Slice Kicks Pastor John Piper to the Curb

Ingrid Schlueter has decided to kick Reverend John Piper to the curb over Piper’s audacity to invite Pastor Mark Driscoll to speak at Pipers upcoming The Power of Words and the Wonder of God conference. Apparently Mrs. Schlueter doesn’t hold Driscoll’s methods in regards to his language in the same high regard as Piper does forcing her to emphatically state “If Rev. Piper is so lacking in discernment that he can justify this by a “pastor”, I can’t take Rev. Piper seriously any longer”.




What makes Ingrid’s edict so bizarre is that the conference hasn’t even begun yet….Driscoll hasn’t even taken the stage yet and the golden girl of the ODM world has kicked poor Pastor Piper to the curb…..shouldn’t she wait to exercise her discernment and judgments until after hearing what Driscoll has to say?


Did you also catch how Ingrid placed pastor in quotation marks when referring to Driscoll? Driscoll really is a pastor-teacher unlike someone else affiliated with Mrs. Schlueter but I’ll save that for another post…..


Now I’ll be the first to admit that Mark Driscoll has said and done some pretty outrageous things but who better to invite to speak at a conference titled The Power of Words and the Wonder of God and speaking on the topic How Sharp the Edge? Christ, Controversy, and Cutting Words then Mark Driscoll? He’s an expert at using strong words to articulate his points and I for one can’t wait to hear his thoughts on the subject…..he may be offensive at times but one thing is certain; Mark Driscoll loves Jesus and that comes through in every sermon I’ve heard him preach.


To hear John Piper offer his reasons for inviting Driscoll to speak at his conference please press the link below;


To hear Mark Driscoll’s thoughts about the topic he has been asked to speak about please press the link below;



Driscoll’s appearance at this conference isn’t the only one causing a stir. Blogger and Christian Recording Artist Steve Camp has taken issue with invited guest speaker Paul Tripp and you can read all about Camp’s issues by pressing the link below;


I have to say I see Camp’s point. The video of Tripp repeatedly using the “s” word is appalling and I’m surprised that Piper would use that video to not only promote his conference but Tripp’s involvement…..This is definitely going to be an interesting conference and I hope Piper places the videos up on his site so we can all see what the uproar is about……


Nathan Busenitz a contributor for Pulpit Magazine has also offered his thoughts on Driscoll Piper and the conference and you can read his thoughts at the following link;



For those who are offended I’d like to ask you something paraphrased from a sermon I heard Mark Driscoll preach sometime ago;


WHY are you offended? Are you offended because John Piper, Mark Driscoll or Paul Tripp sinned against you or are you offended because what they are saying has struck a nerve? If you believe they have sinned against you then please forgive them because Christ forgave you….and if they’ve struck a nerve then give them the grace to do their conference…..if what they’re saying identifies some sin in your life repent from it.


Unlike Mrs. Schlueter and some others I think I’ll wait until the conference is over before judging John Pipers discernment abilities…..
















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  1. I love Ingrid Schlueter and her ministry, but I really believe that she has missed it on this one. I hang around on PalTalk and you hear Reformed Christians all but sentence Piper to death by burning. Let us all wait and see what happens – conference kicks off tomorrow, so let us sit back, listen and see what happens…

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