Todd Bentley Exposed!!

Todd Bentley: Fact or Fiction Part 1

Todd Bentley: Fact or Fiction Part 2

I was over at Independent Conservatives blog and saw these two videos which are a MUST SEE people!!

I’ve been saying all along that Todd Bentley is a liar and a phony and these two videos prove it.

What type of “ministry” publishes information without verifying that it is indeed the truth?

Apparently Fresh Fire Ministries have and have done so from the very beginning.

See this link and read the bogus testimony from Part 2;

Still believe this is a “move of God” people?

Still believe Todd Bentley is sent from God people?

I don’t and NEVER have…..

Hat Tip to Independent Conservative.


4 thoughts on “Todd Bentley Exposed!!

  1. Good job !!
    Besides kneeing nice gentlemen and kicking sweet old ladies in the face… now this and whatever else !!
    Umm … lying pastors, false prophecies, baptising in the name of the Father, the Son and BAM !!!!!!!!!! IF these do not convince them, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead and tell them .

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