My Take on the Ray Comfort “Situation”

I wasn’t going to write about what’s now being referred to as “The Ray Comfort Situation”. I don’t pay that much attention to Comfort or his ministry. He certainly isn’t a heretic….he might say stupid things sometimes but outside of a good laugh on a bad day he certainly doesn’t belong here on this site. I’ve read countless blog posts about this “situation” and there is something I feel people have missed….and that is this; why was a guy like Ray Comfort invited to speak at a conference conducted by WoF fleecer’s in the first place?



Let me ask you a question. If you were up to no good who would you invite to your home….the police or someone who you knew would look the other way and not say a word? That’s what Robb Thompson did. He invited Comfort because he knew Comfort would do his Ten Commandments spiel….teach folks how to lead others to “Christ”…..and then leave without saying a word which is exactly what Ray Comfort did.


I think what has gotten lost these days is how smart some of these fleecer’s really are. Bringing a guy like Ray Comfort in is clever and if I were still involved in that crap I would do the same thing. Let Comfort speak at or near the beginning, geek the sheeple up to witness and hope the sheeple bring in more people to be fleeced. This is nothing more then good business brethren and sadly these conferences are just that……BUSINESS.


I’ve seen bloggers giving Comfort the blues because he didn’t preach what they felt was “the whole council of God”. Apparently some bloggers feel he should have taken the stage and raised all kinds of hell against the WoF movement. Maybe he should have. Maybe he shouldn’t have accepted the invitation from Dr. Robb Thompson in the first place. Maybe he should have looked a bit more closely at who else was invited to speak. Maybe if he took a stand against these heretics they would be less willing to invite him in the first place.


I’ve even seen some bloggers attempting to hold Comfort to the “Doctrine of Separation” which is nonsense….at least in this case. Robb Thompson and John Avanzini as well as the majority of the attendees are just as lost as the gang bangers and thieves Comfort and his ministry claim a desire to reach so he SHOULD BE THERE…..if he really is interested in their Salvation that is. The fact that Comfort didn’t even attempt to lead anyone away from the (WoF) mess (to the best of my knowledge he didn’t) speaks volumes doesn’t it?


Most of the blogs I read are from the reformed camp but I never saw the Sovereignty of God mentioned even once. God was certainly in charge here wasn’t He? Maybe He was trying to tell us something or even show us something….something we thought was real that isn’t. Maybe God didn’t want those poor souls to learn the truth yet or maybe He wanted us to learn the truth about something or even someone. Maybe he was testing Ray Comfort or maybe He was testing us? No one ever mentioned ANY of these things….nah; they were too busy being “disappointed” in their hero.


People are banging on Comfort for absolutely no reason at all. Where were the public outcries after every appearance Comfort has made on Praise the Lord over the years? He has NEVER spoken out against the WoF heresy in the TBN studios….he places his skinny butt down on little thrones bought and paid for from the preaching and teaching of heretical doctrines at each and every appearance….don’t you think Comfort knows what pays for the golden goblets he sips his water from? Yet no one has ever said a word about this before so why now?


I can say for certainty that the Praise the Lord telecast has far more viewers on a nightly basis then probably 20 conferences similar to the one Comfort previously spoke twice at and he has NEVER used that opportunity to speak out against the WoF so why would you expect him to do so in Illinois? Did you all of a sudden expect Ray to grow a backbone overnight?


Comfort has publicly stated that he won’t be doing any more conferences like the one he did in Illinois. Good for him because he doesn’t belong there anyway unless he’s willing to denounce the fleecer’s and share the true Gospel with the fleeced. The real test of Comfort’s “repentance” will occur the next time he appears on TBN. Will he denounce the heresy TBN was built on or will he look the other way like he always does?


I’m leaning towards the latter……which is why the heretics invite him to speak at their fleece fests in the first place.


What say you? 


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  1. Phil,
    This is a good article. And it is right on in calling Ray Comfort on his sin. I hope is repentance is genuine.

    One thing, though, is the thing you said about the doctrine of separation. It actually does apply here. Of cource, the WoF heretics, like all heretics, aren’t saved. However, the call themselves brothers and that is exactly WHY we must separate ourselves from them.

    Paul in I Cor. 5 said, “But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler–not even to eat with such a one.”

    So then, the issue isn’t whether or not they are saved, but if they carry the name “brother”.

    Love reading your stuff,
    Phil Perkins

  2. 1. Did He preach the Gospel?
    2. Was he there to expose false teaching or preach the Gospel?
    3. Who cares what reformed bloggers think? I am a reformed blogger and most people don’t care what I think. LOL!!!
    4. At the end of the day how do we know that at lunch or dinner or doing the preperation stage He didn’t share his concerns but really appreciated the platform to proclaim the salvation message amongst heretics?
    5. These guys do a great deal on their radio program exposing Health and Wealth teachers.
    6. Please follow the link to Lawerences blog at (it is call please read this).
    7. I think we should really take a step back because we are now starting to become guardians of the truth on some issues that may be gray.
    8. I love you guys and keep up the good work Phil you raise some good questions friend.

  3. Can someone explain to me the whole situation in brief at least with Ray Comfort? My pastor has a beef with him and though I don’t fully know why and I don’t know the whole story yet and then I see this and various things on the net. What is the WoF anyway? I’ll have to do a search on that and has he spoken at this gathering this year already? What is the purpose of this gathering?

    Phil: Ray Comfort was invited to speak at a Word of Faith (WoF) (better known as “blab it and grab it” or “name it and claim it”). He spoke there last week and didn’t warn the people in the congregation that what men like John Avanzini were only there to fleece the sheeple….that’s the short version…

  4. I think that the devil is doing what he wants, causing confusion among Christians, more so now than ever. Most people do not know who to trust and when they start to follow a pastor, all of a sudden the pastor is shown to be contradicting his own messages, lying, false doctrination, stealing, fleecing, the list goes on and on…. I just pray people will open their Bibles again and read what God says and not listen to the words of man.

    Men’s words are crap…

    I love this blog…great stuff and you shoot straight from the hip just like it should be. Jesus and the Apostles never held back, why should we?

    Doug G

  5. Lionel,

    Comfort taught the folks how to witness to Jehovah’s Witnessess…he taught about one cult yet DID NOT warn the sheeple about the cult that they are currently in….and that makes me wonder…


    I see your point and stand corrected….thanks Brother…

    BTW: Great series on the characteristics of hell….keep up the great work!

  6. I don’t know that much about Ray Comfort so I can’t speak on his reasons for the platforms he accepts.

    What I have run across a lot is ministers who accept these platforms under the cloak of – “trying to pull some out of the fire” by teaching truth. I’ve never seen that work because the audience makeup is seeped in these false doctrines. The result I have witnessed is that those who invite men like Comfort to speak, use them to show how “loving & generous” they are to bring forth another position and they also consider their abhorant ministries to be validated when men like Comfort agree to speak.

    Then for men like Comfort, their followers will get confused with the mixed message/platform and end up being sold a bill of goods from the hucksters. Not a good thing to do.

  7. Phil said:

    One thing, though, is the thing you said about the doctrine of separation. It actually does apply here. Of cource, the WoF heretics, like all heretics, aren’t saved. However, the call themselves brothers and that is exactly WHY we must separate ourselves from them.

    Lionel says:

    And you know this how? Secondly what sin did he commit? What defines a cult? Can you give me a link to the church? To call someone a cult is dangerous if there is no proof of such a statement. I still don’t know which sin he committed. I see the association thing but Mr. Comfort must have thought otherwise. Finally how do we know that the Spirit didn’t give Comfort the okay to go there? Maybe through the teaching about the Jehovah Witnesses the Holy Spirit ministered to one of the members of this “cult”.

  8. I have come to the persuasion that Comfort was clearly wrong in this case. I have often looked to 2 John 10-11 as guidance when put in a similar conundrum, and thus I personally would not associate with heretics.

    That said, an Arminian is not a heretic (don’t all shoot me at once, Calvinists :-P), a continuationist is not a heretic and a KJV-onlyist ain’t no heretic – the WoF preachers redefine the Trinity, man, the Gospel, the Atonement. Ladies and gentlemen, if that is not heresy, then I must be confused…

  9. Hi Lionel,

    We have all held heretical positions at one time or another but one led by the Spirit will not remain there. I’m going to be addressing my walk in that area here before too long.

    I do have a book in my library with a great definition of a “cult”. I’ll try and narrow some of that down for a post tonight. WOF does meet the parameters. In case you would like to read it for yourself the book is “A Different Gospel” by D.R. McConnell.

    I would also like to add that by Comfort not acknowledging that he was holding a platform with “false” teachers to send his message, then even if he did pull a JW out of the fire, it would be quite likely they were pulled out of the fire and into the frying pan of WOF.

    The apostles were quite clear about defining their ministry and showing the contrasts of those who professed another. IF Comfort did not define his position right up front, then those watching would assume he considered those sharing the stage with him to be in agreement. At this point in time, what the WOF professes places them “outside” the camp and therefore they should not be considered “brothers or sisters” In Christ and should be avoided.

    That’s my 2 cents worth this morning. I’ll pay at the door. 🙂

  10. The real question is, where would Comfort go or what would he say if there was no money involved? These conferences are all about making money regardless of the theology, as is TBN. Once you start chasing the dollar in Jesus name or anoint yourself as a recepient of offerings to God, your brand of theology is just a marketing tool. The more money you make, the more you think God is blessing your message and life style.

  11. Hey Doug,

    The problem is not all do. I was in a WOF church for quite some time and we affirmed each of those. Attached to the atonement was some extra benefits because of a misinterpreation of exaclty what Christ accomplished in His atonement. But to say all WOF preachers teach against the things you listed with be border line slander. You have to take it on a case by case basis.

  12. Hey Dorthy I disagree. Let me take for example the work that and are doing. Do you know how many stages they preformed on that were full of WOF heretics? So many I can’t count. But what they have done is used that platform to proclaim Christ and many have been broke free of such false teaching. Not to mention there are scores of testimony to prove it. You see Ray gets his face out there, then people visit the site and then they begin to trust Way of the Master and when they address such issues they are stuck with a dillema. Either ignore the polarization of reconcile what they are being taught and thus if they are truly regenerate the Holy Spirit will lead them into all righteousness and truth.

  13. Hi Lionel,

    My question would be – who is counting the losses? In a more microscopic environment, I saw the losses exceeded the conversions and still are.

    It’s good to hear that some are moving away from the WOF, but can you really give credit to these people, or was it an act of God?

    I left a Church seeped in Arminianism because I saw Calvinism, although I didn’t have a name for it at the time. This particular Church required you to affirm their positions or leave, so I left. No one was there to teach me, I learned it through my own study and I continued to move right into a reformed position.

    I’ve talked about a call I received last fall from a family member. She knew I was Calvinist because I had talked with her about it several times over the years and I didn’t say anything I hadn’t said to her before, but in that conversation, she heard me. I firmly believe that even if I had not been here to take the call, she would still have moved to that position. The Holy Spirit was convicting her already.

    Those who talk about leaving these groups always talk about a period where they had doubts before making the transition. The Holy Spirit was already at work.

    Would Paul have taken a platform with a proponent of Diana worship by his side to present his message? I don’t believe Paul would ever condone that.

  14. Douglas is right about the WoF teachers redefining the Trinity, et al. They proclaim another Jesus. A Jesus who became the Christ at his baptism. A Jesus who is not the only begotten, not the only Messiah, but one of many. They believe themselves to be “little christs” and begotten, not adopted, sons of God. It is a cult.

    Boyd, you are assuming that Ray Comfort did this for money. Ray stated that he did this for free. He was paid nothing.

    Ray Comfort’s basic gospel preaching is doctrinally sound.
    I agree that he should have spoken out against the heresies being proclaimed by Avazini and company and I am deeply saddened that he kept his mouth shut. But he didn’t do it for the money.

    That’s my two cents worth.


  15. Nancy everything a self-promoter does is for money. My point was that Ray markets his theology, which is obvious on his website. He SELLS training videos and booklets. You my find him doctrinally sound in his teachings, but when he ask people to support him and donate to him, he is just another religious businessman.

  16. Well, if R.C. is suppose to come out against TBN for hosting WoF people and others like minded what do we do with Greg lLaurie and others like him who are on TBN?

  17. Roslyn – I’d personally love to see the few decent ministries leave TBN, Daystar and others and set up their own!

  18. I think it is important to remember that Ray Comfort is an evangelist and he seeks to evangelize the lost wherever they may be. Lionel’s first question was very important: Did he preach the gospel? I am confident that he did. Though Ray may not be as confrontational as some feel he should be, isn’t it far better for him to keep the door open to the lost?

    Ray goes into the streets and does an incredible job making sin exceedingly sinful, declaring God’s righteous judgement and urging sinners to come to Christ ALONE for salvation. If that is not the essence of reformed doctrine then what is?

    Ray Comfort is just another visible sign of God’s mercy on this country and on me directly. Ten years ago I read his book ‘Bride of Heaven, Pride of Hell’ and it opened the door to reformed doctrine for me. I am exceedingly grateful for the ministry of Christ through Ray Comfort

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