The Monthly “What is This” Award!!

Like most of you who own and operate blogs I get my share of comments from folks who strongly disagree with what I have bibliclly presented. Oftentimes I sit in front of my laptop and say “What is this?” whenever I read one of the silly comments from severally deluded people….so I have decided to do a monthly feature highlighting these comments and I’m inviting you all to join in on the fun…..

Here’s how it works…..

Whenever you read a comment or a website that makes you shake your head and question the writers sanity pop on over and share it with us by providing a link in the comments section of this posting…’s that simple. At the end of the month I will decide the winner of the monthly “What is This” award and follow up by contacting the lucky individual(s) and give them the opportunity to defend their insane statements or postings or whatever….

I look forward to all of your findings!!!!!!

22 thoughts on “The Monthly “What is This” Award!!

  1. That Bentley clip deserves a category of its own. What an idiot.

    Phil: I agree and a new posting is up….letting the video speak for itself….what an idiot he is….

  2. Phil: Just think, a few short weeks ago I would never have been part of this fun! (In fact, you might have been contacting me!)

    Here’s a Special Bulletin by the Prophet Rick Joyner explaining the “Apostolic Oversight” being given help keep “Todd Bentley and the Lakeland Revial in check. I am including here just a couple tidbits for your sampling……….

    “I have known Todd Bentley for about a decade, and he is a man of exceptional theological depth…”


    I know Todd as someone who can teach or preach with a rare depth and clarity, but Lakeland is not really about that, at least not yet. It is about an impartation of faith, power, and fire. Right now we, the body of Christ, need these more than we need more teaching and strategy.


    “This is not to say that Todd or the Lakeland Revival do not need correction or cannot make mistakes. Todd is not perfect and neither is anyone else I know. However, if someone is going to criticize, we need to check their credentials.”


    “He (Todd) is under the kind of anointing that does stagger you and actually makes you feel drunk, which is why they thought the disciples on the Day of Pentecost were drunk with wine. Under this kind of anointing, I knew Todd might not be able to do some of the in-depth teaching and preaching he is capable of, but I don’t think that is really the purpose of Lakeland anyway.”

    See the link for more !!!

  3. Rahab’s Place annoys me, to put it mildly. I often wonder how it is that so-called believers in Jesus don’t listen to the very words of Jesus: “If any man wills to do his will, he will know concerning the doctrine” – John 7:17. I see no doctrine being taught in this revival, yet it’s all good, because God is doing a new thing, right? I should think not!

  4. Hi Phil,

    Did you notice this:

    “A government will be established to set things in their proper order.”

    A government will be established – what government are they talking about- the synagogue of satan? Thinking about this – IF as they profess that Jesus is their authority – and they prophesy about a “government” that will be established….then to me, they have real issues with Jesus’ authority. Is that how you see this statement? That’s sure the way it comes across to me…..

  5. Hi Teddy,

    I couldn’t get all the way through the link you sent. When he started on about the fat friar tucks bringing in the barrels, I was outta there.

    I see stuff like this and I’m just amazed that people are falling into this deception. Have they lost their ability to know a Holy God? It appears so. There is absolutely no reverence. They are just making a laughing spectacle of Him and treat him like a good joke.

    All I can say is God is not mocked and if they don’t repent of these ways – they will reap eternal reward. Im afraid it just won’t be the reward they think they are entitled to.

  6. Dorothy,

    This guy John Crowder is friends with Todd Bentley and was at Lakeland for a few nights! Guess you didn’t stick around for them “smokin baby Jesus”. All of these guys are in the same boat. And you are right…..they are totally irreverent. The blatant mockery of what is holy is absolutely astounding. What is even more incredible (or sad), these men believe that they are HOLY men of God preaching the truth to the world!

  7. Hi Teddy & Dawn,

    I don’t doubt they work together. They speak the same language and it isn’t the Word of God. They both mock God and the people laugh….and call it Holy laughter. God is NOT mocked.

    I’ve never been keen on demon possession and didn’t really believe it to still be around, but after viewing many tapes from these events, I can say that I’ve seen something manifested that certainly fits the definition.

    I did consider going to Lakeland and had made up my mind to go, but after viewing more of the manifestations coming out of there, I don’t need to go. It’s a devil’s den….roaring like a lion and out to devour any who go there. I have never witnessed such a manifestation of blasphemy. I have grave concern for those who consider this “good”. They are either deceived or deceivers.

  8. Hi Everyone,

    Keep an eye out on this site Looks like the heretics are getting ready to push something on the naive sheeple that think what they are teaching is God’s Word…

    BTW: Thanks for all the links….you are making this very hard for me lol!

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