A Comment From “Nameless” and My Response

Sometimes I get comments that are just too important to be buried in the comments section of a certain blog post. This comment from someone named “Nameless” in regards to this post is a perfect example of this . Take a look at the comment and my response below…




Hi Phil,
This will be my last time addressing any of the things that I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, in hopes that God will reveal Himself to you and your followers through His Word. I also pray that you can feel the love that He has and holds dearly for you, as it is also expressed throughout His Word.

Phil: I don’t have any “followers” here dude. Are any of you out there following me? If you are please follow Jesus and not me….

Now, I am a man who believes in boldness and confrontation, only if it means that my LORD will be glorified through it and His Kingdom will be propelled forward. I do not believe in exalting myself above any man in any attempt or sense that I might be glorified through it. That is why I will not continue to engage in these blogs after this point, so the message of truth that I bring may not and will not be placed upon me in any form of senseless debates.

Phil: Don’t you mean your truth because you clearly are confused in regards to your belief that called women to church leadership positions. Please see the following link; https://phillyflash.wordpress.com/2007/05/25/women-in-church-leadership-biblical-or-blasphemy/


However, I’m hoping from this point forth you will see that my sole purpose in these writings is this: to encourage you in your gifting(s) and ministry call; to build the body of Christ and not to break it down or divide it; to show the love of Christ with boldness and not shy away from confrontation “Matt 18:15-16″; and that you might see I am not one who is easily persuaded but one who studies to show himself approved by Christ “2 Tim 2:15″.

Phil: Thanks for the encouragement. I’m not easily persuaded either and from the looks of what you’ve written my stance won’t change on this matter.

Below, I have addressed the five questions that were asked of me regarding my blog so that it may not seem that I ran without providing a Godly response to these concerns of yours.

1: (Phil: Are you saying that Paul wasn’t speaking for God here?) Absolutely. He’s speaking for God in regards to the testimony and not the gender of an overseer. Please reference question 3.

Phil: Then why did Paul use the term “husband”.  I Timothy 3:11 also tells us how their wives are to conduct themselves yet there isn’t any requirement for how the men of “women overseers and deacons” are to conduct themselves…..gee I wonder why….maybe you should study a bit more eh Nameless?

2: (Phil: What does the word husband mean to you?) A man who is married to a woman.

Phil: Mercy me….we finally agree on somethingJ

3: (Phil: Is it not fact that one of the requirements for the office of an overseer or elder/deacon is they MUST be the Husband of one wife?) According to the testimony that Paul describes for an overseer, that goes without question; but if you read as I explained in my last blog, Paul was not in agreement with a woman having authority over a man. Please read carefully 1 Tim 2:12 where he states “I do not permit a woman to teach…”(I and not God). Throughout the books that Paul wrote in the New Testament, he is very specific as to the wisdom he shares from his life understandings as a believer in Christ and when he speaks according to the direct command of the LORD. So if this was a sin before the Father (which it‘s not) we would see or find in some location in the Word of God where he (or someone else) would state that a woman would not be able to inherit the gift of eternal life for committing this crime before the Father without repenting for it (we won‘t find it). That is how we understand that he is referring to the testimony of an overseer completely inspired by the Spirit and not the gender of one by his preference.

Phil: Nope. Nice strawman though….In the garden who was created first Nameless? There is order my friend in all things and you are trying to change the order to fit your agenda.

4: (Phil: It’s also very interesting how you feel some of Scripture is from the Lord and some are merely Paul’s “theological opinions”…It’s either all God’s Inspired Word or it isn’t?) The Bible (including Paul writings) is one hundred percent inspired scripture by God and is His holy and true Word. Is it safe to assume that Jesus was Black because Rev 1:15 says “His feet were like polished bronze refined in a furnace…” or because “His hair was white like wool…” being thick like my hair “lol”(absolutely not); or as some of the Rastafarians believe, it’s okay to smoke marijuana because Rev 1:14 & 19:12 state “his eyes were like flames of fire or red like fire” and one of the many side effects to smoking marijuana are red eyes (of course not). There are plenty of examples we can refer to in the Bible that are meant to be dissected and cross referenced with other scriptures to see the truth of their meaning. Hence why we are supposed to study to show ourselves approved 2 Tim 2:15.

Phil: You’re talking about interpretations and I’m talking about inerrancy and infallibility. According to your current post you are cherry picking and not rightly dividing the Word of Truth in reference to women overseers.

5: (Boydmiller: What makes you think that the orphans and widows are the “unsaved” in James?) It’s very plain to see in this context that James is referring to unsaved by these simple clues. Christ called all to be part of His bride saved and unsaved; but only the saved have received this call due to them believing that the Son of Man rose from the dead and is alive today and forever (Hence the term wife and not widow). We as well, Jews and Gentiles, both saved and unsaved have been called to be the children of God, adopted in by the blood of the cross Eph 1:5; Gal 4:5; Rom 8:15& 23; Rom 9:4 (orphans are adopted); and let none be welcomed to the Father unless through the Son John 14:6-7. So when James states “care for the orphans and widows,” where else can we find these unsaved orphans and widows but in the world; where we would need to make sure that we would not become corrupted (as well) by the system of the world in our efforts to care for them.

Phil: I’ll let Boyd handle this…..

Here are some questions for you to ponder on since you did not respond to them in particular:

1: Was Mary Magdalene and Mary not, in a sense, considered to be the first evangelists ever found in scripture, after seeing the angel and then seeing Jesus and being told to “Go tell the disciples and everybody else that Christ has risen from the dead as he said he would” Matt 28. Is that not considered a position of leadership over a man to evangelize?


Phil: No they were not considered “evangelists”. Mary was the Mother of Jesus Nameless and Mary Magdalene was simply delivering a message IMHO.



2: Why don’t we find these consequences and repercussions in His Word that would follow for this disobedience to our Heavenly Father (for female overseers); that he would chastise or discipline a female elder or deacon?


Phil: Please show me Scripture that demonstrates where a female overseer was “chastised” or where there ever WAS a female overseer….

3: My third and most important question to you is, why continue to divide the body of Christ with godless arguments that do nothing in bringing edification to the body of Christ?

Phil: How am I dividing the Body by warning others that wolves are in their midst?


2 Tim 2:15-18 “Work hard that you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth. Avoid worthless, foolish talk that only leads to more godless behavior. This kind of talk spreads like cancer, as in the case of Hymenaeus and Philetus. They have left the path of truth, claiming that resurrection of the dead has already occurred; in this way, they have turned some people away from the faith.” And Eph 4:29 “Don’t use foul or abusive language. Let everything you say be good and helpful, so that your words will be an encouragement to those who hear them.”

Phil: Are you stating that I have left the path of truth because I choose to follow God’s Word by exposing and warning others of wolves like Michelle Duarte? That’s a far stretch don’t you think?

You’ve been given and chosen to take upon yourself a web ministry in spreading what is “truth”. Instead, this website is being used to criticize believers of the faith who are doing what they can to share the gospel, disciple sheep, and further the Kingdom of God. Use it to win lost souls for the LORD; and amongst your followers, plan strategic ways to help disciple the lost into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Phil: I don’t just have a “web ministry” nor do I have any followers that I know of and just how in the heck do you know what I do on a daily basis in regards to the Kingdom or anything else for that matter? Inner eye like Michelle Duarte claims to have? Crystal ball? Tarot cards or maybe your horoscope told you all of these things?

Like I said before, if it endangers the salvation and the eternal wellbeing of His children’s souls than you have every right to warn people and the body of Christ of deceivers and wolves amongst the flock; Matt 18.6; Mark 9:42; Luke 17:2 all state this “But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to have a large millstone tied around your neck and be drowned in the depths of the sea. (NLT)”.

Phil: I guess I’ll just take my chances but thanks for the advice…but if I were you I’d rethink your position on this matter and take better care of where and who you’re learning from….

 However, if it doesn’t effect the salvation and the eternal wellbeing of an individual, let Christ do the convicting and the changing of the heart. That person should be in tune with God enough (especially if they hold a position of leadership) to see their folly by the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

Phil: I am letting Christ do the convicting….I’m just warning the Body….planting a seed and that’s it Nameless…..and I suspect that most if not all of the subjects on this site are unregenerate so if they do stumble across this site maybe it will help to open their eyes.

 If we are believers in the Kingdom we should live by and be prime examples of 1 John 2:27 which states “But you have received the Holy Spirit, and he lives within you, so you don’t need anyone to teach you what is true. For the Spirit teaches you everything you need to know, and what he teaches is true–it is not a lie. So just as he has taught you, remain in fellowship with Christ.” So in conclusion, let the Holy Spirit convict and be the teacher of what may be a snare before the Father; and work on winning souls for him instead of playing into the trap of the enemy and making His body look like a divided joke. You never know what unbeliever(s) will come to your site to see and read what you (as a Christian) post, when beating up and accusing other Christians of falling short Rom 3:23. (Don’t we all fall short?) What kind of message does that send to unbelievers or those who just join the faith? A body divided against itself is guaranteed to fall and not survive, even Jesus Himself states this in Luke 11:17-23. So please Phil, in love, let us work together to further His great works.

Phil: This site isn’t meant for unbelievers Nameless but if they do happen across it this site is doctrinally sound and I know this because Godly men with far more experience then I have have told me so…..



9 thoughts on “A Comment From “Nameless” and My Response

  1. Nameless- How about in Acts 6:1 where a dispute arose over the distribution to the widows? Were they the unsaved?

  2. (First initial response from Nameless for all who care to read this article in full, from start to finish; and let truth be revealed. Amen…)

    Hi Phil,
    Did Christ not commission a complete body, a body of both male and female believers, in Him? Did Christ not commission all to spread the gospel of the Good News (Matt 28:18-20) that the world might be saved? What was Paul really speaking on in 1 Tim 2:9-10 when he describes the proper attire for a woman? Was he speaking generally when he said a woman should not adorn herself in that type of fashion or was he speaking in regard to the culture of women in that day?
    History shows us that it was the prostitutes of that age that wore the braided hair, expensive jewelry, and drew attention to themselves in their clothing. So with the conversions of so many of these women coming to Christ, Paul had to address with a sense of urgency the change of dressing amongst these new converts; that they might not be perceived as who they were but rather who they are as new creatures in Christ “2 Cor 5:17″.
    Now when Paul addresses the women of the church to learn quietly and submissively “1 Tim 2:11″ it was because these women were eager to learn, but were disturbing his teachings at the time with consistent interruptions while he was speaking. So he rebukes them sternly and directly by telling them to be still and listen; but the misconception of this scripture and the one that follows is this: Paul, is very specific as to when he speaks from God or his theological opinions based on his studies of the Word and life experiences by the Word. Just like any other pastor or teacher who teaches the Word of God and relates it to their personal life experiences and understandings, Paul does the same here. However, does Paul not say in verse 12 himself “I do not let women teach men or have authority over them (NLT)”. Now with emphasis on the “I“, it would seem to be that Paul was giving his perspective and personal opinion on something he felt worked best by his life experience(s), but not what is necessarily the command of the LORD for the office of an overseer.
    (Phil: Are you saying that Paul wasn’t speaking for God here?)

    From that point, he begins to go into what would be the qualifications of an overseer. Paul is giving the specific details (as he explains in chapter 3) of what the qualifications of an Elder or Deacon should be; which I believe are direct commands from the LORD. He never states, however, that one of these qualifications as needing or having to be a man, because this is not a concern before the LORD but rather his own opinion as a man.
    (Phil: What does the word husband mean to you?)

    So referencing 1 Tim 2:12 again, we understand for what ever reason he has, he feels women should not be in authority over men. So, of course, he would not address a woman in a leadership position in chapter 3 due to it not being in agreement with his perception or part of his logic. Question…was Mary Magdalene and Mary not, in a sense, considered to be the first evangelists ever found in scripture, after seeing the angel and then seeing Jesus and being told to “Go tell the disciples and everybody else that Christ has risen from the dead as he said he would” Matt 28. Is that not considered a position of leadership over a man to evangelize? (It most certainly is).
    Now Proverbs 31:10-31 gives similar qualities or traits of what is to be found in an Elder or Deacon that can be found in a virtuous woman or a wife of noble character. So everything Paul describes in 1 Tim chapter 3 has to do with the testimony of a leader and not the gender of one; as we see that was only his opinion. For where do we find in the Bible that God will forbid a woman to be a leader or an elder of the church by His Word or His Word through the prophets of old? (No where). The only command we find for a woman to submit, is to her husband Gen 3:16; Eph 5:22-24,33; Col 3:18; and 1 Cor 11:13. For if this was a commandment to follow we would find it stated through out the bible with other things that do not honor our LORD and Savior. We also would find the consequences and repercussions that would follow for this disobedience to our Heavenly Father. The reason we don’t see this throughout the Word of God is because it was an opinion, perspective, and/or preference, but never fact or God’s command for an overseer.
    So my question to you Phil is this, for what is the purpose of some of these things you address and speak against? Are we not meant to work together to further the Great Commission of the Kingdom? Have we not been called to love our neighbor like we love ourselves? Have we not been given an ability for accountability to grow or divide the church also know as the body of Christ? These are conversations that I typically choose not to get involved in. Not for the fact of who is right or wrong but because it does not bring edification to the body of Christ. In this case, I chose to encourage you knowing that you have people who follow you and that you would be an example of righteousness to them. In my walk with the LORD, I’ve come to realize some incredible truths that I can’t deny. I’ll start with this. Our nation’s army is a body of many people of different beliefs, religions, understandings, morals, values, principals, and so many other differences. This army is full of people who may not agree with how the person next to them chooses to live their life. However, these individuals understand that beyond their differences as people, they work together for a greater cause and fight in unity for one reason. How much more should we, as believers, be a greater example of this. We should not let minute things like this, which have no attachment to our salvation or redemption in Christ, be a hindrance to us fulfilling our true purpose of furthering the Kingdom of God. If it has no connection to our eternal wellbeing, then let Christ work these things out in us as individuals accountable to Him. Our personal relationships with God should be in tune enough to hear Him correct us when we miss the mark. James 1:26-27 states this ”If you claim to be religious but don‘t control your tongue, you are fooling yourself, and your religion is worthless. Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.(NLT)”. So inclusion, I will state this: Let us focus on the things that will bring the orphans and widows (the unsaved) from a world corruption into the knowledge and the light of Christ in all his splendor; To unite the body of Christ beyond doctrinal differences, unless it is completely contrary to His Word of Salvation and leads His children astray on a path to hell.

    With Sincere Love,
    Nameless (a bondservant of our LORD Jesus Christ)

    Phil: Nameless. We have gone over this before. The sole purpose of this site is to warn others that wolves are in their midst. This site attempts to identify said wolves by name and to break down the heresies these wolves teach with Scripture. The wolves identified ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE GREAT COMMISSION. What part of this don’t you get?

  3. Nameless- Let me expand if you will. If we are to study James and look for a clue to understand the mention of widows and orphans(1:27), would it not be found in chapter 2:8?

    “If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, You shall love your neighor as yourself,” you do well;”

    We have a special commandment to care for all widows and orphans reguardless of their status and relationship with God. This is the highest expression of the love of Christ.

  4. Nameless,

    You are promoting what is known as “feminist theology”. If you would take a little time and understand covenants, then you would know the role of men and women is designed after a creation covenant and the structure is repeated in Eph 5.

    There is a definite authority structure and without it, we would have chaos. May I suggest you find the book “That You May Prosper” by Ray Sutton. He does a great job of explaining covenants, and family relationships within them. It is online if you can’t find it elsewhwere. It’s edifying…you should read it. Need the link – I’ll post it.

    I supported your view at one time. It was when I actually took the time to research “all” that God said on the topic that I couldn’t ignore that He firmly repeated His covenant structure and now I only promote that structure.

    Don’t be tricked into believing the lie of feminist theology. It is NOT God’s structure. Men and women have roles in the Kingdom. They are NOT the same roles.

    Phil: Thanks Dorothy! Will you kindly post the link to Suttons work so that Nameless as well as anyone stumbling across this post will be edified? Thanks!!

  5. Thanks for posting the link Phil. I was in a rush this morning and didn’t take the time to look for it. I’m experiencing the joy of the 5th Monday this week. 🙂

  6. Dear Phil,
    I noticed in one of your comments, you gave the impression that women do not have a place in ministry. What about Junia? She was described by Apostle Paul as being outstanding among the Apostles. Romans 16:7
    In Acts 9:36, Philip had 4 daughters who prophesied.
    Or maybe I’ve got it all wrong.

    Phil: Hi Nathan….Junia wasn’t in church leadership….see the requirements in 1Timothy 3…..for further review please see the following;


    Nathan, we have gone over and over this issue on this site so unless you have anything extra to add that hasn’t been discussed I have no plans on discussing this issue any further…


  7. Hey Philly – Good to see the irrational are taking shots at you too. You realize that this means you’re doing your job don’t you?

    I gotta say you’ve really got some good material out here. Isn’t the internet wonderful?


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