A Challenge to the Sow a Seed for a Specific Need Preachers

I’m a little bit confused by the “sow a seed for a specific need” teaching that has inundated pulpits and the airwaves worldwide. I understand the principle…but I would love to see it practiced by those who teach it. I want to see THEIR faith in action so I have a little challenge for the prosperity crowd….




Give ALL of your money away. Sow that seed into something other then your own ministries….or those of your friend’s mentors, spiritual daddies or mammas and show us that it does indeed work FOR YOU! Airplanes cars yachts and designer clothes….GIVE IT ALL AWAY!


Instead of teaching us to give to you…..so that God will bless us 100 fold…..get the blessing for yourselves! You wouldn’t want to rob God would ya? I didn’t think so so loosen up those purse strings…….offshore bank accounts…..bank vaults or wherever else you’ve stashed your loot and really make a fortune!


If you sow a seed of say….50 million bucks……just think of all the blessings God has in store for you! The days of kissing up to Paul and Jan are over…..no more beg-a-thons…..forget about those endless nights spent shopping on E-bay for those worthless trinkets you give away to those who sow a seed into your ministries…..you will be so blessed you won’t need our seed anymore…..a real life harvest of your own!


Have faith in your seed….in fact have the God kind of faith and just write your need on the seed! Claim that need with your seed and watch the blessings of God rain down from heaven! Just remember that things will be great in ’08 if you sow that seed today!


Not sure yet? Where is your faith you faithless beings? Don’t you know God wants to bless you….but you have to sow a seed first….and if you sow an uncommon seed….say every penny you have…..then you can expect an uncommon harvest!


So give it all away TODAY! If what you’re teaching REALLY works….then what are you waiting for? Remember that God is a God of patterns precepts and principles and he really wants to bless you….so get blessed today and let us know who you sowed into….how much you sowed and the end result of your sowing…..don’t delay sow today! 



20 thoughts on “A Challenge to the Sow a Seed for a Specific Need Preachers

  1. Phil,

    Great challenge! I’ve been throwing this same challenge at these hypocritical preachers in Nigeria too. None of them have taken up the challenge…yet. I doubt if any of yours ill 😀

    Sorry if I sound too pessimistic!

  2. Brother, I’ve been saying the same thing for a year now. If the word of faith folks want to show that what they preach and teach really works, put it to work in their own lives. If Junie B. would sow some of her money into the lives of others perhaps she’d get her husband back and he’d really be a man of God instead of a pretender. If Paul and Jan Crouch would stop taking people’s pension checks, hard earned pay checks, and savings and instead sow into helping the widows, orphans, homeless, etc., maybe they would never need to waste people’s time and put people’s souls in jeopardy by airing those godless beg-fests they put on several times a year and have the nerve to call Praise a thons. Step up to the bat and take Bro. Phil’s challenge. Put your seed to work if you’re woman or man of Gawd enough to do it. I don’t think you’re going to get many takers, Bro. Phil; I actually don’t think you’re going to get any.

  3. Phil, why not have the sow a seed pastors send you one million dollars for then the Lord will bless their ministries 100 fold and they will never have to ask for money again. If you’re waiting on that check it will be a long time in coming because according to the seedy faith people it only seems to work when you send THEM money.

  4. Right on, dude! Its about time some people realized that these ‘name-it-&-claim-it’ preachers are false prophets as prophisied about in the last days. They are leading people astray by making them think that materializim is somehow spiritual. i was especially offended by the blasphemies of Rod Parsley & Paula White about sowing a ‘specific seed’ for the passover. Jesus never said a word to his disciples at the last supper about fulfilling all their greeds if they gave money. Jesus simply stated, “Do this in remembrance of me.’ Our greatest gift to Christ at passover is to honor & WORSHIP Him w/ an attitude of thanksgiving from our hearts.
    I call all this “gimme God” mentality Prospertution of of the church because they are slutting themselves w/ the greed of money by SELLING the gospel. My main regret is that Gods dumb sheep dont know any better because they believe this blasphemy: 1. because they are being taught lies from the sacred pulpits of God &, 2, they are too lazy to read Gods word for themselves to find out HIS truth; & 3, the Word says that ‘they shall heap unto themselves false prophets having itching ears’ & not wanting to know the truth.
    Thanks for your blog!
    Christs Bondslave,

  5. I doubt if you will get any feedback Phil. They are liars and they know that as well. If they truly believe that their formular works, let them sow all they’ve got and expect a bountiful harvest.

    Phil: Hi Naomi…If we don’t get any feedback we know the wolves who teach this don’t believe it either….and that would say it all!

  6. I believe we all know the outcome. They are thieves that can’t wait to collect our hard earned money.

    Why can’t people smarten up. These false teachers are in it for the money. They don’t care about you but your money.

    I was reading through the book of Jude this morning and outlined the following as some of the characteristics of false teachers;

    – they promise much, but deliver/produce nothing,
    – they are shameless,
    – they care only about themselves,
    – they are pretenders,
    – they are not only dead, but doubly dead for they have been pulled out from the root,
    – they act based on their instincts,
    – they do whatever evil they feel like doing,
    – they are grumblers and complainers,
    and so on…

    I’m still on it.

  7. Hi Naomi,

    It’s good to see you out and about! I’ve missed your posts….

    Yes, Jude is just chock full of information isn’t it? That’s one of those books that just keeps growing as you read it and he didn’t waste any words.

    One of my favorite prophets is Jeremiah. He certainly wasn’t a poster child for the health weath & prosperity crew. He never married, no record that he ever converted a single soul, he didn’t have a social life, he railed against the false prophets and no one wanted to listen. They even threw him down a well. Everyone considered him an aggravation, yet everthing he spoke was the Word of God.

    I have little doubt that if Jeremiah were here today that he would get any better reception. Jude either….it’s just not what brings in the bucks….

  8. In my reading, this “seed-sowing” had its roots with A.A. Allen, who wrote a booklet on “Riches & Wealth,” and decreed that poverty was from the Devil. Then Oral Roberts took this idea and started his “Seed-Faith” theology. I believe that this was the format for the modern “Prosperity Gospel,” which its present notoriety is part and parcel of the “Word of Faith” movement. I think that A.A. Allen might have got this idea from the Reverend Ike who got it from, I believe, Sweet Daddy Grace, if I am not mistaken.
    Oral Roberts fell into public disfavor when he said that “God would kill him” if he could not raise millions of dollars to save his “City of Faith.” He soon retired playing golf in Southern California. He appointed his son, Richard, to replace him as head of his Oral Roberts University. This past year saw Richard resign under pressure for financial and personal improprieties. Although ORU is said to be financially troubled, it has been reported that its college coffers have “laundered” over ONE Billion dollars…. for who and what purpose is yet to be determined.

  9. Thanks Dorothy. We face so many challenges in our country that it’s somehow difficult to keep up with some things.

    I will say we think alike cos Jeremiah is one of my favourite too. I had this madness about having a ministry like his when I was still involved in the WOF camp. 😀
    Thank God I’m delivered.

    Boy, if any of bible saints come to our churches today, they will be scorned and thrown out.

  10. Hi Naomi,

    Yes, I’m afraid they would want to burn Elijah at the stake. How dare he ruin their BBQ.

    And Jesus, well Matt 23 would put them in a state of murderous rage.

    And Paul, how dare he name people by name and turn them over to Satan.

    It’s a sad state of affairs. I hear about people who are “hungry” for God and then head down to see Bentley. Don’t they know that their hunger and thirst can only be alleviated by coming to know Him as the Spirit reveals Him in scripture?

    We are told to worship in Spirit AND Truth….but it seems that truth isn’t very popular anymore. I guess that’s too much like work….and they don’t even realize it’s a labor of love.

    I just want to take some of them and ask them – Ok – you say you are In Christ – what more do you need or want to make you happy? I can pretty much guarantee that the answer will be carnal.

    I love Phillipians writen by Paul while in a Roman prison and they certainly were the hotels they are today – but his message was to be content in whatever state you’re in. Paul’s position is a death blow to the WOF movement who can’t be content unless they are healthy weathy and prosperous….

  11. “Sow a Seed for Specific Need”?

    That sounds like Johnny Cochrane manipulating the OJ jury: “If the Glove Don’t Fit, You Must Acquit!”

    Either that or that pro wrestling angle with Cheatum the One-eyed Midget: “Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal!”

  12. The principle of giving (seed time and harvest) comes directly from the Bible and apparently you have all torn those scriptures out or just haven’t allowed the Holy Spirit to bring you revelation in that area. Adam, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Jesus (2 Cor 8:8), and the Disciples were all wealthy. Why would an Abundant God that owns everything place His children here, command us to follow His Word (which reveals that everyone who followed Him was wealthy) then tell us “But I want you to live poor and destitute. The God I serve has given me power in the earth to expand His Kingdom so that all have the opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The more financial resources I have the farther I can go in teaching, preaching, and building ministries etc. so that hurting people can be helped, healed and empowered. By the way “Us Prosperity Preachers,” as you refer to us do follow the principle of seedtime and harvest and my personal kingdom goal is to increase my giving level to no less than one million dollars a year by 2010. Look at your present financial condition–if you are struggling, stagnant, or stuck I recomment you try to sow (any good ground) and watch God open windows just as He promised. This post is written in love. I’m just tired of the enemy discrediting God by trying to make people believe He wants us to live life pauper’s when He has declared us Kings through our faith in the BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST.

    Phil: The Apostles were wealthy? See this post and then come back and talk to us about your beliefs…..


    How about the rich young ruler (Matthew 19:16-22)? What did Jesus say about him?

    BTW: You sound a LOT like Chee…..is this you Chee?

  13. Principle. By saying principle, you mean God is also bound by it. That is, anytime you sow you must reap. Wonderful! That god must be a genie!

    I can’t believe anyone who claims to study the bible can conclude that all the disciples were rich. Where did you get that from? I guess Paul wasn’t thinking straight when he wrote ICor.4: 9-13.

    This is delusion in its grandeur. I pray God delivers those that are his in this WOF deception.

  14. I wonder what these “apostles were rich” people think about Acts chapter three when Peter and John healed the beggar. Peter said, “silver and gold I do not have.” Was Peter lying?

  15. To: “I forgot to sign my name,”
    Im sure that NONE of these people are advocating to NOT give to God. I myself have given thousands of dollars to buy Chinese Bibles, but I do NOT give to GET; yet all my needs are met! I give strictly out of pure love so that others may share in the Grace God so freely gave to me.
    Jesus Himself said, “Take NO thought for what you shall eat or wear, for my heavenly Father KNOWS that you have need of THESE things,” — NOT a Leer jet, mansion or Mercedes…
    And, lets not forget Gods warning to the Laodicean church that He would VOMIT them out cos they said, “I am rich, increased w/ goods & have need of nothing;& know not that YOU are wretched, miserable, POOR, blind, & NAKED.”
    also Jesus said, “The servant is not greater than his Master.”
    YOU have convoluted the scriptures just as satan did to Eve. YOU are reading them with a carnal mind & therefore expect carnal results. When Jesus said “I will pour you out a blessing” He meant Spiritual blessings such as giving us the strength to become more like Him; Spiritual blessings of joy, peace, love, patience; id est, Christlikeness.
    What ever happened to spending all that money to preach RIGHTEOUS living. I never hear the WOLF preachers talk abt self-sacrifice, service, & least of all HOLY living. God forbid that all the sinning sheep should hear this & thus run from the flock so they cant be sheared any more & their nakedness revealed.

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