Comments are NO Longer Allowed at Theology Today!


I’ve decided to ban any and all contrary opinions to my absolute knowledge in all things biblical. That’s right boys and girls you can disagree with me all you like but your opinion means nothing because I’m right and you’re not….The only comments that will be allowed will be those that either praise me for my absolute knowledge……or praise others that praise me for my absolute knowledge…..


I’ve been wanting to say that for nearly two years now!!!!


Ok, let’s get serious for a minute ok?


Recently I’ve been receiving dozens of readers opinions in my inbox at Theology Today regarding my comment policy. Many of you are concerned that I’m allowing certain individuals to post comments on various threads….threads that have to do with these certain individuals beliefs… reader even questioned my integrity for allowing dissenting opinions…


Why wouldn’t I allow folks to make comments here at Theology Today? This is an interactive blog which means I want to hear your opinion on the various topics that are presented here. We aren’t presenting absolute truths here people….each of us that contribute to Theology Today fully expect to be questioned about our presentations and biblical opinions….in fact we welcome it!


Can I tell you something? I know for a FACT that more people have been reached with the Gospel through the comments section at Theology Today then the over 160 articles I’ve published in the last 21 month’s. One such person wrote me with the following;


Dear Phil,


When I read your blog I thought you were a blowhard. I shared my disagreement with your posting and was surprised you published my comment. When checking back I noticed some of your readers agreed with you provoking me to further investigate my beliefs . My research and study led me to believe I was wrong and repented of such foolish behavior. Had it not been for your readers I may still be in the environment I was in.


The above letter arrived 18 month’s ago during a time when I wasn’t sure if I was going to allow readers to comment….dissenting or otherwise. That email clearly demonstrated to me the importance of allowing dissenting comments and just how important those who comment here are to this site….different members of the Body (sometimes) reasoning together in a quest for the truth is a beautiful thing my friends.


Finally, 2009 will be an interesting year around here. Dorothy will be continuing here lengthy series on Hyper-Preterism, I will continue posting whatever pops in my head and I’ve added two more contributor’s to the blog….I’ll introduce them whenever they begin to post something.


Have a Great 2009 Everyone!
























12 thoughts on “Comments are NO Longer Allowed at Theology Today!

  1. Bro. Phil,

    You had me worried there for a minute. I didn’t know if you’d lost your mind or if spiritual terrorists had hijacked this site (just kidding, Brother). In all seriousness we as Christians are commanded to “…always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks [us] a reason for the hope that is in [us]…”(NKJV). The world is not going to agree with us on everything. Even our brothers and sisters in Christ will not always agree on non-essentials. Rather than getting upset with those who don’t agree, we should run to the Word and stand on the truth or run to the Word and stand corrected. Either way, if we’re going to the Word because of disagreements, God will be glorified.

    Be blessed to know, Brother, that your blog is glorifying God.

  2. Instead, how about just clarifying that some things ARE heresy & not merely “different opinions”. No need to go over-board from one extreme to another.

    If we’re exposing the unfruitful works of darkness, do we then go on to say those same unfruitful works are as valid as the works of light?

    Phil: The post on the other thread was a question about how one personally arrives at their conclusions….not how other arrive at their conclusions.

    Roderick, I am usually the first person to name a spade a spade, or a heretic a heretic. That thread wasn’t about that. Your responses have helped me to understand you better.THAT was the purpose of the entire posting after all. I also understand others better as well. Again, that was the purpose of the post. Thanks for that.

    The topic of this thread is why I allow people to comment here at Theology Today. Unlike many sites out there in blog land we have people here that are pastors and seminary professors and can handle and hopefully refute and expose the “heretics”.

    Roderick. You have left unanswered questions on two different threads yet rather then respond to your critics you instead criticize me. What’s up with that Roderick? Why aren’t you willing to face those you accuse of being “heretics” Roderick? I’m starting to see why you don’t want me to allow them to post…

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR Phil and to everyone.

    I must confess, I have often wondered why you permit some comments to a certain level esp. when the poster is blatantly going off.

    Hmmm . . . That is a wonderful testimony there.

    Keep up the good work Phil.

    We have moved together to another year on this blog and it’s waxing stronger and hotter. 😀

  4. Hi Naomi,

    Maybe sometimes I let them natter on too long….it’s hard sometimes to know when to draw the line…but God takes my flaws and still has His way huh?


    Where ya been? I miss your posts and thanks for always supporting the work being done here!


  5. Hey Guys,

    Did you see the pingback in comment #3? Seems as though I might not be an ODM after all because I allow comments!

    See, I told you guys this wasn’t an ODM didn’t I!!!!

    This is how I pulled it off….I clicked my new Nikes together 3 times saying “I’m not an ODM” and poof!…..Theology Today is not an ODM lol!

    Who says you can’t learn from the movies!

    Happy New Year!!!


  6. Happy New Year Phil! I thought for a minute you were not going to allow me to hollar at you any more.

    Phil you do know that 2009 it the year of turn around? (is that the new slogan for the church?)Again Happy New Year!

    Phil: I’d always let you holler! That’s the slogan? Where’s their creativity? If I was still pimpin my slogan would be ” Everythings fine in 09″….catchy eh?

    Happy New Year my friend!

  7. I’ve been lurking mostly. I don’t do a lot of posting because I learned a long time ago that what I have to say someone else can and probably will say a lot better. I do check you out periodically and I see Bro. Phil Perkins and Bro. Yomi, as well as Sis. Naomi and Sis. Dorothy, are still on the wall. Keep up the good fight because there is so much error and heresy creeping into the blogosphere (I would be scared if I didn’t know the end already). There’s always room for those who will contend for the faith and who will faithfully and skillfully wield the Sword of the Lord. God bless you all, Brother.

    C. A. Blackmon

  8. Phil N

    I commend both your stated policy ,as well as the practical implementation,allowing free comment.

    One problem I observe in blogsphere is the large number of ‘watchmen on the wall’ who are absolutely sure that they have all the answers about the Word and Christian life and living.This is the attitude of the inquisition,that allowed only one perspective on Christian life and doctrine.

    It is easy and convenient to assume that there is only one orthodox Xtian tradition,for example-our own!It is also all too easy to forget that we are the result of our individual Christian races,that we are all working out our salvation,by the grace of God.I have to admit personally that my theological viewpoint has evolved rapidly in the last 3 years.

    This does not mean of course that doctrinal error should not be combated.But it means that we need to check the methods we deploy in doing so.

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