The “5 Dollar Challenge”

I was seriously thinking about shutting this blog down. It wasn’t the first time I’ve thought about this….but as always God reminded me why it’s so important to warn the Body about wolves in our midst. Recently a very misguided soul came to this site to defend his wife reminding me of an article I had forgotten about and a “ministry” that needs to be continually exposed as they are a danger to the Body of Christ. Below are the articles that will offer some background for this one….

The above clip is quite interesting. I think it’s a noble thing to help those less fortunate….and it’s definitely something we as Christians should be doing but our primary mission as Christians is to share the Gospel. Mrs. Duarte believes that 5 dollars will change lives…and to some extent she is correct. However there are a few of things I would like you all to consider.


1). Where is the Gospel message in this 6 minute clip? Mrs. Duarte goes on and on about how money will change peoples lives….and I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who would benefit greatly if they had a few extra bucks. Meeting people’s needs is a wonderful idea….but what about their eternal lives? Money certainly won’t get you into heaven and that is something that is missing in this video.


2). I always find it interesting when folks like Mrs. Duarte hear things from God….especially when these things are contradictory to His Word. Nowhere in the NT does money change people’s lives but there are plenty of examples of the Gospel message changing lives. Perhaps God simply forgot this or it’s quite possible that Mrs. Duarte is mistaking someone else’s voice for God’s? You decide…..


4). Where in the NT does it say we should grow businesses and fund inventions? These are two things Mrs. Duarte wants to use your money for. 


3). Mrs. Duarte may or may not embrace the doctrines espoused by the Word of Faith Movement but she certainly embraces the fund raising technique of “seed sowing”. The Bible is pretty clear on what the seed is but she, just like the rest of the WoF wolves have confused this seed to mean money. She also mistakenly believes this “seed sowing” will garner the sower credit in heaven….and she is wrong. Nowhere in the NT is this “sow a seed” in regards to giving money or gaining any type of “credit in heaven” taught.


It is my honest opinion this video is nothing more than a fund-raiser…..Mrs. Duarte spends the majority of her time manipulating the viewer into believing that “sowing a seed” into her “5 Dollar challenge” is biblical which it is not. When she “asked God” how she could “change the world” she claims God told her to “start with 5 dollars” which contradicts God’s Word and should be discarded.


For further information regarding this “5 Dollar Challenge” please see the following website;


Change the world with just five dollars!















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  1. “Their silver and their gold will NOT be able to deliver them n the day of the wrath of the Lord because IT became their stumbling block of iniquity”- Ezekiel 7:19. Phil, as to thinking about shutting your website down, Jeremiah said that for twenty three years he had warned the populace but people did not hear (Jeremiah 25:3-4) so by my reckoning you have between 21-22 years left in you for this website warning the people about the wolves of the land. Where is the perseverance of the saints?

    Phil: I am perservering….just very busy with ministry duties, work duties and such……which is why I haven’t been posting as much

  2. It is amazing how people claim to be ministers of the Gospel of Christ, yet somehow believe and preach the gospel of Mammon.

    When we start thinking that we can change the world with money, we’ve missed it by a long shot.

    While it is good that we give, we must never forget that the Church is not called to change the world. We are called to preach the Gospel and disciple men for the Lord.

    Hang in there, Phil.

    Phil: Exactly Yomi…..why is it always temporal and never eternal with some folks?

  3. Phil,

    I have the following comments:

    1 I have to assume that the 6 minute clip is part of a much longer 30 or even 45 minute message.It is quite possible,if we take a fragment of a larger message out of context,to miss the bigger picture.

    Phil: I don’t think so. It appears she is sitting and making this video for a specific purpose….to raise funds

    2 Pastor Duarte clearly states that she intends to influence her community,country,and the Kingdom.I fail to see what is wrong with seeking to positively influence any and all these three target groups for Christ.

    Phil: I disagree….she clearly speaks about money and I fail to see how money will truly change peoples lives…..

    3 I do recall that the NT enjoins us to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world.As such,we are asked to show the world the way to go(light).Of course,preaching the gospel is shining the light for the world to see.But then,just as powerfully,our lives are to be an example to unbelievers,such that they are won over by the testimonies of our lives.In 1 Cor 7 for example,married Christian spouses of unbelieving husbands are enjoined to try to win over their husbands by the purity and godliness of their lives.Also,by our good works,we are able to bring masses to Christ.

    By being the salt of the earth,we bring the flavor of God into a heathen,antagonistic world.

    4 I certainly cannot agree that the Church is not called to change the world.We are called to change the world by preaching the Word of God,by the testimonies of our lives,and by the good works which are the fruit of the Spirit,as stated in 3 above.

    Phil: We are commanded to preach the Gospel…it’s the Holy Spirit that changes lives…..nowhere are we commanded to “change the world”

    5 Phil,you did concede that Mrs Duarte is not a WOF heretic.Your beef with her is as regards her money-raising methods,asserting that the use to which the money is to be put is `unscriptural`. I hope I have summarized your position accurately.It may not be out of place to note that you have put this Pastor under the spotlight in recent times.

    Phil: In this video yes…..Her position as “pastor” is unscriptural as well….something I’ve pointed out ad nauseum to these folks as well as her husband

    6 I have looked,but cant see anywhere in Scripture primary and secondary roles are assigned to preaching the gospel,and the other roles of the Church.Try evangelizing in rural Nigeria to illiterate farmers with a 1 year course on the Creeds!It seems to me that the mix of the 3 roles in any situation to adopt,depends on the concrete situation on the ground,in each specific context.

    I am from Nigeria,and the early missionaries came with the Bible in one hand,and free health and schools in the other hand.I don’t think my grandfather would have received an education,without the Anglican missionaries!

    7 In contention here is the role of the Church:what ministry,properly understood really is.There has been a lively exchange recently on another blog,on this matter.

    8 However my understanding is that we give to God`s work(money,time,resources)because we love God.Not because we have our palms outstretched,expecting a return from God,when we give.This blogger is not waiting for a reward for this Kingdom activity!

    Phil: Exactly…..but Mrs. Duarte clearly states that by “sowing” into her “5 dollar challenge” those who do will get rewards in heaven

  4. Phil,

    I have the following further comments:

    1 Clearly,raising money on the presumption that God will give you back in the measure with which you give,is incorrect.That is obviously wrong,and needs no further comment.

    2 Phil,the real issue is not `money` as such but what money can or should do in the Kingdom.This brings us back to the purposes of the Church,what they are ,and what they should be.

    3 The natural outflow of evangelism is that lives are changed.I agree with you on this.In the book of Acts for example,the women displayed the clothes made by Lydia,on her death.There was a riot when Demetrius and other metalworkers realized that converted Christians were no longer buying their idols.They were losing money.The Roman centurion was said to be worthy of a miracle because of his aid to the Jews.

    4 It is this old debate of faith vs works that is gone over in Hebrews 11.It is also what is brilliantly summarized in James 2:14-26.The faith Hall of Fame in Hebrews 11 includes many people that we might not ordinarily consider as exercising faith in God.Works are the natural outflow of our faith.

    5 It definitely is incorrect to say that Scripture does not enjoin us to positively influence our world for Christ(maybe `change` is too strong a word).How can the injunction that we be the salt and light of the world be understood,except that we are to, by our lives and works, influence the world for the Kingdom?

    Check this passage:
    1 John 3:18-20`Dear children,let us stop saying we love each other;let us really show it by our actions.It is by our actions that we know we are living in the truth,so we will be confident when we stand before the Lord,even if our hearts condemn us.For God is greater than our hearts,and he knows everything`.

    Indeed,the sign of true religion is when we support widows,orphans,HIV patients.And note that Scripture does not specify that these categories of persons have to be Christians.

    6 I gave Nigerian examples above of missionary work .How much of an impact could the preaching have had,if the target audience remained almost 100% illiterate,with average mortality less than 30 years,infested with a a million and one diseases,ignorant and steeped in superstition.

    7 I state,again,that I am not aware Scripture assigns primary and secondary roles to preaching the gospel,influencing people for Christ with our lives,and doing good works.It sounds more like a humanistic presumption that we have over time read into Scripture,to assign primary and secondary roles.

    8 I believe the real issue is what the role of the Church is,or should be.I would like to dwell on this in-depth in a follow-up posting,later today.

  5. Brother Phil,
    I think we might begin by examining God`s purpose for creating man.Kevin Conner(The foundations of Christian doctrine:A practical guide to Christian belief,Sovereign Word International and City Publishing,1980,pg 129-130) has summarized the matter neatly :

    1 Relationship:God wanted a family of children to share life with and get to know in a personal way.
    2 Character:God wanted to reproduce His nature and character in man.He wanted man to be made in and remain in His image.
    3 Function:He wants man to share in His function of ruling the world.
    4 Reproduction:God commanded man to be fruitful and multiply.

    He links the purposes of God in creating man,to Christ`s purposes for the Church this way:
    `The four-fold purpose of God is both progressive and interdependent.Relationship with God is essential for character development to occur,character is to be the basis for function,and when these three are in order,reproduction will be the natural result.The purpose of God for man has never changed and will yet be fulfilled through the Church of Jesus Christ`.

    Many have tried to highlight the purposes of the Church.A prominent effort is that by the much-vilified Pastor of the Saddleback Valley Church Rick Warren in his book The Purpose Driven Church(Evangel Publication,1995).It has been said for example that he altered the God-given purpose of the Church as stated in Scripture.But then this probably is only true if we reduce the Church`s purpose to one thing-preaching the gospel.He identifies 5 purposes :
    1 Magnify:To celebrate God`s presence in worship.
    2 Mission: To communicate God`s Word through evangelism.
    3 Membership:To incorporate God`s family into the fellowship.
    4 Maturity:To educate God`s people through discipleship
    5 Ministry:To demonstrate God`s love through service to the material and other needs of the unchurched.

    Guy.P.Duffield and Nathaniel Van Cleave(Foundations of Pentecostal Theology,1983,pg 430-435) isolate an 8 fold purpose for the Church,viz:
    1 Preaching and teaching
    2 Discipling
    3 Fellowship
    4 Worship
    5 Mission and evangelism
    6Maturity of the beleiver
    7Ministry in the home
    8Ministry to material needs

    Richard Patterson(Effectively leading,Evangelical Training Association,1992,pg 13-15) isolates 6 goals of the Church:
    1 To glorify God.
    2 To edify self.
    3 To purify self.
    4 To evangelize the world.
    5 To restrain and enlighten the world
    6 To promote that which is good.

    But bit seems we can conveniently summarize the purposes of the Church in Warren`s 5Ms,spelled out above.But then we may need to demonstrate that the Church`s purpose is more than `preach the Word`.That will have to be examined in detail another time. I believe my earlier post today has sketched the outlines,sir.

  6. A major issue with apologetics(ODMS) i observed,is the habit of quoting pple out of context.
    This is bearing false witness.
    Again,relying on secular views could be faulty.
    No one seems to be commenting on Senator Grassely’s report.

    Phil: I did comment on the Grassley investigation however we might disagree….

    No one has had the integrity to admit ,the senator falsely accused pple like Copeland.
    Again, apologetic was quick to refer to Joel Osteen’s wife court case(when she was sued)..but lacked the honesty tp point out thefact dat AGAIN it was false accusation.

    Phil: I don’t know anything about Mrs. Osteen being sued but I do know she was fined by the FAA…..

    Sniffing around the press for latest on PAULA ,Joyce..Copeland etc doesnt seem like Bible Ministry.

    Michelles call to any objective person(i ave played it over again with others present) seemed it was crafted by the secondary presenter to present her in bad light.

    Phil: It was “crafted” by Living Waters…the church she “pastors”….so if anyone placed her in a “bad light” it was her own organization

    2 cor 9:..paul asked for saints to give to the poor and added that God is Able to Make all grace abound…they having sufficiency.
    He added that they will reap bountifully.Whethet u praech it or not…Whether pple expect God to bless them or not…Scripture says He wiil.
    Phil|: Paul asked the saints but he NEVER asked the unbelievers for anything….this video is asking “the world” for donations Tosin

    Luke 6:38…which transcends natural things but includes acts of love…says..good measure …men will give to your bossom.
    Phil: Jesus is speaking here about judging others….he’s not talking about giving cash and being rewarded….look at verse 37 for context…..

    Phil 4:10-19..Scripture says God will supply the needs of those who gave.
    So ,cos some pple have dishonestly used these scripture doesnt invalidate the fact that God rewards giving..i expect God to reward my giving..cos His Word says He will.
    Again…using pple has the target will do no good to the message.
    and bring about personal sentiments
    NB..ARE U AWARE..SPURGEON,CALVIN,SPROUL recieved tithes and taught it!

  7. Brother Phil,
    I would like to conclude on the matter of Church purposes,as well as ministry,if you would permit me.

    Rick Warren in The Purpose Driven Church proceeds to examine how we can achieve balance among the 5Ms.I do believe confusion over what he is trying to say largely arises because of his rather opaque communication style.

    Much of the problem in several congregations is that there is a lack of balance between the Church`s purposes.With imbalance we may then have churches that are driven by tradition,the leader`s personality,finances,programs,buildings,events,or the needs of seekers.

    Pastor Rick then goes on to examine how to:
    1 Define your church`s purposes.
    2 Communicate your purposes.
    3 Organize around your purposes,and
    4 Apply your purposes.

    While the purpose of the Church may be considered to be what she is meant to achieve,the ministry of the Church is what she does.The root Greek word for ministry is diakoneo meaning to serve,or douleuo,meaning to serve as a slave.

    The natural outworking of fulfillment of purpose is the work of ministry.May the good Lord give us the grace to fulfill His purposes and mission in the world. Amen.

    Phil: I haven’t read PDC but the last time I checked it wasn’t Scripture….

  8. Again,
    u are reading meanings and motives to pples actions.

    She was talking via a media unbelievers had access to,unbelievers have access to bibles(pauls letters)
    Is it wrong to expect God to reward our giving?So why attack anyone who does.

    My observation on Spugeon and others it been avoided.How does it sound to your sweeping charge against those who do today.
    Phil: I haven’t avoided anything….if those folks taught tithing then they were wrong but what does that have to do with the 5 Dollar Challenge?

    Well Grassely wasnt sincere in his allegations hence the futility of it,..but them apologetics will not apologise.

    Phil: Aren’t you reading into Grassley’s motives Tosin and the last time I checked Grassley wasn’t an apologist? Also. Is the investigation over with Tosin?

    When Joe mcntlye..corrected the wrong and misinterpretd accounts of e.w.kenyons life..where was the decency to apologetically apologise.
    Phil: Again what does that have to do with anything?

    How do u place 1 Cor 4:2-5 in judging motives,..i didnt say doctrines lest you pounce on dat!
    Phil: Point taken….I will consider this in the future…..

    Luke 6:38?hmm i let it pass
    However Gal 6:7…is it also judgement?..u apostles of context should note that it was reffering to giving material things,verse 6..pretext,verse8,9,10..postext.
    Phil: Paul was talking about how we should treat others Tosin….this verse has been wrongly interpreted to refer to giving and seed sowing….

    It is biblical to give and recieve..and sowing seeds were figuratively used for giving and recieving.
    over to u

    Phil: It is biblical to give and sowing seeds were NEVER used to mean giving and receiving……

    Please try and stick to the topic at hand if you plan on commenting again…..

  9. Phil,
    why not simply call them what u call others….FALSE TEACHERS!
    Why are u silent…isnt that hypocritical.
    Phil: The last time I checked Spurgeon went on to be with the Lord….what would be the point of exposing a dead guy….especially a saint who did so much for the kingdom?

    I believe their is alot of personal issues involved in your “exposing”
    Phil: Are you judging my motives? Isn’t that hypocritical?

    Again,..its on record spurgeon recieved offerings from secular organisations.
    Also…built probably the most magnificient church buliding in his day…it was the MEGA church of his day.
    Phil: And your point is?

    If certain ppl had done this today…..u would have done a blog on them all.
    Doesnt this imply that u are quite ignorant of certain things..pple and should not be too quick in conclusions

    Phil: Hmmmm…and how on earth would you know what or who I would post on Tosin? “Inner Eye” like Michelle?

    So I’m ignorant because I don’t fall in line with what you want me to say…not very nice is it? Where is the love in that statement Tosin?

  10. Many Christians think that being salt of the earth has to do in some way in changing this world. This is simply not true. Salt does not change decaying meat into good meat. If salt is added to good meat it peserves that goodness. Hence Christians are called to preserve the Truth ( good meat) of God and if preserved, the world would stay healthier longer by experiencing the Truth (good meat) of God. Sadly, Christians have been quite complacent in this respect

    Christians are not told to change the world. Christians are told to preach God’s Truth. Only our Lord Jesus can and will change the world when He returns.

    I agree with Phil that money does help the poor and needy but it will never change the world. Perhaps this is the reason that there’s still so much poverty in this world because Christians think that money will solve the world’s problems. Their focus is on more money and not on Jesus. It is Christ and Christ alone who will change the world. So our focus must always be on Jesus.

    Finally, it is God (thru the Holy Spirit) who converts the soul and God (thru Jesus) who will change the world. All we’re told to do is to declare His Truth, be faithful to His Truth in our living and leave the rest to Him.

  11. Phil,
    last time i checked..kenneth Hagin,E.w Kenyon..and many of your targets were gone to be with the Lord.
    Phil: Show me the “many targets” on this blog that have gone on to be with the Lord Tosin that you claim I “target”….if I mention those two buffoons men at all it’s to show history of the WoF movement

    Last time i checked IRS gave Kenneth Copeland a clean bill of health
    Phil: Link please?

    Last time i checked.Bob Grassleys report was used by apologists like u…and they are yet to acknowledge the IRS report.
    Phil: Two different deals Tosin…you need to learn how the US Government works before you start spouting off

    However u are good at double standards…why couldnt u simply call Spurgeon names for recieving from Secular organisations,tithes and others.
    Your lame excuse”who did so much for the kingdom”….hypocrisy!
    Phil: He’s dead Tosin and I don’t know where he got the money…show me PROOF of your claims

    Gal 6
    it takes dishonesty on your part to deny he was reffering to material support..again verse 6,what should we support our teachers with,phil.
    Phil: Now you’re calling me a liar? You are too much Tosin

    In doing good(kindness) does it involve material kindness?
    2Cor 9:6..what do you sow sparingly?..was he reffering to “acts of kindness”?..jeez..u are dishonest and handling Gods word decietfully.
    Phil 4:19…werent they material?and paul was emphatic..God will supply all their needs..material needs!
    You dodge questions,avoid real issues and chase shadows.
    Phil: No I don’t….I’m just tired of your poor grammar and your accusations and your immature game of hopscotch

    I have simply said..extremes are bad,..some folks have wrongly taught this subjects,likewise you!
    Balance is judging others,doctrines ,in “contending” for the faith.
    One could get soo blinded with hitting his target and get off from scriptures.
    a good minister.Had his failings,both doctrinally and otherwise.
    Just like others.
    My role?
    Judge the teachings..leave the motives(1 Cor 4)
    Treat as a brother 2 Thess 3:13-15.
    Pray for them.Heb 13.
    Paul..the “role model” for these contentions..knew better.than to unwisely judge a man who missed it doctrinally..misled christians..denied the gospel..fell short of ministerial standards.
    Yet…acknowledged the calling,ministry,friuts,work of the man..Gal 2,1 cor 9,1Cor 3,1Cor 15.PETER.
    Bless u

    Phil: You need to clean up the grammar because I don’t understand any of this

  12. Thats very uncharitable!
    Proofs…Spurgeon’s site & materials.
    U are dishonest in ur handling the truth.
    What grammar….material needs?U understand what am saying,u are avoiding an expose on your errors phil.
    Paul…judged peters actions,but not your way…is the grammar ok now?
    Phil 4:19..2 Cor 9…Gal 6-were reffering to material giving.Is the grammar clear.
    Phil..u are an artful dodger

    Phil: I’m not dodging anything Tosin….Paul did judge Peter face to face….how can I do this with Spurgeon? What good would it do to write a post calling Spurgeon a false teacher when he’s dead? He’s dead Tosin…..and what does Spurgeon have to do with any of this?

    I also asked you to show me where on this site I expose dead people as you claim I do other then referencing Kenyon and Hagin and you haven’t done this…..why not?

    You’ve made accusations that you haven’t proven in regards to Spurgeon and I want to see this….please provide a link otherwise your commenting privleges will cease on ALL threads…..

  13. Tosin,

    You’ve made some serious allegations regarding CH Spurgeon….I will continue to delete your comments until you provide proofs of your claims that;

    1). Spurgeon taught tithing

    2). That Spurgeon received tithes from secular sources….

    What are you waiting for Tosin????????????

  14. Phil,
    asking me for proofs and then threatening is quite immatured.
    U simply type..spurgeon on tithes on search engine and pronto!u will find it.
    Phil: No… simply type “Spurgeon” and pronto YOU will post it here…..I don’t have time for your wild goose chases….

    U wouldnt say all these if Copeland or Joyce were the focus.
    Are u scared of any backlash?
    Send simple emails to Spurgeons organisations on these two issues and u will see.
    Like every ODM u are keeping sacred cows.

    Phil: You are too funny….you made the accusation yet fail to offer proof…then you want me to do your homework for you…..

  15. Percy

    It certainly is incorrect to affirm that we are not enjoined by Scripture to influence the world we live in,up to the limits that we can ,for Christ.

    Please consider that Jesus enjoined us to be the salt of the earth,and the light of the world.By this we are simply being told to ensure that our lives give testimony to the gospel of Christ.In short our character is such as to be an example for unbelievers.We are to behave in such a way as to ensure that unbelievers can be won over to the Lord by the fruit of the Spirit they see on display in our lives.

    This is the manner in which God expects the Christian influence to spread in the world.

    Another is by means of good works.A careful reading of James 2 for example will confirm that faith and works are complementary processes in the Christian life.

  16. Phil

    On my last post on this thread,I clearly identified myself.Any reason why I was identified as ‘anonymous’?

    Keep up the good work anyway.

    Phil: I don’t know tunji….I didn’t do anything to it…


  18. Maybe I’m way late in this blog but what is the beef with this video? Feed the hungry, help those in sex bondage… How else do you help in these situations? This lady never asked for the money to be sent to her did she? If we are to help the hungry somebody must have the money to pay the bill. I can see that money is a bad word on this site but it is used to help others. If our motivation is of the Lord than why not sow seed and give money?

    There are other ways to help sure we all know this but still money is used basically as the driving force of most transactions. Just because one is born again doesn’t mean money is not nesassary.

    • Hi,

      The “beef” has more to do with the person in the video Mark. Former members have claimed Michelle Duarte and her husband Joe are running a cult so anything these people do is suspect.

      I don’t dislike money…..I dislike people lying to obtain it. I dislike people manipulating others for personal financial gain. I dislike people like Michelle Duarte that claim to be doing God’s work when clearly they aren’t.

  19. I knew there had to be more of a back story it this one. Mostly there always is. Some people are warped in their head.

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