Is Ted Haggard a Loser?

Ted Haggard was once one of the most prominent figures in Christianity…but after his secret sin was revealed he fell mightily…is Ted Haggard really a loser? Read the following link and tell us what you think.

5 thoughts on “Is Ted Haggard a Loser?

  1. OK, first cynical thoughts (just to get them out of the way):

    1. If this dude was serious about getting right with the Lord, he would tell the cameras to get lost. HBO? Come on.

    2. His family doesn’t stand a chance. First, he leaves them out in the cold with his massage, now this.

    3. In a word, to answer your question, “kinda”

    Now, the compassionate thoughts:

    1. He’s not a loser, he’s just lost.

    2. Any person capable of being used to that magnitude for God once, can – and most likely will – do it again.

    3. If that’s the case, he needs prayer more than ever… but not more than his family.

  2. I am persuaded that God sees in Ted only a child who has veered away from the flock,and returned.I am persuaded that if he truly is repentant,God welcomes him back with open arms.I don’t think God sees a loser in Ted.

    Welcome back,Brother Ted.

  3. Ted is just another case or proof of the failure of the big church/money system. Those who use the bible as a tool for enriching themselves always fail in the end. He hid his sin not from God but from his revenue stream and seems to worry not about his standing with God but rather his loss of power and money.

    The losers here are all the people who promoted and elevated him and fed his ego.

    Phil: I agree…and I have to wonder how many actually knew about Teds secret life and turned a blind eye because of all the cash he was bringing in…..BTW nice to see you!

  4. It’s sad that he sees himself this way. I can sympathize and understand why, but no child of God is ever truly a loser.

    While I think his dismissal was necessary for is own good, and for the church. God is not through with him nor is God done with him. A Loser I don’t think so.

  5. If this dude was serious about getting right with the Lord, he would tell the cameras to get lost. HBO? Come on.

    Yeah, whatever you do, Ted, don’t let anyone — especially those outside your circle — know that you have problems. Well, except for the fact that that’s what got him messed up in the first place!

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