Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring Part 9

I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked the last week or so with some WoF folks and I’ll bet you were wondering if I was finished with Todd Bentley….and I hoped I was but the following needs to be exposed……Wendy Alec of GOD TV prophesied that Jesus would attend the Florida Outpouring on June 8, 2008……


WENDY ALEC August 7 2008:

The Lord just spoke to me and said “This IS what will happen tomorrow night!”
The King and the King’s anointing falls tomorrow night. The 8th of June, the anointing of the King of Glory falls.
Jesus said, “I am coming in person.” The King is coming in person.
I sense so strongly there will be a personal divine visitation of the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus Christ to the revival tomorrow night.
He will come in the clouds, in His chariot, surrounded by a great angelic host because the great honoring of the Lamb of God, The King of Glory is coming to visit Lakeland, to visit the revival, to visit the outpouring.
The devil trembles with that knowledge. For tomorrow the King of Glory sets foot upon the stage in divine, personal, one-to-one visitation.




Jesus is coming June 8th….to visit the outpouring? He didn’t turn up which should come as no surprise….and also officially makes Wendy Alec a false prophet and dreamer of dreams….


Now watch how Bentley… stranger to false prophecies and make believe visions….doesn’t believe her either and attempts to wiggle out of this….


Now for all those watching, who just don’t understand the nature of the prophetic, though I’m open to a… the Lord can appear… I mean I’ve seen the Lord. I am not suggesting there is going to be a physical, flesh, Jesus Christ on the platform.
I hope you understand, we’re talking about in atmosphere, we’re talking about in spiritual experience, we’re talking about in impartation. Now, Roy, if tonight’s and last night’s worship is any indication that something is changing in the realm of the glory,… something about the King of Glory… oh God, we want to set a place up in the throne of our hearts more than anything else for you to come and visit… Come, on. Who wants to have the King come in His Glory?

You must understand something here….people like Bentley and Alec have invested a whole bunch of time and money with this man made technology driven “revival”….Wendy Alec and her husband Rory put Bentley on the map so to speak….so he’s stuck. It’s obvious that Bentley doesn’t believe her and rightly so….HER PROPHECY FAILED BECAUSE JESUS DIDN’T RETURN AS SHE CLAIMS HE SAID HE WOULD DO AND TODD BENTLEY KNEW THIS PROPHECY WOULD FAIL!

Hmmmmm…we have false resurrections….we have failed prophecies…..we have questionable healings….we have lying signs and wonders…..we have dreamers of dreams and visions…we have angel worship….we have heavenly visitations….AND YOU STILL BELIEVE THIS REVIVAL IS FROM GOD PEOPLE??????

Matthew 24:24-28 NIV

24For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. 25See, I have told you ahead of time.

 26“So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 28Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.

Wait….maybe this mess in Florida is from God….maybe He’s separating His sheep from Satan’s goats?


Any thoughts?





24 thoughts on “Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring Part 9

  1. It is clear from the beginning that this “outpouring” is another of satan’s vomit. Nothing in that meeting suggests that it is a biblical thing.

    I will agree that this is a clear warning from God to seperate HIS own from the crowd. By exposing Todd Bently and his false teachings, many are being delivered from error.

    He that has an ear let him hear!

  2. This is for real, right, Bro. Phil? Wendy Alec is a mystic – not a believer. For her to make a “prophecy” only for it not to materialise is more proof that this revival isn’t really a revival…

    Phil: Yep Douglas…its for real….she was hyping some special deal for Sunday night in Lakeland….watched her and taped it…she is strange my friend….and I agree this revival ain’t a revival…

  3. Hi Guys,

    What disturbs me most about this “prophecy” was how quickly Todd Bentley tried to explain it away because he knew it wouldn’t happen….and that Wendy Alec would look like a fool….and still they flock to these people….

    This looks like what we are seeing people;
    Matthew 24:24-28

    24For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect—if that were possible. 25See, I have told you ahead of time.

    26″So if anyone tells you, ‘There he is, out in the desert,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here he is, in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it. 27For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 28Wherever there is a carcass, there the vultures will gather.

  4. hmm… might start visiting here more phil.
    i do like your blog. this is the way I like it.

    Hi Specks…welcome to Theology Today! Stick around my friend you ain’t seen nothing yet!!! What do you think of the connection between Bentley and GOD TV Specks?

  5. Thanks for your excellent review on Todd Bentley and his ‘revival’. It hurts me dearly to see so many eager christians walking after experiences, instead of the word of God. I’m from the Netherlands, Europe and I live in a fearly small town where Bentleys teaching have also influenced some off the christians. It started off by following people instead of God (people like Morris Cerullo).
    It’s nasty to see that some give away their whole salary to charlatans that promise them anything they want to hear.
    The reason Bentley tries to wiggle out of this prophecy, is the fact that he’s trying to keep it vage, so that the prophecy has multiple explanations, so there’s always a way out.
    I’ve seen so many false prophecies given, and after failing, those false prophets give the blame to something, or someone else…

    I wonder if there is a way we might possibly reach the experience-led (read: ‘misled’) christians. Most of those people don’t want to know about anything bad or any false prophecy given by one of these charlatans, their discernment is gone.The only thing these poor christians follow are miracles and other experiences.

    I’m grateful for your clear insights, and surely will continue to visit this site.

  6. Phil,

    That attitude is one that is common with the WOF movement. They make excuses and dodge anytime they are about to be exposed.

    If they lay hands on you and you don’t get healed, you don’t have faith or you don’t know how to tune into the spirit.

    They are clearly fake.

  7. Thank God, the “accusers of the brethern” are protecting us all. If this is not of God, He is a big boy and will stop it. If it is, then you are contending with GOD himself. I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes. I have watched the revival everynight and been there for a couple of days. They uplift Jesus. It is about JESUS. Is that what you are about? If they are casting out demons and sickness in the name of Jesus and you say they are from Satan, is that blaspheming the Holy Spirit who does the work? Pray for discernment and don’t go along with every accuser because you don’t like the messenger’s looks or methods and don’t understand what is going on. Yes, there are false prophets out there, but they are looking to glorify themselves and not Jesus. Try the worship of Jesus. You will be amazed how it becomes not about you , not about the messenger, just JESUS. Why do you people tell folks not to go and try to find deliverence and healing because they might be deceived? Had you rather they just sit and die where they are because you feel the movement is not real? I know at least some of the healings are real, do you want to deny those folks their healing? Don’t bite and devour each other, that doesn’t give God any glory. I think it hurts Him.

  8. well… I don’t know much about GOD TV (except that is a real bad name) because I don’t have it or know much about it. I only heard about the Todd Bentley revival through friends from a baptist church.

    After God personally convicted me about my understanding of what a ‘revival’ is for, this Bentley thing came to my ears and I didn’t like the sound of it from the word ‘go’. I did my best to support what he was doing but I never heard once the gospel message preached. I heard all this stuff about ‘angels’. He wrote serious articles on ‘angels’ that went for a few dozen pages. His obsession with spiritual encounters rather then having encounters or having a personal relationship with God bothered me so much.

    But I refused to accept this move as being ‘bad’ as people were claiming that they were healed. Glory to God for their healing!
    Oh but how quickly the light went out for this ‘revival’. I was a cynic from the beginning hoping to be so desperately wrong. I was wrong hoping to be wrong. The more it goes on the more dangerous and hopeless it looks. I see very little emphasis of God and tonnes of emphasis on hype and soul power.

    One would think this is a New Age movement by the way Bentley harp on about angels, mixed with our ‘faith power’. I try not to encourage my Christian friends to go to it. Maybe America needs a ‘revival’, but Australia doesn’t yet. The church is still alive outside the market driven churches and it’s amazing to see how God moves, speaks, listens, reveals and heals himself to Christians and non-Christians.

    Wayward theology entices wayward spirits. This movement is out of control. If the Spirit was in it He’d be running the show and keeping the ‘order’. The fact that the Holy Spirit isn’t operating within the body of Christ at these events tell me that Bentley has fallen for the ‘New’ and is receiving all the glory, rather then allowing the Holy Spirit share the glory around the body of Christ.

  9. Phil: Can you explain this a bit better PraiseCraze because it looks an awful lot like gossip….



  10. Wendy Alec is a BIG producer of God-tv… Co-founder and the promoter of Todd Bentley in Lakeland. Maybe they ratings were down… She has said (as a “prophetess”) that SHE has something big up HER sleeve… That “it” will flow from east to west and from Europe to Africa… Clearly, this must be by way of so called “impartation.” Follow the money…

  11. It’s definitely spreading, Teddy, and I’m worried for the many young Christians who are exposed to this falsehood and evil spirit because their shepherds are so irresponsible!

  12. Why am I not surprised at this? This is so typical of the WOF movement and the only thing I find surprising is that so many fall for it – hook line and sinker.

    These promoters have NO shame or conscience. Makes me wonder how they sleep at night.

  13. I have some old friends from the Pentecostal church I grew up in who are on their way to Florida as we speak. I tried and tried to the point of migraine to warn them – clip after clip included. There is no point getting to these self-inflicted morons who choose to follow a lying murderer like Bentley…

  14. Just another thing – has anyone heard about how Bentley and GOD TV have teamed up to distribute leaflets throughout the UK advertising this garbage?

  15. Yup, B2B is actually what they’re calling it – the Battle for Britain!
    Oh pleeeeease…

  16. your accusations against Todd do not seem to come out of love. Have you prayed for Todd? Have you prayed for discernment? Have you been to Florida to experience what is going on? Do not despise prophecy, test all things and hold on to what is good. If people are being healed and more importantly saved then I would say that good fruit is being bore in Lakeland Florida.

  17. Jon,

    Just what is your understanding of love? Is it tolerance of bad behavior? If we see people conducting dangerous activities, is it loving to keep allowing them to do it, or do you do everything to stop it? Can you not discipline and still be loving? What makes you think none of us pray for Bentley?

  18. I agree Jon. Don’t be afraid of what you think is different, go to Lakeland and I think you will be surprised to find Jesus. I came away with more love for him than ever. If God is loving people through the Lakeland Revival, who are you to put it down? Do you know more than GOD? Don’t listen to those who are trying to stop a move of GOD. They are the ones who are decieved and need our prayers.

    Phil: I agree with Elaine Jon….go there and get your fill of whatever they’re selling….BTW Yesterday this dude goes up on stage wearing a t-shirt that says “Come get some BAM!”….Send me one of those Jon and I’ll wear it on the tennis court to instigate my students!

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