Final Thoughts on Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring

I’ve written probably 20 posts on Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring. For the better parts of May-July the majority of readers visiting this site were only interested in Bentley and the “revival” down in Lakeland…..either they were for Todd or against Todd. There really wasn’t any middle ground. Two days ago I received word that Bentley and his wife were having difficulties and he would be leaving Lakeland for good. My final thoughts about what has transpired are below…..


Contrary to popular opinion amongst the Bentley supporters who have either commented on this site or emailed me, I don’t hate Todd Bentley. Not even a little bit. I don’t know the man….never spoken with him…..written him…..nothing. I just spent a HUGE amount of time watching him and reading his articles and came to the very real decision that something was indeed “off” about his theology. Watching him stomp and kick cancer patients and little old ladies disgusted me which led me to believe that something might be “off” about him as well.


Yes, his actions disgusted me…..but we are commanded to love the sinner yet hate the sin. This is what Christ does and if Christ is indeed in us then we should follow Him…..hate the sin but love the sinner. We can’t have hate in our hearts and have Christ residing in there as well….after all a house divided can not stand Brethren. During this whole time watching and writing I had to constantly remind myself of this…..and the Holy Spirit kept me from writing some of the things that I wanted to write about Bentley and my disgust in regard to his actions believe me…..


Todd Bentley is now reaping the harvest that he has planted….GOD TV and the internet made him famous….God’s discipline has made him infamous. My hope and prayer is that he allows God to work in him so that possibly one day God can work through him. He must apologize to the Body for his actions and so far he hasn’t.


Of course there are others who need to accept responsibility for this hoax….Wendy and Rory Alec, Peter Wagner, Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Roy Fields and Heather Clark all played a MAJOR part in this hoax and so far none of these people have apologized to the Body. These people all need to step up and share in the blame and not let Bentley be the “scapegoat” for this counterfeit revival. They also must apologize to the Body for their actions and they haven’t either.  


Todd Bentley and the rest of the players need our forgiveness…..they need God’s forgiveness….and they must be able to one day forgive themselves. If all this happens then maybe there really will be a miracle from the Lakeland revival…

Please also keep each of these individuals families in your prayers as well….they will be suffering the backlash of this mess and need and deserve our prayers. 


Finally I would like to say a special thanks to Florida Dawn for her courageous testimony and for keeping me informed of all the happenings down in Lakeland. I know for a FACT that your testimony helped dozens of people walk away from this “revival” and it has truly been a blessing getting to know you! Please keep Dawn and her family in your prayers as they start a new chapter in their personal and spiritual lives. God bless you Dawn!





8 thoughts on “Final Thoughts on Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring

  1. How come I knew this two mos. ago and the ‘Apostles’ didn’t?

    hmmmmm – because they too are deceivers?????

  2. On a teaching series (The spirit of Leviathan) I have by Todd, he himself states that early on in his marriage there were difficulties. In fact, he goes on to say that his wife’s cousin accused him of having an affair with her. Of course, he went on to teach in keeping with the theme of his series, that “spirits” are assigned to bring false accusations to your ministry….especially if you are very annointed. Of course, the cousin eventually “retracted” her accusation after some time, and Todd was found “innocent”.

    There is always a understandabe reason for sin, especially sexual sin in these camps! We’ve been told before…”it’s an attack, a sign of just how annointed the man/woman really is. The devil really has to hit them hard to put them out of the game!!” And the everyone swallows the garbage shoveled to them without question. Sadly, in the minds of most supporters of Lakeland, the devil once again has succeeded in shuting down true revival.

    Ultimately, it will be said that “we” did not cover it enough in prayer, etc. etc, or some how the people didn’t steward the annointing properly. Just as is the case with not being healed…the failure of this revival will ultimately be laid at the feet of believers everywhere – NEVER daring to admit it wasn’t real to start with. They will attempt to scrutinize it so they can learn how to REALLY maintain revival the next time it comes along. (That’s the pattern folks…been there , done that!)

  3. Well said Dawn…

    In their theology, they are never the product of their own failings. It’s always the fault of someone else. Reminds me of the accusations floating around in the Garden of Eden…

    It’s a victim theology. Unfortunately, that theology won’t stand up before the Throne of God.

  4. I asked if anyone in the renewal movement leadership was listening. Apparently, some are, and they’re beginning to speak out!

    Alan Hawkins, a Pastor in the renewal movement is speaking out. He Pastor’s a Church in Albuquerque, N.M. called New Life City. He made this comment on his blog today:

    “I for one hope we play this out just as publicly as we played out the endorsement of Todd Bentley. Our repentance should be as public as our proclamation of revival. Let’s go on God TV and tell the world about our failure, our weakness and our courage to face problems openly and without fear. Todd will find forgiveness from his Christian family. The overseers will find understanding from the body of Christ. And we should expect to find them all open and transparent. I will have more to say about this.”

    Thank you, Alan. Your forthrightness is refreshing.

  5. Fresh Fire Ministries seemed to know a lot about Bentley’s sins, not to mention his excessive alcoholic bouts even during the crusade in Lakeland and yet did nothing to restrain him. What credibility do they now have when that has been made known?

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