“Tokin the Ghost”

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  1. These are some perilous times we live in. All kinds of false doctrine and theology have become common place in local churches. When you think you’ve seen and heard it all, along comes something so outrageous that it would be comical if it weren’t so pathetic. These guys are definitely in need of some intense prayer (and possibly some mental health treatments)! They’ve gone waaaay beyond the pale of orthodoxy!!! Lord, open their eyes so that they can see themselves the way You see them and so that they can see You as You truly are.

  2. Aint some people crazy?

    “A shot of godka in the morning always opens my eyes right up. Forget the quiet time.” Yeah right!!!

    Phil: The video is no longer available. Sad!!!

    Phil: Its still there…just double click and it will take you directly to youtube…..

  3. Thanks Phil.

    Imagine this:

    There is no High like The Most High!!! Pathetic!!!

    Phil: Yep….how about a little Jehovah-juana? Pathetic but whats more pathetic is the way his sidekick was laughing.

  4. you all need to open up your eyes and see!!!
    than you will say, my Lord I have bin acting like a f0ol all these years! Jhon crowder is not pathetic!!! he is a mighty man of God!
    he found a way to make people like me begin to read a Bible.
    and going to a church, that don’t have all these people feeling high and mighty whitout having Jesus in their hearts! And yeah thats right!! a shot of Godka does make my eyes open up in the mornig!! you all should try it!!

    Phil: Thanks for sharing with us all Rosi but I think I’ll have to pass on the “Godka”……the whole blasphemy thingy sorta scares me…

  5. Crowder is the natural repercussion of the Rodney Howard Brown laughing revival from years past. Full blown neo-montanist heresy. Although Crowder is wrong, he is not stupid. While he pretends to rise above the fray claiming that ‘the truth is unarguable’ he does a fairly good job at covering his doctrinal bases (for those satisfied with cover stories and eisegesis) on his website. Honestly, the real believers who have been snared by his pseudo-Christian cult will leave it behind fairly quickly…that stuff just won’t satisfy. I mean, pretending to inhale a plastic baby Jesus is the cult’s sacrament…the Holy Spirit won’t jive with that foolishness for long.

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