4 thoughts on “Who is your favorite theologian?

  1. John MacArthur has written some great material. However, my favorite theologian is E.W. Bullinger, editor of “The Companion Bible.” But for the moderns, Randall Price is hardly excelled. I recently finished reading his book on “Battle For The Last Days Temple.”

    Concerning the ancients, well, who can hold a candle to Irenaeus? 😉

    Peace & Health,


  2. Hello, Phil:

    My favorite theologian is Thomas Watson. At present, reading his Body of Divinity.

    Regarding Watson, my favorite pith is his: “Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.”

    Stay close to Him, brother.


    • Hi Peter!

      Thanks for the Watson quote. We’ve been delving into sin and its consequences these last couple of weeks and this quote was spot on!



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