Bye Bye Bentley?

Well at last there is one verifiable miracle that I can report from Lakeland Florida and I am happy to share with all of you that Todd Bentley, leader of the false revival known as the Lakeland Florida Outpouring has decided to take a break from the revival to “re-fresh” and “rest” after 100 days of what I would generously call “ministry”. Maybe it had something to do with the ABC Nightline telecast? Check out the nightline broadcast at the following link;



Wait…another miracle that I have personally been able to confirm. GOD TV has decided to stop airing this false revival live during Bentley’s absence. Now I know it isn’t the 25 confirmed “miracles” gutless anonymous website owner was able to “confirm” but it is a start…..Here’s the link to the GOD TV statement from their site;



Gee….what will I do now at 4am?


Folks, this “revival” doesn’t have a thing to do with God but has everything to do with Todd. He’s the golden boy of the moment…. or he was until Nightline got done with him. People were actually worshipping Bentley and not God and many many people made big money off this tattooed character. Now he’s off to do whatever busted fake faith healers do when they can’t back up their claims on National TV and GOD TV is off promoting Rodney Howard Browne and his world pleasing antics. Joining Browne will be none other then “worship leader” Roy Fields and you can catch up with all the juicy details of this partnership at the following link;



Shouldn’t Mr. Fields need a little “re-freshing” and “rest” as well? Oh wait his name wasn’t mentioned in the Nightline piece so he’s okay to lead what I generously call “worship” wherever he likes I guess.


If you go to Bentley’s home page and scroll down to “Todd’s itinerary” you will see this dude has a pretty full schedule so is it safe to assume Bentley isn’t really “resting” but “repositioning” himself as far away from Lakeland as he can get?


According to GOD TV this “revival” will still be going on but I have to wonder for how long now that the poster boy has flown the coop so to speak?





19 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bentley?

  1. LOL – Yes, miracles do happen. It appears that Nightline threw a little water on that fire.

    I would say they can take the circus tent down, return the ATM’s and move back to their original location….Take away the music and the entertainment and the party is over…

    I imagine that eons from now, we will find out what really happened to prompt this quick departure. I can only imagine there is a scandal just waiting to be revealed…

  2. Why would God TV take the live broadcast off the air just because Odd Todd needs a break? They still going on with the show….sorry, I meant church serves
    It just goes to show us that this entire event was ALL ABOUT TODD and not about God.

    I am glad ABC shed some light on this snake oil salesmen.

  3. If you take away the music, the nonsense comes to a end. Try turning off the sound system at one of these meetings and see how quickly the shaking and shouting stops. The spirit they operate under is manufactured by music, not God.

  4. I hate to be the harbinger of evil news – but Bentley will be back terrorising the sick this Friday night! Needless to say, I am not pleased about this…

  5. I think it was rather revealing when the nightline cameras were filming him going over the ‘medical verifications’ and filmed him saying “we need 10,00 more todd bentleys” and laughing.
    i thought that was so arrogant.

  6. Sorry to say but Todd is coming back as Friday, along with live coverage by God TV.

    Although it is obvious to us that this is not of God, and though it would seem that Todd is out to purposefully decieve and fleece the people…I can tell you, it is not being done with that purpose in mind. The entire charasmatic/Pentacostal camp has been waiting years for something like this to break forth. It is part of their basic theology. (They thought they had with Toronto and then Penscola.)

    I can tell you that as much as we’d like to think Nightline’s program prompted the “sudden” departure of Bentley, unfortunately it is not so. The “prophesy” that was originally given to Todd in Australia before he came to Lakeland in April stated that Todd would be “going back and forth to Lakeland”. It has always been understood from the beginning that Todd would not stay continually at Lakeland, but rather would travel from Lakeland to Abbotsford, to England, etc, as per the “leading” of the Holy Spirit. It’s been talk “around town” for awhile now that Todd would be taking periodic breaks.

    Although Lakeland at the present seems to be the focal point of all this hullabaloo, ultimately, for these folks, it really isn’t so much about Lakeland as it is the start of the final outpouring of God’s glory and power manifested through His people to bring the world to Jesus. And these folks will support anything anywhere that would seem to bring to pass the dominion theology they hold so dear. The ultimate goal is to see what is happening in Lakeland happening in churches everywhere!

  7. Just thought you should know – Fox News here in the Tampa Bay area started airing a promo today for their upcoming program on Tuesday, July 22, featuring a debate on the “Florida Outpouring” in Lakeland. The program that is going to question if this is “real” or not. I am praying that the truth about this whole phenomenon would be exposed and people will be duly warned! The promos seem quite controversial!

  8. Thank God that He is bigger than one man and that HE is the one who heals. Obviously the outpouring of His Spirit will not be quenched no matter who is on the stage in Lakeland. People are being healed and God is restoring them.

  9. Phil: Me eyes. Do you have actual documentation for the statements you allege have occured? otherwise what you have posted is gossip and we don’t do gossip here..

  10. Well you guys are all so good at judging, you really are going to leave God with nothing to do on judgement day… oh wait, no he’ll still have the whole bunch of you to judge while Todd is wham, bam n slamming with the angels :).I suggest you get on your knees and pray for Todd cause you’ll be held to account for not doing that and instead spending your time saying ugly things on the internet. Anyway, like Jesus said he didnt come for all you perfect people he came to heal the sick.Thank you Jesus, thats why todd carries that annointing and you bunch dont. Lord bring your healing and restoration, may the Son of man be glorified through this.

    Phil: Try this link:

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