steal again(which is a return to ministry). This could be compared to restoring Jessie James by counseling thru the Cole-Younger gang.

    • Hi Boyd,

      Love the comparison of Jesse James & Cole-Younger – goes well with your horse. lol

      Great analogy….You don’t restore someone to an area where they so obviously failed. You find them a new role where hopefully they won’t repeat their past, or if they do, they don’t repeat the extent of the damage.

  3. This is so sad. He “was so devoted to the ministry that it became [his] mistress”? Is he really that deluded? The woman you were sleeping with while you were married to your wife was your mistress! The same one you left your wife and children for and recently married. Remember? Maybe he doesn’t remember. Alcohol will do that to you! Of all the lame excuses for sin, this is the best that Todd Bentley and Rick Joyner could come up with? God help the folks who follow these two charlatans! How ignorant of the Word do you have to be to follow men who are obviously ignorant of the Word themselves? Shame on these wolves in sheep’s clothing and shame on the sheeple who will follow them repeating the sheeple’s mantra – touch not God’s anointed…judge not…touch not God’s anointed…judge not…Wake up, Body of Christ! This is Satanic; this is not a work of God!

  4. My wife and I wanted to go to Lakeland to witness for ourselves the Todd Bentley and associates revival hype. That
    was exactly what it was for the most part a spititual hype with a array of seemingly scripted non-articulate characters screaming at a crowd of believers many traveling thousands of miles from many countries. We we be-
    wildered even in spite of our apostolic spirit filled backround and having been to many great revivals (some of the
    greatest in black churches…wow!!). This experience was so gravely dissappointing that I wish we had not gone at
    all. Pastor Schroeder a great man of God from Lakeland was caught up in a frenzy of people being raised from the dead and redundant hogwash hype messages satisfying a hungry crowd seemingly needing a miracle every ten minutes to
    keep their salivary glands squirting. I had a messanic jewish brother blowing a ram horn as he ran around the place
    blowing peoples brains out (well intended worship of course). No real message here just a place for. Bentley I’am
    sure sincerely loves Jesus and I really don’tcare about his sins (I have my own dirt/sin(s)) but this guy is somewhat of a misfit yet needs to clean up his act as he is appealing to people rough around the edges.

  5. The Bakkers (Jim and Lori) are “assisting” in the development of Moringside and a new project whereby a huge barn
    is under constuction to house the “Master’s Commission” an outreach albeit school aimed at teaching kids scripture
    and witnessing to the likes of public school kids many not being fed anything about Christ (I avoid using the word
    religion for many reasons). Anyway,the main complex consists of a cool sanctuary (hall) with a beautiful blue
    ceiling and sandwiched in by a restaurant(great food),shops,chapel,general store and classrooms. Surrounding the core are about 115 condo’s (had a tour they are cool). Everything built by a wealthy high end contractor (more
    importantly a “real” christian man of God. He has invested millions into building this complex the water storage
    water treatment plant ,many homes cabins for all churches to use exclusively for week retreats, townhomes and resident cabins. The support staff are beyond explanation as they are totally neat christian folks and graced by
    Jim and Lori’s five adopted kids that are so gifted and sweet. Lori is a talented,sweet gal who loves everyone.

    • David,

      I’m interested in how you qualify “assisting” in the development here.

      Are you giving your $1020.00 so you can have reserved seatings, a sterling silver plated cross, two VIP membership cards, your name in the hall of faith, etc.?

      It has been my experience that when I see this and those associated with this technique, run for the hills.

  6. The Towers of Babel: (or the towers of babble as I call them)

    Words build: Mr Joyner is building restoration with words.

    Not actually.

    First Mr Bentley should have responsibility for his actions yet Mr joyner seems to be taking much of the responsibility for Mr Bentleys ‘said’ actions. Opinions are not actions and we have seen plenty of opinions. We have seen a counselling session. We have seen justifications for ‘said’ actions. We have had biblical references for ‘said’ actions. So far then WE HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT TO RESTORE SOMEONE ALL OF THE ABOVE IS NECESSARY. So, so far restoration has been words and more words and then the word. Babble then has built this restoration.

    For my part, my Lord takes action. Whoop that spirit of idolatory, whoop that spirit of pride, whoop that spirit of agrandisement, whoop that spirit of and so on untill you are left with an empty vessel that the Father can fill ,(not Mr Joyner) I,is out front. In my restoration process a great, grand, king (of these so called kings of ministry) of highest honour would be in charge with discretion, discernement, humility (not dogged determination (s) ) and such a love that all would be in no mistake as to who was in charge.

    BUT THEY WON’T LET HIM IN. And it hurts when I witness him weep.

  7. Dorothy great question in light of Jims “former” in part prosperity min-
    istry. Ok to the point. Key word
    “assisting” regarding Morningside. Jim and Lori are the minisrty NOT OWNERS of Moringside built and heavily
    invested by developer Jerry Crawford and his wife. This guy is a great man and woman of God (marriage saved at PTL)
    Anyway,Jim and Lori can own their furniture,two cars and may own their condo unless renting from Jerry (I didn’t
    ask its personal and I don’t care) They don’t own the TV system,satelite van,office furniture a donated piano (owned by church) . Their financial matters are monitored due to his past (read his book “I was wrong”). I recently had open heart sugery and was forced into unemployment and retirement and can’t afford my tithe at my Florida church plus come up with the $1000.00 to be a partner but we donate in other ways ordering CD’s books,recent survival kit and we travel to Morningside each Christmas week (timeshare purchased years ago). God Bless

  8. Oh Dorothy!!! Just thought of what it costs a TV evangelist(s)like the CTN/TBN programs where just the anti is like hundreds of thousands)and when that hit is in the face of no sponsors (NO sponsors!!!!!!) This forces the likes
    of the Bakkers to pitch products ,bibles,CD’s memberships,donations . You have to be a organized, media savy dude
    with a crack staff and desire to get the word out like Jim ,Lori and blessed host Kevin do and do well.
    Jim was so nuts the other day when the farm lady next door offered them all the eggs they need as long as they
    pick them up (sounds like a good job for their five adopted kids). “Food for Children” delivered 20,000 lbs of food
    and Life Water and clothes yesterday to be distributed to needy families around Branson area (many hungery in Osarks) Jim makes a few bucks for selling a 100/200/275 bucket of emergengy food packets good for 20 years!! $100
    $150 and $200. Great in a disaster when the stores are bare and “we ain’t got food mama” God Bless!!!!

  9. I think Bentley should have laid on his sides for many years and eaten all his food cooked over human extrement! I believe I heard that somewhere before. THAT IS RIGHT IT IS IN THE BIBLE!!!!!

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