The Dangerous Theological Errors of Hyper Preterism Part 2

I see the first installment of what will be a lengthy refutation of the dangerous theological position known as Full or Hyper Preterism has been the subject of much discussion over at SGP. Speculation and assumptions are running rampant over there in SGP land. I think now would be a good time to wake up some of  SGP’s chest thumpers  prior to continuing this series.

I just LOVED this statement from leader Mr. Sam Frost; (source)

NOW, that’s the article. And, no, Phil, I won’t “come there” and “try.” I don’t write on websites that have a double standard when it comes to publically humiliating people, sorry. I don’t recommend anyone else going to that site, either. Now, watch the numbers plummet. Preterist roadkill always brings an audience, but once its cleaned up no one has a real reason to stand around..unless they want to be bored to death with theology today. Okay….anyone care to list the massive errors in this piece?

I have to wonder if Sam laughed out loud when he wrote that? I know I did. Considering the subsequent comments were nothing but childish attempts at public humiliation I have this question for Mr. Frost:

Why do you write on a website that has a double standard when it comes to publicly humiliating people?

The “preterist road kill” is starting to reek of hypocrisy. I think Sam is correct. It’s time to clean up the mess and he should begin in his own backyard don’t you think?

Sam’s assumption that when (if) those within the community stop visiting Theology Today “numbers would plummet” appears to be quite arrogant don’t you think? I’m really not that interested in numbers but from the increase in emails I would have to say Mr. Frost has made a terribly wrong assumption.

Of the 39 comments (thus far) on this posting this one struck me as odd and very telling;

I agree with Eric most:). But I pray for them as well. Fruitless yet theologically sound lives give God no glory or pleasure and are ultimately without purpose.

“Fruitless” is an assumption on the commenters part. Just how would this individual know about the fruits of Theology Today? This arrogant rascal doesn’t know a THING about this site other then what he’s read regarding Hyper Preterism and I can assure him there is far more on this site then eschatology. FAR MORE.

While we’re on the subject of “fruit” care to explain why an UNREPENTENT Michael Bennett is still allowed to post articles on a supposedly “Christian” website? I’m reminded of what Paul told the Corinthians;

1Corinthians 15:33-34 NKJV
Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”Awake to righteousness, and do not sin; for some do not have the knowledge of God. I speak this to your shame.

I’m surprised the folks over at SGP missed that as it comes right before the eschatology stuff they deem so important. Putting milk before the meat seems to be status quo around those parts. Looks like Roderick Edwards was right again. Bad character DOES affect ones theology.

I’m starting to think continuing this series would be against what Jesus taught;

Matthew 7:6 NKJV
“Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.

Someone want to convince me that we should?


9 thoughts on “The Dangerous Theological Errors of Hyper Preterism Part 2

  1. Well Phil, it looks like this has entered into the typical 3rd phase of hyperpreterist behavior. Let me explain.

    When hyperpreterists interact with people they think may be open to their “teachings”, it typically will go through 3 phases.

    Phase 1: Honeymoon, sugar & light — This is where the hyperpreterist will employ Romans 16:17-18 & talk to you in the most smoooooth & flattering terms. Tell you how “open-minded”, how “loving”, how “gracious”, how “tolerant”, how “brotherly” you are.

    If you don’t wise up to their false doctrine phase 1 will continue for sometime until one day you too are advocating their teachings & perhaps even become one of them. BUT…. if you do start seeing their errors & start publicly challenging them, you will enter into the next phase.

    Phase 2: Chest-Thumping & public humiliation — This is where they will start to claim superiority over you, pointing out any misspelled word for example. You now are characterized as a “fraud”, “close minded”, “hypocrite”, “liar”, & all manner of public degradations without ANY real evidence. After all, how dare you oppose them. It is no coincidence that many of these guys like UFC & other such things — they are “theological thugs” — we saw what they did to Dorothy & now what they have done to you.

    If you slink away quietly, that will usually be the end of it. They will feel smug that they have silenced yet another person who just couldn’t “bring it”. But if you continue to expose their lies you will enter into the next phase.

    Phase 3: Worthlessness & Illegitimacy — This is where they begin to tell themselves you have become more or less a non-person. They will start to not even use your name when they refer to you, perhaps calling you, “he who shall remain nameless”, or they de-person you by referring to you as “clown”, “boob” or some other term. They do this for a few reasons. (1) A non-person is easier to deal with. Sort of like making you into stawman punching bag that they can have no conscience over hitting. (2) They don’t want any “newbies” taking you seriously. They want the new guys to think they have no legitimate opponents. No one can really bring a real argument is the delusion they want to fashion.

    So, Phil count yourself one of the lucky ones that are now on part of the hyperpreterist enemies. There is an old adage, “a man is not so much judged by who his friends are, but more by who his enemies are”. If hyperpreterists don’t like you anymore, I’d call that a badge of honor.

    You might be right, it may be time to write less “SGP” specific articles, but rest assured, they ARE STILL watching — they can’t help it, it is part of their ego.

  2. but rest assured, they ARE STILL watching — they can’t help it, it is part of their ego.

    That seems funny as you seem to read and watch every little thing posted at their site too. (See your quotes under Phase 3).

  3. Phil,

    out of the norm? Not at all. But, look at the insulting presentation and context that Rodericke put them in for “watching”. Does that same insult applied to you (or to himself) as well for watching them?

    These kind of attacks are what has you all at odds with each other. What is really funny is both sides claim to be on the righteous side while throwing the jabs at each other.

    In case you are wondering. I do not post at the SGP site. In fact, I’m not welcome there. I do however read Sam’s (and his only) blog, as he presents some great points and articles, such as his last one on the Didache.

    • Rich,

      I don’t think Roderick was trying to be insulting. If it is taken that way I don’t think he means it that way. Sometimes the written word doesn’t always come through quite the way we’d like it to. I’m sure you can understand this.

      I like reading Sam’s work as well Rich. I would however argue the date of the Didache to be more toward 100AD or so based on the language but that’s just my opinion. Textual dating isn’t easy Rich. But yes Sam does make good points (although we differ very much on eschatology).

      Hope my response helps.

  4. Rich, the difference is, we don’t “claim” to be done reading their stuff — THAT was my point about that they STILL read even though they claim they don’t. The only offense you should take away from this is that they are claiming the opposite of what they actually do.

  5. Hey Roderick

    I don’t agree with you completely, but at least you are acting in a civil manner unlike some others! I was deleted on another site for pointing that out. I guess the amped up one (Dee Dee) can’t handle the truth or an honest evaluation of her conduct! Your observations are noted and definitely warrant further investigation on the subject matter. Here’s my email that I left for you on the other site that was deleted!

    Take care!

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