The Dangerous Theological Errors of Hyper Preterism Part 5 Three Blind Men: The Liars of SGP by Dee Dee Warren

Mrs. Dee Dee Warren has been fighting against Hyper Preterism for over ten years. She has written several exegetical articles refuting Hyper Preterism. Today I would like to direct each of you to an article Mrs. Warren has written that fully exposes the darker and disgusting side of Hyper Preterism that is vital to this series. You won’t believe what you are about to read.

Also, while you’re there check out what this Christian apologist and dozens of others have written regarding Hyper Preterism.


9 thoughts on “The Dangerous Theological Errors of Hyper Preterism Part 5 Three Blind Men: The Liars of SGP by Dee Dee Warren

  1. Phil,
    I went over there and read that. It’s worth a read. I think we are starting to see the persecution of Christians by “Christians” again. We both know what that is, don’t we?

    Phil Perkins.

  2. Hi Phil, if you really want an eye-opener listen to episode 22 of my podcast, The Preterist Podcast. What that blog post details is the tip of the iceberg. And an iceberg is a good analogy for the hyperpreterist doctrine. Only a small portion of it is visible to newcomers as they approach, and it seems all nice, shiny, and white (like a Macbook), but once they approach the iceberg, it sinks them and absorbs most of them into the great hidden mass of the berg which is dark, dangerous, and hidden.

    SGP has outright liars and dishonourable men as their “leaders.” The members over there either don’t care or are willfully ignorant. I think some of them think that if they rebuke their leaders that means they no longer believe hyperpreterism, which is a sure mark of a cult of personality. I think the idea that someone they dislike and disagree with (me) could possibly be right on an issue of character, and their leaders whom they like and agree with could be wrong is simply inconceivable to them.

    Though Jason Bradfield back-pedaled, one of his first admonitions to the members was not to have any conversations with me, Roderick, Phil, or Dorothy. Even after Jason Bradfield back-pedaled, one of their members claimed that ignorance of what we say is the best policy. How scary is that?

  3. It’s the delusion policy. Keep the delusion going at all cost & if someone isn’t buying into the delusion tell them they must ignore any other influence & focus more on the delusion — yep cultic indeed.

  4. Hi Phil P,

    That’s exactly what this is. If you haven’t already, please listen to the podcast on Dee Dee’s site. She’s right this post is nothing compared to that.

  5. For convenience, here is the direct link to the mp3 of the podcast. If you listen this way you may want to right-click that link & SAVEAS so that you can listen directly on your computer or download to your mp3 device.

    And a link to show notes & a streaming mp3 player so that it will without so much internet lag.

  6. I haven’t been keeping up with the whole SVP thing, but as some of you may know, I’ve had trouble with some of them in the past. At any rate, Roderick is spot on. “Cultic” is definitely the right word to use. Now they’ve got nutters denying the physical rapture of 1 Thess. 4 — as if the pronoun “we” wasn’t referring to the saints in their physical bodies.

    BTW, I’d love to listen to DDW’s podcast. However, I have dialup, and the bit rate is too high, so I can only get a few seconds at a time. Too bad. I usually compress my own audio files to 16kbps. Perhaps it would be helpful to make these podcasts available in a more compressed format to those who don’t have cable internet.

    Peace & Health,


  7. Hi Phil P,

    What you see has been getting progressively worse in the HP camp. Remorse, repentance and forgiveness are Biblical concepts that many there just don’t grasp.

    They keep promoting that they are “free” but I see them in bondage to sin.

    We may sin, but as Christians, our conscience will not allow us to wallow in it for long.

    What you see in this article is an issue with the moderators of SGP and the ministry associated with it. If they can do these things, suffer exposure and feel no remorse, then they certainly aren’t setting standards that are remotely associated with Christianity.

    • Dorothy,

      I couldn’t agree with you more. As Christians we should feel remorse when we sin. Sadly the SGP leadership appears to sweep sin under the rug.

      Very troubling I must say:-(

  8. Hi Phil,

    Well, to say that the law passed away 2,000 years ago is to be left with no moral compass. So what can you expect? I would say that immorality is a “logical” conclusion of Hyper-Preterist theology — though I wouldn’t make an equation out of it.


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