Apostle Richard Wright is Absolutely Wrong

In yesterdays posting I introduced you to Mr. Peter Wagner, a man who claims to be an “Apostle”. Today I would like to introduce to you Mr. Richard Wright. He is another man who claims he is an “Apostle”. Today I will examine one of “Apostle Wright’s” teachings and demonstrate just how absurd Richard Wright’s claims are in the light of Scripture. Please see the following link;




Apostle Richard Wright

For quite some time now I have been asking, “where are the true five-fold evangelists today? Where are the true pastors and teachers since we have been told that they were restored to the Church years ago?” Our contemporary understanding of the dispensations of the five-fold ministry offices has been:

• The 1950s: The office of evangelist was restored
• The 1960s: The office of pastor was restored
• The 1970s: The office of teacher was restored
• The 1980s: The office of prophet was restored
• The 1990s: The office of apostle was restored






Chapter and verses please Apostle Wright….?



“Apostle” Wright natters on;


“Since we are told in Ephesians 2 that the foundations of God’s household are apostles and prophets, we can begin to see that there could not be a clear definition of evangelist, pastor and teacher until the apostles and prophets were fully restored. Many times we tend to say we believe something simply because we see it in scripture, but it takes more understanding of the ways of God than merely reading and implementing something in the Bible.”






Ephesians 2:20 ESV


20   built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone,



Built on the apostles and prophets. The foundation has already been laid and there is no need for a new foundation to be built. Apostle Wrong believes the foundation are apostles and prophets. Paul uses past tense while Apostle Wrong uses the present tense most likely in order to validate his “apostleship”.



Now let’s go back to all the “restoring” Apostle Wrong claims took place. We know that the foundation was already laid because the Scriptures tell us so. What the Scriptures don’t tell us is that these two particular offices would be restored. This particular statement is very telling….don’t you think?


“Many times we tend to say we believe something simply because we see it in scripture, but it takes more understanding of the ways of God than merely reading and implementing something in the Bible”.


Apostle Wrong can’t get past Ephesians 2:20 so he goes way beyond the text inventing a scenario that has ZERO scriptural support whatsoever. Apparently he doesn’t believe in Sola Scriptura and he doesn’t want his readers or his followers to believe that scripture stands alone either.


Apostle Wrong says something similar to the WoF wolves….the WoF wolves tell the sheeple they didn’t get their “breakthrough” because they didn’t have enough “faith”….Apostle Wrong tells his followers they need more “understanding” to swallow this garbage. Both are WRONG and BOTH are destructive to the Body of Christ.


One more statement from Apostle Wrong. Here’s where the rubber meets the road;

When the true definitions of the five-fold offices come, they will come from the governmental office of the apostle. These definitions will not come from the religion of man, nor from the mind of man, but from the very Spirit of God through revelation. These definitions will surprise many and many will reject them because of an unwillingness to change.





Chapter and verses please Apostle Wrong?



In other words Apostle Wrong wants to be the one that defines the five fold offices because he is the apostle…and he wants his followers to believe this “new revelation” is coming from him…..Nice!!!!!!!



Forget about the Scriptures and just blindly follow the “apostle” and his new “revelations” because, after all he understands the ways of God. He even throws in the caveat “many will reject them because of an unwillingness to change”. This guy sounds more like a cult leader then an apostle IMHO.



Apostle Wrong is absolutely right about one thing….I refuse to accept his teaching. Not out of an unwillingness to change but because his teaching is unbiblical….and I firmly stand on the foundation that the apostles and prophets built and not on the foundation of some gibberish from a highly confused man claiming authority from an office that has clearly ceased.


For further reading on this subject please see the following articles;






Sola Scriptura Brethren!!!

















25 thoughts on “Apostle Richard Wright is Absolutely Wrong

  1. Just a quick thought…
    Is it possible to use any other color than dark blue? It’s really hard to see against a black background. (-:

    Phil: Done…Finally…..Thanks for the tip….

  2. You are absolutely right about Eph 2:20. Because Christ layed the foundation with the Apostles and Prophets, there is no need for any new foundation. But when did Richard Wright talk about anything NEW?
    Could you describe the scenario which had ZERO scriptural support? I’m not quite following.
    I’m not sure why you say Richard Wright wants to be the man who defines the five-fold office, because I didn’t see a place in his letter where he claims he has authority to do so. Could you clarify?

    Phil: Richard Wright claims the restoration of the “five-fold ministries”…he even provided the decade in which he claims these ministries have been restored….that’s NEW to me and foreign to Scripture.

  3. Nathan,

    Whose contemporary understanding? I don’t understand this……where did he get this idea from because it certainly isn’t scriptural.

    Weren’t there evangelists pastors and teachers prior to the 1950’s? I would say that there certainly were wouldn’t you?

    Richard Wright said the following;

    When the true definitions of the five-fold offices come, they will come from the governmental office of the apostle. These definitions will not come from the religion of man, nor from the mind of man, but from the very Spirit of God through revelation. These definitions will surprise many and many will reject them because of an unwillingness to change.

    He claims to be an apostle so logic follows that these definitions would be coming from him….wouldn’t it?

    Don’t we already have “true definitions” of the five fold offices already Nathan?

    I suggest you study 1 and 2 Timothy as well as Titus for further clarification of the definitions of evangelist pastor and teacher.

  4. To me what he was saying is that there was a time when the five-fold went into a season of decline. I think he was saying that those years where the years that each ministry began to make it’s mark again in the church. I don’t think he is implying that these ministries did not exist before then.

    Phil: A season of decline? Ever heard of John Calvin? Martin Luther? Spurgeon? John Wesley? Billy Sunday? John Coleman? John MacArthur? Paul Washer? John Piper….and the list could go on and on my friend. The only decline I see are men standing up for Christ….and Richard Wright HARDLY stands up for Christ Nathan….

  5. I find this paragraph from the Eagles Wings Ministries website telling: “During over 25 years of five-fold ministry, we have been pioneers and forerunners in present-day truth (truth that is among us now, regarding what God is desiring to restore in the present) in the revelations of Holy Spirit. We have never wavered from declaring a new truth or the rhema Word received in times of prayer and study.”

    Phil, I guess the items you note above are some of the “present-day truth” (aka, “new truth”) that comes not from God but from a so-called apostle.

  6. Maybe you should contact Richard Wright and ask him about the whole thing. I know that sometimes it is easy for words to get twisted or misunderstood. Sometimes in these situations it helps to have the original author chime in to help shine a little light on it.

    Phil: He is MORE then welcome to discuss these things (and many more) here Nathan.

  7. Well, my favorite part was this statement from his website:

    “Fulfilling your destiny is a choice”


    Thus Wright claims “man” is in charge. In this case, Wright is wrong.

    No wonder he refers to himself as a patriarch…..it appears he’s busy reproducing more just like him….

  8. Hi Phil…

    This teaching is nothing new in apostolic/prophetic circles. Rev. Wright is merely regurgitating familar”doctrine” that’s been taught by others for many years now. I first heard this teaching back in 1993. It was then being taught that the ministry of the prophets had been re-introduced to the body in the 80’s (after having been lost since the days of the early church) and was making way for the emergence of the apostles over the next few years (the 90’s).

    Although there has been a recognition of the gift ministries of pastor, evangelist, and teacher, it is believed that the “dominion” of the end-time church could not been established in the earth until apostles were re-established in the body of Christ. This false teaching goes on to say that the first gift ministries to be lost to the church (aspostles and prophets) at the end of the first century, would be the last to be restored. THEN you’d see the “corporate Christ” established on earth as forerunner to the return of Christ. The teaching in most charismatic churches today is that Christ CANNOT return until there is a world-dominating Bride of Christ (The church that Jesus will come back for will be without spot or blemish – operating in great power, love and unity).

    Bill Hamon, a well known “father” in the prophetic movement, has been teaching this stuff for years, and I believe he was among the very first to teach this time-line regarding the 5-Fold gift ministries.
    (The 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.) This was a “divine revelation” given to him and has been taught by his school ministry for many a year now.

    These folks do not believe “scripture only” – although they would never say that. These modern-day apostles and prophets are being given “divine” understanding of scripture that has been “locked away” by God until these last days. These revelations will help establish this corporate Christ in the earth. They believe that they are being established for “such a time as this”.

    The deception is deep! I rejoice that God has brought me out of this darkness.

  9. But you see phil, if I had something against what someone wrote, I would contact him and discuss it before writing against him. To do otherwise is wrong. It seems that everyone wants to talk about a person, but is terrified to talk to a person. I’m pretty sure there is a link on his site that says “contact us”. All I’m trying to say is before you write about him, you should take the initiative by contacting him and seeking his view on the matter. Not by sending him a link to the site, but actually conversing via email or phone.

    Phil: I’m not terrified of anyone Nathan. Where does it say that I have to converse with a heretic Nathan? His teachings are very public Nathan and as such need to be exposed publicly. If he wants to discuss his “teachings” then he should be man enough to speak for himself publicly. So far he, much like most of the folks highlighted on this site prefer NOT to because they know folks like you will attempt to defend them….so far you’ve done an inadequate job of this.

    I sent a link to you Nathan which tied in with what we were discussing but you weren’t man enough to post said link….why is that?

    Here’s the link to Nathan and my “discussion” on the topic of foundations and how Apostles and Prophets fit into said foundation. Notice how Nathan regurgitates his Apostles teachings?


    Nathan….if you don’t have anything more to offer then “advice” then I suggest you find a more useful use of your time then wasting mine….but thanks ever so much for the object lesson.

  10. I am not accusing you have being terrified of anyone. I am aware that his teaching are very public. But that is not a reason not to discuss it with the man. If you believe that he is speaking as a heretic, you should confront him about it. Otherwise he will continue to speak as a heretic. Of course there are tactful ways of speaking to people. (:
    Although I moderate the comments on my page, it does not mean I will refrain from posting them just becaue I disagree with the comments. The only requirements for commenting on the site is that they are comments. Not random links posted anonymously. The fist appearence of the comment resembled SPAM. I am trying to keep an orderly appearence. If you want to post a link in a comment, be my guest. But at least add some body to the comment.

    Phil: As I said before Richard Wright is more then welcome to discuss this here…..don’t worry Nathan I won’t be posting to your site again.

    Thanks for the object lesson and as I stated before unless you have something to further add to the discussion then I won’t be posting any more of your comments on this thread…so far all you’ve done is make excuses and give advice….

  11. Phil,
    I clicked on the link above, but it didn’t forward me to any page. Are you sure you posted the right link?

    Phil: Yep….go to the link on the left which says “online store”…..most of my readers are usually smart enough to figure it out…sorry I wasn’t more specific.

  12. Well I’m sorry I’m not as smart as your readers. You can post on my site if you wish. As for their store, they only charge to cover the cost of production and shipping. But even then they still donate materials.

  13. This is all regurgitated crap from this false apostle. I’ve followed the “aposolic-prophetic” movement for years, and its all nonsense of course.

    None of the stuff peculiar to this group that people like Wagner and Richard belong to is based on Scripture. Its an attempt to foist some super-people whom the rest of the Body must listen to.

    Paul, we know. Peter we know. For crying out loud, who are these bozos?

  14. • The 1950s: The office of evangelist was restored
    • The 1960s: The office of pastor was restored
    • The 1970s: The office of teacher was restored
    • The 1980s: The office of prophet was restored
    • The 1990s: The office of apostle was restored

    When did these offices fall to the waste side were they needed to be restored.
    I was around in the 80s and 90s, so was the office of prophet and apostle RESTORED, or did some pastor or teacher want to elevate their position to appear more ANNOINTED?

    If someone truly feels the power of God in their life, I think they would be less concerned with titles and more focused on getting the true word of God out.

    I know true leaders for God who don’t care about these padded titles and over use of biblical references to oneself.

    As was mentioned in the post…….SHOW ME SCRIPTURE, OR I’LL SHOW YOU A FALSE PROPHET

  15. Phil,

    The one question I always have for these “apostles” is when did you physically see a ressurected Jesus Christ? I Corinthians 15:7-9. When they can give me a concrete answer for that or a reason why it is not a requirement for their “office” then maybe I can get into other reasons why they call themselves by that title.

  16. Nathan, please quit playing the defender of the pimp role. We are here to defend the truth. Anything short of that is beating about the bush.

    Claims like this that cannot be clarified with scriptures is one of biggest problem in christendom. Some ungodly men want to confer on themselves authority that doesn’t belong to them. By claiming to be a prophet or an apostle, you are telling us we must listen to you because you are the mouthpiece of God.

    Contrary to what they think, scripture is sufficient.

    2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    2Ti 3:17 That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

  17. Hey Phil, you have got some nerve judging the words of the anointment man o god. Why do you have to speak against his pimperies? Why do you have to rightly divide the Word of Truth and seek to apply it in the manner God has deemed appropriate? Who died and saved your soul? Christ I guess!

    It aggravates me because I would really like to know when the evangelists, preachers and teachers stopped doing what Christ commanded. I guess men like Adoniram Judson and William Carey were neither God fearing or Christ loving when they took their wives to foreign lands knowing that they could lose their lives. But in God’s holy and perfect will, they buried their wives and children and continued preching Christ and Him crucified. Why do Wagner and wright elevate the offices as they do? There is only one answer, they have no commitment to Christ! There is no desire to decrease while Christ increases within them. There is no desire to preach Christ crucified and give their lives for the cause of Christ for His glory! No, they want it all. They want the money, the fame and the painlessness. Oh, but don’t speak against them because you’ll be putting your mouth on the man o god. Sickos.

  18. Hi Chermone,

    What’s up Brother? You’ve been missed around here!

    Yea, some nerve I have huh? I’m surprised the “apostle” didn’t come in here and set us all straight…well not really:). I wish he would though…..


  19. Hey bro, thanks for thoughts! I have been getting myself acclimated to the new environment (work and living area). Hopefully I can be by much more now. Blessings and keep up hte good fight!

  20. All you against this well that is your opinion and that is ok , I say get in your Word and start building some character and integrity. The way you are responding is not of God. Leave your childish ways as God word would say. Time to mature!

  21. I suddently came into this website. As I read the post, my heart hurt for you Mr. Phil. If you have the Love of God in you then it should behoove you to speak about God’s people in honor. It is very sad when men and women bash other human beings. The earmark of a Christian (Christ Like ) is the Love of God. Nothing Less.


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