The Power of Positive Confession?

Dr. Fred K. C. Price is a WoF wolf. He’s made millions and millions of dollars fleecing his flock via false teachings such as the “power of positive confession”. Bezel333  does a great job of refuting this dangerous false teaching.


14 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Confession?

  1. Thank you for this post. I hear the positive confession teaching on a fairly regular basis and I do question it. I do think that the Bible clearly teaches to watch our words (James) and to think on positive and good things (Phil 4). But I have seem to have trouble with the life and death teaching about what we say. Our words should be encouraging, positive; words that build up and not tear down. So thanks again for your post, sharing the wisdom that the Holy Spirit has surely led you into.


  2. Don’t you have anything better to do than pretending to be better than all these people ?
    Why do you pick on small time preachers and try winning a name for yourself ? You are just showing folks what a hypocrite you are besides being a heretic. If you really want to show people you fear no man but God, instead of picking on small time preachers who really can’t do you any harm, why don’t you pick on some one bigger… like calling the pope some of the names you are so fond of calling people. What have you got to say about the pope kissing the koran ? lets see you have the guts to call him some !!
    You are heretic, a liar , and a hypocrite. Do you know that?

    Phil: Hahaha! You make me laugh and you sound an awful lot like this clown I use to allow to troll here. His name was Nicky. He wanted me to take on the pope as well. Why don’t you do it since you have so much free time?

    Fred K C Price is BIG TIME. Maybe not as big as your hero the pope but in the USA he is a legend. He’s been around longer then your hero and I’ll bet he’ll be around after your hero is replaced by what I’m certain will be your new hero.

    I’m a liar hypocrite and heretic eh? That also sounds a LOT like Nicky. Care to show me how I’m all three of those or do you prefer to make accusations without substance (again a LOT like Nicky)…

  3. You are a liar because Nicky has informed me that you said God has commanded you to call some folks a fool. That is a lie. You are a heretic because you teach what is contrary to Bible. You are a hypocrite because you accuse others of being false teachers while you yourself is one. Does this answer your questions ?
    Now I’m beginning to ask myself why this man who operates this setanic cultish blog won’t take on the pope while he is happy to take on small time preachers. Does anyone know why ?
    Maybe you can enlighten me Phil Naessens ?
    As for your question as to why I don’t do it myself, you know that’s not my speciality. But it seems to be yours :)))))))))) HAHAHA…

    Phil: There, your little rant has been published. Happy now? Did I make your day little man? Of course this will be your last one. As far your specialty is concerned, well, it certainly isn’t spelling now is it? Run along and tell your little friend Nicky how you stood up to the “setanic cultish blog” owner and called him names. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.

    As far as the pope goes, well, I really don’t care what the pope kisses but apparently you do and since Mike Oppenheimer, someone that has the time and staff to actually care enough to inform you of what the pope kisses then there is no need for me to rehash it here, now is there?

  4. I hope you publish the comment ’cause you asked me a ques and accused me of making accusations without substance. People are saying you moderate posts that could damage your rep. I think you will mod this too.. you hypooo..ejejejeje

  5. I 4got to mention.. accusation no 4 reads .. you are a biased unethical, big mouthed , self exalting ,greedy, covetous, little fox. :)))))))))) muhahahahaha… should I post resumes ?

    Phil: Wow! All that name calling? How would Nicky feel about that? Nicky says name calling is unbiblical. Do you feel better now little man?

    Greedy? How so? Unethical? How so? Self-exhalting? How so? Coveteous? How so? Big mouthed? How so?

  6. I was just testing to see how you’d take accusations and see how you’d moderate post damaging to your reputation.
    I wanted to confirm the type of man you really were. You’re a FAKE. don’t take all these personal. I was just making sure. These sort of tests really shows the character of a man. You only care about how people see you not how God see you. You try to think you server God but you really serve you. I won’t pray for you because the bible instructs us not to pray for men like you. You are heading for a lot of trouble friend. God’s judgment will be upon you soon.
    You are afraid to criticize the pope because he heads a large organization. you are a coward also like all hypocrites . You dont dare to comment against him because you are afraid not because you dont care. In fact you should care because out of 2 billion christians probably 1 billion are RCC and their leader kissing the quran should be taken more seriously than this small time preachers. But since you are a FAKE that is understandable.
    But all your sins can still be 4given if you repent. Die to yourself.That is the only way. Unless you repent you will go to hell. You may not understand but I love you despite all your deeds and I don’t wish that you go to hell. Think again. Remember you are still in sin.

    Phil: So, I’m going to hell because I don’t criticize the pope? Wow! That’s deep. I’m a fake because I don’t criticize the pope? Wow. OK. I’ll repent and criticize the pope just for you so I can go to heaven because I REALLY want to enter your heaven……


    Here goes?

    I really think the pope (whatever his name is) should stop wearing those silly Prada shoes. They are so uncomfortable and frankly they make him look like a sissy.


  7. HAHAHA.. you don’t seem to like people calling you names.. Nicky suspected that. I proved him right ..lolzzzzzzzzzz

    Phil: I don’t mind at all and I suspected Nicky didn’t have the backbone to do it himself so he got a BIGGER HYPOCRITE then him to do it for him!!!!!!

    Bye Bye!

  8. I think Im gonna ask ma frens to to see if they can hack this site.. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    posting in your name wud be fun.

  9. Are you guys aware that Fred Price became an Apostle of faith (whatever that really means), with full paraphanelia of the office, including a seal.

    You guys better listen to him, or ye all will be anathema!

    Phil: I read somewhere that it costs a 5,000 “love offering” to become a bishop. Wonder what fast Freddy paid for the title and seal? Anyone know?

  10. Phil,

    You need to get your facts straight and get with the

    Fast Freddy NEVER pays for anything….Some bottom feeder in his congregation always coughs up the money….

    You can be sure it was a lot….

    Phil: Hehehe. Maybe he “spoke” it into existence?

  11. Phil, I once heard Fred scolding his followers for giving him insuffient funds checks. I suppose his people had taken this positive confession theory to the bank so to speak.

    Positive confession conversation at the Miller household.

    Wife-“Honey aren’t you going to work today?

    Master- “No darling I am confessing that our bank account will never lack again, how about some breakfast?

    Wife- “I am confessing that you will never hunger again”

    As you can see, as a practical matter this teaching has some flaws.

  12. The Bible has both positives and negatives.The Bible for example recounts rapes,dubious characters who stole inheritances,liars,thieves,prostitutes etc.Indeed,God’s injunction to Adam and Eve in the Garden is couched in the negative.But then the serpent’s promise to Eve in that same Garden is worded in the positive.

    What is important is not the ‘confession’ being positive or being negative,but that our lives,words,attitudes, be the right ones,seeking to obey and have an ever closer relationship with God.The truth is that all Scripture contains both positives and negatives.

    You may wish to consider this quotation:
    ‘Positive confession is an invitation,sooner or later,to get some answers,but they will not necessarily be God’s answers to prayer.God meets our needs in His way in accordance with His Word because we keep His commandments and do what is pleasing in His sight'(Roy Livesey,Understanding deception:New Age teaching in the Church,Chichester,England:New Wine Press,Second Edition,1990,page 89).

  13. Fred Price, oops I mean he calls himself Apostle Fred Price now is cut out of the mold of Hagin, Coppeland, Dollar , and all the rest of the Word of Faith false teachers who are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  14. Wow, not much “love thy neighbor as thyself” going on here. We may not care for someones ways or all the things they may say but we are commanded to love them. If you see a brother of sister in error, pray for them. A lot of these comments are terrible and hateful. If a sinner were to come to this site looking for answers, my goodness, they would think I don’t need Christianity, I got this out in the world. My word, brothers, pray for God to enlighten the eyes of the other ones understanding if you think they are wrong. Even yet, ask God if maybe you are wrong. Just maybe God has given someone a revelation of something that you haven’t gotten yet. God Bless all of you and I do hope the best for all of you

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