Somethings Rotten in Lakeland and his Name is Todd Bentley

I remember watching this as it actually occured on GOD TV and my first reaction was Praise God! My second reaction was “What if I’ve been wrong about the validity of this revival”?

I spent that Friday attempting to confirm this report. I contacted Dorothy who lives in the area and asked her if she had heard anything about this in the local news and she wrote back and said “No”!

So I emailed Arnold Palmer Hospital and asked for confirmation of this….no reply so I did the next best thing….I phoned the hospital and was put through to a very nice lady who said “No Way” and if something like this did occur they would be the first to announe something like this because “we believe in miracles too”.

I don’t know who’s lying in the Bentley camp but someone certainly is. Clearly the event described by Bentley and his staffer didn’t happen so why continue to claim that it did? If it really did happen as Bentley described then they should quite easily be able to produce something like a note from the parents to the hospital authorizing them to harvest this little girls organs couldn’t they?

Yet they didn’t nor have they. In fact Bentley was asked to prove ANY three of his claimed “miracles” yet couldn’t or wouldn’t even produce documented evidence of at least one. Fishy huh?

You Bentley supporters can keep supporting this mess and keep right on defending this mess all you like but stories like the one above (and there are many others similar to this) only convinced me that somethings rotten in Lakeland and his name is Todd Bentley!


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  1. Arnold Palmer is just 50 miles south of and I’ve spent time there over the years and all my local news is broadcast from Orlando.

    I have not seen or heard a report on any child being raised from the dead.

    Also, this hospital is a “free standing” hospital and relies on donations to exist. A story of this nature would have been of great benefit to them financially.

  2. Why didn’t Todd just put the call on speaker so the audience could hear Chuck? Why wasn’t this included in the Nightline interview with proof that the girl was raised from the dead??? I know I read somewhere that this claim Todd made of this little girl being raised from the dead was confirmed by the hospital as false. If she had, any person with common sense would realize that the hospital would have called a press conference to verify the events of her death, the cause of death, how long she had been dead before and was revived again without medical assistance. And there is still no proof to this day of any claim Todd has made of people being resurrected from the dead through this revival.

  3. To me the most disgusting and most revealing part of this Bentley show, was when he looked into the camera and said, “You have got to get to Lakeland”! He is 100% carnival huckster calling his marks in. He is a griffter with an ATM machine. No one who has ever read the bible thru, from start to finish, only one time, could fall for this. I have always found charsmatics sign chasers to be the most biblically illiterate people around.

  4. My take on this, as a healthcare professional for over 20 years is this..

    This family may indeed had a very critically ill child. In fact, if the prognosis was very poor, I’m sure the hospital staff spoke with the family and made preliminary arrangements for harvesting of the organs. However, now days there is a lot of controversy in the medical community with regards to the issue of “brain death”. With the rising incidents of “comeback” stories by patient’s declared brain dead, there is now discussion of having families wait for the “cardiac death” of a patient before harvesting of organs.

    It seems that if any of the basic facts are true regarding this patient, she is just another case for to support the changes needed in the medical community for determining when actual “death” occurs.

    Here’s an article on this subject….

    As a medical professional listening to this testimony, it is my opionion that although it seemed like it was the botton of the 9th inning, with two outs, the game was not over till the last pitch!
    Familes are so relieved at the turnarounds in difficult cases that many pronounce “miracles” where none have actually occurred. And of course, if you are a good charismatic, any progress is testament to the power of the annointing, your ability to walk in faith and operate in miracles. (Been there and done that for 30 years myself!)

  5. Good for nothing, lying little worms called Fresh Fire Ministries! I cannot bear this revival anymore. Lord bless you for your patience to deal with this because even I’m losing it…

  6. I emailed the hospital at the time and asked them to confirm or deny – they refused to comment as I did not know the girl’s surname. Charisma Magazine had just stated specifically that the hospital had outright denied the report of this resurection so I thought the hospital might have a press release on it – they did not. I contacted Charisma Magazine and said did they have more info and they said no, but looking into it. Heard nothing since and has now been two months, BUT one of Charisa Magazine’s writers, ICA apostle and close friend of Lee Grady has gone public and said that he has tried to verify any resurections miracles and not been able to and there has been a lot of lies and charlantism. See here for more

  7. O I forgot to say, after the Charisma Magazine article about this little girl not being raised, Kira Mitchell stated publically on stage at lakeland a few days later that the girl had supposedly died again because a new ager had laid their hands on her to try and cover their tracks – these guys STINK

  8. I will still call him a false teacher! But I would be thankful that God healed. Let me ask you a serious question bro.

    What if our sound churches were really serious about anonting with oil and praying and fasting for people to be healed? Do you think this Benlty fella would have so much clout? I don’t think so, but that is my opinion. I believe many people run to these because though our theologically (expostionally speaking) sound churches teach really well, when it comes to healing and these “sign gifts” we avoid them. So as you know I believe they continue and if people could excercise such gifts the frauds/wolves wouldn’t have much to prey on.

    Phil: Most “sound churches” do all those things or they wouldn’t be sound would they. Bentley has clout because he appeals to the signs and wonders chasers brother….they are chasing experiences and not Christ IMHO. I’m not prepared to fall on my sword and say the sign gifts have ceased but I don’t think they’re as in use as they were in the forming of the early church…..

    Nice to see you brother….you’ve been missed around here!!

  9. I’d say Praise the Lord and run from Bentley as fast as your healed self can!

  10. Dear Lionel,
    Or what if our Churches prayed and fasted for spiritual healing? (ie, salvation from sin and eternal damnation?) You’re right that there would probably be a lot less room for the wolves to find willing prey. Please, Dear Saints, let this Todd fiasco be a reminder for us to constantly be in prayer for those around us, and to ask the Lord to shine His Life-Giving Light through us in Christ.

  11. Brother most churches that I know don’t do those things at all Phil that is what I am saying bro. I have been to a lot of church “services” of the Reformed and even Bible persuasion and I haven’t once saw someone annointed with Oil and the elders praying for them while the church is in agreement. Not once yet bro.

    I agree some of them are chasing experiences but the young woman with the bleeding spell chased healing also. When you are desperate you will do a bunch of stuff. Now some of the people just are coming to see Bently but I saw a video on Doug’s spot and that brother really wanted to get healed of his physical pain and I wanted God to heal him also.

    I am just tyring to find the place in my bible where they call them the “sign” gifts and where they would “cease”. But that is a different post indeed. I pray God really delivers this man from his error but God said He would allow them to raise up such teachers. Scarey indeed. God bless.

  12. Lionelwoods – If you look up the word “miracle” in Young’s Concordance you will find that there are two Greek words in scripture, one being semeion, meaning “a sign” and dunamis, meaning “act of power.” The Greek word meaning “a sign” is not used in the epistles to the church, particularly in I Cor.12:10 where the Gifts of the Spirit for the church are listed. The nation of Israel sought after signs (Matt.12:39;Matt.16:4;Mark 8:12; I Cor.1:22)and there are several scriptures, for example Acts 8:13 where both words, miracles (acts of power) and signs are used in the same verse.
    I often hear people say, The “sign gifts” have ceased but there is no such thing as a sign “gift”. Acts of power were signs to Israel to convince them that Jesus was the Messiah but the gifts of the Spirit, which include the gift of Miracles and Healing were given to the church and we are still in the Church Age.

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