I Know My Redeemer Lives!!

Dorothy sent me the following video that touched me so much I wanted to share it with all of you. Hit the link below and come back and tell me what you think;





8 thoughts on “I Know My Redeemer Lives!!

  1. I replayed it about 20 times, Excellent and moving. I had see an interview of the father some time ago and had wished all these people who are considering aborting abnormal festus would see it.

  2. Hi Everyone,

    I often use parables and this video is a prototypical parable of the love between a father and a son and the the more I viewed it, the more topics I saw that could be addressed. A great parable will drive our conciousness to God and this one sent me searching the scriptures all day yesterday.

    This was such a breath of fresh air after watching Bentley, that I passed it on to Phil. Here are some of the topics I saw beyond the stated topic of love between a father & a son:

    Sovereignty of God
    Human effort versus divine effort
    Applause of man versus applause in Heaven
    Our Brothers Keeper

    Also, knowing parents of children who are physically or mentally challenged I can say they run an Ironman triathlon every day. My heart and prayers go out to them.

    Boyd – the woman who sent me this video has such an adult daughter she cares for 24/7 and you know what – she started the anti-abortion campaign in Virginia years ago. I think the last count I saw on abortion in the USA was 50 million to our shame. She called it sacrificing children to Baal.

  3. Hi All,

    What I saw was exactly what God does for us. He sacrificed and He is willing to carry us all the way into eternity….and just like the son in the video trusted and submitted to his father… we need to trust and submit to our heavenly Father…no matter what trial or troubles we face…and trust Him to carry us home….

    Did you notice the love between the father and son…the way that boy looked at his father? We need to have that same trust….that same faith as the boy in the video in our relationship with God…

  4. Hi Phil,

    What touched me was when the father was placing his son in the chair for the last haul and how he carefully adjusted all his supports. The touch on the shoulders, the eye contact, everything in that scene was breathtaking. Every detail was under scrutiny.

    Contentment in our plight in life is the highest form of Christian maturity. No matter what is going on around us knowing and trusting In Him to lead us through is all I need. He has never failed me. How anyone can believe they need to have health wealth or prosperity to prove or improve on that, I’ll never understand. It is not in my realm of comprehension. I surrender ALL. He is sufficient…

  5. I am tryingto find out the artist that recorded the song that is played with this video. Does anyone know who recorded this version of the song?

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