Todd Bentley and the Florida Outpouring Part 4

We’ve been receiving many comments from those who believe that what we’ve been witnessing in Lakeland is a true “revival” sent by God. There are those who claim that people are “repenting” and that a million have been saved due to the preaching of repentance by Todd Bentley. The dead are being resurrected and people are getting physical healings…….


Let’s start with the million or more that have claimed salvation. I hear supporters of this “revival” claim that Bentley has an “altar call” nightly…and I have witnessed this with my own two eyes. Does a response to an altar call mean that a person is truly regenerated? Please allow me to share an experience from my past ministry experience if you will;


I used to preach in rescue missions. I used to give what’s commonly referred to as an altar call at the end of my salvation messages. I had a guy who was obviously drunk respond to this altar call, prayed the sinner’s prayer and was “saved”! Praise God right? The next night I’m preaching at the same place and the same guy staggers up to the altar again…..drunker then the night before…..this went on for the next week or so…..with absolutely no change whatsoever….I was baffled.


Was the man who responded to my message of salvation saved? I was preaching Christ crucified and he accepted my message but there weren’t any obvious signs of change as happened to Saul in Acts 9. In fact, the man was worse then before.  I have hundreds of similar examples that have taught me that an altar call is simply that….a call to come forward and profess Christ….but in NO WAY does that mean the person has truly been regenerated by the Holy Spirit. The guy was a false convert and I’ve learned over the years that a confession isn’t regeneration and someone who is truly regenerated by the Holy Spirit will show this immediately and begin to show signs of this regeneration in the form of fruit found in Galatians 5.


I have no way of knowing if those who claim to be saved from this revival actually are…..if they are then PRAISE GOD! I have watched this revival live every night on GOD TV and I have not heard one word about sin or its consequences…..I’ve heard plenty about repentance but ZERO about what these folks are repenting from….plenty about “fire” but absolutely ZERO about the fires of hell….this concerns me greatly. If you know someone who has claimed salvation due to the Florida Outpouring and has dramatically changed then I would love to hear from them…….


Last night as I was watching Bentley perform, a man claimed partial restoration of his hearing on Wednesday night and then, while attending Thursday night, his hearing was completely restored! If it’s true then PRAISE GOD! The one thing that makes me wonder about this….and the dozens more claimed healings is this; In all the healings of Jesus and the Apostles….each was instantaneous…..yet many of the reported healings aren’t this way….which leads me to believe these are the false signs and wonders that Jesus continually warned the disciples about…..


Last night there was a claim that a little girl named “Jaden” was resurrected from the dead…..allegedly she was brain dead for 48 hours and was being prepped to have her organs donated to another when she allegedly “coughed”. This girl was in Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando and I have as yet been unable to confirm this…..if anyone can confirm this for me please do because if this is true then PRAISE GOD!


Finally, Bentley claimed last night that God told him Saturday night would be a “baptism of fire” at his revival. Isn’t it nice that God would actually provide Bentley with this information…..even Jesus wouldn’t tell His Apostles what day they would receive the Holy Spirit…he just told them to wait…..guess God wants thousands of people to show up in Lakeland to receive this fire baptism eh?


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  1. Well Dad got back a week ago and in that time, he’s been disciplined by his board of elders, thrown out a court for laughing irreverently on the stand during his own property hearing to evict a tenant, and he now sleeps on the sofa, since he is driving my poor mother inside with his laughing and jerking.

    Is Todd Bentley a man of God? I respond with another question – can a leopard become a household kitten?

  2. All of these marketeer’s healings are of an interior nature. Who can dispute if someone has a head ache or not? These sign seekers that chase these people are so uncertain of their salvation that they ,like the pharisees, must have a manifestation to believe, which would suggest that they have never been reborn. The most difficult people to reach are not the unrepentant sinner but rather the overchurched who are hooked on entertainment, which is another gospel.

  3. Douglas,

    Thanks for the update…..I’ll bet you feel truly blessed by the ministry of Todd Bentley, huh?

    Hang in there Brother!

  4. The bible says there will be lying signs and wonders performed by the enemy. First note that what is happening in Florida is similar to the tactics that Benny Hinn uses, the healings are ones that cannot be attested to with visual proof i.e., hearing problems, eye problems, back problems etc. (whe have to take their word for it). Plenty of people are there in wheel chairs and with other obvious visual problems but they are not brought up! Secondly, what if there were some real signs and wonders how will we know if it is of God or not? Is the gospel preached the same as the Apostles taught? The problem between God and humanity is our sin, does the preaching expose our corrupt nature that we might repent? These men have to be judged based on their message first (compared to the true gospel message), their character (do they ask / give a pitch for money) and then their fruit (do these converts have a new abhorance of sin).

    Phil: They’re even claiming a 3 year old child at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando was dead for 48 hours…..funeral arrangments were made and she was on her way to donate her organs when she “coughed” and came back to life. I’ve emailed the hospital for confirmation of this and am awaiting their reply….I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Hi Douglas,

    I deal with the charismatics in our family. They cause a lot of problems and think we are all “outside” because we don’t share in their experiences – forget scripture with them. I’ve questioned some of their actions using scripture and they just flatly ignore it because they have “divine” revelation that is superior to scripture.

    I certainly feel for your mother. You and she will need the patience of Job to get him past it.

    As a sidenote: I was very close to a 5 year old who was dying of brain cancer. His family were charismatic faith healers and when they would get done doing their thing, he would talk to me about it. At 5 years old he couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t want him to go be with Jesus…smart young man. In his words – he couldn’t wait to get there. He had wisdom well beyond his years.

  6. This will be my final comment here. I appreciate this new post Phil, because you do praise God for whatever change he does. I agree man, an altar call is not the be-all end all- we have have different offices in the church. It’s strange but I have grown fond of you guys here at theology today- you have sincere desire for the truth. My hasty comments didn’t do justice to what I was saying- but the scripture is sure- you don’t need to read my exegesis , as you call it Phil :), the verses speak for themselves!
    Time will tell all things, GOD bless my brothers and Sisters, may the church of Jesus Christ unite- From maybe the overzealous immature charismatics- to maybe the a bit too suspicious, there are errors on the both side of the road. Revival is neccesary-as we need a renewal from God- But so is discipline and intimacy and a knowledge of the word.
    I pray that we will all have a heart filled with Love for Jesus.

  7. I am glad again you are exposing the false healings and sorceries coming out of the Bentley meetings.

    The “gifts and calling of God are without repentance,” which means, as I discern it, that a person can have a gift of healing or other spiritual gift and still not be right with God, but I do not even think that Bentley has anything but a false gift…hence, the “clouds without rains.”
    However, it still takes the Holy Spirit to operate a gift of the Spirit as Paul said. It is not possible that Todd can be operating in the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Error that he is under precludes that. Thus, it is the flesh and demonic influences that is working. This is why there are few, if any, really documented healings.

    While Satan will not cast out Satan, he will suppress symptoms to imitate healings to deceive earnest people in order to spiritually defile them. Later, these symptoms can return and be worse than before…and the person then has their faith affected with demonic unbelief and bondage. I think Kurt Koch delved into this area to give some understanding of false ministries, or “angel of light” manifestations.
    The error and deception are great for those who do not know how to discern, and who do not know the Scriptures.

    The type of healings that are “called out” like Kuhlmann and Hinn did, psychologists call “psychosomatic healings.” There is no Biblical precedent for such a healing ministry. Healings performed by Christ were almost always predicated by the faith of the petitioner… this is not done in Hinn’s meetings. Faith never seems to be any critieria at all for such “blessings” in Benny Hinn’s meetings. Hinn has been involved in “miracle ministry” for over 20 years, yet there is yet not ONE documented healing.

  8. This is part of the Latter Rain Movement that all mainline Classical Pentecostal denominations have categorically denounced and rejected within years of it’s birth in the late 1940’s- early 50’s.

    Bentley’s doctrine, understanding of Scripture, prophecy, etc., is almost wholly different than what has been accepted as Orthodoxy for 2000 years. He is at FAR ODDS with Classic Pentecostal theology. There are usually 3 things at work in “Revivals”: God, People, and Satan. That was William Seymour’s concern with Azusa Street, as he said couldn’t always tell or discern with 100% accuracy, he needed help, that said, he received little help from anyone. When someone theologically LEAVES Orthodoxy, we must not ignore it. The aberrant doctrines, mentors, etc., of those who have begun the Lakeland revival have been largely ignored. The things I’ve discovered have broken my heart and are STARK RAVING CRAZY!

    In warning believers of dangers in the Last Days, Jesus and the Apostles did not warn of dead, dry, religiousity (and granted none of us want this). What they DID warn about was false signs, false miracles, false teachings, false prophets, etc.

    We must not exalt what we “feel” or “see” or “hear” or “experience” concerning this revival, over sound teaching/life.doctrine.

    Pentecostal/Charismatics who leave orthodoxy, Sola Scriptura, their theological roots in the Reformation, etc., have left the doctrines that their mainstream movements have always been about.

  9. They came to Bethsaida, and some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him. 23He took the blind man by the hand and led him outside the village. When he had spit on the man’s eyes and put his hands on him, Jesus asked, “Do you see anything?”
    24He looked up and said, “I see people; they look like trees walking around.”

    25Once more Jesus put his hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.
    Mark 8 22-25

  10. Hi Mark,

    You know, the Sanhedrin was very interested in the physical healings they saw manifested in their time. These physical healings were prophetic in nature. The raising of the dead was associated with resurrection, seeing & hearing to understanding of God’s Word, but they were stuck on the physicalness and most never grasped the spritual significance of the signs and wonders displayed before their eyes. These prophetic healings were a witness for and against them. Their temple economy was totally destroyed thus the signs and wonders manifested to them where never understood spiritually.

    In the OT there are the 7 major feasts of the Lord – Lev 23 but I never hardly ever see anyone talk about the minor feasts that are scattered through the texts. Chanakah is one and Jesus even entered the temple and spoke on the spritual application of that added feast. This particular text you quoted is a reference to the feast of trees and no, that’s not tabernacles.

    Christianity no longer needs a physical manifestation of signs and wonders to believe because, quite frankly, it never was about the physical. The true Church is well equiped by scripture to understand spiritual application. Only a remnant of the Jewish economy grasped the significance.

    In the Jewish economy, physical ownership of property in Jerusalem associated them with covenant promises. While many take Acts 2:14-47 as applicable to today, it was actually a very significant sign to the Jews. To sell all their goods in Jerusalem was a clear disconnect with that physical economy. It has nothing to do with today. That’s why the sin of Sapphira & Ananias was so great. They were not making a complete and total withdrawel from the Jewish economy and lied about it.

    imho To demand physical healing today is just about as close as you can get to association with an economy that God saw fit to destroy. Can and does God heal people today? Absolutely. But this attitude that IF you aren’t healed means you don’t have enough faith, is applying a demand for physical proof where in fact spiritual understanding is the rule.

    We should all realize that no matter what our physical condition, be it sickness or health, rich or poor, strong or weak, master or slave, male or female, that we should trust in God and all Glory goes to Him no matter what our physical circumstances.

    We shouldn’t miss the forest for the trees.

  11. I’ll try to hold on to my fragile sanity for however long this phase takes.

  12. Mike, thank you for commenting with that verse. I don’t support the Lakeland “revival” at all, but make sure that the reasons are correct–Christ did touch that man twice!

  13. Hopefully, what’s going on in my hometown will be over soon.

    The monies brought into the local economy is appreciated, but the eternal damage done to so many lukewarm and naive Christians and seekers is unimaginable.

  14. This is a very interesting take on this particular ministry. My counsel to you would be thus, 1. the fault we see in another is our own sin or weakness, 2. With the same measure of judgment you meet out it will be measured back to you, 3 God is the creator and by His Spirit He can do things His way which may be beyond our understanding 4. Last but not least Have you contacted these men with your concerns as the Bible instrusts or is this your gossip slander not full of the love of Jesus take. Pray for them, use your time questioning yourself whar would Jesus DO??????????????

  15. You say that Jesus’ healings were instantaneous, but what about the blind man – even Jesus had a second go. Don’t be too hasty to judge. Yes we have to be discerning, but…what if He is fulfilling the true call of God on his life. Jesus himself faced a lot of opposition – He didn’t ‘fit’ the expectation. Be careful and do not be judgemental, in case you too are judged. my paraphrase!

  16. Shaz,

    We are instructed to test the spirits. How do we do that – by testing it against what is written.

    Ever read the view Jesus held of the Church in Ephesus in Rev 2:2
    I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

    We are most certainly to judge those claiming to be “inside” Christianity and if their teaching fail the test of scripture, we are to treat them as a publican and cast them out so they can not deceive the flock….ever heard of the wolf in sheeps clothing. Does the shephard leave him free reign among the flock. NO.

    God gave us the authority to do it and to claim we don’t have it, is just plain wrong. Leave the mantra’s at their doorstep and study, then you won’t be deceived into to believing their lies.

    Phil: Maybe this will help as well;

  17. It seems like there are two aspects of the “charismatic” church…we all talk about the supernatural, the signs and wonders…but one group of us seem to talk about it all the time but are skeptical and judgemental of ANYONE who has any of it operate in their lives…the second group being those that do operate but at times become maybe “strange” in our eyes during the process.

    Doesn’t the word say “these signs shall follow those that believe” and also that we the church will do “greater works than these (those done by Jesus)” I think it is sad that we spend so much time investigating what is MAYBE going on here or there…what has happened in your walk with the Father lately…focus on that.

    Phil: Hi Caleb….welcome to Theology Today. Try the following two articles…..I believe they will address your questions;

  18. I just wanted to make a quick comment on what you wrote, here is the quote, “In all the healings of Jesus and the Apostles….each was instantaneous…..yet many of the reported healings aren’t this way….which leads me to believe these are the false signs and wonders that Jesus continually warned the disciples about”
    The thing is, your statement is not true. I am referring to Mark chapter 8 verses 23-25. This was a healing that Jesus performed that was not instantaneous but He had to go back and pray again. I’m hopeing you’ll think about this and on a personal note it you are wrong about this, could it be possible you might be wrong about Mr. Bentley or atleast that you may not have enough information to slander him. Thanks for your time and God bless.

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