Treachery in Tampa Bay

I know I’m a bit late with this post. I didn’t want to ever write about Randy and Paula White again. I have more important work to do then go on about those two wolves that crept in unawares scattering the sheep. Randy and Paula White have not only scattered the sheep, but devoured them whole. Randy White is now trying to sell the two churches he owns for 30 million dollars each while ex wife Paula White is most likely ending her reign of treachery in Tampa Bay by hosting her “Life by Design” conference in the very same building she spent the last few years fleecing the flock and making herself famous.  

I don’t even know where to begin with these two. I really don’t. My spirit is grieved at the way the Whites have conducted them selves in the last year alone. There is absolutely no apparent shame or remorse for the way they both have spit not only in the faces of their trusted congregants but in the face of the God they both claim to serve. What Christian would do that? 

What pastor would drive around his community in a Bentley, spend 5,000 dollars or more on bottles of wine, live in a 2.1 million dollar home when his church is 20 million or more dollars in debt? What pastor would lie about his educational background when an education to hold a position in the church he founded wasn’t even required? Why in the world would anyone do that? Randy White has done all that and more during his reign as pastor of Without Walls International Church.   

Life coach Paula White. Twice divorced community college dropout “life coach”. Self proclaimed “wordsmith” who seems to be at a loss for words whenever she’s questioned about her wacky theology and lavish lifestyle. Devoted wife and mother who ditched her family for another “partnership” in San Antonio. Yea, life coach all right….for the dysfunctional. 

Without Walls took in over 40 million dollars in 2006, the church is in debt and “pastors” are living like royalty? These wolves were buying cars, condos and starting personal businesses and their church is 20 million in the red? What amazed me most are the congregants and others who defended these two wolves. They couldn’t wait to line up and praise them for all the “souls they saved” and the people they helped. I feel sorry for the sheep at Without Walls International Church. Check out the following video of the White’s in action and then come in here and defend these wolves in sheep’s clothing; 

What kind of “pastors” stand in front of their congregations and tearfully proclaim they are “divorcing” when in reality they were divorced several month’s earlier all the while pretending everything was ok? By that time many long time congregants didn’t even recognize them anymore because of all the plastic surgeries the two of them “needed” for “tv”. 

What type of “pastors” borrow money several years earlier from an elderly congregant to purchase a home or manipulate donors into believing they were giving a single mother of three a home “all their own”? They finally paid back the elderly lady and gave the other one a house only after the media exposed them. 

What “pastors” require armed bodyguards? What type of church has VIP seating in the front of the church and a special entrance for celebrities and big money “tithers” so they didn’t have to rub elbows with the “common” folk? God’s not a respecter of persons and it looks like the White’s aren’t either. They fleeced the rich just like they fleeced the poor and it’s no wonder why their both running out of town. 

The only difference between the White’s and Jim Jones; Jones had the decency to kill his sheep after he took everything they had. The White’s just kept right on fleecing the fold week in and week out for years. They may have arrived in a U-Haul with only 1200 bucks but Paula’s leaving on a jet and Randy in a Bentley each millions of dollars richer.  

This weekend “life coach” Paula is returning to the scene of the crime with her “daddy” Bishop TD Jakes, Bishop Noel Jones and Mrs. Darlene Bishop to fleece the flock with her “Life by Design” conference. Two heretics who deny the Trinity and two women who don’t have any business behind a pulpit telling folks what God desires for their lives. Life by design my foot. More like leading the sheep right into a ditch.  

Back in Biblical times, the five (Randy, Paula, Darlene, Noel, TD) would’ve had stones thrown at them until they were dead for blasphemy. In modern times, people throw money at them and call them “anointed”. Is this how far we’ve come in the last 2000 years?  

These wolves remind me of the money changers that Jesus gave a whipping to for making His Father’s House a house of merchandise. These wolves remind me of Judas masquerading as a loyal disciple yet betraying Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. These wolves remind me of the Roman soldiers who crucified our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They mocked His Name and spit in His face just like these wolves do every time they speak His Name while the sheep are cheering them on yelling “Crucify Him” “Crucify Him”!! 

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. 

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11 thoughts on “Treachery in Tampa Bay

  1. How low will they go? How low will they go? I have the answer! As low as those who allow them to propogate such foolishness will let them. Boy I am with you, poor sheep. Most of them love the drama and are looking for their next great break, but some of them truley loves the Lord but are clueless as it relates to what Biblical Christianity is. And as long as they folllow these wolves they will continue to have bite marks all over themselves and wonder where they came from

  2. Hi Guys,

    I agree with both of you. They are in it for the money and will go as low as those around them will allow which apparently is VERY low!

  3. If I may say, what’s even sadder is that those who’ve been abused by churches doing things such as this and who seem bent on never going back to churches/viewing all churches unreasonably in th e same category will see this and probably be driven even further into error

  4. I must confess that I fell for the Word Faith Theology until I began to really listen to what they were saying. These cons nearly got me to so much debt until my mom( who fell for their many lies) bailed me out. This issue with the Faith Movement and Prosperity Preaching is that all of those who were opposed to it were branded as “narrow-minded” and intolerant. The sad part of it was that I was luckier than the many others who fell for the many lies that these charlatans are able to spew out thanks to many Christian Broadcasters namely Paul and Jan Crouch, the founders of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. The truth opened my eyes litte by little and it all started with Benny Hinn. Then it was the rest of the bunch. I have never thought that these people were such cons and it will have to take a very long time to get over the deception that engulfed me for a very long time. Please pray me because what people like Paula and Randy are doing is unforgivable.

  5. Hi Charles,

    You are not alone. The White’s and dozens of others deceive millions each and every day. I praise God for allowing you to see the truth….there are many that aren’t as fortunate.

    We all will be praying for you Charles!

  6. I am one of the sheep that attend WWIC. And God has blessed me more than I need to say. I do not want to believe the things that you, and others are saying. My life and experiences, while at WWIC, have been the th opposite. But what I would like to say is this. What happened to the Lord being the judge of our wrong doings. Since when is it our job to judge what they are doing? It is obvious that all of you do not adhere to their theology. And that is okay. But which one of you, has God annointed to speak and judge them on Hs behalf? I believe more damage is done by the world witnessing the “body” dismemebering itself with all the hatred. We are acting no different than the world does. There is no light being shown through any of these comments. Just hatred and judgement. If they indeed are guilty off all that you “brothers and sister in Chrtist” accuse them of. They will need all of our prayers at the day of judgement. IThe Word does tell us to pray for our enemies. And that is what it sounds like the White’s are to all of you. I pray that each of you will see through your anger and pray for God to brig conviction to their spirits if they need it. Or pray for restoration. All I know is the Body will never be as strong as the world, as long as every member continues to kick a brother or sister that has fallen from Grace. I do want to say that I do not agree with the divorce. It sickens me. But at the same time I pray that Pastor Randy and Paula will both be convicted in their hearts and spirits. As all that it has done was to weaken their testimonies. Just a this “bible bashing” is hurting each of ours.

  7. Sorry Bro Rich. The whites aren’t our enemies, but wolves in sheep clothing. What the bible says, is to stay away from them. And if I remember Paul’s instructions clearly, people that preach and teach error are to be exposed.

    I don’t get why people keep talking about not judging others and speaking the truth. If you truly love someone, won’t you want to warn them about the dangers around? I don’t get it.

  8. My,my. The selling of the church is sad indeed. The gospel of Jesus Christ has become a gospel of commerce for many. We must discern the hour and know that just because it is on national wide television-it is not necessarily of God. A great read about this and other matters is “A Step Into Deliverance” by T. Pugh. It is a riveting autobiography about one pastor’s battle against the spirit of Jezebel.

  9. I was also deceived by the WOF message. I have only myself to blame because I took my eyes off Christ and the pure gospel of Grace and his sole sufficiency. I became covetous and envious of others who seemed to be blessed more than I. Looking back on it now I have come to the conclusion that I was guilty of idolatry because I brought God down to my own level and worshipped an imagenary God that suited my own design. Of this I have repented and received his forgiveness. I know now that the God of the Bible is a sovereign God who controls everything, even the temporal struggles, which include sickness and poverty. No matter what our life’s circumstances God is still on the throne. May the Body of Christ begin to glorify God in all his splendour and majesty and once again preach the doctrines of grace.

    In his service.

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