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One of the things you must accept if you are going to thrive in the modern church is that not everything in the good book (Bible) agrees with the way the modern church operates. En-order to adapt the church to current marketing trends and to increase commerce, certain liberties have been taken concerning leadership responsibilities and the equality of the brotherhood. Much like George Orwell’s book “Animal Farm”, where all animals are equal, except some are more equal than others, the modern growing successful church has concluded that to be competitive they must have at least one Super Christian. Although knowledge of the bible is not a requirement and in most cases is discouraged, being able to recognize a Super Christian is a key to success.


Name on church sign


Most modern churches feel it is important to advertise the name of their Super Christian on the sign by the street. The apostle Paul dealt with this situation rather thoroughly in 1 Corinthians 3, but Paul did not have the communication opportunities that the church has today. It is a matter of church pride and a recruiting necessity to let the community know who their champion Super Christian is. People can sometimes be lead to migrate from one church to another depending on the entertainment value of a church’s Super Christian.



Salaried, paid staff


Super Christians are people who are paid to be Christians. Some churches will go so far as to require their Super Christian to adhere to some basic biblical principles- particularly if they are a poor speaker or can’t sing. You must realize that as a general member you are not paid, and are ask to support your Super Christian and his extended family with your hard earned money and are expected to attend all meetings, and volunteer for church activities, and witness to your neighbors and tell them they must hear your Super Christian because he is, well, “Super”. The bible says not to muzzle the ox that treads out the corn, however it doesn’t say anything about putting an unmuzzled ox in charge of the corn crib!


Designated parking place


Most Super Christians require a special parking place near a door so they don’t scuff their $500 shoes on the way in. You however as a regular Christian are not faced with such burdens and should park your clunker somewhere else.


Jesus spoke quite a bit about special people in Matthew 23. In verse 8, Jesus said that there is only one teacher and that we are all brethren, but that kind of thinking will get you in trouble with a Super Christian and could limit your growth in the modern church. I hope this article will help you identify a Super Christian and save you the embarrassment that I have been through.




5 thoughts on “Super Christians by Boyd Miller

  1. Hi Boyd,

    Yes, we have some of those “local” signs in town…and some outta town because property is cheaper and they can buy more of it for their social programs…

    I’ve noticed a few around here that have different ministerial duties assigned to members, but to my knowledge, these people are not on the payroll….so it’s always reaked to me of a status symbol and serves to keep the most socially prominent wrapped up in the “super” Christian because they feel important too….

    When I was growing up, if we drove down the street we saw names like Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, etc. We all knew what each denomination taught – at least to some degree. But when it comes to the Super Christian Churches, it’s a free for all. Step into those walls and who knows what theology you’ll be exposed to – if any at all.

  2. But there isn’t really any such thing as a super christian; is there? Argh! I’ve been studying the Bible too much!! 😀

  3. Boydmiller

    In my setting one prominent sign is the sign board or billboard.I think it has to do with substituting the preacher,for the Lord.


  4. About 20 years ago I was the Business Administrator in my church. One day the church organist came whining that she wanted a reserved parking space right outside the choir room door. She argued that it was too inconvenient to find a remote space and then rush to get to morning rehearsal. I argued that she is supposed to be there early, and therefore does not need to have a designated space. But she was always late. Nevertheless, she raised the debate to a new level by pointing out that the pastor had a designated space and it was unfair for me to not give her one. I walk outside and took down the pastor’s space sign. He was never bothered by it because he always arrived early enough to park anywhere he wanted.

  5. Great article, reminds me of Paul’s sarcasm (yes, though it may surprise the “super-nice Christians”, even Paul injected a little scornful humor once in a while)

    Here’s the texts:

    But I do not think I am in the least inferior to those “super-apostles.” I may not be a trained speaker, but I do have knowledge. We have made this perfectly clear to you in every way. (2 Cor 11:5-6 NIV)


    I have made a fool of myself, but you drove me to it. I ought to have been commended by you, for I am not in the least inferior to the “super-apostles,” even though I am nothing. (2 Cor 12:11 NIV)

    Paul is playing off the fact there were some teachers going around acting like “super-apostles”. I suspect these guys went around claiming people were using “fallacies” or bad “logic” & that perhaps all of Christianity was wrong but they. 🙂

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