I Love You-You Love Me by Dorothy Anderson

Hey everyone – take a look at one of the latest brain waves from the emergent village. 
Don’t miss the link to the article written by Tony Jones – “Who Decides Orthodoxy?” 
So take a look and tell me what you think….anyone see an agenda here?  I’m certainly interested in everyone’s thoughts here….


10 thoughts on “I Love You-You Love Me by Dorothy Anderson

  1. Dorothy,

    Thanks for posting these articles.

    While the church is guilty of misusing scripture for power over the years, now that the Word is available to the masses the “anointing” is the new avenue of abuse. It seem that very few people are seeking truth however many are looking for a new marketing strategy.

  2. Quote from the Emergent Village link:

    I’m not sure, but I think what the essayist is saying is that Jesus is truth. Not me. Not you. Not our institutions. Not our theology. Not our airtight and cherished opinions and understandings of truth.

    This is the freedom that Jesus talked about. Freedom from the tyranny of religion – freedom from the self-centered need to be “right.” Freedom from holding on to our own understanding of truth. Freedom to let Jesus be Lord, that we would be free indeed.

    What exactly does that mean, anyone?

  3. Hi Yomi,

    I read it to say that Jesus can’t be known….BUT He is Truth and Lord…Of course scripture says otherwise – 2Tim 3:16-17 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

    Tony Jones states at the end of his article: “Christians are climbing out of their denominational silos and listening to Christians of other flavors. Some are even (gasp!) listening to the wisdom of other religions.”

    So the alternative is to explore “everywhere” for Jesus, Islam, Buddahism, Taoism, etc with total freedom and abandonment….reminds me of always learning but never able to come to the knowledge of Truth. (2Tim 3:7)

    How did you read it?

  4. Dorothy,

    right on the money. Note the logical contradiction: Jesus is Truth, but our understanding of Him is not….then how can we know that the proposition: “Jesus is Truth” is, in fact, Truth? Sheesh. Some people never learn. Paul talks of two enslavements: “slaves to the Sin” and “slaves to the Righteousness” (Romans 6). It appears that some Christians equate being a “slave” to righteousness as also a bad thing! To be a Christian is to identify with the ebb and flow of the Body of Christ, past, present and future.

    Sure, doctrines have been wrong in the past. Sure, Christendom has encountered radical splits. Sure, Christian history is often messy, even violent at times. But, what the Emergents do not get is (and what the Westminster Divines so powerfully did get) that the Bible is the Supreme Judge in all matters of Faith and Practice. It appears that they want to chuck this doctrine as well! Bottom line: Emergent Christianity endorses what is called in philosophy: Critical Realism (see Ben F. Meyer, Critical Realism & The New Testament, Pickwick Publi., 1989). Meyer, a Crit. Real., wrote, “Critical realism is, in short, is intensely empirical.” Therein lies the bottom problem, the at-bottom presupposition: we can trust our senses and our rationalizations to a degree. Eve, anyone?

    Samuel M. Frost, M.A.R.

  5. Dorothy,

    The entire quote presents to me an oxymoron. As Sam pointed out above, it is a self-refuting argument.

    Reminds me of the verse, “Ever learning, but never arriving at the knowledge of the truth…”

    Phil: Are there any folks following this “theology” in Nigeria Yomi?

  6. Yes, it is the statement of a double minded man…imho

    Oxymoron is a great word to describe it.

    They can make a truthful statement but can’t grasp what truth is…It appears to me that it’s more an intellectual curiosity.

  7. Phil said:

    Are there any folks following this “theology” in Nigeria Yomi?

    Sadly; yes. And the army is growing by the day.

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