Is Ted Haggard a Sociopath? According to Ingrid Schlueter He Is!


Take a look at the following post from the keyboard of Ingrid Schlueter and tell us all what you think. Is Ted Haggard a…..

A Sociopath?


A monster?


Has Haggard damaged Christ and His Church?


Are “biblically consistent Christians” all that’s standing in the way of Haggards “glorious return to ministry” as Ingrid contends?


What is a biblically consistent Christian anyway?


Has Ingrid gone too far this time?



4 thoughts on “Is Ted Haggard a Sociopath? According to Ingrid Schlueter He Is!

  1. Hi All,

    I’ll go first;

    1) I don’t know Haggards mental state as I am not a doctor and I don’t think Ingrid is either.

    2). Haggard is a sinner just like you and me and Ingrid.

    3). No because Haggard’s sins aren’t that much different then our own. If Haggard has damaged Christ and His Church then so have we all including Ingrid.

    4). No because had Haggard wanted to I’m sure he could find a pulpit somewhere no matter how many “biblically consistent Christians” stand in his way.

    5). I haven’t the foggiest idea what a biblically consistent Christian is.

    6). Compared to similar posts on Slice I would say Ingrid is very consistent in the fact that she usually goes too far.


  2. I tend to agree with you Phil.

    I am always uncomfortable with people who regard the sin of homosexuality in a special way. The lake of fire is the lake of fire. Is this what she means about “biblically consistant Christians”? Someone who especially hates homosexual sin? I’ll bet I can find several things about his former church that weren’t biblically consistant before his secret sin was discovered. Biblically consistant Christians do not create rock-star preacher$$$$ to begin with.

    The go-go christian media simply treats preachers the same way the public church does. Good entertaining orators are advanced and worshipped, regardless of content.

  3. Ted Haggard wouldn’t be relevant if we were doing the things Christians were supposed to do. Why are we building huge organizations like the National Evangelical Association? It isn’t a biblical idea. We have all sorts of non-church organizations–Promisekeepers, Campus Crusade for Christ, Intervarsity, Focus on the Family, etc.

    Christ came to die and rise. He also came to build one organization. Only one. The church.

    If we, in our churches, were doing the things we ought, we wouldn’t need these organizations. They remain unaccountable. The church is Christ’s body for accountability. Our colleges and seminaries are unaccountable. Ted was the head of a national organization that was unaccountable. Had he done his sin and not been the head of a non-sense national organization, we wouldn’t be as embarrassed as we have been by him. More important, Christ’s name wouldn’t have been drug through the mud nationally.

    And, if his church was doing their job, Haggard wouldn’t have been allowed in the pulpit. His homosexuality was known decades ago. It was kept a secret. It should have been handled. If Haggard wouldn’t handle it, it should have been exposed and Haggard should have been shunned.

    None of this happened. Instead, his talent for speaking outweighed his sin. It helped build an empire. We valued a big organization more than fidelity to Jesus. At least dozens of “Christians” have blood on their hands for keeping silent.

    Now, just imagine there was not a big national organization to puff up men. Imagine we all went to neighbothood churches, where we fellowshipped, learned the Bible, teamed up to evangelize our towns, cities, and rural areas.

    Then Ted would have been irrelevant.

    Ted’s a jerk, but we made him possible by our greed for power, fame, and being “BIG”.

    Just a thought,
    Phil Perkins.

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