Something to Consider Regarding Brian McLaren



3 thoughts on “Something to Consider Regarding Brian McLaren

  1. Awwww, but McLaren is such a nice fellow & he is trying to preach a “new kind of Christianity”. So what if it is different than 2000 years worth of Christianity. I mean, he is a Christian right? Shouldn’t we just accept & love him & his teachings? His views are just a minor disagreement of theological opinion that doesn’t really affect anything else…right?

    Phil: You know how I knew you weren’t the one that got busted in NYC Roderick? The way you attempt to use sarcasm…you aren’t very good at it lol…..

    I especially like McLaren’s eschatology (see link below), it is so “Sola Scriptura”…even if it denies 2000 years of Christian interpretation.

    “I believe all predictive prophecies were fulfilled in the destruction of the Jewish Temple in AD 70 under the Roman Empire.”Brian McLaren

    P.S. McLaren’s eschatology is called hyperpreterism. He is in good company with others who ALSO are angling for a “new kind of Christianity”. One they create to replace the REAL kind.

  2. Love this interview. So true

    Phil: What did you find “so true” about this clip? My first reaction was to wash my eyes and take a shower after hearing him say this heretical garbage.

  3. And this McLaren guy claims to study THE Bible? What hogwash. Well, he WILL find out soon enough that hell is not antithetical to the cross.

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