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With the free-fall of home prices and the rise in unemployment many people are being forced to consult with credit counselors. I ran across a link to an article in USATODAY over at ApostasyWatch! titled “Some Christians keep tithing even as they face foreclosure”. The jest of the piece was how credit counselors are running into people in default , who when ask to list their monthly expenses, are tithing to a church and refuse to quit even if it means losing their home. This is so wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start. Shame on these churches that promote these beliefs. I would advise any credit counselors out there, that when this situation comes up, to suspend the credit counseling until proper bible counseling is completed.


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  1. Hi Boyd,

    You know what keeps the preachers in business? The Malachi guilt trip. “You are robbing Gawd by robbing the mand of Gawd”…..and anyone that tells you that uses the above guilt trip is a vulture….

    Thanks for posting this Boyd!


  2. Hey Boyd,
    I’m sorry but those churches have “church history” on their side and not even scripture will convince those men of Gawd.
    Great article by the way.


  3. Phil,

    Seeing the practical effects of the work of men whose god is their belly makes me feel really sick.These men will have to answer to God for their deliberate twisting of scripture.

  4. Hello, Phil:

    I have bookmarked the site following for my personal study–and for sharing with others–on the subject of tithing.

    Perhaps I even got the following from you at Theology Today? Muzzle That Ox!!

    I hesitate to paste links, but Mr. Bland just nails his topic.


  5. You mean that you are a born again Christian – a follower of Christ
    and one who has said “Lord, I want your forgiveness for my sins,
    but I also want relationship with you – I want to obey you, and I trust you with all that I have. This is what God wants from us,
    and it is really sad to think that a Christian who, even if they’ve
    been tithing 10% of their income are still facing foreclosure.
    What this means, is that even though they tithe, they are out of control in other ways because they are not able to pay what they owe. Perhaps they have wanted a more expensive home, car, etc. than
    they needed. For whatever reason, they are absolutely correct in thinking that a 10% tithe is not going to be the answer. The answer is to give to God what belongs to Him, which is the tithe, get the rest of their life in order and learn to be in balance by obeying Him. God is supernatural and he performs miracles over our money,by multiplying it back to us, but if God tries to multiply a tithe of nothing, that equals nothing.

    Phil: Darlette. Interesting theory. Very WoF like. How do you explain rich atheists that don’t tithe? Is God performing “miracles” over their money? I’m well off and probably live better then most of the wolves I write about and I have NEVER tithed 10% because my dad (a Baptist minister of almost 60 years) taught me that tithing was not for me but for the Old Covenant Jews. Instead he taught me to give to be a blessing to others and not because I should expect something in return……

  6. Everything belongs to God of the Bible, we are stewards of his money, the earth, etc. Yep – there are rich atheists – good for them – but you can’t take what you get in this life with you – in the end all you are doing is gathering a mountain of dirt when you pass from this life. Giving back 10% of what belongs to God anyway is putting foremost in your mind that you ackowledge that it is HIS blessings (your mind, hands, ambition, etc) that allow you to have that $$ in the first place. Jesus spoke of money often in the New Testament – so your rationalization/interpretation as a Old Testmament device is a reflection of man’s nature to go against tithing – to ackowledge God.

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