Jim and Lori Bakker: The Dog’s Have Returned to Their Vomit by Boyd Miller


But it has happened to them according to the true proverb: “A dog returns to his vomit,” and, “a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in mire.” 2Peter 2:22


Jim Bakker has started over again, how be it on a smaller scale. His Heritage USA theme park was 4 square miles of property. He is now promoting “Morningside” which is about 600 acres on the Missouri side of the border with Arkansas (stinking up the area I live in). Heritage was a vacation theme park, Morningside sounds like an end-time sanctuary. On his daily show and website he promotes survival items like processed foods and flashlights (he missed the Y2K marketing opportunity due to legal problems). You can, if you hurry, buy a condo for anywhere between 80,000 and 350,000 dollars and the community has it’s own backup generators for power when the coming doom arrives. (source)


He has replaced Tammy Faye with Lori (eerily similar with less makeup) and has abandoned the “prosperity” message and replaced it with the “end is near” (Bakker is now 70 year old). Since he owes 6.1 million in back taxes, everything is in Lori’s name or one of his partners. Most of his supporters think he was wrongly prosecuted for fraud in the late 80’s, so this is not a real bright bunch of folks.


If Bakker’s sales figures can be believed ( why would anyone doubt him?), his end-time hiding place will fill up quickly and it will be the end of time for his followers finances. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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210 thoughts on “Jim and Lori Bakker: The Dog’s Have Returned to Their Vomit by Boyd Miller

    • Jon Collings is a total LIAR.
      Jon Collings was NOT a part of this ministry!
      He is living in La La Land!
      If he will lie about being a part of the ministry, then
      nothing else he says can be believed!
      Hopefully, he will be sued for slander, if not
      maybe someone will just knock him in the head!

    • Stop the fighting!!!! This all has to stop in the body of Christ. We don’t and should not judge what is God’s right, He will judge all who have hurt the body of Christ and His judgement will be enough for me. We don’t have that authority, it belongs to God. Jesus didn’t fight back when they nailed Him to the cross, so what gives us the right to pass judgement on those who don’t live up to our standards. Your waisting your time on things you can’t change, Prayer is where we all need to be. God’s will is what we need to praying for. Stop the fighting and Pray for the Lost. This is the true Ministry of the Lord.

      • Jesus did stand up with a harsh voice against the corruption to His Father’s house, that effected his sheep, his followers. His going to the cross was a duty he was born to endure, with no one group to fight against since he was saving the entire world for this special moment. But when an individual or group offend the New Covenant, the Body of Christ,Jesus was no fool or prayer warrior. He shouted, “You snakes and vipers”, and even overturned the tables of the money changers, those who profited off of false or sinful doctrine.
        Lord Jesus spoke often warning us of dangers, and about End Times. He WARNED us repeatedly.
        So wake up to the light and truth of the Lord, and stop allowing tele evangists and profiteers to brainwash you into being a sweet pacifistic prayer warrior. True peace is given to those who do the Lord’s way and will, and help themselves.

  1. The first time he fed off peoples fleshly wants and desires and now he’s going to feed off their fears.

    imho – If people want an end time sanctuary, rest in Jesus and skip Morningside.

    • @ Dorothy:

      yes yes and yes and yes. Jim Bakker preys on the “fear” of people of “things” that are happening alright, he counts on it working! On top of all of that, he is the MOST annoying “me me me” creature who needs serious reprimanding. His constant interrupting his wife and “subordinating” her on the show shows him as the quintessential chauvinist, it makes me sick 😦

      Matthew 24 and other chapters in Daniel and Revelation mince absolutely no words whatsoever about what the “end” will be all about. When Jesus steps out of the clouds, NOBODY at all will need or reach for a backpack, a flashlight, a nickel and dime necklace or astronaut food, the “blinking of an eye” timetable lends plenty of credence to that !

    • Sadly many christian seem to think warning people of the days of trouble that the bible speaks of it some how a con.A dumb blind man cannot see the melt down of the world money and comprehend there is much difficulty ahead.Now to many in here seem not to comprehend also that many unbelievers will post against any one who names the name of Jesus as savior.The bible is true and Jesus will Return the signs are everywhere accept to those who do not believe.

  2. I believe Jim Bakker has truly repented and paid the price — God was too merciful to let Jim die in deception under PTL show (hence the exposure and discipline).

    Now that he got a second from the God of second chances, I believe he is doing the right thing in sharing the Gospel. Nothing wrong with his present wife too! Give them the bebefit of the doubt. And hooray for Joyce Meyer: her eyes opened.

    • Kevi Meru,

      I think there are thousands of people who would argue that Bakker hasn’t paid the price for the millions they lost at Heritage. If you would like to read about real repentance check out Luke 19:8-9.

      Preaching the gospel has nothing to do with creating a cult-like compound. Bakker said in a book he wrote in 1996(I Was Wrong) that he had never read the bible thru until he went to prison. Now he’s back to begging and marketing just like before. I would suggest he read the bible again.

      • Boyd I was gravely dissappointed how Jim Baker and associates mismanaged Heritsge. My wife and I have
        forgiven him just as God has forgiven us for our sins through Jesus Christ. Boyd I have at least 30 reasons and many details as to why Jim and Lori their 5 adopted unbelieveable kids and a staff that
        you would love have returned to a ministry that is both dynamic,energetic and a refined albeit reformed christian outreach. We have a church in Florida but timeshared visiting Morningside at christ-
        mas and met JIm ,his staffers,kids and members. Boyd this place is soooooo down to earth sooo oriented
        to rallying kids to Christ, promoting great christian music and fun secular,great teachings and many
        resouces. I warned Jim to get some sleep before the Christmas party (360 attendees ) He and Lori were
        running themselves into the ground. Lori is one of the sweetest people I have ever known and even sent
        me (an unemployed poor sucker) a personal card with her kids picture. Boyd go there check it out dude!! Something tells me your an ok guy just really ticked off. God Bless Brother!!!!

        • Guys, I hate to throw oil on the fire, but as a former “minion” on the Bakker staff, both my husband & I were saddened by the man JB has become.
          Because we had met him at the Los Angeles Dream Center several years before, we respected him. At that time he was humble and kind to those around him. This Dream Center Jim Bakker is a man I was proud to know.
          Unfortunately, that Jim Bakker is not at Morningside. The man we worked with was no longer humble, caring or kind to those around him. He now cares only for his image and how he makes money. He treats those who give up much to work for him like beggers who only want to take what is his. He is uninterested in the community around him and lives as a near recluse. He only listens to those who constantly brown nose him and say what he wants to hear. He doesn’t feel that anything but HIS show is important (closing down ministries that are doing well because they may take from his image), He feels the only use for a childrens ministry is to babysit (and would like the nursery open 7AM-7PM plus services so those children don’t disturb what he is doing). He feels that laws, building codes and other regulations are either unimportant or solely out to hurt him.
          Because he is no longer current with the Television Industry and won’t admit it, anyone who is a professional in video, production or editing are pushed out of the facility, while students who have barely learned the equipment are asked to fill in the gaps. Show quality is nonexistant and staff work for near nothing.
          I was one of those who once defended the man as differant then the person who took from my grandparents. I now know that in reality-“I WAS WRONG” and he no longer recieves my respect, just pity for a man who thinks he still runs a huge ministry in North Carolina, but instead works in a tiny church in the mountains of Missouri.

      • Would you rather he live off the government? No one has to buy what he sells.But there’s nothing wrong with it. Why be so unforgiving? you might need some forgiveness yourself sometime.

        • Jim Bakker is already living off the government, considering that he hasn’t paid the millions in taxes that he still owes to the IRS.

    • geez lady! wake up and smell the coffee. how many “buckets” of freeze dried food has Jim Bakker talked you into buying lately? his “end of the world” has put fear in a lot of sick and elderly people whom I’m sure are stocking up by sending their “love gifts”. geez i would love to sell you believers (probably gave into PTL too) and suckers a bridge I have.

  3. After reading the book “Prosperity And The Coming Apocalypse” by Bakker,I saw the truth that God revealed to him during his imprisonment about this present day “prosperity” and money loving doctrines,it was and is my hope and prayer that he will continue in the truth,not waiver nor compromise because his latter end could be worse than the first.This is frightening to me.

    • Walter,

      Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if Jim Bakker had come out of prison preaching and speaking against that false doctrine, after he saw the truth, instead of starting another “we love you” club. I agree it is frightening.

      • Walter not sure your a believer or not ? I wonder about those who seem to never be looking for Jesus return and next look with a biblical worldview at the signs of the days … They seem to mock all who believe in Jesus return … Seem Walter you are one of them ..I have stored up food and water .Why because I see a great opportunity to help other when the world money melts down. USA owes 14 trillion more then it can ever pay and the rest of the world falling down. Scripture tells us the world will be in fear and troubles of many will arise…. But I guess you never believe Jesus will return or you think you just be taken out and never face trouble of the end .My faith is in Jesus scripture say a fool see troubles and does not get ready.Again I purchased food not all for Jim but I have it to witness to the lost.I witness now and I will then …

  4. In my opinion, the paradox of Jim Bakker and like ilk, can be summed up as follows:

    Bakker is a dissassociative identity disordered individual. A D.I.D. person can say one thing with unbelievable honesty and candor, yet do the complete opposite of what he/she says with remarkable alacrity and efficiency… and have no conscience of such blatant and profound hypocrisy.

    They serve “two” masters, but in reality, hate Christ because they are not capable of obedience to His Word or Commandments, and love Satan for the honor, riches and glory that Satan is able to bestow upon them for their service in deceiving gullible professing Christians who should be reading their Bible and be able to discern such people, instead of falling for glitzy “media blitzes.” Bible Preachers are not supposed to be “celebrities” but persecuted by the World, or “System,” for their advocacy of the truth.

    This is also a fit explanation for all the rest of these “wolves” in sheep’s clothing
    in the popular Christian church. Indeed, the “Church” is overran by such and the same D.I.D. people who are its leaders.

    No wonder the popular Church is an unqualified mess. It is a good thing that the Real Church is a mystical organism that cannot be subverted by Satan and his System.

    • You all should look up this Author. This man does he have a Knowledge about what is going on in the Church world today. Order two books from him The Crucifed Ones and The Harlot Church System. He gives them away for free because he is not about money but we always send him a little something for the cost to print the books. He has more than two he has written but I have not read them yet. His name is Charles Newbold at http://www.meatindueseason.org (or it may be .com)
      Anyway you also can read them online I think free.
      You will love what you are reading it is all balanced with the Bible and you know he has been given a divine knowledge of truth.

        • You think so? When I read it was because my husband was into it and wanted me to, but I could gather a lot of good a lot of it. But that is what I do with everything, I take the meat and spit out the bones. LOL but I have personally met Charles and and he does not at all seem to be like that. In fact he is very humble nice meek gentle person. I do personally believe the Churches have their purpose though and I can see where sometime’s people can get way over the line not balanced out in some areas rather than be balanced in all areas. I even do that but I learn from it usually the hard way. I am happy you posted your opionion on that because although when reading the whole book there are nuggets of Great Wisdom, I wondered about it being a little too hard on The Church. Though I have had bad experiences in about 3 Churches I do not think they are all bad.

  5. Stunned to see this con man back on tv doing the same things he did that landed him behind bars! He should still be in jail and not on TV scamming people!(How do you get a 45 year sentence reduced to 18, serve just 5?) Unbelievable! Morningside sounds like another (Heritage USA) debacle in-waiting. I cannot believe this guy. I’m amazed that these disgraced TV preachers just keep coming back to scam once again, enabled by supporters who, yes, obviously are not a bright bunch of folks. As mad as I get over these thieving tv preachers, I just shake my head at people who gladly hand over their money to them.
    I guess if it makes them feel good to give to a thieving tv preacher, then so be it.

  6. this man Jim bakker needs to be stopped now before he gets away with it again no more jim no more free money for you boy!!!! and your crook wife you make me sick jim you need to be in jail I hope you get cought and this time when you do get caught I hope they trow away the key if anyone has any ideas to stop these people from ripping off people please email me hotstuff272000@yahoo.com I want to see him out of business!!!! Stop jim bakker now that crook!!!

  7. I absolutely could not believe it when I saw the new Jim Bakker show on tv and saw the “new Heritage” (as I call it). Why didn’t he just call it Heritage II??
    As someone who lived in Charlotte, NC and walked through the devastation that Jim and Tammy left behind, I can tell you that unless you have seen firsthand what they did, you will never fully understand how horrific it is that he is doing it AGAIN!! The buildings on “Grace Street” in Morningside look just like “Main Street” in Heritage. Back in the 80s, Jim Bakker and Roe Messner (the builder of Heritage) needed funds to continue building and they oversold timeshares and sold timeshares to a new “Grand Tower” that was not even finished on the inside.
    When I took a friend with me one day to see the horror that I discovered, they looked at it and said, “It’s as if I’m looking at the death of fun.” Everything that was once thriving and filled with fun and laughter was falling into a sad decay…..a very sad thing to see.
    I just simply cannot believe that people are dumb enough to trust him again.

  8. I agree with the author of this article. This is horrible that he is using fear to get money from people. All you Bakker fans WAKE UP! His prime motivation is to make money. He states that the love of money is the root of all evil. If that is so, why does he spend his entire show trying to raise money. A few errors in Jim’s approach…first of all, he stated he would not return to TV again and he is back, Second, how convenient to use the end time as his platform. There are a lot of “bad” things that happen in the world ever since the beginning of time. It’s easy for anyone to lay claim to a “prophecy” that it was theirs and say the world is coming to an end.

    What is he teaching these new kids he wants to teach televangelism. How to fleece the flock? That sounds like abuse to me. Not to mention the obvious copyright infringements. It’s hard for me to believe major movie studios gave Morningside permission to use their films to advertise doomsday food.

    I’m sorry, I am a Christian but I do not see God in this AT ALL. Crying wolf to raise money doesnt help anyone but lining your own pocket. Why doesn’t he take all the food and feed the hungry or do something that shows a Christ-like character. Be the Salt of the earth. PRESERVE don’t DESTROY. PLEASE PLEASE invest your time and money with someone bringing love and not fear into the world. God help this man understand this. I have sent countless emails to him but he keeps doing it. Even his wife on the air says in a rather scolding manner at times “Honey, Honey”…can’t he get the message? GEEZ

    • @Russ:

      with your words, you have pumped fresh blood into my heart .. all that I feel and think about this shyster, you eloquently put in words. ra ra ra 🙂

  9. Jim Bakker does, what God has lead him to do. Probally more people have come to know Jesus through CBN, which Jim helped start, through Trinity Broadcasting, which Jim helped start, and through the continued broadcast of INSP which started with Jim and the PTL network. Morningside is a great place, I hope to visit one day. I watch the New Jim Bakker Show all the time. I’ve always supported Jim, he’s not the first person to make mistakes and won’t be the last. If you are a true Christian, you forgive his faults and look at all the good he has done. Jim and Lori are great, Keep up the good work!

    • Sounds blasphemous to claim Jim Bakker is doing what God told him to do. If his focus is on preparing people for the last days, then I am assuming he is asking people to save survival food for others and not themselves. Of course, I doubt if that is what this is all about anyway. Gotta raise that money to keep things going.

      If these terrible things are happening or going to happen, maybe the logic should be that Christians need to work to make the world a better place, not hoard food for a catastrophe.

    • Larry- read your bible.

      No one not one single human being has ever been born again or regenerated by the efforts of a human being.

      Jer 31:34 And they shall teach no more every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the LORD: for they shall all know me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them, saith the LORD: for I will forgive their iniquity, and I will remember their sin no more.

      Hbr 8:11 And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest.

      Jhn 3:8 The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit.

      An old hardshell

  10. Larry,

    God did not lead Jim Bakker to steal from people or appoint him as a money collector. I hope you see the light before your pocketbook does.

  11. I sent the below letter in to President Obama as a matter of concern for our youth before I even realized that this was the one and the same Jim Baker from TBN. It is a sick way that they’re using our children. Anyone and everyone concerned about this situation should speak out and yell to whoever will listen. Try the President or First Lady, CPS, FBI and the Department of Education as well as your State officials. Everyone may want to take a closer look at the North Central Texas Council (NCTCOG) as possible partners to this crime against our future youth. I read a review about them that seemed to possibly tie them in.

    Thank you,
    Dear Mr. President,

    I was watching our local public access here in Dallas (Dallas IMedia) this morning. 8/14/09,and was alarmed by a group called Morningside Masters.

    They seem to be a cult like group that parades as a group to minority children by gathering them in from public schools schools using a “secular method” as they call it. It seems they are working under some plan to brainwash and use these children to to take in and build this new ministry to survive what they were claiming as the rapture. It doesn’t seem genuine or of God in any way. They were offering emergency survival kits for $1000 donations as if something bad was about to happen to the water system, and they don’t seem to have money or group effort support problems.

    They are telling these children, mostly teens, that God has saved them by bringing them in to their care. I also suspect they may be based here in Texas but they claim to be taking in desperate young people from various states throughout the U.S.

    One of the main gentleman’s names was Jim Bakker. There was a website for Billballinger.com(spelling??) They menitioned some past director of FEMA who was woking with them. They say they gather these teens and preteens through internet and cell phone use. When I searched the net, there was some reference to free masonery. Don’t know how relevant that is to you.

    Somebody needs to check this out immediately. You have at your discretion every investigating and tracking capability. I am no expert on anything, but there must me a reason for me to have seen what I saw and feel the need to do something about it.

    This is something that needs focus much more then any other issue on the table right now. These are our children. All of them. Above all, we have to protect our children. Please let me know what you find out. Please don’t ignore this situation. They seem to be training for what they claimed was to happen sometime within the month. I’m sorry I don’t have more detailed information. God be with you.

    Thank you,
    Sadie Abtahi

    • You are so so confused lady,I am one of the Morningside Masters Commission so you really can’t argue with me because I see everything first hand.First of all I need to know if Sandi is a Chrsitain and if she believes what the Bible calls the Masters Commission “Go out to the world and spread my name” and what do you even mean about your letter it makes no sense at all,Its like you took ten different things and put them together in a letter.If any government official did some research on us they would think you are crazy (Not saying that you are) all we are is a christian school and I am a normal 21 year old,That like pizza,video games,girls and God lol.your letter is not going to work and if you have any questions about the ministry ask me.Thank you
      Jesus loves you

    • James,

      I believe Sadie has the right idea to be watchful. Her thoughts on the use of tactics through using secular methods is confirmed by Bakker in his broadcast. Bakker stated how his youth group goes to schools and they do not mention Christ for fear of being thrown out but they use secular means to get their attention. Now what happens outside of the school is probably another story although I am not privy to that information. It is hard for me to believe they would go to a school and use “secular methods” to leave and not say anything about where they are from or what their motivations are for being at a school.

      I believe Sadie has a responsibility to let the powers that be know if there is any suspicious activity. If the school and the ministry are clean, you should be happy in that any investigations would prove you right. With the craziness that goes on with groups such as the ones Sadie was referring to, one should keep a watchful eye on organizations such as these that are condemning of government in this fashion. The concern of Sadie is echoed in a Homeland Security report that in short states:

      “Nevertheless, the consequences of a prolonged economic downturn—including real estate foreclosures, unemployment, and an inability to obtain credit—could create a fertile recruiting environment for rightwing extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and government authorities similar to those in the past.”

      Now I am NOT saying that Morningside, Bakker, or anyone on the program is right wing extremist or planning violent acts. But the doomsday government rhetoric on his program is concerning. Bakker’s program is extremely anti- government in my opinion. I am not saying that we should agree with everything government does as being acceptable. When it isn’t acceptable, we use the democratic process to correct it. However, I am concerned about the growing trend toward religious groups, especially those shown on the Bakker program, that paint the world as evil and tell God’s people to prepare for the end of the world. Being prepared for disasters is one thing but setting up an antagonistic, fearful attitude towards our government and those working in it does not help. Something I believe a lot of Christians should read is found in Romans 13: 1-2:

      “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.” NIV

      I guess a lot of Christians only take this into account when it is the elected official they prefer in office. I’m sorry but I haven’t seen this scripture followed much on the Bakker program or for that matter many religious programs out there today.

      I would also be concerned because of who is attached to the organization. I hear a person named Rick Joyner is part of this ministry. Try putting him into a search engine and see what pops up. Yes, people can say what they want but to have this much negativity about a man in my book makes me suspicious. Do you really want to be a part of a school with this much baggage?

      On another note, you are a young man who has a full life to experience and lots of potential I’m sure. Unfortunately, there are many schools out there, secular and Christian that try to attract youth with promises of either jobs, skills, or some spiritual benefit while basically just taking your money. If you are going to spend money for a school, or have someone donate as a scholarship, it should be to your benefit, not their benefit. Does the school guarantee job placement? Is the school accredited? If not, how are you going to transfer classes if you go to a college or a university. I say this for a reason. I was deeply spiritual when I was your age and attended a Christian technical school of which I later regretted. A couple of years later I decided to get a real degree and found that I more or less wasted my time at this technical school since the technical Christian school was not accredited and the classes would not transfer.

      Enough said, James, I wish you best in your college education, when you find a college to attend that is.

    • WOW, God is the Judge of all man kind, What would you have done with John who cried in the wildness of the coming of the Lord??? Would have sent a letter on him also, Hey isn’t that what they did to Jesus? What comes around goes around. Don’t you think it’s time to pray and forgive????

    • non-sequitur CC, your argument just doesn’t follow. On another note, prayer doesn’t hurt, maybe prayer can help get these folks off the air.

    • Time to forgive and have a purpose for your life. To much to live for and help people instead of judging. There’s no argument. God is still judge of man kind, maybe that’s the problem, you want to judge. God will have His way and God will keep Jim Bakker on TV if he chooses, not you. That’s a bitter pill for you. Bitterness only hurts you and it’s time to help not destroy, God does answer prayer, so maybe your prayers are not being answered because it’s not His purpose, but yours. I think he would have answered you by now, don’t you think? My prayer for you is to forgive and stop trying to do God’s job, but if he doesn’t answer my prayer then it’s your will to do harm and you will pay the price of bittness, man has a will to obey or disobey, my job is to pray that you see the truth and then it’s up to you to do God’s will. Blessings. Don’t bother responding, I’m not going to come back on. Remember what Proverbs says, “The more you speak, the more you have to repent… also …We are hung by our tongue.” Wisdom is good and you can have it if you read Proverbs!

    • LOL CC,

      You are warning me not to judge and you are judging me? Your statements are full of errors. For one, if God answered prayers as you suggested, there would be no hatred in the world, no one trying to take advantage of another person’s misfortunes since we all pray for that I hope. But maybe you got it right further down in your statements. You stated ” if he doesn’t answer my prayer then it’s your will” thus explains the whole prayer issue, man’s will versus God’s will and sometimes prayer can do little in these cases. So I guess we are all guilty of the same thing; judging others. Maybe if we can stop judging and Jim Bakker can stop judging and all the other televangelist can stop judging, the world will be a better place

  12. My parents bought 2000 meals from Jim bakkers Fear driven ministry and donated thousands. My parents are in there late 70s and need caregivers. They have abandoned there children, one being a Registered Nurse to support this criminal element. They have ruined our families lives and our parents will be broke after all they have given to this criminal

    • @Dee

      I cannot tell you how sorry I am to have read your posting, Dee, and I hope by now, it being May 2010 at this writing, you are dealing with it all better.

      Elderly people like your parents are the precise targets of this rat, they are the ones Bakker preys on and he does so very deliberately for his benefit ! He was, is and remains a deceptive rat with a huge ego and behavior patterns like you would expect an ex-con to have.

      I sincerely hope that you can find comfort in the fact that ONE day (soon we all hope and pray ?!) he will stand before the Judge of Judges where his fancy rhetoric will not amount to a hill of beans. Misdeeds like those of Bakker and a few others like him that come to mind (!), NEVER go unpunished, rest assured. Trust in the Lord to make good for it, because He will:

      2 Thessalonians 1:6 — God is just: He will pay back trouble to those who trouble you !

      Be blessed and keep running a good race,
      Keen 🙂

    • Hi,

      Wasn’t Noah commanded to build the ark by God? Do you think Jim Bakker was commanded by God to hawk flashlights and radios and whatever else he’s selling?


  13. I have been watching the Jim and Lori Baker show broadcast out of Morningside since it began about two years ago. I have become more and more alarmed by what I see. Lori has now used her past experience with Masters Commission to raise funds with the help of her new husband to build what they call the new tabernacle, and school for morningside students. The cost of a one year tuition is $7,500. It seems that the teachers, or leaders for the students will be at least in part some of Jim Bakers old friends. I am sincerely worried about these young people and what their minds will be filled with, as Jim Baker constantly talks about the fact he will personally teach a class on Revalation each week. He also brags about the fact he has on staff a retired person from homeland security from the Bush administration. You can often see him on stage, or in the audience. Jim often talks about some of the things he will be teaching the children about, including how the Obama administration has changed so many federal agencies into Godless entities.

    It is true that Jim and his wife get on stage every day and for at least 3/4 of the one hour show sell their products. Nearly all of the products they are selling have to do with the end times, swine flu epidemic, hurricanes, earthquakes, and what Jim Baker declares as prophecy he has recieved that tells him we are in the 6th trump of revalation. It seems he no longer believes in the Rapture, and often talks about how other pastors are wrong about this, and how we will all face the entire tribulation period. When not talking about all of these prophecies that God has told him, he has lately been bringing up another Pastor who I believe took over what was left of Heritage USA. This Pastor was one of the first to start the malicious rumor that the Obama health plan was in his words worse than Hitler himself. He, meaning the prophetic words from the new pastor at Heritage sent Jim Baker a letter that was explained on air a couple of weeks ago. Jim Baker reading from this letter tells the television audience that we all need to get ready for the end times, as he believes these prophetic words and the end times are coming fast do at least in part to the new government reforms, etc.

    And then when I thought I had seen it all, last week Jim Baker once again trying to raise another $300,000 by selling freeze dried food to anyone he can scare used what I can only explain as deception on a grand scale. At several points during the broadcast on this particular day Jim Baker said that the devil was at work trying to destroy all of the good work they are doing. It was shortly after this that the screen would turn green and you could barely make out what you were seeing on the television. Mr. Baker said this was from the devil, and that Satan was messing with a switch board, or mixer and that this was definitely the devil trying to stop his broadcast. I nearly lost it at this point!! Pastor Baker went on to say that he was sure some of us out in t.v land were sure he was causing the screen to turn green. But then with a proud voice of reasurrance he said you know I would never do that. This man must be stopped!! And whats worse their are several other so called Christian shows that are at least as bad if not worse. Why is our government allowing this to happen? Especially when children are involved. Now within the next couple of weeks I’m sure at least a hundred or more children will arrive at Morningside for Masters Commission. While I do know that some of the work that Masters Commission does is admirable, I’m not sure at what cost to our chldrens future. And as for myself I know that no child of mine would ever be taught anything from Jim Baker.

    • The official Master’s Commission Program at Morningside has been closed. All but twelve students returned home. Those twelve remained to be trained in TV production.

      • Hi!

        It seems “Staffer” and “Morningside Volunteer” are the same person, or at least they have identical email addresses and IP numbers. Why would someone attempt to be 2 different people defending the Bakker’s? Isn’t that dishonest? Isn’t dishonesty and unbiblical behavior the main topics of Boyd’s post as well as the responses?

        I think someone from Bakker’s organization needs to come over here, identify themself and set some of these accusations straight, don’t you guys agree?


        • There is nothing dishonest going on here…..actually the opposite.
          Just trying to share the truth about the accusations in this column. Yes…..the same email address.
          Would you feel better if we had two?

        • Hello,

          I would feel “better” if you identified yourself and your actual position with Bakker’s ministry. I know you think you’re trying to “help” but you are actually hurting Bakker. We don’t take much stock in “anonymous” around here.


        • Hello Betty Boop,

          I wasn’t speaking to you I was referring to the person claiming to be a staffer with the Bakker’s. Apparently the “reply to” didn’t “reply to” now did it.


        • Oh ok sorry LOL sometimes its hard to figure out because these posts do not go directly in line with what they are posted in responce to. My bad! Ha Ha

        • My comment was not intended to help or hurt the ministry.
          I was reporting the fact that the official Master’s Commission program has ceased.
          My position is not important.
          Focus on the fact that criticism of Master’s Commission is a moot point.
          And since you believe I’m “hurting Bakker”, I will leave no furthur comments.

        • Hello,

          OK. Whatever you want but wouldn’t it be better to identify yourself rather then use multiple identities? Why should we accept what you say or better yet how can we be certain you really ARE involved with Bakker other then posting anonymously on a website posting that’s highly critical of Bakker.

          BTW: I’ve written to the Bakker’s and we’ll see what they have to say.


        • I agree! A ton of deception going on out there! I do not know what Bible they are reading from but my Bible says Deception is of The Devil not of God. LOL

    • whoa .. what ????????????????? I am reading that the Masters Commission @ Morningside is now “closed” ?????? Closed as in what ?

      Then W H E R E did all that money for dorms, carpets, furnishings, etc etc etc for this project go Jimbo bled out of people for weeks and months on end ??????? This was by no means a “weekend paint-the- porch” project, but involved some massive $-undertaking !

      Since this project is “closed” now … what happened to all the donated funds for it ???? Call me a sentimental fool, but for some reason, I cannot get rid of the suspicion that these donated funds were used to pay for the Christmas 2009 excursion to Puerto Rico for the entire Bakker clan … momma, daddy and all the kiddies for several days ?

      Surely, that did cost a nice dollar ! I am saying this because my husband and I used to spend our Thanksgiving vacation each year in PR and never got away with at least $5K minimum cost, counting air fare from US mainland, hotel costs, rental car, eating out 3 meals a day and recreational expenses … mind you ! this was 10+ years ago and chances are pretty darn good that with increased prices since then, such a trip (for 2 people alone) increased significantly, let alone for a group of 5+ people ! Ergo: since Masters Commission “closed”, donators for this “closed” project financed the trip to Puerto Rico for Bakker and his brood from where I am sitting … Anybody who donates a single red cent and/or buys any of Bakker’s daily fleamarket palette needs their head examined, maybe twice !

      What is everybody elses view on this ?
      Thank you for reading,
      Keen 🙂

    • Jerry,

      I SAW THAT PROGRAM! Dang, I wish I would’ve had a tape of it or something. He did the same thing a couple of months ago. I guess I really should be doing something better with my time but I occasionally get a kick out of watching his program. It never ceases to amaze me as to what will happen next. In fact, I am watching it now. Within 10 minutes he went from talking about “serving God and Mammon” to asking people to send money.

      Regarding the school closing, I thought someone else on this blog said it was closed.

    • They are still using the “Master Commission” title in there brochures and broadcasts. I guess, that with Lori’s connections they worked out a deal or are just committing a copyright law violation. Jim and Lori’s daughter is now “running” MS after the original leaders somehow didn’t make it after a couple of months. They started out doing a lot of mission work which is MC mantra. Now the remaining group, with a few new ones this year, are doing all the camera, sound, editing, lighting and some production free of charge (they do get room & board minus their tuition).

      Why is it that when stations will have to be cut or the network closed is some huge fund raiser started (Master Commission Tabernacle, Condo’s, Houses, Lori’s House, end of the world food & accessories)? Dang, just cut staff and programming expenses. There are plenty of other “world wide Christian programming” that will bring your message to the world.

      I agree with your idea that they hate the Obama Administration. Lori is always about to burst out that Sarah Palin should be the next president, but to Jim’s credit he stifles her. There is not a bigger creep in the world than their often guest, “Dr.” Larry Bates. This guy is a psychopath and just a very angry old man.

      As anyone seen a real tear come out of Jim’s eyes when he is whining and snorting on TV? It’s so obvious. I saw him really cry when he was led out with handcuffs by federal agents. I can, kind of, understand that no matter what they do is for their beliefs, but this is out of control and very selfish.

  14. I guess I’m another one of those “not real bright bright bunch”. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. I ask that to the people condemning this man, is your valley , so clean are your windows so clear. I have seen some of the work that this man has done and I have taken away my stone and joined this worthy cause. Some of you people speak as if you are clean as the driven snow. I can not do that , I have sinned in my life and I have wronged. How many time do you forgive lord? Seems that people who proclaim themselves to be Christians are just a facsimile writing their own heartless Gospel. Some of you even sound like the the same people who persecuted our Lord and Savior. I applaud Pastor Bakker and his wife Lori, may he live long and his work reach many. As for some of you Get God in your life

  15. Afri,

    Just because we disagree with Jim Bakker doesn’t mean we think you aren’t too bright.

    We are all sinners saved by grace alone through faith alone. We all freely admit we are sinners (except for Roderick Edwards of course)in need of a Savior.

    What work does Jim Bakker do exactly?

    Have you ever read his book “I was wrong” Afri? I have and it sits in my office. He claims the prosperity gospel was wrong yet he’s hosted on his show Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Paula White and others who teach that very message Bakker claims was wrong…..you see the concern?

    Happy New Year Afri!


  16. I can tell you our experience. We found out that Jim Bakker Show was needing music, so I emailed and after sending links to our music, was told they needed someone that weekend. We were asked if we needed to stay on the property and when I said t would be a blessing (not expecting them to do it) they offered an Open Ended Stay even told us there was a small salary and all. We moved all of our stuff from Calif. to Mo about 1500 miles lft a good job a nice home with a pool in Rancho Mirage and came because we both have testimonies of which we have been forgiven. So with PURE HEART’S came here to help fill a need totally giving Jim Bakker and his people the benefitof the doubt. When we got to Branson, we were not put up in a Open Ended Condo, we were put in a motel room (which we still considered a blessing). Then when we got there to do the music we were treated like some kind of vagabonds off the street by Dennis. Keep in mind we have NEVER met these people in our lives. Then Dennis put my husband on the spot air wanting him to play a specific song that he did not know nor did he have any time to pratice before the show.Which realy made Dennis look foolish because MANY PEOPLE that watched it said they would never watch it again because of the way us treated us on air. So it only hurt him. After the show Dennis said he wanted us to do the Chapel Service the next morning, we humbly submitted to it even though the roads we treacherous. Then he stated he wanted to meet with us after the service to “Get To Know Us”/ We led the music for the Chapel and everyone seemed to love it. We went to meet with Dennis and he kept sending messages as to why he was running late. HE STOOD US UP, but we were asked to stay so my husband could do piano on the show. We stayed ONLY for that reason he was never used. Then we were told that they had two more COUPLES they wanted to audition asking for our resumes and they would make a decsion when Kevi got back from vaction. We turned inour resumes in the next two days after that even typed up our testimonies because The Bible says we OVERCOME by The Blood of The Lamb and THE WORD of our Testimony.
    We went back to the hotel and went ahead and paid for a condo to stay in for a month. The first condo we went into ou two small poodles contracted fleas so we had every right to ask to be able to move. We told the office about it meeking asking to be able to move to another condo. Telling that we had to go spend money for de-fleaing the dogs and did not want to get them again.
    Jerry Crawford owns part of the hotel. Someone told a HORRIBLE LIE on us here at the hotel to Jerry Crawford that we said we wanted to Sue the hotel for fleas. Come on! We moved to another room, if we were planning on sueing WHY WOULD WE STAY??
    We were still waiting to hear back from Kevin but we being blatanly ignored so we went out there to find out what was going on. We did not know about the LIE that was told until we arrived out there then we were told that they did NOT want a COUPLE they wanted a Single Man(even though they LIED and said they were auditioning COUPLES) then we were also told that Jerry Crawford is a HOT HEAD (Kevin’s Exact Words) and that he came right into the board meeting and told everyone that we had threatened to sue him for our dogs getting fleas!
    We were so shocked because we WOULD NEVER EVER do that! But what is more shocking was the fact that we were PRE-JUDGED by people that have no Business judging in the first place when they are preahing about LOVING your brothers and sisters! Also wewere not even given the common courtesy of a phone call to find out if it was true! They slammed the gavel down on a BALD FACED LIE. Of course they hired a SINGLE MAN because they lumped me in the same sum as the BAD experience they had in the past with a couple they had out there and the man’s wife was dominating. I was VERY HURT because I am very loving compassionite person and would never be that way. Those who have been forgiven much love much that is me.
    Anyway I will never go to another Church like that again.
    It was the worst experience I have ever hadin my life. I guess according to The Bible those who judge will recieve the smae measure of judgement.They are NOT practicing what they preach and we were flat LIED to.So these are the FRUITS of The Jim Bakker Ministry.
    You Shall Know Them By Their Fruits!

    • Wow,this is an interesting SPIN on the truth here.
      The TRUTH is – the Bakker show never advertised for a “couple”. A single keyboard player is ALL that was advertised for. That is a fact I happen to know 100%. You two tried to make it a couple position on your own. You two made the decision to come here from CA after seeing the ad on craigslist because you claimed you felt like “God told you to”. Nobody requested that you come to MO from CA.
      From what I heard, if you want the honest truth…the keyboard player didn’t have the skill that was required for the position. And I heard the female singer was horrendous. Sorry, but those are the facts.
      You can mean mouth Dennis or Jim Bakker all you want.
      You know the truth of what went on, and you’re accountable for that truth.

      • Isn’t that a nice way for a Morningside employee to talk to other brother’s and sister’s in Christ?
        You are right we DO KNOW the TRUTH and you are operating off of here say. What you heard.
        I am telling the truth of the matter, if you do not like it take it up with God and stop harrassing me by email!

        • One more thing, we sent our music to the drummer and he supposedly gave it to Kevin and when he talked to us on the phone BEFORE we left Calif, he could have been honest with us and just told us that they were only hiring a single man and they did not want a family but he did not instead he offered us an OPEN ENDED stay out at Morningside. If we were so bad, then why did he want us to come and why is it we are not having problems finding other work in the music field?? Why do people not just admit the wrong doing? Instead of saying things like you do? Ungodly things…It just so happens that we are called to this area and God has shown us why and we are staying! He has already gave us a place to live that we pay for and jobs! We are SOOOO happy after all of this that the door was SLAMMED not closed out there because no telling what kind of abuse we would have gone through.

    • Here is a video of Betty Boop and the keyboard player performing. I’ll let you determine if the Morningside Staffer is correct in his/her assessment of their abilities

    • HMMM…maybe the morningside employee was afraid of the competition. Based on the music they currently have on their program…this is far better and has more depth in my opinion.

    • @ Morningside Employee:

      I have called the “Office” of Jim Bakker repeatedly in the past for different reasons and have each time noticed how DEFENSIVE, borderline RUDE Morningside employees act on the telephone when questioned about certain things — w h y exactly is that ? Only people that are hiding something are defensive like that ! Has Bakker instructed you all to act “dumb” or something ?

      Surely, some of you MUST be noticing that not all is kosher at Morningside and that Bakker is a born pascha/egotist, a blindfolded blind man can ascertain as much. What I cannot fathom is why anyone with a conscience and a single ounce of integrity – (perhaps even you !) – can work in an organization for a man (I am using the term losely!) who is a convicted criminal with a past to match and then some, $6+ million dollars in tax debt, payment of which he is evaded by putting all of his “business” (!) in his wife’s name so as to make himself immune to IRS prosecution while at the same time, he treats her like a subordinate concubine on the air and has everyone think he has a bigger blank then anybody else ?! Someone who accepted a “get out jail card” from his six other (or more) little friends to ensure dodging FULL restitution of his shameful deeds having bled millions of people out of piles of money to .. for example .. “entertain” the likes of Jessica Hahn with ?

      In all reality, you can sleep at nite working for a loser like this ? Do you ever think about WHERE your paycheck comes from and with what/with whose money it is funded ? And that at any given time, Bakker might give you an “I owe you” for wages he cannot (speak: will not) pay unless and until he has CYA’d his own sorry blank and that of his brood ? It wouldn’t be the first time !

      If you happen to “tune in” and read this posting, I hope my words will bring your concsience under conviction and perhaps even have you contemplate updating your Resume … dot dot dot

      Keen Riches

    • Uh… that video is either miked horribly, or she can’t sing very well. If that’s the audition, the verdict from my ears is: Fail.

  17. What alot of people don’t know is that behind the scenes these “christian” shows are no different than any other musical production, except in many cases worse, because they exploit peoples love of the Lord for their own financial gain. Show business is show business whether your selling beer or running a tax exempt religious scam. Their only interest in your testimony would be if it is something they could sell or if it would bring “issues” to the set. Bakker is a willing pawn in this enterprise as long as he can get before a camera and have people adore him. He is like a spoiled child that demands attention.
    While your in the area you might check out some of the Branson shows for work. Most are gearing up for the coming season.

    • Thanks I went on an audition today and will hear back soon. As well we have submitted out music to one of the largest shows in town and the lady who took it even made a copy of my husbands classical piano CD for herself to listen to before she handed it over to the decision makers.
      I thought that was special considering the above post. LOL
      I appreciate your encouragement. We are also going to be doing a few songs for the Haiti Relief show at The Welk Theatre the end of Feb. We are giving our testimony to a few other ministries around town and providing music for them. Again
      Thank you for your kindness.. If you hear of any other places weather it be piano work alone or piano and vocals or backgroung vocals let us know!We are up for anything to do with music. Our real jobs also are working around the music deal so we are able to do both.

      • This is funny, Gina…
        Here’s the thing – I have a real issue with LIARS. You try and come off like the most spiritual person on earth here and the TRUTH is quite the opposite. #1-the word COUPLE was never used. #2-NOBODY requested that you drive across country for no guarantee. #3-Now you want to blame Kevin, Dennis, Jim, or whoever when it’s your own fault.
        Face the facts, you’re not that talented, and the job didn’t work out for either of you. Be an adult and move on to your next superstar appearance on American Idol or wherever and stop telling LIES here. It’s not a CHRISTLIKE thing to do. Face it, you got busted. Sure, You can LIE here all you want, but you’re also accountable to Jesus for those lies. Think about it. Have a nice day!

        • You obviously are acting off Here Say too because you do NOT know the Whole Truth or you would not be calling and JUDGING me as a Liar! As well you do not act Christ like in restoring hurt brothers and sisters so I can only gather that you are not In Christ by the way you talk.
          God Bless

        • To the Morningside Employee:

          Based on your posts, whether or not the people you are accusing are at fault or not, I am finally convinced that the ministry you work for is not “God-centered” but is only driven by the mere self-interests of a bunch of phonies. I don’t even believe in the Christ of the Christians because of people who behave like you. You people are so confident of your “salvation” and boast of being “born again” into some new and wonderful creation, yet you behave so childishly, engage in silly debates, use unoriginal spiritual insights to manipulate others, and are for the most part consumed by greed and every kind of lust you preach against. I truly pity the few sincere individuals who buy into your man-made philosophies and blindly follow the blind. Just so you know, I work with multi-million dollar companies in the virtual goods/services industry, and my unique job gives me the privilege of being able to network with millions of individuals around the world. Based on what I have read here and many other sites, and especially after seeing your loving posts, I will not longer hesitate to take advantage of the networking opportunities I have at my disposal to expose the fraudulent actions of the people you pride yourself in working for. I will end this message with a rhetorical question and a quote you should think about that was spoken by one of the greatest world changers who truly liberated and set many captives free, not by begging for money and using scare tactics to get people to convert to his religion, but simply by loving and caring for those he preached to with genuineness of heart.

          My question to you: If you have a real issue with liars, then why are you working for someone who is a proven liar?

          Something to think about: “If the world met the Christ of Christianity today, they would embrace him, but instead they meet the Christians of Christianity, and are turned away.” – Gandhiji

        • To the Morningside Employee:

          I am a devoted Christian woman of many years and I am really shocked that you, as a Christian yourself, would even entertain these comments. I have never been one to judge, nor am I judging now. It is not my business who is right and who is wrong. That is between you all and God. What does shock me, however, is the fact that a fellow Christian would slander another human being (God’s Child) by putting them on blast and vulgerly tearing them down by saying they are not talented. Yes, the truth is the truth, but you of all people are “suposed” to have dignity. That is a conversation you two should have in private. So what if that person set your flesh on fire with their post. YOU are “suposed” to be the bigger person. I will continue to keep you in my prayers, as well as the ministry, regardless if it is real or not. God will judge that. My job is to love you anyway and pray for you, because from where I stand, honey, anyone who truly loves the Lord and is truly loved by the Lord (like myself) does not speak, walk, talk or act any type of way. Regardless of what you say your intentions are, actions speak louder than words and so far your actions are really giving off the impression that the ministry you are representing is a fraud. I am sorry to say it but I speak truth. We are suposed to be building others up not tearing them down. I pray that the Lord deals with you accordingly, wether it be blessings or curses, we all reap what we sow. May God continue to keep you through all of your days and in all that you do….

          -Destined for Greatness-


        • Hi Jamie,

          Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us here today. I do have a question for you and it would be this;

          What credible ministry would hire an openly gay man to work for anything that has to do with the ministry?



        • Hi Phil and all,

          It is sad to say, or maybe a blessing, that many gays are working in ministries and churches, usually in the closet and probably unknown to many. They provide a lot of creativity and talent to many “credible” ministries. It is sad though that they have to live a secret life due to discrimination and fear of rejection. I would dare say that if all the gays and lesbians boycotted the churches they attended and worked in, the “credible” ministries would be happy I guess but then there may not be anyone left. Let him that is without sin I guess cast the first stone.

        • Hi Ralph,

          Thanks for your input. It’s good to see you here!

          Had I of worded the question like, say,

          “What credible ministry would hire a pedophile to work for anything that has to do with ministry” I doubt anyone would have said a peep other than a hearty HELL NO…..am I right?

          The bible tells us that unrepentant sexual immorality is grounds to be dismissed from the church. In fact Paul stated the following;

          1Corinthians 5:13

          But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

          A few lines up Paul adds to the list of unrepentant sins that can’t and shouldn’t be tolerated in the church.

          1Corinthians 5:9-11

          I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: Yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

          Now if we are not to eat with such a one, and that list is a LOT longer than just the sexually immoral, then what business do we have hiring these folks to serve in a ministry?

          I don’t think we do or should.

          I don’t know if there would be anyone left if the Gays and Lesbians boycotted the church but I have to stand by God’s Word and it’s crystal clear what we are to do with these folks in open sin who fail to repent.



        • Yes Phil,

          I don’t argue what the scripture says but I am speaking reality here. If we are to go by what the scripture says then we should look closely at the scripture quoted

          “I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.”

          In other words we should kick out fornicators, an obvious one, those who wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others covet another’s property, one who worships idols (this is a wide open area since there is much idol worship in the church, we just ignore it and call t something else), a railer, to utter bitter complaint or vehement denunciation (uh, oh…there goes 90 percent of your church right there), a drunkard (doesn’t need much explanation) or extortion, abuse of one’s office or authority (been an issue as well). WOW…no one left is there?

          Yes, I agree this list is long so why are these folks not getting kicked out of the church. Their sins are FAR more obvious than some of the gays and lesbians in the church.

          You mentioned “open sin”. So I suppose you are saying as long as their sin is “closed” or unknown to the rest it is fine? If that is the case then you want them to lie which is another sin and a big one at that. I guess the idolaters, extortioners, railers, drunkards, and coveters should all go undercover as well. We can go to church, listen to what we should do as Christians, then go out and do the opposite then go back to church and pretend we are righteous and pure, listening to the same message probably delivered by someone who has the same issues.

          I am not coming out in defense of gays and lesbians or anything for that matter but just pointing out how scripture is used to justify our cultural expectations too many times. We pick and choose what is acceptable to hate and justify the rest. I am sure one can see from reading the scripture that much is done out of fear instead of love.

          One can use scripture to justify their position all day long. Bakker does that on his program which is why you have such a response from users on your blog. This doesn’t mean it is correct it also doesn’t mean it is wrong; it is just a viewpoint. Have you ever stopped to consider that there are over 37,000 Christian denominations in America and they all use the same Bible. It’s amazing that they all got the same interpretation from that one book; that is truly a miracle…just joking on that last one.

          Not a gay myself but I have been in the Christian world for sometime and there are A LOT of closeted gays in very prominent positions in the church all across the board, some very popular and some not so…it is EVERYWHERE. To be honest, in my opinion they are very talented and are offering a lot, except the fact that they have to lie about their relationship. I just know from experience.

          I appreciate your blog and giving people the opportunity to voice their opinions about things of this nature.

          Have a good day.

  18. In Mr. Baker’s book, I Was Wrong, he stated God told him unequivocally not to be involved ever again with television and fund raising. So we have a dilemma here, either A.)God changed His mind or B.)Jim did not hear God.

    Both are problematical.

    • Wow…that is scary…I wonder if he has ever addressed that on his show?
      Did he say that God told him to do it again afterall or what?

      I was really hoping that he was a changed man…when he first came out of prison and after some time went by, I saw him on a christian program one night preaching. And it was a sincere message…he seemed totally changed as if God had used the prison experience to turn him around to be used in a real way (to preach the truth of Jesus Christ)

      • Hi Kay,

        A few years ago I flipped on one of the “christian” networks and saw Jim’s show and heard the very same things you said here. I started watching every night because there was a sincerity or so I thought. I was happy for him that he appeared to change. Then he had Creflo Dollar on the show and everything changed and he began hawking “survival kits”…..

        What a waste huh?


  19. The King James Bible speaks of swine 20 times. All of it being negative. Does God abhor pork or does God abhor the person who eats pork? Now let’s apply this to Jim Bakker (the snake oil salesman). Does God abhor Jim Bakker or the people that follow Jim Bakker?

    • Sir,with all due respect.who are you to judge?
      i only no of one who is right to judge!..God
      Ive personally known,Pastor Jim for 35 years.As a freind,co-worker through Faith.Jim,is getting tared and feathered,for every preacher in the world!I no Jim,ive been on the “PTA” show,several times,ive been on the JBS at Morningside.Did He make mistakes,Yes!,he s guilty of adultry.If Producing a show,giving theppl what they want,in turn asking for $ to pay the bills,sell books,freeze dried food,then round up,copeland,dollar,robinson,price,saville,duplantis ,”ME”
      Crimes?it was jerry Farewell,and 25 others that were cheating ppl,and blamed jim,all 30 word agaist 1!!!,Real fair!you tell me why Billy Graham,his son Franklin,Copeland,Dr Dollar,Jerry Saville and “Oral Roberts”,son Richard.In 1995 put an Appeal Team of Gold chip lawyers??????
      Went st8 to the Supreme court,and a month later,ALL 44/45 Charges,THROWN OUT???Yes,unpaid taxes,Guilty,hence paid,Jim received Probation,on his finaces.A point?i know the man,the food,i sell too?WHY?,Read the Bible,Read,Dr Rick Joyners’ Prophetic Words for 2010,and think before you start accusing ppl..Again,goto All the Preachers above,Preaching End Times,me and the Copelands’ etc,have All Been Invited to CONGRESS! ARE OWN Economy is,BAD,they want to know how we have Millions?We dont!!11God Does,.!! myself,aswell as 3 other Known Preachers,We just finished building,50,000 homes in Brazil,and 30,000 homes in Nigeria,tanzania,aswell as drilling over 1,000 wells,that provide,clean water.how much??,only god knows,just like jim built morningside,a college,for the masters commission bible college,what have you built for others,the needy??Sir,you have no idea,your guesing.I dont no you,and therefore have no Privalige to Judge you,I assume good in everyone, i love unless you are not of the kingdom?..were still,im to treat you as i would like! Please dont judge unless,you no them? GOD BLESS

      • Hi,

        Welcome to Theology Today!

        We are supposed to judge other Christians (1Cor 5) whether we know them or not and we do this by examining the fruit of the believer. Some of the names you mentioned,Dollar, Copeland and Savelle teach Word of Faith Prosperity messages, a message that Jim Bakker condemned in his book I Was Wrong.

        As far as Joyner is concerned, well, I don’t put much stock in anything that man says or does and I especially am leery of anyone he endorses as far as ministry goes.

        As far as what you “do” goes, I suggest a re-read of Matthew 5-7 would do you some good.

        Thanks for stopping by.


      • Aren’t we commanded by God to love everyone even if they ARE NOT of the Kingdom? That is how they come into the Kingdom by Christian’s LOVE/Showing God’s Love to EVERYONE on the earth. By the way it is not Jim’s money it’s Jerry Crawford’s.

  20. You have a very valid point George.
    God does NOT change his mind, I would think (B) would be the answer. When we talked to him briefly he wanted to talk about the vision HE had, he never once gave credit to God as giving him the vision’s or word.
    I want to Thank the person from Boyd Miller post too.
    We are trying to get into the show scene, it is where I started when I was 9. Based on this last treatment we have decided that in the Spring when we are signed on to the record label, we are NOT going to put Christian music out because we just are not accepted as we are in that area. We are people that will not be abused and some how they know that when they meet us. LOL
    So, it is best that I go back into the Country Field and pitch any of our songs that are Southern Gospel of Christian to other artists. Because of our testimonies our ministry is to the people that are broken not to the Scribes and Pharisees or the Choir.
    Thanks for the encouraging words..
    Bless You Both!

    • Bugs & Betty,
      We are sorry you were mistreated by the Bakker’s ministry. Please accept our apologies. We worked there and understand your disappointment and anger.

      • Thank you we appreciate your TRUE Christ Like attitude.I understand why you send your apologies because when you have the True Spirit of Christ sometimes God will tell you to take responsibility for the treatment others have received from Christians, but you should never feel obligated (if you do) just because you used to work there.
        But again we really appreciate the compassion.People like you give us hope for the future of the word and meaning of Christian.
        God Bless You!

  21. Update: Tonight my husband was able to talk with Jerry (the owner of Morningside) and it seems that he is a Stand Up Man and we really appreciated how he is willing to confront the person who told us that he marched into a board meeting to tell that here say about us which was also not the truth according to him he did not go into a meeting and do that at all.
    The whole Lie was told to him by someone he does business with. So there is going to be a time where we get to the bottom of it all clearing our name of all false judgements. Hopefully there will some apologies made. But I can say we have the HIGHEST RESPECT for Jerry for the way he is handling this issue. He is the only one that has not Ignored us.

  22. I am not trying to Help Jim Bakker at all.
    This is my screen name and I do not have to use another one if I do not feel the need.
    One more thing I wanted to mention is the way they treat people out there. Kevin talked about the drummer like he was dirt because he was on disability. He said that he came along with the package and they had to keep him because he was dependable and could only make so much money a month but that it was a disaster as he rolled his eyes.
    This shows how they talk about people behind their backs that have been faithful out there. We even stood up for the drummer because the last day we were there he had driven in about 20 minutes in the ice and snow just to be told to go home that they did not need him. Why did they not call him? That is blatant dis-respect for the sheep!

  23. I am not a part of the Jim Bakker Ministry if you read my first post you will read what happened to us was a VERY BAD experience.
    I would not be a part of that if I was offered a million dollars a year!

  24. This will be my last comment. I do not care what people say about my singing because I am a more of a SONGWRITER and Back Ground Vocalist anyway. But when you attack my husband’s skill then that is another thing! He was trained by the VERY BEST even Paul Crouch PAID for him to do a Classical Piano CD and said to Dino Look out Dino when my husband was at TBN. So listen for yourselves!

  25. John Simpson alias (Morning Side Employee)

    I wanted to make one last attempt to try and explain to you so that you would possibly understand.
    Today it dawned after on me a lot of prayer why you wanted to stay on the fact that I said it was a Couple Position.
    I really think that your latching on to that to try and prove I am a Liar is a mis-understanding on your part.
    If you read my post in the way things progressed while we have been here in the order they progressed you would have understood that I was not at all saying that “Couple Remark” happened IN THE BEGINNING.
    Like I said in the beginning we found out probably by your ad (if you are John the drummer)
    that you posted on CL that there was a need for music.
    You suggested we call Kevin. I did and asked him when he needed someone and he said yesterday, but definitley by that weekend.
    I made it CLEAR to him that we had no problems with it being a Piano Position ONLY, but if he ever needed backgrounds or whatever that we had the heart to serve and would do whatever it took and it was not about money or anything else. I then told him I would talk to my husband and get back with him. Because my husband was at work in his 2nd job he had in Calif.
    He asked if we needed a place to stay, I said it would be a Blessing. He offered an Open ended stay at Morningside and explained that it was not mush of a salary and I again told him it was not about money and Kevin said this in a way as if we probably already had the job because he said there were not more auditions that he knew of.
    So I thought he had already listened to the clips of music I send to the person (maybe you) that posted the ad in the first place.
    Even when we had the interview with Kevin even though we auditioned togther I again re-enforced through the whole process at least 3 times to Kevin and one time to Jim Bakker the FACT that if he just needed Charlie that was fine, but to keep in mind I used to be a customer service manager as well as in sales so I offered help in the phone room or whereever they would have a need for someone!
    So it was NOT AT ALL about it being a “Couple” Position.
    But I know how you got confused and caught up on that one thing. That was because you did not read like I posted it, AS IT PROGRESSED.
    In my post, I mentioned that they told us that they were auditioning COUPLES and that they would get back with us.
    Dennis told us that the FIRST night, then we were told again after the Chapel Service as a message from Dennis to us.
    I personally believe as a Brush Off but in the same sentence wanting both of us there in the next morning to fill in for the Chapel service. We really should have told him no right then and there to be honest.
    That is what was meant in the post about the Couple’s auditiioning. The mere fact that you have so Violently attacked me trying to point the finger, driving home the point that I am The Liar, shows I am not because now everyone knows we were LIED TO.
    Because most people would read the first blog in the progression that things went out there and NOT latched on to one part of it only.
    Dennis said they were auditioning couples so the only reason we stayed around was because they may want a Couple!
    So when we went in to talk to Kevin in the Last Conversation and he said that they hired a Single Man and that they did NOT want a COUPLE I came back and asked him WHY DID DENNIS SAY THAT THEY WERE AUDTIONING COUPLE’S then?
    Of course he had No answer for that one.
    That was what I was referring to in the Post and I will post this email too. I am aware that you are printing these off for Jerry Crawford and do not care because I have NOTHING to hide. HOWEVER people at Morningside do. Once AGAIN this Offence has never been about getting the job, it has been about the fact that my husband was really never given the chance as a SINGLE Piano Player because they asked us BOTH to do Special Music (they should have just asked for what they needed for that first show and the Chapel),
    it is about us being Lied to by Dennis about them auditioning couples (if he did lie, maybe they did audition couples but did not hire them, he did not lie then I will be the first one to apologize AFTER I SEE PROOF that they auditioned couples), It is about us being Lied About with the Flea Situation (we never said that it is a judgment about our character because we are NOT that way), and it is also about being Lied to by Kevin, Dennis and who ever else just did not want to hit the truth between the eyes with us by ignoring us and treating us like vagabonds.
    What this is about is that THERE IS AN OFFENCE and it says GO TO YOUR BROTHER WHEN THERE IS AN OFFENCE, I tied that and we were IGNORED! It is about us being Judged by Church people that do not even know us at all!
    This will be THE LAST TIME I am hurt but people who Lie in the Church! There needs to be some APOLOGIES!
    Like my husband told Jerry yesterday, we DO NOT WANT ANYTHING but an apology! We were NEVER after money when we came here we are not after it now, we own our own business plus work another job that are both gearing back up for the season right now.
    It is about the WAY people and leaders treat other people in the Church and I will STAND UP AGAINST THAT because of the Hurt we have experienced in that area!
    So if you are even a man of reason at all, you should be able to understand how You got confused after me taking the time to explain it to you.To be real blunt and honest, I am a person with many illness from childhood and I was set to go to the Mayo Clinic for Jan and I even canceled that to come here and help meet the need for Morningside. Believing that I would be able to go later, which of course is not going to hapoen now because of the work situation. You are right no one asked us to come, Kevin presented the Urgency for the need. I never said they asked us to come. We prayed about it and felt peace about coming this way to help meet the need even if it was for one weekend. I am in pain every day and NEED to go to the mayo clinic, I have had most of my insides removed already and there are still immune illnesses. Again this has been from childhood. So we did give up a lot, we are not blaming Kevin, Dennis or Jim or Jerry for that matter for not getting the job, however we are blaming them for the lieing and the offence that has been committed against us and believe they should have done the Biblical thing, after all they claim to be Leaders.
    I will go as far as to say if I have offended you in the course of trying to warn others about the treatment we recieve or in any emails then forgive me for it.
    If you are John the drummer it is Very Sad that you felt the need to get involved because we had a Heart of Compassion for you because of them making you come in when the roads were so horrible that day. We even mentioned that to Kevin because we felt it was unfair to you that they could not call you and let you know before driving out there.
    So your words of Hatred towards me are very uncalled for.I did not post anything on my post that I did not say to Morningside in an email either so I am not Busted as you call it. It is a free country I can tell anyone the truth if I want to! Feel no need to respond back because I am going to also give all my emails and posts to Jerry too.

    God Bless You,
    Gina Jones (Blog Name Betty Boop)

  26. Ok I take back what I said about Jerry being a Stand Up Guy. Today he came back with after talking to Brother Jim he did not want to get to the bottom of the Lies that have been told about us and even called my husband a Liar.
    Thank God we ARE NOT the type of people to sue because we would have a real good reason called DESCRIMINATION! They all out there are CRAZY! You are right they are teaching the kids to be like them and I would not be surprised if it will not be another Jim Jones type situation!
    Those boys and girls are all living in the SAME HOUSE… Is that Christian?? No telling what is going on down there. I am glad you emailed the President.

    • Hi Betty Boop,

      I am so sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I dont understand why “Christians” act the way they do. It’s rather comical to me now but I have had my share of church experiences like this…it never changes and I would not expect much from them either. If they do offer any type of apology I would just take it and NEVER get involved with anything like this again. Your talents are more appreciated in the secular world than these so called Christians.



    Where are you located now?
    The keyboard guy we have now is gone after 12/31. So, we will be needing someone to start as soon as 1/4/10.
    And to be clear, this is more than just a piano position.It is a plus if you guys have some vocals. We need someone who can play keyboard and be able to get sounds like heard in contemporary christian music. We do some traditional gospel stuff, but most of it is a more contemporary sound. You’re going to need to talk to Kevin Shorey who is the co-host on the show and also the singer/worship leader. There won’t be anyone there until Sunday afternoon, but you can leave a message. Morningside Phone: (417) 779-9000.
    John S.

  29. To all who have been offended by my posts. First of all I would like to humbly publicly Apologize to Jim Bakker, Jerry Crawford and all at Morningside and ask all to forgive me. Even though my husband and I experienced some hurt in this situation, I did not have any right to go on the internet many times and post my opionion for others to read. After praying, I realized that I could not expect people to NOT BELIEVE Here say about us, when I was posting what we feel we experienced which to others would also become Here Say to them because they were not in our shoes, so they have no idea if it true or not.
    So in a sence I was doing the same thing that we hated and were hurt from. I have sent a email to Morningside for the Attention of Jim Bakker to apologize to him and his ministry. I am a work in process just like everyone is but there is no excuse for me to hurt others even if I am expressing what we believed to be the truth as we know it. I have been hurt severly before and being raised in a bar from age 9 up to age 33, I knew what to expect from people in the secular world. After coming to know God, I expected a lot more of Christian people, but ended up hurt horribly. It has been the worst possible hurt ever, but again that gives me no excuse to let it bottle up and lash out at Jim Bakker in the worst possible way. I took ALL of frustrations out on Morningside and God has convicted my heart. It was like the Straw that broke the camel’s back for me.
    So we will never know the truth but the fact is this is the end of the line for me talking bad about the Jim Bakker deal. I have talked to Jerry Crawford today and believe him to a Wonderful Man. So I pray that they will succeed in what God has called them to do what ever it may be.
    I humbly apologize.

    Gina Jones

    • Hi Gina,

      So, what is the truth here. What did you say here that was true and what was false? You need to be specific here because peoples reputations are on the line and quite a few people believed your “story”, enough so that websites and blogs are reading what you claim was your poor treatment by the Bakkers. Its time to come clean Gina.



    • Hi,

      Of course Jim Bakker deserves another chance. The whole point here is what he’s done with said second chance which is why the title of this posting is “the dogs have returned to their vomit”.


    • Stop for a moment and ask yourself what it would’ve been like with Jim’s second chance if he didn’t go back on TV, doing the same things he did that got him into a mess before. I believe his message would be most credible. But who can believe him now since he originally said God told him not to go back on TV and then to be using scare tactics to get people to buy survival food.

      And by the way, I thought I read somewhere on here that his school closed down and all but a few young people were left at the school.

  31. When Jim took the fall and Tami Faye walked one had to wonder what was true.She was reported to be as bad or worse than him yet the MTV set hailed her. I am not a Jim Bakker fan but if he
    isfaking or whatever he has painted himself into an corner with no way out. Being a Christain I want to give him a pass.
    As for the end of days: I don’t see that but I do see an excellent chance for an economic collapse of the USA.
    The survival stuff would of been nice to have during hurricanes Rita (remember that one?) and Ike

    • If Tammy “walked away” from Bakker, his current wife Lori is the best of all prove for it WHY ! … On the air, Bakker treats his wife in a most disrespectful, callous manner. I have lost count of how many times he interrupts her while she is speaking citing “we are running out of time”, i.e. “shut up already” while he then continues right on with his ever so exhausting blabbering on about what he wan ts to sell … If I was his wife, I’d kick his sorry blank from here to Timbuktu with a one way ticket .. what IS HER PROBLEM ? Is she that stupid or is she just pretending ? She is a pretty enough Lady and could have found a better partner then “chicken Jim” …. could she not have ?

  32. The Baker deal can simply be summed up this way..


    The bible say’s in the last days they will deceive and be deceived..His son is just like him, (edited by moderator) tatooed blasphemer and hater of God and His word!!

    Tim Smith

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your comment however bearing false witness against your neighbor doesn’t fly around here. Please try and refrain from that in the future……


  33. Everything I have posted has been factual but at the end of this situation there was one person who actually listened to what happened to us and we made peace with him and that is what I tried to express in the public apology..
    I have told the truth about it all though. We have chosen to forgive the lies that were told about us and how we were treated but we of course will watch out the Fruits Of Christ or The Nuts of the enemy with future people who say they are Christians.
    We have learned a lesson that God will use in the future.
    We WILL NOT BE TREATED THIS WAY AGAIN,that is FOR SURE. Because I will not sit idley by and let people walk on us in the Name Of God!
    Just because we choose to forgive this offence even though we have been ignored about the offence (which is not biblical)since we tried to handle it in the right way, does not mean we will forget it and lay down saying Hit Me Again Ike!
    God made us personally with the determination to stand up for injustice and hurt people that is our calling.
    It does not really matter what anyone on here thinks about the things I have said, I have also came back to apologize for saying them which is more than most would do.
    So that is my coming clean. Also thanks to the person that complimented on the video. But to the one who posted it to try and slam us, you need to get a Life! LOL

  34. I just wanted to write to express how thankful I am that the owner of this blog, Phil, has provided a mouthpiece to the Bakker’s lifestyle and, more importantly the con of the tele evangelist. I am a filmmaker and have worked in these kind of religious circles before and have seed the hypocrisy first hand and the love of money that occurs for the “cause of Christ” . Believe me folks, it is real and there are a LOT of them out there. The next time you watch a program such as tele-evangelists you see on TV and the net, pay close attention to the subtle slow camera zooms when they go for the appeal for money or viewers. The sympathetic style of music that occurs when requesting money. As in Bakkers case, the engaging tilt of the camera to maintain eye contact with the viewer. By the way…have you noticed the lifts he has in his shoes to accommodate his lack of height? Not to mention the half-truths regarding current events and the Bible.

    One for instance…earthquakes…the National Geological Survey announced this week that the seismic activity now occurring is no different than any other year…just more noteworthy.

    Quoting from NSGS “The USGS estimates that, since 1900, there have been an average of 18 major earthquakes (magnitude 7.0-7.9) and one great earthquake (magnitude 8.0 or greater) per year, and that this average has been relatively stable”

    Sadly, this program uses natural disasters to raise money. Too bad they don’t bring out this fact in their program. I don’t know how many religious organizations have raised tons of money using what is so convenient as their cause. Of course you need something, I suppose, to fight for if you are going to raise money for the “kingdom”.

    If you really want to see some of how these tele-evangelists operate, read a little bit about a fake evangelist’s confessions and how others con the flock. I am including the link here:


    Enough said…I hope everyone who watches this program puts it in perspective: someone out to make a buck. That is it plain and simple

    • thank you for a very educational revelation of the “Jesus business” .. I’ve known about it all along, its not rocket science, but you put it in excellent context, thanks 🙂

    • Thank you Keen. I have been around for a while and I just hope people are intelligent enough to see how they could be led around and manipulated by others. It is so easy to be fooled these days.

    • @Ralph

      Hello Ralph 🙂

      Thanks for your response to my posting on May 6, 2010 at 11:53 pm 🙂

      Pertaining to that and your posting immeidately prior to that, I am kind of thinking you might get a kick out of reading/responding to about what I am about to post, you might want to get some coffee first 🙂

      The curse of the “Bakker like-preachers” is not over by a long shot, because the rat Jim Bakker has a “twin” down here where I am with an even longer tail, lets call him “Bucky” (not his real name) … I have recently taken time to compare/draw parallels on these 2 “Aficionados”, how they differ and their MO’s and quirks in mode of conduct, just for the hack of it, read on, here we go:

      What they have incommon:

      * Both spent time in federal prison, Bucky on an Insider Trading conviction …. both are ex-cons

      * Both of their wives “walked away” (speak: dumped them!) in the midst of the storm and left them holding the bag, the whole bag and nothing BUT the bag and then some.

      * For that reason imaginably, Bucky like Bakker displays a profound disrespect for women and treats them substandardly (for obvious reason – obviously :). While Bakker cuts his wife off while she is talking, Bucky often times gets intelligent rhetoric contra from the girls brigade and falters after the first 5, latest 10 intelligent words catapulted at him by someone in a skirt 🙂 ra ra ra

      * Bucky like Bakker, RE-married, but instead of a “cheesecake”, has a wife of o r i e n t a l origin. Oriental women are particularly known for their “no questions” total “Obedience” to …. men.

      * Bucky like Bakker “reconnected” with God while in the can, only Bucky got himself a “do it through the mail” biblical college degree from a university who “long distance” educates and so became an “expert” preacher of DISCIPLINE, while Bakker rattles on about his “Revelation expertise” such as it may or may not be !

      * Bakker is in direct disobedience to God who “told” him while in prison: “No more television” .. and he did it anyway … while Bucky is up to “old” tricks having wanted to make a “million in a short time” in front of a tv camera, both are not up to snuff from where I am sitting.

      *Bucky like Bakker propelled himself into the center of the TV world, because it is the TV cameras these guys are so enamored with and are like crack cocaine for their inflated egos.

      * While Bakker peddles and sells, Bucky took up the noble task to “not ask people for money”, but instead DISCIPLINES them in every area of their lives from his comfy recliner chair in front of the camera while taking phone calls from the public on his call-in show. Any person at all who ever so slightly disagreed with Bucky, would be rudely cut off the phone line and be “reprimanded” and “disciplined” with “intelligent” bible rhetoric, often times in DIRECT opposite of the scriptures ! (I checked up on him! )

      * While Bakker whines about needing money to stay on the air, not so with Bucky ! Bucky does not worry about that at all, but instead lets himself free-fall and keeps right on going incurring debt on top of debt for “air time” to “reprimand and discipline” viewers and listeners and because of this “format” was booted off every TV and radio station that aired his program. Bucky’s “popularity vote” with the viewers equaled zip, nada, zilch, but the bills kept piling up and the disciplined, reprimanded “congregation” is not “donating” any money … darn !

      * While Bakker pimped his sorry self as a “Front Man” for some so-so builder in the boonies, Bucky would have no such thing going on in his arena, oh no ! Bucky is a control freak of another kind and ran his own show and after TV media kept turning him down for air time, he retreated to the internet to his website with video to keep his “thou shalt not” mouth running, more debt mushrooming in every direction possible, unpaid by an “ungrateful” congregation … yikes

      * Bucky has incurred so much debt at this point (or else he is pretending to bleed people for money), one page of his website lists 5 or 6 lengthy paragraphs detailing on daily basis that “we” still need x-thousand (5 high end digits) amount of dollars to pay for unpaid bills from four (4) years ago, somebody send money now” … “We” ? who ? He is a ONE man operation and by “we” .. does he mean the frog in his pocket or what ? However, the next “Trick” is already out of the bag, oh yes ! Bucky found a new TV station whose cameras get to tickle his huge ego and on his website he writes: “We” are back on TV and “we” need x-thousand amount of dollars immediately to “meet the budget for air time already used and new scheduled” (that is on top of all the incurred debt, yada yada) bla bla bla. This rhetoric is on his website since over a year now with the same numbers plus, something tells me nobody is sending money ?

      * Bakker has tons of KNOWN UNpaid tax debts, but keeps right on going as if it didn’t exist, just sitting there “pretty” (eeech 😦 ) with no plan and the “cheesecake”, but keeps on bleeding people for money money money and more money, worst of all, using “scare” tactics designed to put the fear of God in people, were Bucky does the “I have been in prayer to get money” guilt trip number. Bucky should have lunch with Bakker to get some pointers, have a “Loser’s” meet-up.

      * and Baby makes 3: a very very wealthy man who owns twelve (12) christian TV stations in my area has turned them A L L into “stores”. EVERYTHING is being sold, books, tapes, cosmetics, cooking recipes, the works and …. PRAYERS ! YES prayers ! Every midnite, this elderly “worthy” preacher comes on that prays for people. What is so paradox about this “holy solicitor” is this: most people who call in are doing so for prayer help for their disintegrating finances, facing foreclosure, having run out of unemployment benefits, having creditors pester them. This preacher solicits money from these VERY callers to “pay for airtime”. On top of all the foregoing, the owner of this tv station and his ditzy, but well dressed wife (!) has the audacity to host 2 annual telethons, announcing before it all starts: “Dear friends, we will need one million dollars in funds to continue bringing you the programs you need every day of your life” ….. The million did NOT come in and viewers were “needled” about needing to do “much much better than this” !!!

      This says nothing at all about all the “prosperity” preachers who are manipulating people into thinking that they can “buy” prosperity, health, financial gain, etc etc etc for an “$-offering for a prayer” …..

      The good news:

      Yet one OTHER preacher has done a DVD detailing some good dirt about the “Phoney preachers and their false tricks” they ensnare people with, but will NOT talk about it on his weekly TV show for fear to be banned from “christian TV”, he sells this DVD on his website for about 20 bux or so …

      Everybody yawning by n o w ? LOL

      Ralph – and who all else have had the patience of reading this stuff – I am so thankful for being able to AIR about this “subject” and would entirely welcome (with a passion !) feedback from anyone who is so inclined to take time to submit some.

      Thank you Phil for publishing and thank you everyone who has read this far ! May the Lord bless you all for it .. thanks 🙂

      Keen 🙂

    • LOL,

      Thank you Keen. Yes I did read all your post and it s so true. I work in media and have also worked behind the scenes in church. Believe me, it isn’t a pretty picture. I had a pastor once argue with me about when lights should come up during a service all because and I quote, “If the lights are not up in time, they can’t see how to write their checks”.

      On another note, I think that what is so alarming is that if they are going to have their “tv evangelist” school, were they going to teach these kids how to be deceptive and get money from viewers? Sounds rather abusive to me. Thanks again for your insight Keen. I hope all take notice.

  35. The writer of this blog has no clue what he is talking about,and also nothing that anyone can say will change his views,only God can do that… But I will pray for you.. By the way, have you ever read Mis-Carriage of Justice? Or are you also aware that Jims case is taught at Harvard law?

    Also have you bothered to check into why Jim got out of prison?

    Just questions I have not seen anyone else ask here.

    • The title of the article implies that Bakker has returned to the same corrupt activities that got him into trouble to began with. Such as enriching himself on other peoples tax-deductable donations while calling it God.
      How many buckets of freeze dried food have you bought?
      Oh there is that little matter of a 7 million dollar judgement against him and the thousands of people who lost their life savings, but he is looking for new suckers everyday.

    • Hi Chad,

      I’ve read Jim Bakker’s I Was Wrong as well as Jay Bakker’s Son of a Preacher Man. I know EXACTLY why he was released from prison. Care to share with us the name of the lawyer who got him released? Since you seem to know so much do share?

      We certainly aren’t harping on Bakker’s past but unfortunately history seems to be repeating itself here. Do you see that? We do and so do most people.

      Do you pray for Jim Bakker? I do and have for many years and will continue.

      Ease up on attempting to tell others what they know or don’t because you couldn’t possibly know what we/they/me know about this situation……


  36. HMMM!! What happened to Mr. Brown, the keyboard player??? I don’t see him on the show any longer???
    Also the husband & wife, forgot their names, Supposed to be the leaders of Master’s commission, no longer see them or even Mondo for that matter???
    What happened to these people???

    • I know what the article implies. I also stick to the fact that you have no clue what you are talking about. LOL Jim Bakker rich.. wow..too funny. Since you like to use bible verses in some posts IE true repentance, have you ever read Matt 24 in context?

      While you try to bring someone down that God has forgiven and attempt to lead others to believe that there are things taking place that are not, we are living in very troubled times.

      And one day you may ask yourself why YOU didnt bother to heed the warning.. Those who believe in the lie of the rapture will one day find out what they should have been doing.


    • As far as Mr. Brown, he is still active. Masters is ran by a Young Lady who graduated from a Masters as well.

      Mondo is Married with twins on the way.

      • Have not seen Mr. Brown or all his kids for almost a year. His daughter was the floor manager and Mr. Brown also ran the home school there. Kevin’s mother is the band leader and/or keyboard player. Obviously, the school (for children) has closed because Lori talked about the school that her kids were going to now. The first year Masters Commission Leaders only lasted about a month. I think they wanted to be more traditional to missions work and Jim wanted them to work for him. Now look at the few kids in the program (about half return members). They are working on the show every day (free labor for board). Jim and Lori’s oldest daughter is the leader of Master’s Commission now and I’m sure it is a paid position. It’s not like any other Masters Commission I have ever heard of (Jim admits this) and I think they have just got permission to use the title because of Lori’s long ties. Mondo produces the show and is in the control room a lot. He is like Jim and Lori’s son and am sure he is paid well, especially since his wife just had twins.

        One of Jim’s old ways (PTL) of Marketing is when times are hard, build something. I was amazed when they brought out the thermometer and after they reached the goal replaced it with another then another and another (for the tabernacle). Now it is Lori’s House. I’m watching the first show of this fund drive right now. It is scripted exactly like the tabernacle drive. Jim promised that all the Tabernacle donations would go to that project. That was not true. (How did he pay for stations time and expenses. He wasn’t really selling anything else during this time. He’s being more truthful this time saying “If you want your donation to go to Lori’s house just let us know. I guess they mean well, but……..

  37. It would be pathetically hilarious if it weren’t so pathetically sad! I believe in forgiving someone, but once they prove themselves unfaithful I DON’T believe in giving them another chance to fleece the flock! It’s not being judgemental, it’s called using your brain! Even if he is straight up now, he hasn’t proven it. He knows there are thousands out there who think they are pleasing God by forgiving him no questions asked and sending hard-earned cash on top of it and that’s exactly what he’s banking on, pun intended. Christians, wake up and demand better of those who presume to lead you! Be meek as babes but wise as serpents! You will be required to give an account of who you allowed to lead you and who you gave your money to!

  38. This is the first time I have had to say anything on a computer.I changed my t.v.channel by acccident to the mrcle channel.j bakker is selling crap to the elderly and no one thinks that this piece of garbage should not be in prison. why. As I am typing this badly jimmy is flabbing about his thougts on cancer and how he wants to help by selling the unforunate his miracle cures and religion. I am fighting colon cancer and j.bakker is preying on people once again.

  39. You know it’s ashame when so called christains can do nothing but gossip and hurt people.Jim Bakker served time and God forgave him.We are not to judge.Look what they did to Christ.If it was me, I would never want to trust people are serve them because they can become jealous and turn on you.I think he made mistakes and trusted the wrong people .Leave him along and don’t watch him if you don’t like him because God is in control and he is accountable to him.Jim took the fall for a lot of people and a lot of preachers were jealous of what he was building up and maybe he lost sight in his purpose and reason for his ministry,that’s between him and GOd.We need to keep our selves from becoming judgmental.We need to pray for him and his ministry and that they do the right things in God’s name.Never bear false witness

    • Medlin,

      couldn’t help but respond to your view of not judging so called shepherds of the Lord.

      One of the biggest reasons apostasy and phony shepherds which are called wolves in the bible are because more christians than not are not testing judging righeoustly!!!

      The bible warns us if we are not loving the truth in God’s word and allowing the fleecer’s like baker to fleece the sheep then the judgement falls on us!! To protect the wolf as you are suggesting than you partake in their evil deeds.

      WE are to judge!! Especially those who teach!! Baker has a wretched track record, and to rebuke those who test him are mor in the wrong than the one’s who say to let the wolves feast on the sheep once again!!!

      God has said to the shepherds, Feed my sheep!!! Not EAT my sheep which baker most assuradely does and is doing now, once he got the taste back in his mouth for EASY prey and has the flock such as yourself protecting his evil deeds in the sight of God and man!!

      I suggest you are lacking in doctrinal understanding which causes many to stumble when it comes to this so called judging issue which you are not appropriately understanding or applying..


  40. Gossiping and bearing false witness are rather strong words to use Medlin. Sounds a little like you are judging the situation, which I hope you are not. Most people on this forum are not gossiping since they are commenting on a person, Bakker, who chooses to be public and share his views without counterpoint. Bakker and his associates have just as much of a right to go on this forum and read the comments. In fact, I wish he would. It may help him to understand what affect he is having on people and where his error is in teaching. I dare say that if we were to post this, it would require another forum but I digress. I don’t think your typical gossiper would want their views known to the person they are gossiping about.

    The other reason for this forum, I believe, is to expose these errors and to provide a counterpoint, since I don’t believe Bakker would allow anyone on his program that would argue with him…would be interesting though. I think the individuals on this forum exposing the other side of the issue are special. There are millions of people out there that watch television and go on the Internet and find programs or websites such as Jim Bakker and are tempted to buy into something. I know me as a shopper or someone who wants to research an idealogy would like to get as much research as I can. By having a forum such as this, it provides users with information from both sides so they can make decisions for themselves. I am thankful the creator of this forum was able to assemble this for users to comment, including you :).

  41. Wow, reading all these comments is amazing. God tells us that if we say we love God but hate our brother then we are liars….Love is patient, love is kind, it is not jealous, it keeps no count of wrongs……God tells us that we are to love each other for that is how the World will know that we belong to Him…..Think about it ! We can convince ourselves that we are in the right but what would God say….If you read 1 Corinthians 3 we are taught that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, as long as the foundation of Christ Crucified is in place then where we are wrong otherwise it will burn but we will be saved…We are living in the last days….satan will try to distract us, divide us from the Word of God and each other because a house divided cannot stand…do you see what our enemy satan has tried to do here…..Now let us draw close to God and He will draw close to us….submit onto God, resist satan and he will flee…..Reading the word of God is a better use of our time than doing what has been done here…..where there is strife, God tells us there is all kinds of evil….judge it for what it is, a distraction and a tool to hurt the body of Christ. Hey, lets just get on with getting close to God who is our Father…..if we abide in Him than we will do well. One thought…if God can not only forgive Jim Bakker and not even remember it than why would we bring up a brothers sin…God has forgiven him, we should too….Do onto others as you would have them do onto you…..remember, we too will reap what we sow.

  42. To Quote Dr. Dale Robbins pretty much says it all….We are the Body of Christ, the church so it would be wise to heed the message of this quote……

    “The hypocrite with his mouth destroys his neighbor…” (Prov. 11:9). The Bible clearly warns us to mark those who cause division and strife and to avoid them. They are used by the Devil to cause trouble to the church and to the work of the Gospel (Romans 16:17).

    Are you a sower of discord? Are you being used by the Devil to cause division and strife in your church? If so, be warned of the severe consequences that you will face unless you repent of your sin and bring your mouth under control. God promises, the sower of discord will face calamity. “A worthless person, a wicked man, walks with a perverse mouth; he winks with his eyes, he shuffles his feet, he points with his fingers; perversity is in his heart, he devises evil continually, he sows discord. Therefore his calamity shall come suddenly; suddenly he shall be broken without remedy” (Prov. 6:12-15).

    If you can’t say good things about your church, then keep your mouth shut. If you don’t think the church or its leaders are doing what they should, go talk with them privately. Pray daily for God to help them. And if you still don’t think the church is doing you any good, then get down to the altar and pray until it does, or get out of there and find one that will!

    Whatever you do, don’t become an adversary to the church, it’s leaders or people! Regardless of what you think about your church, it belongs to the Lord, and if it is in error He’s big enough to correct it without your complaints. If you become a trouble-maker to your church, you will make yourself an enemy to Jesus (Matthew 25:40), and He warned against becoming a stumbling-block to the faith of believers lest you face severe judgment. “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt. 18:6).

  43. CG,

    These are nice words but I don’t believe there are too many of these churches or individuals out there that aren’t hypocrites. That’s why the world looks at Christian and mocks them so much is because practically everything they preach, they don’t live…it is an ideal in many cases. I guarantee that if you go into most evangelical churches today, the very scriptures you use, they will too and then turn around and promote some form of hatred. Look around you, most Christians who fall under the religious right circle are preaching fear and hatred, not love as you propose. In fact, there are some trying to hasten the coming of the Lord by exercising “dominion”. I dare say that if Jesus was walking around in the flesh today, Christians would probably be the first torture him, imprison him, or do something awful.

    You stated, “The Bible clearly warns us to mark those who cause division and strife and to avoid them”. Okay, if we did this, there would not be no one left to talk to. Sad to say but it is the truth. CG, maybe that is what this blog is about, “mark those who cause division and strife and to avoid them”.

  44. There is nothing christian about Jim Bakker or his television show.He is a wolf in sheeps clothing.His program does not preach the gospel in any way at all.He uses fear and crisis tactics to sell a variety of items,only to build another colony,has false prophets and prosperity preaches as guests and only uses bible phases to attempt to scare people into buying his junk.He is an evil robed in false light.Remember,even Satan quoted scripture to attempt to convince Christ.

  45. Leave this man alone!!
    I just got back from Morningside & had a great time.
    Thinking of moving there.

    • Nedzo … heavens to betsy, you drank Bakker-koolaid eh ? and swallowed it whole to boot … mercy me … moving to Morningside for more Koolaid ?

  46. I guess they are having a sale maybe using the scripture “and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them”.

  47. I am very conscerned with Jim Bakker’s new ministry. There ia a lot of “truth” in what he says. However the Bible says, “a little leaven DESTROYS A LOT OF GOOD.” Or a lot of truth as well!!! Being a genuine Christian is a great deal more than having food stored for the end times, but it might not hurt either.

    I do not see the humility in Reverend Bakker that I would expect…

    Test all things by what the Bible actually says do not simply trust self-proclaimed ministers, teachers, or prophets…Read, read, read the Bible as often as you can, YOU FAITH DEPENDS ON IT!!!

  48. I know this blog is mainly to discuss Bakker and his new ministry. However, I was a big fan of the Jim and Tammy Show back in the 80’s because as a couple they were awesome to watch! I felt it was the first ‘reality tv’ of its time. Tammy Faye had a way of capturing the audience, between her tears and laughter she was a really powerful singer. Back at PTL Bakker had much better guests, alot more celebrities like Mr.T, Ronald Regan, Billy Graham, etc. Also the PTL Band and Singers were all top performers.

    Now let’s look at the ‘new Jim Bakker Show’. First and most importantly it is missing Jim’s “secret weapon’….Tammy Faye. Jim often said that she was the glue that held the program and ministry together. I have to agree. She is the main reason I would watch. Lori, bless her, tries to be a good co host, but she isn’t nearly as polished or professional as Tammy Faye was. She does act a bit ‘dingy’ at times like Tammy..but not nearly as funny. Plus all she does is babble and say ‘right, uh ha, mmmm’ to everything Jim says.

    When The new show started in 2003 Jim had LIttle Nell on it…she would scream thru alot of the songs but was better than poor Kevin. He really sounds bad…and that could be because of the Band he is using….all volunteers…not professionals like they had back at PTL.

    Now the fund raising is still the same…create the ‘sense of urgency’….get the people in a panic or frenzy to call in and donate. Don’t get me wrong…I am not so sure he is off on his theory of the end of the world…I feel he could be right on the money. But the tactic of using that to scare people to buy his prepackaged slop is so tacky. At least years ago he would give you 3 days in the Heritage Grand for you $1000 gift. Now you get a bowl of dog food that will last til 2026!
    And the audience looks like they are ready to die at MORNINGSIDE! How old are these people about 90 or 100! These are the last of the dinosaurs that Bakker has giving him money. One thing I found HYSTERICAL on his show…was when Jim was getting Partners to join the “gold club’ the ‘silver club’ and the ‘booster club’ . He promised that the GOld members got preferred seating during their program. Well heck, there are only 15 people in the audience. Every seat is preferred. The only closer seat is to be on the stage next to him and Laurie and KEvin! And by the way, he had some old lady on today’s show that bought one of the condos upstairs and was his neighbor! I sure hope that place doesn’t go belly up like Heritage USA cause I hear it is in the Boon Docks and that will be worthless. Your view of “Grace Street” outside your balcony…. How depressing….there are 13 people walking around…mostly Bakkers adopted hispanic kids and senile old people with nothing to do! He should have just filmed it at Main Street at Heritage USA. Same thing. Plus it was already built!

    I think the biggest thing to remember is that when Jim got out of Prison he had no desire to be on television again, was happy to be done with the fund raising. Back in 1996 he told Larry King he still loved Tammy Faye and doubted he would ever remarry. Then a year later he meets Laurie, they marry and then he ends up right back on the same hamster wheel running around and around. I think TV is all he knows. That is his life…..he is addicted to the attention and the camera. I never hear him mention his son or daughter (jamie or tammy sue) on his program. I know when Tammy Faye was dying he never spoke to her once nor did he go to visit her, except on the day after she died he and Lori went to Roe Messner’s home in Loch Lloyd, MO. I am not sure if it is because Lori was jealous of Tammy Faye or he was still mad at her for leaving him to be with Roe Messner. Either way, I can’t blame Tammy because he really put her thru hell with everything at PTL, Jessica Hahn, etc.

    Good for Tammy…in the end she redeemed herself with the public thru the documentary “the Eyes of Tammy Faye”(I heard Lori didn’t want Jim to do the EYES of TAMMY FAYE movie….but Tammy begged Jim to so he agreed to do it, however Lori INSISTED she be on camera next to him as he was interviewed. I loved how the filmmakers listed her as ‘jim’s new wife’..they really stuck it to her!)

    And also on the “Surreal Life”. I am glad people got to see the real her and not believe her to be this thief. I think she trusted and loved both of her husbands and was more of a victim than an accomplice. All she did at PTL was sing…..that is why the D.A. in Charlotte NC did not prosecute Tammy for Fraud the way they did Jim and Rev. Dortch and the Taggart Brothers.
    Speaking of the Taggarts….James and David….does anyone know what ever happened to them? THey both, I had heard, stole millions from PTL but Jim took the fall for it… the buck always stops at the top.

    Sad part is people will still continue to send in money to him knowing he was convicted from the PTL scandal.

  49. I agree that Jim and Lori Bakker are crazy. I’ve been doing a lot of research on Morningside and their church, as they have a Master’s Commission group there. I was on staff at a Master’s Commission in Austin, TX and Lafayette, LA and one year in Phoenix, AZ where Lloyd Zeigler was the director. Lori Bakker attended the Master’s Commission group in Phoenix, AZ several years before I went, but I definitely know a lot about the Bakker’s.

    • Ralph,
      I have a blog about Master’s Commission (www.mycultlife.com) and my time on staff there. Master’s Commission was co-founded by a man named Lloyd Zeigler who was on staff at Tommy Barnett’s church, Phoenix First Assembly of God. Tommy Barnett had Jim Bakker preach at many services I attended after he was released from jail and he even made accommodations for him to live at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, where his son Matthew Barnett is the pastor. From there, Jim Bakker reentered ministry.

      Lloyd Zeigler’s group, Master’s Commission USA, was removed from Phoenix First Assembly of God 2 years ago. I’m assuming this was due to many ideological differences between Tommy Barnett and Lloyd Zeigler, but it was also due to the fact that Master’s Commission USA was costing Phoenix First Assembly of God over $144,000 a MONTH to bail them out of the overages they were spending.

      Lloyd Zeigler now runs his own church, Relevant Church, in Dallas, TX. He’s taken his Master’s Commission group to Jim Bakker’s compound and visited Morningside.

      Does anyone realize Jim Bakker’s compound is VERY SCARY and CULT LIKE???? My friend visited his compound with the group Master’s Commission and Lloyd Zeigler and said that Jim Bakker talks a lot about end of the world prophecies and about selling his condos to people who want to have a safe haven when the end of the world starts taking place. He then plans on bull dozing his one and only road to the compound, Morningside, and being self-sufficient with doctors, groceries, etc.

      Is this COMPLETELY insane, or is that just me?

      Master’s Commission is a cult, and so is Jim Bakker’s Morningside compound. It’s not odd that they are in cohorts together.

  50. Hello all Bloggers : ) blessings to everyone reading 🙂

    I tuned in to the “Jim Bakker Show” the other day for just kicks and nearly fainted because of T HE TACKIEST latest spoof Bakker has cooked up, and all for money of course, please read on:

    One of his tax deductions, ummmmm adopted hispanic ghetto kids apparently got married and Jim Bakker is SELLING !!!!!!!!!!!!! their wedding DVD … I thought I hadn’nt heard or seen right, but it IS true … This man will stop at absolutely NOTHING to liquify cash. During this same show, he imposed his and Lori’s wedding video on viewers, like anybody was really interested ? I am now wondering if he fixing to market copies of that also ? I wouldn’t put it past him …

    As if he had’nt before, Jim Bakker has become an unbearable burden on that show with this “emotional” outbursts amd “playacting” about his prison time and and and and and yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn …. if he ONLY buried the horse …

    The regular “buy this, buy that, give a $-gift of thus and such” nonsense and “you need to prepare” scare tactic on the show as usual. At some point, , some babe sang he couldn’t take his eyes off of her, does he still have a Jessica Hahn hangover after all these years I wonder ?

    This new blog format is very nice, I like the brown background, it is very relaxing for they eyes and is easier to manage then the old format.

    Blessings to all .. Keen 🙂

  51. Well after reading all this I have only one thing to say–I think it was Thumper’s mom in the movie “Bambi” who said “Remember what your father said? If you can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” Too bad that an unseen rabbit from a fictional movie had the most wisdom of all.

  52. Bobbie,

    Well sometimes the truth isn’t real nice, nor is fraud. If Jim wants to sell products to people about some impending doom, it’s a free market place, however neither Jesus or any of the apostles licensed any such activity, so he should leave them out of his sales pitch. I think Thumper’s mom would have been quick to protect Thumper from a fraudulent salesman.

    • AMEN!!! The Truth is still the TRUTH and it isn’t always nice. Sorry if some find it offensive. I found it really scary when LOVELYGIRL stated that Bakker planned on keeping Morningside self sufficient and bulldozing the one and only road to the compound!!! That is way way too JIM JONES to me. Please pass the Kool-aide!! SCARY…..really SCARY!!!

    • AMEN!!! Sorry if some find the TRUTH offensive. I found it really scary when LOVELYGIRL stated that Bakker planned on keeping Morningside self sufficient and shutting down the one and only road to the compound!!! That is way way too JIM JONES to me. Please pass the Kool-aide!! SCARY…..really SCARY!!!

  53. I personally think that everyone needs to look at what Jim does now not what he did years ago. I watch his show and it does me good he always sends a great message, a lot of it might be about the end times but, unless I just keep getting a misprinted copy of the Bible so does it, which is where Jim pulls his messages from. I do not know what is truely in Jims heart but I know this, a lot of people have been led to Christ from Jims broadcast, so personally I dont care if he is scamming people, he will have to be the one to answer for that, untill then why dont we all take the time that we are using to talk bad about someone and go talk to someone about Christ. I would be willing to bet it would be 100x more productive. If I send money to Jim it is not because I think it is going to Jim or going to The Morningside Ministry thats for God to sort out but until then lets not do things that we will have to answer for at a later time. How bad would it suck if when we go to meet our Maker he said “why did you distract my servent Jim from the work that I gave him to do, and why did you not do the work I gave you to do instead of using your time to distract my servents. I say if you want send Jim money if not dont. But lets all stop playing God, and judgeing people, especially anyone who IS leading people to Christ. God Bless All of you.

    • Hi Logansdad,

      Thanks for the comment.

      We are discussing what Jim Bakker is doing now and it looks an awful lot like what he did before he went to jail. It seems he’s replaced the “prosperity gospel” with end times paranoia. It seems like he is profiting off fear now (being left behind at the “rapture”) just as he did back then (fear of being broke and lacking enough faith to change their circumstances). Are either of those biblical? I don’t think so but you are more then welcome to show me how what he’s doing is biblical!

      Just because you believe people are speaking bad about Bakker doesn’t mean that’s all they do and since you don’t know any of us here (nor do we know you either) don’t you think you are being a bit unfair?

      How bad would it suck if you stood before Jesus and he tells you that you were following the wrong Jesus (not saying you are)? I think it would suck really bad don’t you?

      Also, aren’t you judging us for judging Jim Bakker but your judgment concerning us is based on a comment where the majority of us “judging” Bakker are either doing so out of personal knowledge or extensive research. I know you didn’t mean to do so.



    • Logansdad,

      I appreciate what you have to say and you are right about our need to be concerned personally. But I believe we have a commitment to help others also. This site does that. If everyone decided to do as you say, then those who commit such scams would go unnoticed. It is not for the sake of “punishing” Bakker, but to expose what is going on behind the scenes so other will know. Obviously, when you watch the program, Bakker is not going to give all sides to his story. There are more issues at stake regarding what he refers to as the end times or for that matter any subject he presents than he mentions in his program. Sites such as this help explain the other side so needed to be said.

      Regarding the statement that you would send your money regardless of how he uses it and that you would let God figure it out concerns me. Would you do this with a bank? Do you take your money to any bank without first researching the institution? I mean you want your money to work for you right? That is why I always research where I am putting my money, whether it be for the Lord’s work or not. I think it is OUR responsibility to take the money we have been blessed with and research the best places to put it for growth, not for our pockets, but to do the work He has given us to do. If you think the money goes well with an individual who has used this money for other purpose than what you intend, then so be it; that is your decision.

      Being led to Christ because of a television program that may have had other intended purposes than “winning souls” bothers me as well. I guess one could say that who cares is hundreds of people died in the Jim Jones massacre decades ago. If one person came to Christ out of the tragedy, it was worth it. I am not comparing Bakker to Jones but the logic of hurting other people is a good price for saving a soul is a non sequitor.

      Finally, I have always had trouble with ministers who ues fear, end times, getting rich, or other tactics to “win souls” to Christ. I mean is it fear or greed that one uses to force, and I do mean force, one to love Christ. I would like to see how that works with your children. Use fear or money to see how well it works in winning the love of them. I think I have said enough….in short, study to show yourself approved. Thank you Phil for this site.

    • Thank you to all of you who have replyed to my comment you all have very valid points, what I was trying to point out is that I know of Jims mistakes in the past but I also know how to forgive, because I also have been forgiven, not only by God but by people that I have wronged, and I would probably be pretty safe in saying so has everyone that has responded, or that is reading this, so for the sake of any back and forth writings about what he has done in the past, lets just assume that as Christians we have all forgiven Jims mistakes at PTL and the whole scam in the 80’s. So that brings us to now and his show at Morningside. As Christians we are supposed to use caution, and test all things, so what I dont understand is seeing as I have done that and Jims Ministry has only helped to make my relationship with God stonger and better, then in my opinion he is doing Gods work. Now I also understand that there are people who use God and take advantage of Christians, and if Jim is doing this, if he is really abusing all of the donations that people send in to him, from what I can see there are enough people that are concerned about it that just by the odds one of you who feels this way is a Judge or a Federal Marshall, or a Police Officer, etc.., or you know one, so as part of your job in the flesh and in Spirit, you should open an investigation on him and provide some proof of what he is doing not just provide opinions of what you think, for everyones sake including mine. I have been wrong alot of times in my life and I am not saying that I am not wrong about Jim, I dont think I am, but like I said Ive been wrong before, but without proof of his wrong doing and only opinion, everyone has to admit that there is a possibility that they are wrong about Jim as well, the problem that I have is it is so hard to write about it on here and say what I realy think without sounding contridictory of my self so I hope nobody takes this the wrong way because my only intent is for good for everyone, but if he is doing something wrong, and you know of it, then I believe that it is your duty to bring it to the attention of the proper authorities, so that they can do there job and protect people from being scammed, if all you have are opinion with no proof then lets find proof before we put our bad opinion of Jim or anyone out there for the whole world to see. Yes God did say test people like Jim but it doesnt stop there God has given us many comandments to follow. If you have tested Jim and can provide a reason he should be off the air besides what sins he commited in the 80’s that he has been forgiven for, then we should be addressing those issues, but I would ask that everyone keep in mind that if everyone that has a ministry was removed from there ministry because other Christians dont think that there message is correct then we would have not have even one. I am not saying that you should donated to Jim or become part of his ministry, that is for God to lead you where he wants you to be, but everyone is wrong at times so I am sure of it that Jim still makes mistakes and he still has sins that he has to answer for, but that is only human. Every ministry needs donations to to stay alive so if your only concern is people being scammed or Jim taking advantage of the gifts people give to his ministry then provide some proof and lets expose this scam I will be more than willing to help if anyone has any proof, not that I think my help would be needed anyone can pick up a phone and call CNN or Foxnews, etc. and tell them you have proof of Jim Bakker scamming people again and they would be more that happy to run that story I am almost 100% sure of it, if you have no proof and only your opinion, well then lets all do and act like we know God would want us to act. I will end with this, I am in know way saying that we should not address peoples concerns but lets keep them as concerns just incase we are wrong, lets try not to state them like they are facts, because what there is not much difference in someone doing the wrong thing, and someone having proof of someone doing the wrong thing and not doing anything about it, but I believe it all comes back to proof VS. opinion. Thank you all, God Bless everyone of you. if everyone said a prayer right now that the truth be exposed I bet it would be.

  54. To Phil and Ralph:

    Hello, in response to “Logansdad”‘s “passionate plea” (yikes!) for Jim Bakker and his $-MO, , you b o t h wrote responses that are both worth their weight in gold if not more ! I had planned on responding to it myself, but both of you in your postings said most of the things I was going to say. However I do have another angle on it that I want to share.

    Applying the “it is not WHAT you do but HOW you do it” rule, Bakker wins the price on the “WHAT” and “HOW” parts both. Beside his endless “peddling”, there isn’t an ounce of sincerely in his voice, but moreover, his body language TELLS the real truth.

    A blind person in a wheelchair once told me that her life’s experience was this: (and I have applied these rules 1000 times over for 20+ years and counting and they a r e right on target , unmistakably !

    VOICE: A person’s character CAN be assessed to a great deal by the sound and rhythm of their voice while they are speaking … in any and all situtations.

    BODY LANGUAGE: For people who are not blind and CAN see, the Lady said, studying . their body language TELLS the whole story !

    Having read a couple of books on each subject, I educated myself on voice sound and body language and have NEVER fared wrong with it since then (about 20 years and counting !) Not mentioning any names on this blog, but hinting at a person currently in high political office in the US has – from where I am sitting and coherent with my studies – delivered the “goods” in both cases, voice and body language are in direct opposite of contents of “presentation”. These voice and body language discrepancies were NOT present in the official in the same position back in 1980 and again in 1984, just to state an example in comparison.

    In the case of Jim Bakker, my observations tell me that the s o u n d and r y t h m n of his voice while he rants and raves and hems on and on do n o t at all match up one iota with this “dramaqueen” pleas for money ! For lack of other rhetroic: He is a rather primitive, sad excuse and/or example of a “Snake Oil Salesman”.

    The same with his body language which tells it all ! What comes out of his mouth in NO way matches up with his body language one single iota, speak: not only is he insincere, bu he is outright LYING ! Those who ARE familar with body language technique and the interpretation thereof, will immediately if not sooner detect the “Act” Jim Bakker “dramaqueen”-delivers day in and day out on his show, and ALL FOR MONEY !

    But because he is so in love with himself, chances are he has never ascertained at all that SOME of us out here are watching his soap opera of a show for reasons OTHER then his “Need for money to stay on the air” . I am of the opinion that IF GOD WANTS a ministry to be, to take off and gain traction, he WILL make it happen because HIS GRACE IS SUFFICIENT !

    I do not, speak c a n n o t watch Bakker’s show often because I cannot stand that scoundrel and often times it appears that I hear Jesus’ words “you brood of vipers” sounding in my spirit when I hear Jim Bakker ranting and raving and hemming and hawing “people you NEED to help me” addressed yet another brandnew “Project” that he has cooked up to get more money to “stay on the air”. In his own, very LITTLE and warped world, he d o e s beleive that he is “called” …. called to what ? Fleecing people out of money? ALAS, that calling is whether heavenly, NOR godly from where I am sitting !

    Thank you all for reading and blessings to everyone … Keen 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your kind remarks Keen. Yes, what you have to say is so true. We should pay more attention to body language and tone. It is so sad that we have to use this to look at true motives these days but I guess you have to.

      Thanks again

  55. Another Note to P H I L :

    Dear Phil:

    This brown background on the blog is simply heavenly ! It looks and “feels” like chocolate while typing for the blog on your site, but the best part yet is this: there are NO calories to worry about and I really enjoy typing alot when I do submit a contribution.

    Thank you for the site, it is a wonderful place to connect / exchange with likemindeds and you are the ONLY one with a …………..Chocolate blog 🙂 ra ra ra

    Be blessed, Keen 🙂

  56. Hi Ralph and Keen,

    Last night I re-read this thread just to see if Logansdad was correct in regards to our comments distracting Jim Bakker from doing God’s work. I didn’t see anything like that but you, Keen and Boyd handled yourselves well and I thank you for that.

    One thing that hasn’t been brought up and maybe should be was how Jim Bakker got his start so to speak. For those of you who don’t know Jim and his first wife Tammy were traveling evangelists whose sole purpose was to raise money for other ministries. He was very successful at this and I wonder how much that played a part in how his ministry was and is conducted. I’d like to hear yours and other thoughts on this.

    2Peter 2 talks about false teachers and what it is that makes them false. It’s not so much what they teach that causes the problem but who they are that makes them false. IOW character matters. 1Timothy 3:1-7 reinforces the character issue as does Titus 1:7-8. Bakker repents and then returns to his same folly again and again and seems to me to be a Romans 1:21-22 type of fellow. Any thoughts?



  57. Hello Phil:

    I just read your piece in response to Ralph’s and mine contributions. Thanks : ) for recognizing that we all like to do well in submitting data that is appropriate and stimulating for the intellect of other bloggers / posters.

    As for Jim Bakker’s “start”, I am afraid I cannot be of much assistance for 2 reasons. Reason 1 is that I am from a foreign country and only learned of Jim Bakker’s existence from his ex-wife Tammy who spoke in incoherent bits and pieces “from behind all the make-up” on a Larry King show late one nite about this “Jim Bakker”. I did do s o m e research on Tammy’s gushings, but when I read the name “Jessica Hahn’ in the text of some of the online info available, I connected it to a “scandal” I had heard about, involving laundry baskets full of money owed to all kinds of people as well as the IRS (6 milion dollars I beleive?), and it all unfolded rather faintly in my memory, but that is basically all I know !

    Reason 2 is that, with the knowledge I had gained from this “Jim Bakker” via Tammy on Larry King, I preferred to keep my distance from such substandard contemporaries, I had come to faith in 1999 and am a somewhat a “lily white/straight arrow” kind of person and feel out of place in the company of criminals, i.e., the likes of “Jim Bakker” do not fit in to my agenda if I may put it this way. While channel hopping one day, I froze to see his face on the screen when I recognized him as the “guy who this Tammy somebody talked about on Larry King that one nite (she had shown pictures of her and Jim during that show) whereby I recognized him. I initially had a very “sour burp” in response to his face on TV, but my first impression of him – now live on the screen – was e n o u g h of an impetus to “voice and body language” check him and I have already described my findings in a previous postings on that subject.

    Jim Bakker’s presence on TV including his rantings and “dramaqueen-ing” disgust me to the core, and it feels like being dragged to a keyhole having to listen to his …. “beaujois” …. if you know what I mean !

    There you have it 🙂 thanks for reading

  58. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for your comment. I really am getting ready to expose something here but unfortunately for me, I worked behind the scene for a few major televangelists a while back ( maybe 20 years ago). Although Bakker wasn’t one of them, it is VERY TRUE that many are motivated by money. Maybe not necessarily greed but they are definitely adapt at using the Bible and their own interpretation to raise money. Gentleman, this DOES exist and for the most part, the motivation is raising money. I feel sorry for many on hear who cannot or refuse to see this. It is real.

    Please folks, save your time and money and do something else than give to feed someone’s bank account.

  59. @Ralph

    Dear Ralph, what you are saying does not suprise me in the least, “Corporate Christianity” has become a lucrative “$cripture trading bu$ine$$” and the peddler’s names thereof we all know, some of us more then others.

    I am looking forward to your publishing your expose on your mentioned “behind the scenes”, theme and … several names of “Presenters” are dancing around in my head already …. I bet this will be g o o d !

    Be blessed, Keen 🙂

    • You are so right Keen. Many who are on this site take their Christianity so personally, they are totally unaware of what goes on behind the scenes and in many cases, as in some who have posted here, want to turn a deaf ear to it.

      These ministers are basically running a business and have to look at their bottom line. It;s not a bad thing unless you are using God and the Bible to further your goals. Unfortunately, if you are a minister, you have to use these tools, and I do mean tools cause that is what it is from their viewpoint, in order to make money.

      You mentioned revivals, I knew one traveling evangelist that would not do one week revivals casue it wasn’t cost effective for him. He had to do longer engagements. Of course this is understandable for some, but when you get in front of a vulnerable, susceptible audience and tell them God told me to do this for some other reason, well that is just deceptive. Of course I dont think they would be honest; it just wouldn’t make for good PR.

  60. Phil & Ralph-

    Your both right on. I too have some experience behind the scene. Churches call in these specialist to raise money so that the “loving pastor” doesn’t have to beat on the members. One particular fellow I ran across was very good at his craft and told me he had what he called his “hot 7” sermons down pat for this very purpose. I often wondered what would happen if he had to speak for 8 nights. Most of these meetings are billed as “revivals” but in reality are more about shaking a few more dollars and increasing contributors. Bakker is a career fundraiser and has always been a pawn to one developer or another. Morningside is in the business of selling real estate, just like most golf course developments are. The golf course says, “come here and play golf and enjoy friends”, Bakker says come here and “play christian and enjoy friends”. The purpose of both is to sell land for more than it is worth and make a nice profit and in my opinion, poor Jim is just looking for a camera and wants to be loved.

    PS. It is amazing the number of comments on this thread and the traffic online of people looking into Bakker’s activities.

    • Yes, I have thought about publishing something. I used to be a sound engineer for some of these churches and events. Believe me, once you get past the smoke and mirrors, they are just people trying to make a buck.

      In my past I have had to deal with ministers more concerned about the lighting being just right so people can see to write their checks to pastors and evangelists talking about people in the audience while their mic was muted to extremely abusive relationships between senior pastors and staff to the clever juxtaposition of music during worship services to provoke a response for giving. Yes, I know the tricks of the trade, unfortunately.

      I also have a background in film and television and understand the process televangelists use to make money.

      Folks who are on this site that are so attached to Bakker or anyone like them need to understand…IT IS A BUSINESS.

      I do get a kick out of those who are so attached to Christianity in this form that they use the cliches about staying quiet but I am so glad we can talk about this. Someone here needs to be held accountable for the damage and destruction that is being done by this type of manipulation.. As long as we are quite, the abuse continues unnoticed.

      It is sad that Christians can be so gullible though.

  61. Hello all,

    I have been reading this thread for quite some time as I stumbled on it several months ago. I was mad at first when I began to read this thread. You see I was still working at Morningside. I have known Jim and Lori for several years and I worked for them a few times while they were in Branson.

    I will get to my point in a bit as you will see but I need to give some back ground for a few moments.

    I first met Jim on 2001,and he was in my opinion a truly humble..changed…man. He was on his 7th show,so I came in at the beginning or re start or re launch so to speak.

    He shared stories of prison life and how he was wrongly accused of over selling time shares and wire fraud. Well before I dove in too deep..I read his “I was Wrong” book.

    Jim and Lori had just adopted 5 children from Phoenix AZ. As I worked with them I befriended the kids because they truly had been taken from the pit to the palace so to speak and really had no clue how to act or interact with the “partners” and those who came in the studio.

    In doing so, I got close with Jim and Lori and I truly think that they had the purest of hearts and intentions. I mean Jim drove a donated Buick Park Avenue..and Lori had a Chrysler Seabring that had about 150k on it…BUT they were happy and you could TRULY feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in that place.. No there was no money but there were friends and we all were close…. OK now I had to move away in 2002… so we will FF till present day…

    December 2009…… I was aware that a position had become available and would be open soon that fit my line of work,something that I have great passion for. I contacted Morningside and spoke with several people over the next few months to get acquainted with them and the position. Not mentioning the names of these people,there is no reason to..I will however mention names of some a bit later. After having to make a trip to Springfield MO totally unrelated to anything @ Morningside..I decided to make a visit.

    I spoke with a few old friends and then prayed and asked God if I was truly called to be there. I did get the Holy Spirit confirmation several times and then set out to make the 700 mile move.

    Once here EVERTHING fell into place.. It was too perfect!!

    Jim and Lori welcomed me back with open arms. We caught up on things over several encounters and I was told what a God send I was for this time. I was truly happy.

    FF …a month or so

    I am now doing my job plus helping out with several other things in the Ministry. At this time I begin to realize that the man who brought Jim up from FL and put him back on TV was NOT…NOT…. the man that I thought him to be. I began to see the demands he put on Jim for money to pay for things that he was doing….then billing the Ministry for what he had done. I have witnessed first hand how this man manipulates Jim. Any time the Ministry gets money…a bill is sent over for a huge amount due with in a few days. I still do not fully understand the relationship that is present between Jim and him but it at the very least…Un Healthy…at the very worse… Manipulation,control..and out right horrible….. NOW WAIT !!!!!

    you have to read the WHOLE of this to get my point.

    At the same time as I am seeing all of this I finally get to meet who I will call the former poster child of Morningside. She came and visited for a week. She is a widow and has 2 teen girls. I never understood…. for a long time while I was watching the show she was on it ALL the time. I mean hey, she DID get a miracle from God by being able to sell her home in a depression and not only that but for CASH. She bought a condo @ MS and helped out in any way she could. She gave money,time and prayer…..then one day POOF she was not on the show and I had not seen or heard of her since. Well, I found out she did in fact still live there. She just keeps to herself now… WHY do you ask? Glad you asked..:)

    At some point…. someone entered her condo with out her there,and saw an old Catholic cross w Jesus on it,but it was said it was a headless Jesus and she was a witch. Further examination revealed his head to be bowed,and at the right angle it did appear he was headless…….SO the “witch hunt” began. The developer of MS made an announcement in church one day that a witch was living there and the reason the place wasn’t growing was because of this. EVERYONE in MS knew about what was going on and they also knew that she was named. Everyone but her!!

    Time goes on.. people mame and defame her name to the point that she cant be out in public there because of this lie…….. Now she is stuck there in an over priced 330k condo she paid CASH for.

    This is one example of how the good people of MS treat the residents once the Money runs out.

    I witnessed Shuffle Boards going in…in lieu of paying TV time. MS has a fully operational police car complete w the original lights and sirens in leiu of paying TV time.

    The list could go on but you get the point.

    While I was working @ MS the Masters Commission School was about to graduate. It was the day of graduation that I met Jim’s ex son in-law. He had come to see the grandson graduate. I talked with him for a bit and could tell he felt out of place. SO I decided to get to know him. He is by all rights a very nice person with a heart of gold! He voiced to me that he would like to move to the area but needed a job first.. well there was no problem with that,or so I thought… I told him I would hire him.

    I went to Jim and Lori and told them of what I thought was great news. I found a person able to preform the job functions above and beyond what I was looking for at that time.

    I was shot down instantly.. I was told of drug addiction and ..well more than I care to write. BUT I was determined and knew he was the right fit. I was a day away from having him fill out his paperwork when I was told it would cause major family problems and that it could not be done.

    I believed in this guy so much so,that I began to seek out other ventures that I could obtain and plug him into it.

    FF a bit….

    The wedding was soon approaching …and I had a big part to play in the functionality of it. I was talking with Jim’s daughter one evening and asked her what she thought of the plans that had been made..

    “Its not what I wanted” she said… I don’t want any of this !! I wanted to get married in our condo with a few friends and now it has turned into wedding-zilla.

    Just watch the video online of what she didnt want and you will see what I am talking about. Another thing that disturbed me while this was being planned was that the groom didnt want it to go out live on the net. He was told that he was marring into the wrong family if he didnt want his life from now on to be a public spectacle. And the term ” OUR Life is a production” was thrown out more times than I can count.


    I am able to secure a business in the area where the ex son in-law can work so he can relocate his new wife and infant (cute as heck) baby girl. I am at this time trying to sell the shoppe I had bought @MS so I dont have the overhead of 2 businesses

    Enter Bob and Rose Drake……

    They had just moved to MS from FL. Rose was going to buy the little shoppe that I had only purchased 2 months prior, as soon as she arrived. They were disappointed to see it had been sold to me.

    I offered it to him and he stated as soon as his money came he would buy it. This lasted a few weeks. At the same time, Jerry Crawford was in discussion with Bob on a frequent basis.

    I was also beginning to feel …well a cold shoulder from many of the people there.

    I was called into Jerry Crawfords office and asked if I had purchased a business. I said yes I had and we were going to open it soon,but I had the staff for it and it was not going to interfere with what I was doing there.

    I was told I and my entire staff @ MS was fired… and I needed to remove personal belongings at that point.

    He went on to say that he would tell everyone that I went on to pursue other interests.

    Well that was LIE #1

    It was said that I left without warning and had taken all employees with me.

    Lie #2 was told by Kevin Shorey(Jim’s Co-Host) and his Mother (the keyboard player) that I had stolen money and was dismissed.

    the list goes on and on….

    At this time the man who I had believed in so much,turned on me. The EX son in-law got in on the game. And with him and several others they began to slander,harass, and just plain make up stuff. Bob Drake the man who was going to buy my shoppe was now in charge of my position. And in a strange turn of events,the EX was now on payroll…

    This could have gotten ugly but I contacted my Attorney and we began a law suite.


    1. The shipping Dept at the time of this writing can not get any more product to send out as a love gift. WHY? well the vendors wont send anymore water pitchers or…you get the point. WHY? They have not been paid !! Yes the partners sent the money in…but well you put it together.

    2. The new and hottest product to hit MS Silver SOL (BTW DOES help burns and heals in 1/2 the time) is making people sick. 2 people that I know personally have been hospitalized because of this product. WHY? because they are told that it replaces their normal meds.

    3. Lots of vacationing had been going …LOTS…. Fill in the blank………

    Phil……. I could say much more and forgive me for rambling..or venting I guess you could say…

    I am open to questions or comments……

  62. WOW! and Oh My God! Dear Former morningside employee. I am so sorry to hear this but it is the same story in many places. Sincere Christians are expecting the best and offer their gifts and talents to ministers doing a “work” and then it happens.

    It is stories like these that I wish some contributors that provide the famous Christian cliches about judging others would pay attention to. I know you are not judging nor am I but facts need to be presented so people can make qualified decisions on matters concerning giving.

    I wish I would have taped it off but I remember watching an episode where Jim was trying to sell something and telling the viewers how God was telling him what to tell the viewers on purchasing something and some older man, rather stocky from the audience, spoke up and told Jim that while he was trying to get people to buy product, they needed tell them that they needed to send money for building some type of water infrastructure project. I saw that it caught Jim off guard and he had to adjust his approach to asking for money.

    He like others are caught in a vicious trap of raising money and, to make matters worse, when money is involved, it corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Your story reminded me of a time I was working in a church as a sound engineer and I had just returned from Disneyworld. I ate at the Chinese Pavilion at Epcot and purchased some really nice chopsticks. I decide to hang them in my house in a x pattern. Some paritioners came in my house one day and saw them and thought I was into witchcraft cause I hung 2 chopsticks in an x pattren. I don’t even know where that came from but It was hell dealing with pastoral staff after that. I mean some Christians really do need to get a life.

    I do have some really strong personal opinions about this Bakker thing but for concern that others will think I am judging which is so humorous it sometimes doesnt deserve a response, I dont say much. BUT there are hundreds if not thousand like him all across the country. Comforting huh?

    Well, if I could say anything to someone considering going to be a prat of their ministry I would say STOP, think about how much more you can do for your spiritual life than get involved in televangelist politics.

    Well, enough of my rambling as well. Thank you for sharing that with us. I hope everything works out for you.

  63. Logansdad,

    You ask for proof? How about Bakker using Jesus as a marketing device to help Crawford sell condos? How about Bakker promoting the storing of foods which is in direct contradiction to Matt.6:25,31? Can you point me to anywhere in the bible that these type of activities are liensed? The only thing about Bakker that might interest CNN is if he can be caught in some sexual affair again.

  64. Hello all,
    I would like to just say a couple things, Jim might be in the wrong but , I once read a good quote out of a Book we all should know ” he with out sin cast the first stone” on that same note he with out sin write the next blog saying something bad about Jim. I dont say that to say that Jim is right. But that God is right in all of his teachings so lets follow what He says. God Bless all of you.

    • Hi Logansdad!

      I’m not even going to touch your interpretation of “cast the first stone” but based on what you’ve said above what do you do with the following?

      Galatians 2:11
      But when Cephas came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned.

      What does “condemned” mean to you? Surely Paul was in the right to confront his friend wasn’t he or should he of just let it slide and let God sort it out? I don’t think so but I would like to hear your answer to that.



  65. Hello all, I say lets all meet at Morningside and confront Jim then and ask to see where the money he receives goes after all that I have read I wouldnt mind knowing myself, and if they run us out or wont show us where the money goes well then I will be alot more apt to change my mind. (or if anyone wants to bring some sort of proof of Jims wrong doing,) then we can bring to light for everyone the truth about what is happening. I have never said that Jim was not wrong I really dont know but with out proof of any wrong doing, I will continue to give him the respect that I would give anyone of you or anyone else. Todays date is 10/12/2010 I can go to Branson anytime this month or next so someone suggest a date and I will meet you at Mormningside. I will bring a video camera and we will just post the film on here and everyone can then know everything about Morningside, we can ( if they allow us) spend a couple days out there interview the home owners, workers, guests, and hopefully Jim himself. I wlook forward to meeting all of you there. God Bless You.

    • Hi Logansdad,

      Why would we need to do as you suggest when there is already a show dedicated to this topic? In case you are wondering its called “The New Jim Bakker Show” 🙂


  66. Logansdad,

    I’m curious about how you came to this site? Did you google Bakker looking for information? Have you read the scripture regarding the qualifications for an overseer in the church(1Tim.3)? If you have and are still looking for proof, I have to doubt your sincerity. What the homeowners and employees at morningside have to say about Bakker would hardly be unbiased would it, since they have a financial interest in the success of his enterprise.

    • Hi,

      Actually you could and SHOULD interview the people who own homes there. Interview those who live in the rentals as well. What you will find is a bunch of elder people most on SSI or an equivalent who might at one point prior to moving to MS had a little bit of money tucked away. These people are lead to move there under false pretenses spouted by Jim, Lori and Kevin on daily shows.

      Once they move there and want to support the Ministry, they give..and give…and give..

      Now here is the thing, MS is in no way shape or form a wonderful Christian Community at all. People do not know this until its to late,they have moved, gave and are now almost broke and stuck.

      MS is full of nothing more than great actors on the stage of Christian Television. I would even go as far to suggest that you could relocate to a ghetto setting and be treated better by the neighbors there.

      So do interview neighbors there. Seek out Frank Kane and his wife Deb. Seek out Betty she is still living there in a friends house after Jerry Crawford, Jim Bakker and a few other people went to her apt and forced her out for a lease violation.. Want to know what it was? She had an overnight guest one time in her rented condo.

      Go to the Yellow Apts and seek out Veronica, who knows she is stuck and cant fix it.

      You could ask a whole lot more but they were able to get out.

      There was one older couple who rented a 2 bedroom, he went back to pack and left her there at MS. After only 2 weeks she called him, told him NOT to pack and come get her. She said it sickened her to see what was going on ..off camera.

      Seek out Emelio who moved from L.A. to there to be head over Masters Commission, and a week before it started, the position was taken away from him,and an editing position was offered instead.

      Seek out Lil Lori, aka Lori Ann who was the producer of the show,and after many conversations with her, hearing all of what she was going through behind the scenes.. quit working for her adopted Parents.

      I could go on.. but wisdom says stop..

  67. You guys have given me a great thought BUT I doubt if anyone on the other side would act on it. What would it be like if Bakker actually got those on his program that either disapproved or refuted claims made on his program. Of course he probably wouldn’t have much of a program but we are all after truth right? We may all learn something from it but unfortunately, television programs are never set up to give both sides of the story correctly. You either have sponsor driven programs that try to justify their existence or well, you have sponsor driven programs that try to justify their existence…wait a minute, did I repeat myself?

  68. @Ralph:

    Ralph, what you say is not at all an outlandish idea by a long shot, I have often thought about what IF was to happen what you posted about . I bet heart against hope it would be preddddddddddddddddddy ugly was the REAL McCoy come out and stand up if I may put it that way.! And that does not only go for Jim Bakker’s so called “Show”, there is this “Christian” TV Station down here in SW Florida that is full of smoke and mirrors that I like to SMOKE OUT big time some day if the opportunity ever presented itself.

    From where I am sitting: us SAVED and lead by the Holy Spirit-Christians are BY the Holy Spirit immediately signaled and brought under conviction when something or somebody is not kosher, OR, if something is not quite above board, Or ? am I the only one this is happening to ?

    Not mentioning any names, but Bakker had a Guest on his show a couple of days this week (I do watch it yes, because it is a playground for body language / voice tone reading … This “Guest”, h o w desperate she was to put her point across with non-stop chattering and chattering about it and the tone of her voice was a dead give-away how she was attempting to “sell” her point. This is precisely when I get these “Forsee yourself” promptings from the Spirit inside and act on it doing my voice tone / body language analysis I have previously posted on that I do.

    But it was the “oh” .. “ha” “mmmm” “hmmmm” reactionary grunts of Bakker and Lori themselves that put it over the top. I am convinced that they did not believe very much if anything of this motormouth, or else, they are too stupid to discern, unable to separate the straw from the hay of this busymouth “Seller” who is currently appearing on another show doing her same “Gig” leaving her co-host unable to get a word in edgewise … yack yack yack yack yack yack …

    ALL OF THEM must be thinking they are the Lord’s “Executive Club” and I have a hunch they will be in for one heck of a surprise come the Rapture ..

    Your / anybody’s thoughts on this ?

    Thank you for reading, blessings to all 🙂 Keen

    • Hi Keen,

      You are so right. There is so much of this stuff out there and again, I really don’t blame unbelievers for not wanting to become Christian with all this stuff going on. I mean people are not naive; they can see what these folks are REALLY saying.

    • Well Keen and Phil,

      I DID IT. Went straight to the source. Bakker has a blog with a rather simplistic view of why the US is hated among other nations and I jsut couldn’t help but leave a comment. Now, he left the space for one so, I did. It may not be up for long cause I disagreed with him. If he does leave it there, then I commend him. JUST IN CASE. The URL to this particular blog is:


      My response was:


      I am afraid that this is a little bit of a simplistic answer to your question. The hate for Jesus is mainly due to the main problem, his followers provided non-Americans associate every American as a follower of Jesus. Almost a decade ago (and this goes back further but I will start there) the US along with British allies more or less rewrote the global and financial trading systems in their favor, ripped up a string of treaties it found inconvenient, sent troops everywhere, bombed a number of countries and in many ways threw its weight around. This is not to justify the other side but only to bring the fact that it takes two to tango.

      NOW, if you were a nonbeliever and saw your lives destroyed by people who “love Jesus” then I would say that would be a good reason to say that there may be individuals who hate the U.S. I for one think the more Christian get involved in world affairs, not to proselytize but to understand the way the world works, they will have a better understanding of how they should prayer for peace on earth.”

      Of course it is awaiting moderation. I am not sure if he will allow someone to disagree with him or not but it is his site so we will see what happens.

        • Well, it’s his blog I guess he can make it say what he likes. BUT I am glad we are able to voice ourselves here..

  69. Hi FME,

    OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! I went to the site you put on there…New Used and Abused Items? I looked at a lot of these on the site…most of this is just wholesale stuff you tie into as a webmaster for Internet sales. I should know cause I help build sites that have online stores from wholesalers that promise you big bucks from advertising their products. Look, I don’t have a problem with what anyone sells but at least just say that is what you are doing and don’t try adding scripture to it like it is God’s personal endorsement for you.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention…LOL I can’t believe it.

  70. OK all.. I was sent this link, and not being surprised by the person involved, the content made me sick. Cindy acobs, as featured in this link is a Profit that Jim Bakker has coming to MS to spread the word of the condition of the world.. This just keeps getting weirder here is the link…

  71. If we follw Jim Bakker, or any Preacher like him, we will fail, for all men are with sin. The Bible said, Follow and Worship only God and Jesus, The Son of God, everything else means nothing especially Man. Don’t Worship the Church or a Creation, Worship the Creator.

  72. Interesting. No live taping since the last week in December and it appears none in January. It was obvious that they did a couple of tapings that were done in one day, but stretched out to look like they were a full week of shows (with lengthy fun raising fillers). Also, Jim asked “Prophet” Bob Hartley to pray for him because of some sort of litigation or legal trouble. Wonder what this is all about when Jim freely admits that this time of the year is the worst for fund raising?

  73. Sorry, stumbled on this thread by some weird way that begin with googling boobs or something. Common sense told me then and now that if I wanted to donate $ to help anyone, it didn’t make sense to send to TV land. There are humble, true and local charities that are not in the spotlight, and do not have egos that demand it or distract from those they help.

    That being said, why on earth is any Christian needing freeze died meals or survival gear for the supposed rapture? No need to answer me… Whatever Jim Bakker says to do, I’ll be sure not too… I don’t want to take any chances and end up with him and his kind for eternity.

      • I know God forgives but he also states my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.In the gospel of Matthew 6:25;34. Jesus says not to worry about everyday life if you don’t have enough food,drink,or clothes.Life consist of more than food and clothing.The birds don,t plant and harvest food in barns and God feeds them. And you are more valuable to him.Your heavenly father already knows all your needs,and he will give you all you need from day to day if you live for him and make the Kingdom of God your Primary concern.

        • Jesus taught about money and possessions he said don’t store up treasures here on earth.They can be eaten by moths and get rusty,and where thieves break in and steal. Store your treasures in heaven, where they will never become moth-eaten they will be safe from thieves.Whereever your treasure is, there your heart and thoughts will also be.Jesus also said no man can serve two masters. for you will hate one and love the other. You cannot serve both God and money.Jesus also says for us not to be like pagans who are concerned about if we will have enough food to eat. We need to have more faith in God. My heavenly father is my source.

  74. Jim and New Tammy are amusing, to say the least. Also those slimy “guests” peddling their products de china. Betcha Jim gets the larger share of profits as those blow-dry clowns are only today’s minnows swimming with a veteran shark.

    The real shame – he is scaring a bunch of decent older folks into buying his crap.

    We can only hope the local county attorney and other authorities are looking at this shameless scam artist/felon and fear monger.

  75. What happened to Kevin Shorey??? He has NOT been on the show for a while??? Did he get FIRED?? Anybody know??

    • If Kevin Shorey has not been on the show, his absence is certainly NO great loss ! Any church’s musical worship leader can do a better job singing .. and … for what its worth … would be easier on the eyes vs. all that blubber …. Kevin Shorey sets a poor example of good health in that he does NOTHING about losing those spare tires he carries around with him ..why ??? doesn’t anybody reprimand him to get HEALTHY ???

  76. I think Jim Baker is in touch with God and people should repsect him. His wife Lori is a kick, the things she says although sometimes I get irritated because she talks too much and should let him speak. People should give the guy a break and quite judging him.

    • Linda:

      With all due respect, but that Kool Aid you drank from and spilled some on this blog is spiked with …ah …LIZZARDSPIT … We like to keep a C L E AN house here on Phil’s blog !

      As for Lori, instead of babbling on and on, she should make concise, quick witted remarks at the right time so as to stop Jim’s constant tirades !

      Oops, did I mention Lori and quick-witted in one sentence here ? Sorry, my mistake, that certainly is not a sound mathematical equation …

      Lovely couple though, ain’t they ? LOL LOL

  77. All I can say to anyone out there with any God Given Sense is to stay away from these Vipers like Jim Baker. Where does it mention in Revelations to store up all this survival trash and it seems Jim Bakker has not read the bible yet pertaining to the end times. Jesus spoke in Matthews 24:36 ” BUT OF THAT DAY AND HOUR KNOWETH NO MAN, NO NOT THE ANGELS IN HEAVEN, BUT MY FATHER ONLY.”

    It breaks my heart that people would follow such wicked foolish ones, who do not have Glory of the Lord. You can see the good works of a ministry in their fruits they bare. It’s so saddening that there are christians, who are have this great fear of speaking out against this kind of foolishness because they cannot discern between godlyness and wickedness. This is why we are face with so much spiritual war-fare going on in the hearts of man today, pulling us further away from the Lord and his commandments.

    I have noticed that we have many different Jesus’s in the christian faiths due to people like Jim Bakker and many other false teachers, twisting ones soul into many different beliefs. There is only true Lord Jesus and you must read the word nonstop to understand his truth and his wonderous Glory. These false teachers like Jim Bakker only teach and profit from mans fears of the world, instead of fear and love of the Lord.

    Brothers and Sisters who love the Lord and live by faith, we must be able by the grace of God to be able to discern between whats of the writen word and what is of the devil. And this goes for non believers too. Please do not be fooled by ones words and false pretenses no matter how Godly they expose themselves. Pertaining to the Jim Bakker Show, I feel nothing of the spirit and nothing of holiness in their follishness in their selling of trash and ungodly begging foolishness. If any socalled man of God puts the fear of the end times to beg in the Lords name to buy a survival product or other trash, turn it off and run to the Lord for your sanity. All we can do as christians is to pray for Jim Baker and the whole morningside group is to seek the scriptures to find the truth in Jesus name I pray. Lord have mercy on them. Amen

    Shalom Brother David

  78. Hi All!

    Like a few of you, I too have watched The Jim Bakker Show over the years and am frankly shocked at how easily he deceives people into sending him money. The entire show is designed to sell product.

    Anyways, I finally did what I’ve been itching to do for a couple years now…I created a blog devoted to ripping Bakker: http://www.jimbakker666.blogspot.com

    It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for people that can’t stand Bakker it’ll be right up your alley. For anyone who blindly supports Bakker, feel free to stop by and see the exact same items he sells on his show for much much cheaper through various online retailers. He’s ripping you off.

    And there is only one way to follow Jim Bakker: blindly. If you simply open your eyes, the truth about him is very plain to see.

    I believe it’s Phil who runs this blog? FYI, I linked to you since you have some very good information here.

    Thank you for your time, and stop giving money to Bakker.


    Hi to all. Bakker gets his power from stations that carry his programming as well as the Internet unfortunately. Being able to broadcast fear 24/7 allows viewers to subscribe to this madness. I suggest if you want to affect change, try contacting the station carrying his broadcast and filing a complaint and then stop watching their station. Hopefully this will send a message. I tried sending one to my local station that carries his broadcast but unfortunately no response. I don’t know if it will help but at least it’s something. As far as the INternet goes, I don’t know what you could do about that one.

  80. I stumbled on this site by mistake, and I’m not here to condone or condenm on what was said about Jim Bakker! All we need to do is pray! Some comments are way out there, every one has an oppinion, and keep your eyes on JESUS!

    • I don’t think this person stumbled on the site by mistake. I also don’t believe this person is impartial. This person is obviously a Bakker fan. Why wouldn’t this person point out that there is a lot of comments that are right on?! Instead they made a point of saying that some comments are way out there. Keep your eyes on Jesus? The trouble in the world wouldn’t be so alarming if people did just that! Jesus taught about the trouble. He also said he would never leave us or forsake us. Jim Bakker knows that, so he gets peoples eyes off of Jesus. He then hyper focuses on the trouble in the world so that he can get into the pocketbooks of those he is able to scare to death. And that is why all the blogs about Jim Bakker are busy.

  81. Baker is ripping my 78-year old mother off, selling his messsage of fear and so far 30 cans of overpriced freezed dried food to my now-gullible mother. Beware the wolves advertising in the name of Christ.

    • Good honk! Most bloggers will use any method to prove a point! Just because a person is 78, he or she is not necessarily gullible or dotty. I am in that age group, and I have a sharp mind, a great deal of wisdom, and acute alertness. Yet, several of you have accused tele-evangelists of draining the finances of the “elderly”.

      If an older person wants to support a given ministry, that’s not your business. When you should worry is when they spend their savings on spoiling their grown children – or when they spend it in a bar! I have five grown children and a host of grandchildren and great grandchildren. I would shudder if any of them criticized my choices of giving. I tithe – acutally more than ten percent – to my church. My other gifts go to support orphans and other needy people, missionaries AND some goes to support TV ministries.

      I am not necessarily defending Jim Bakker, but I was saved through a television ministry, and it costs a great deal to finance TV outreach. Also, Billy Graham believed in Bakker, and he is a very wise man.

      My final point is that I hear very little of God’s Word in this blog. I read nothing of any of you spending some time with our Lord Jesus to discover how He feels about Jim Bakker.

      Jesus said that love covers all sins and that love never fails. He also said if someone is not against Me, then leave him alone.

      Years ago I heard a wise man say the Lord told him, “I give you the right to NOT have an opinion about this matter!”

      Perhaps we all have entirely too many opinions!

      Thanks for hearing mine!

  82. Hey call me an old gossip, but who is the ‘openly gay man’ working at The Jim Bakker Show? If he’s open about it then I suppose he doesn’t mind people knowing.

    Wait…is it Jim?

  83. I have a friend that ate nothing but that food for 30 days and almost starved.. No crap.. It has almost 0 nutritional value to it.

  84. The old Jewish saying is: If a Prophet comes to your town and says he is hungry…then feed him. If the Prophet says give me money… then stone him. I think this would put and end to these false prophets on television.

    • How do you expect him to make a living? I doubt that anyone would hire him. Would welfare be better? I get tired of people acting so unchristian. He’s not stealing from anyone. They get a product so what’s the big deal?

      • Hi SJW,

        The big deal isn’t that Bakker is making a living from what he does, it’s that he’s using Jesus Christ in order to do it. That is a big deal to me.



  85. Unfair- when food shortages hit hard are u so able to be fed by ravens like Elijah? Jim points to Jesus and pratical preparation. Tried the food- it’s good tho 5 portions are small ones, still good deal. Judge less, prepare more starting with knowing Jesus thru word and Spirit. Love in Jesus, Allan

  86. Allen, HELLO, are you off of your meds ? This is not about being prepared for a disaster or the End Times. These discussions are about a con man that is using the Words of Our Lord to fill his pockets. Good deal ? When is charging 2 to 3 times the amount paid a good deal, it’s only a good deal for Jimmy Boy & Lori. The only time this slime points to Jesus is when he is no longer able to convince the sheep he is a prophet. Please don’t tell me Jim does not claim to be a prophet. When he claims specific things that he was told by God, he is proclaiming the power of a Prophet. There are some people that, no matter what they see, they will cling to & defend these profiters of deceit in a society. Jims new Coat fits in well the theme of a Circus, but it’s not a laughing matter. These Prosperity Preachers, and Jim is a prosperity con man, There are also those of us that deplore these false prophet/preachers and we will continue to speak out when these bottom feeders use the Words of God to practice thier thievery.

  87. Ugh my grandmother lovesssssss Jim Bakker no matter what I tell her. Recently she even told me I’m an atheist because I don’t like him. I didn’t realize he’s God.

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