Hey Peter Wagner! Even the “apostles” know Todd Bentley is a Fake

False Apostle Peter Wagner endorses Todd Bentley

Caron sent me the following article written by Andrew Strom. In order to understand the article you really should watch the video…it’s about 10 minutes in length……


-Andrew Strom.

Last week we published a number of strong statements against

Lakeland by one of Peter Wagner’s ‘apostles’ named Robert

Ricciardelli. For those who are not aware, Peter Wagner heads

up an organization devoted to setting in place “apostles” over the

church. This is known as the ‘New Apostolic Reformation’ (NAR),

and it has been very controversial. I myself have never seen it as

any kind of true “Reformation” – because all it seems to do is

set up another level of hierarchy over the existing ones. I also

question whether many of the “apostles” are true apostles – but

that is another story. Suffice it to say, that Wagner runs one of

the most powerful and far-reaching global networks in the

Charismatic world.

I don’t know if Peter Wagner fully realized what he was doing

when he went down to Lakeland and publicly endorsed Todd

Bentley and the ‘revival’ there. But clearly he started a rift in his

own movement that may very well almost tear it apart.

However, before we discuss this further, it is also important to

note that even some “pro-Lakeland” churches are beginning to

have second thoughts about supporting that movement – as more

factual information begins to emerge about what is really going on.

The following was written by the leader of a “pro-Lakeland” church –

and forwarded to me this week. (I have removed the identity of

both the leader and the church). This really is an amazing

admission for such a “pro-Lakeland” leader to make:

“Hi staff,

We need to talk, probably as a staff, and go through what I’ve

found out. I had a long talk with Robert Ricciardelli. He’s no revival

critic… He loves revival, believes in healing, prophecy and all the

rest and is delighted to hear about the healings we’ve had here.

He’s a close friend of Stephen Strader… He’s in an accountability

relationship with Lee Grady (editor of Charisma Magazine) and is

a writer for Charisma on occasion. He’s part of C. Peter Wagner’s

apostolic network, recognized by Peter as an apostle. I’ve seen

the man’s website and he’s legit, not a heresy hunter.

“The reports he has given me are firsthand, not hearsay. I am

deeply troubled, grieved and tormented at what I’m hearing. He

attributes most of the anointing at Lakeland to Roy Fields (worship

leader). I agree. Roy is nothing but clean and God shows up hugely

when he leads worship. I can go into detail later about what is

surfacing, but there are huge lapses of integrity going on… Much

embellishment. Many claims have been made that simply are not

true. The Charisma crew has researched it. I want to weep. My

heart is breaking. For now, to be safe and for the sake of integrity,

we need to stop speaking about the claimed resurrections. Three

of them have been checked out with the doctors and EMTs

involved and found never to have happened at all. Todd has been

confronted with this and has not adjusted the numbers in his

claims. Not a single one of the other claimed resurrections can

be substantiated despite diligent effort to do so. Even after

Stephen Strader brought it down to 13 (and even those couldn’t

be substantiated) Todd ran it back up to 27 and more.

Misrepresentation and embellishment!

“On the financial front, Todd recently told the crowd that God had

told him that there were 1,000 people who would give $1,000 and

that they would be blessed 1,000-fold. Robert called Stephen

Strader to confront the unbiblical nature of that appeal. It came

out that Todd admitted he hadn’t heard that from God, that it was

just an idea he had so that they could raise money to build a big

stadium. Robert challenged them to issue an apology the following

night based on that false claim of being told by God and they

refused to do it on the excuse that it’s a different crowd every night.

“That’s the flavor of what I’m finding. There’s a lot more. I’m so

grieved I can hardly think. I’m not saying the Lakeland Outpouring

is not of God (God is bigger than the men involved), although good

men whom I have respected all my life are saying just that (that it’s

not of God), based on what they know and have seen…

“What I am saying is that we need to back up and not identify

ourselves closely with Lakeland and that we need to stop repeating

claims being made on the air lest we end up getting splattered

with the collateral damage when certain issues of false claims,

embellishments and lapses of integrity begin to come out more

publicly. By the way, no one is saying that some healings have not

happened – only that many false, embellished or unsubstantiated

claims have been made. A number of really good men, champions

of revival through the years, are actually saying that the whole

thing is of the devil and that even the healings are demonically

inspired. I want to be clear that I’m not going there…” [-end quote].

So here we have a ‘pro-Lakeland’ church checking out these facts

for the first time and now deciding that they “need to back up and

not identify ourselves closely with Lakeland.” Pretty amazing!

Meanwhile – back to the topic of “apostles” and what is now

happening in Peter Wagner’s main ‘ICA’ organization:

One of Wagner’s apostles, Robert Ricciardelli, put out an email

this week saying that he has received a great deal of support for

his stand against Lakeland – the majority of it from pastors. And

he also made the following very significant statement:

“As a member of ICA, Peter Wagner actually caused many

questions to come my way because of my membership there.

I will no longer be involved with that organization and actually

have not tracked well with them and some of their agendas since

I have been involved with them. However, I have enjoyed the many

relationships I have developed from going to the annual meetings.

Most all of those relationships are also disengaging from their

affiliation with ICA, because of many issues beyond Lakeland.”

So clearly Robert is now leaving the ICA – as are other ‘apostles’

that he knows of also. I asked him to clarify this last point.

Robert wrote to me:

“The ICA leadership continues to adopt belief systems without

seeking the advice and counsel of members. Many of the members

do not, and will not support these beliefs, including the support of

anti-biblical behavior and doctrine currently being expressed through

Todd Bentley and Freshfire Ministries. In fact as ICA embraces

this, they now have taken a stance that will indirectly have to

embrace many of the same ministries, including “New Mystic”

John Crowder and others. This escalating focus on angels,

experiences, trances, etc is far from the focus of Jesus, His

Kingdom, and His righteousness… Many of us who really enjoyed

the ICA annual conferences are now forced to make a decision

as to whether to continue our involvement with them.”

Robert has also stated that he personally was never into

“Dominionist” beliefs or the “hierarchical NAR agenda.” His last

statement to me was: “I think that there is a chance that many

may disassociate with the ICA depending on Todd continuing to

reveal his deceptive doctrine and Peter continuing to support such doctrine.”

I wonder if Peter Wagner ever imagined that by endorsing Todd

Bentley he may be sowing huge seeds of destruction in his own

movement? -Perhaps only time will tell.



This is troubling on many different levels brethren. Even those on the “inside” are now admitting what many others and I have been saying for months now. The lies and false claims that God is “speaking” to and through Todd Bentley are just too numerous to ignore.


This is why grounding yourselves in the Word is vital people and will prevent you from falling victim to the many falsehoods the devil is surrounding us with in these last days.


In my next post I will look a little deeper into the “apostle” claims by highlighting two “apostles” and their wacky claims.




15 thoughts on “Hey Peter Wagner! Even the “apostles” know Todd Bentley is a Fake

  1. Let God’s Word speak…
    Deu 13:1-5 If a prophet rises among you, or a dreamer of dreams, and gives you a sign or a wonder, and the sign or the wonder which he foretold to you occurs, saying, Let us go after other gods which you have not known, and let us serve them,
    you shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams. For Jehovah your God is testing you to know whether you love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul. You shall walk after Jehovah your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments, and obey His voice, and you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him. And that prophet or that dreamer of dreams shall be put to death, because he has spoken to turn you away from Jehovah your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you out of the house of slaves, to thrust you out of the way in which Jehovah your God commanded you to walk. So you shall put the evil away from the midst of you… and Deu 18:20-22 But the prophet who shall presume to speak a word in My name which I have not commanded him to speak or who shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if you say in your heart, How shall we know the word which Jehovah has not spoken? When a prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah, if the thing does not follow nor come to pass, that is the thing which Jehovah has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You shall not be afraid of him.

  2. Well, it’s about time someone took a stand and shut Todd Bentley down…he’s done enough damage and like you say, “enough is enough”!

  3. Even you should know you can’t believe everything you read, hear, written by mere men.. .. you still do need God to lead you into all truth..

    (Eccl 12:1 KJV) Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;
    2 While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain:
    3 In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened,
    4 And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of music shall be brought low;
    5 Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:
    6 Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.
    7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.
    8 Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher; all is vanity.

    (Eccl 12:13 KJV) Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

    (Eccl 12:14 KJV) For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.


  4. … what people need firstly is getting the book of acts Pentecostal experiences.. and they will naturally next care for the poor people, act like real anointed Christians. http://groups.msn.com/HolySpiritCome

    …Many Christians are doing their own thing, trying to live a life without Jesus, without even taking to him now often too.. Jesus himself hath said without me you can do nothing.. nothing!!!


  5. Here is an article by Lee Grady (Charisma Magazine) asking for a public apology from GodTV (Tory and Wendy Alec) for promoting the Lakeland Outpouring.


    Yesterday, it was announced that Todd Bentley and his wife are separating. Many are now realizing that this so called “outpouring” was fake. Hopefully, these turn of events will open the eyes of many and bring many more out deception!!!!!

  6. Hi Dawn,

    Yes, it looks like the party is over. It’s about time. I do pray that many will take a look at these events and see what we have been saying all along.

    I always say – time is a great revealer…

  7. I took a stand to contend for truth at the very start of this false outpouring and was amazed by the passivity and conflict from leaders around the country. My website contains both blog and videos of my thoughts which I find no need to repost here. Placing demonstration above doctrine is very dangerous and Todd Bentley is nothing but a misled and deceived young man that needs our prayers. Pray for his family and that he will return to scriptural truth. BY THE WAY WHO MADE THOSE GUYS APOSTLES!!!! VERY ARROGANT STATEMENT!

  8. I received an email from C. Peter Wagner today which I’m sure many will find interesting to say the least. Of course, these Fathers/Apostles are now feeling “deceived” by Todd and have labeled him a deceiver. (Now is that the pot calling the kettle black) Alas, however, the deception continues as you will see.

    A Message from Peter

    An Update on Lakeland from Peter

    August 25, 2008
    I was in the San Francisco airport on my way to Singapore and Indonesia when the news of Todd Bentley’s separation from his wife became public on August 12. When I arrived back home last week, I found that Doris had received and replied to around 1,700 emails and the stack of correspondence on my desk was unbelievable. It took me the rest of the week to catch up!

    During the week I was gone, a major watershed occurred regarding the Lakeland situation as most of you would know. We are now on a new playing field. Lakeland Outpouring I, in which Todd Bentley was the main figure, is now history. Lakeland Outpouring II, in which Stephen Strader of Ignited Church is the main figure, has begun. The Outpouring started in a local church, went to a tent, and now is back in the local church. My suggestion is that we no longer use the term “Lakeland Outpouring” but rather distinguish between Lakeland I and Lakeland II because they are very different.

    Let me talk a bit about the present, then revisit the past, then project the future.

    The Present

    It will sound surprising to some, but Lakeland II in Ignited Church, which you will remember was the original host church, is going very well. The big crowds and GOD TV, of course, are gone. Ignited Church seats around 700 in the main sanctuary and Stephen Strader reports that on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings they have to use their overflow room. It is comfortably filled on week nights. The morning training sessions continue with a couple hundred every day, and teams continue to move daily into the streets of Lakeland spreading the gospel. Percentage-wise the dramatic miracles and healings occur nightly with probably a higher percentage of salvations on a daily basis. Support from local pastors is improving considerably. The most interesting report is that every night some 30 percent are first-time attenders, meaning that people are still coming to Lakeland from the outside to experience Outpouring II. A lady from our church with a severe chronic back problem went to Ignited Church and came home healed! Such a thing does not usually happen when a public figure suddenly goes down the tubes, so we need to take our hats off to the apostolic gifts and role that Stephen Strader is demonstrating for us.

    Speaking of the public figure going down the tubes, Todd Bentley now carries the label of a liar and a deceiver. I’m sorry to mention it, but I felt personally deceived in the same way when Ted Haggard’s sin was exposed and he was immediately removed from ministry. In the Lakeland I case, I am elated at the way things are turning out. The Revival Alliance with whom Todd was aligned on June 23 has kicked into action with a vengeance. Ché Ahn and Bill Johnson, like me, were overseas when things broke, but John Arnott stepped up to the plate and moved in apostolically. It has since become clear that Todd’s Fresh Fire Board could not have handled the situation, Stephen Strader and Ignited Church could not, nor could any of his other close friends. Only the Revival Alliance could. I am delighted that they are not buying into typical charismatic soft morality, also called “greasy grace” or “don’t touch God’s anointed” or “mercy must triumph over judgment,” phrases that have been used on other similar occasions as convenient religious cop-out excuses. They’re proceeding in love, but it is tough love!

    Since this is an update, I will share some of what I know about what is happening with Bentley, but not all because some things need more verification and it is up to discernment of Revival Alliance what and when this will be revealed. Suffice it to say that there is more than I am going to mention. First of all, Todd has been removed from public ministry until further notice. He has resigned from the ministry he founded, Fresh Fire, so he is no longer a part of that board. It has become clear that he indulged in periodic drunkenness. He has no intention at the moment of reconciling with Shonna, nor does she with him. Their marriage has been torn for years by his emotional attachment with at least one other female whose physical contact went beyond hugging and kissing and holding hands. Enough said-maybe more details will be revealed later-but it was clearly immoral. All of this was skillfully concealed by lying and by swearing close associates who had observed his behavior to secrecy. Stephen Strader, for example, knew nothing of this before June 23. Apparently some of his board members did, but they did not have the ability to deal with it.

    The Past

    I hope this is the last time I will have to address the past. It is now history. But as history is written, I feel that I have some responsibility of helping to have history be written accurately, especially since I have turned out to be a lightening rod for a number of severe criticisms.

    Most of you know this, but let me reiterate to keep it on record. Previous to around the middle of June, my interest in Lakeland was about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Then I got a call from Stephen Strader, the host pastor who was a member of ICA, which I lead, with a passionate appeal for apostolic intervention because chaos and confusion had begin to invade the Outpouring I. Toward the end of the hour we were talking, I received one of my infrequent direct words from God: “Alignment!” Just one word, but I knew I had a divine command and responsibility.

    Once I knew that God had assigned me to initiate some sort of apostolic intervention at Stephen’s side, I began praying and consulting with close colleagues. In less than two days I discovered that Todd Bentley had no formal, established apostolic alignment. I asked God how I should proceed, especially since I had no inclination to attempt an apostle-evangelist approach and expect that Bentley would submit to or even listen to what I had to say if I made an appointment with him in Lakeland. I felt that proper apostolic protocol would be for me to deal with one or more peer-level apostles to whom Todd had aligned apostolically. Since as yet he had no such alignment, I began asking God how such an alignment might come about. He directed me to my close friend, Ché Ahn, who himself is apostolically aligned with me and who also had been close to Bentley for years. Ché agreed that the best apostolic protocol would be for Todd to align with the Revival Alliance if he were willing. Ché called him and Bentley agreed to submit publicly to the Revival Alliance.

    At this point some disagreements arose. I have already mentioned that I was consulting with several apostolic colleagues whom I trusted and whom I know trusted me. It is very necessary for us to understand exactly what the disagreement was about. It was about the most appropriate apostolic protocol for the occasion. After prayerfully listening to the different points of view with careful consideration of what was being said, the decision had to be mine. I believe that God’s word to me about “Alignment!” had to be directional. I concluded that the best protocol was to do the alignment first, then deal with the issues that had been raised. My other friends disagreed and urged me to deal with Todd’s problems first then do the alignment. I respected their point of view and I was very sorry that I had to follow God’s leading for me personally instead of taking their advice. It was not a comfortable decision.

    Now let me address what was behind much of their disagreement with my apostolic protocol. They were concerned that if I appeared on the platform with GOD TV, many viewers would interpret it as my personal endorsement of everything that was going on in Lakeland I, and since they were so closely associated with me, they would be implicated as well. This was a legitimate concern, and one I seriously wrestled with as I made my decision. If I went to Lakeland and presided over the alignment, some might well take it as an endorsement. It was a risk, I knew. Let me say personally that all my life I have been a risk-taker instead of a play-it-safe person, and I have taken many hits for it. As an example going to the jungles of Bolivia as a career field missionary when I was 25 with my wife and a one-year-old baby girl was a serious risk. Both that daughter and another who was born in the jungle without medical attention came close to losing their lives during those five years. And we were criticized for our decision to take the risk by many, including parents!

    Closer to the Lakeland I situation, I have a private list of no fewer than 18 high-profile Christian leaders starting from the 1970s until Bentley for whom I took risks. For each one of them I took serious criticisms and in some cases personal hits even much more serious than I have received in this current case because I endorsed or partnered with or provided alignment for them. Some were typified as “crazy!” However, I can pretty much discern winners, although not always. My track record for the 18 is 72% emerged as real winners (you would know most of them), 17% ended up losers (including Bentley), and 11% indecisive. I’m sorry for the losers, but they prove I am not perfect. The point I am making is that I am no stranger to taking risks and living with the fallout.

    One fallout from Lakeland I is that several have resigned from ICA and other organizations that I lead because they no longer want to be identified with me. Others are still upset. Still, believe it or not, I think that everyone involved is still my friend. We just disagree.

    I want it understood that I did not go to Lakeland on June 23 for Todd Bentley. I had never met him personally. I had no knowledge of and little interest in his ministry. I went because I received an apostolic plea to help bring order to the confusion and chaos that was sweeping through the body of Christ worldwide because of the television. I went strictly for the body of Christ at the invitation of the host pastor of the Outpouring I.

    The final question is: Was it successful? Looking back, I praise God for using me and others to help bring order to confusion, which is one of the chief biblical tasks of an apostle. Stephen Strader, who has been keeping records, affirms that the evil that the prince of the power of the air had been subtly introducing into the Outpouring I started to be exposed and unraveled the day after the alignment, June 24! Spiritually, this is very understandable. Just about every leader I knew had discerned that Lakeland I was a mixture of the godly and the ungodly. We were praying in one accord that the evil would be separated from the good. My take is that God had decided to answer these prayers and in order to facilitate His process, He assigned me and the Revival Alliance leaders and others who were with us to align Todd Bentley apostolically for the first time in his life. When we did this publicly, spiritual transactions took place in the invisible world that would not allow the enemy to maintain the veil of secrecy he had carefully placed over the Outpouring. The evil was exposed, Revival Alliance had the authority to deal with it, and the net result is that order is replacing chaos in the body of Christ.

    In my section above on “The Present” I gave you some details. Believe me, they are only the tip of the iceberg as I just learned from a new phone call even as I was writing this paper. The proper apostolic structure, happily, is in place at the time of crisis!

    The Future

    It is now important to recognize that from now on we have a different playing field. Two separate things are going on. (1) The Revival Alliance is dealing with Todd Bentley and the fallout from his sin that has been and continues to be exposed. (2) I have told you previously about a group of 11 apostles that I have formed into the Lakeland Outpouring Apostolic Team. We no longer need to deal with Lakeland I and Bentley as such. However, we have a list of 24 serious issues that have emerged from that unpleasant experience which need to be thoroughly discussed with the conclusions circulated in the body of Christ. If you have seen Dutch Sheets’ recent “A Statement and Appeal Regarding Lakeland” you will get a glimpse of some of the things that we agree need to become standard operational beliefs and practices, particularly in our charismatically-inclined evangelical segment of the church.

    It will take time, but our Apostolic Team will get to work on the 24 issues after some of this present dust settles, and we will be back to you!


  9. As I approached the end of the video around 8:43 mark, the asian (or Hawaiian) fella is saying to Todd that God has called him and I laugh because Todd is doing that funny “NO” headshake with a smirk. As if he knows he is not of God and frowning at the stupidity of man.

    The other thought I came too, is that I finally realize what all these pimps are aspiring to be… Papish Rome. The keys from david, the apostleship, THE MONEY. In the end, all of these apostle wannabes want to be a pope. Foolish sinners. It’s a money game for who can bring in the biggest following.

  10. One last thing, if all these prophets and apostles knew Todd so well and (to a much lesser extent) God so well, if the word says he will not do anything without telling His servants- why didn’t the Lord tell Wagner and the rest of them what was about to happen? Who knows what their answers will be….

  11. Wake up church, How many times in history has there been a great display of the power of God and then the enemy comes in like a flood to discredit it, Jim Baker, Paul Cain, Lonnie Frisbee, Aimee Semple Mcpherson, Roberts Liarden and many others, This is not the time to hang the man of God and the move of God, but to help him through this to make the right choice. I have no doubt at all, the great move of God this was and it will be remembered for all eternity for the what happened there. With what measure you measure, it will be measured back to you. Many notable people of God are making a big mistake saying that this was an affair when it was never stated as such, so if they go around and bring a false testimony to that fact they are opening themselves up for a huge attack from the enemy. I really believe the Lord Himself is watching every move right now of all His saints and we need to be very careful how we treat Todd Bentley and this whole situation right now. I will say, I am not happy when I had heard leaders expounding on Todd Bentley’s issues more and more, this issues I believe should not have been brought before the world but before this apostolic council Todd agreed to be part of. I personally don’t know that I want to ever be involved in an alliance the would embrace me one minute, then stab me in the back the next. In the Love of Christ

    Phil: I haven’t expounded on Todd’s issues other then the biblical ones I have with him and his former ministry….

    I have a question: If these men were truly “apostles” as they claim to be, where was their discernment when alligning with Bentley? Bentley’s outside activities were known by quite a few…why didn’t they check these out?

    Sure mistakes happen but I don’t believe the “enemy” was behind exposing these mistakes as I firmly believe the enemy was the originater of said mistakes…

  12. Todd Bentley should be banned from churches and all Christians within 1000 miles for the rest of his life !!! How can intelligent people no see how sick and twisted, and wrong this man is????

  13. Tood Bentley should be banned from Christian churches within 1 000 miles for the rest of this life!! How can so many intelligent people not see that this man is sick, lase and wrong???

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