Marcus Lamb Compromises Again!!

On January 21, 2008, I posted a blog regarding comments Marcus and Joni Lamb had made at a meeting of so-called Christian leaders held at the Charisma Magazine headquarters. I questioned the Lambs integrity then, and was reluctant to label the Lambs as hypocrites. Last night I watched Daystar, airing a repeat of a past Share-a-Thon featuring “Prophetess” Juanita Bynum whooping and hollering and raising money for Daystar.  

In light of the “prophetesses” appearance last night, this statement makes Marcus Lamb a hypocrite; 

We must have personal revival. Marcus Lamb, founder of the Daystar Television Network, fought back tears as he lamented how far leaders have fallen in this day of Christian superstar scandals. “When was the last time we fasted?” he asked. “When was the last time we studied the Word just to hear from God?” Lamb believes “an alarm was sounded in 2007” that is calling each of us back to the simplicity of devotion to Jesus.  

Keep in mind that Lamb made the above statement after his Fall Share-a-Thon when he had Bynum, Paula White and Jamaal Harrison Bryant appearing in re-runs raising money. Each of these three has had major personal public scandals in the past year and each of these three has either been divorced or in the process of getting one at the time of their appearance on Daystar’s Share-a-Thon. 

So, what does the tear filled “Little Lamb of God” pull two month’s later? He shows re-runs of Juanita Bynum prancing around in a white robe begging for money for his network. Does this look like lament to you? Does this look like a man whose fasted and prayed over his choices as to who he should be using to raise money for a “Christian” network?  

Maybe in the fall of 2007 we could have given Lamb a pass on his poor judgment. After all, we all make mistakes but this is beyond making a mistake. What this is the very definition of compromise and hypocritical behavior and hardly exhibits the fruit of a Christian leader or a Christian network. 

It’s fairly obvious Lamb utilizes the talents of famous people like Ms. Bynum to raise money whether they are Christian or not so what’s next? Maybe Tom Cruise can make an appearance or how about Oprah Winfrey? I’m sure those two would bring in big bucks and they have at least one thing in common with the rest of Lambs circus of the stars…..they don’t preach Christ crucified either.  

Marcus Lamb is a hypocrite ladies and gentlemen. His network hosts more heretics then a hyper preterist conference. Lamb can’t and shouldn’t be trusted as he has clearly demonstrated the survival of his “Christian” network means more to him then demonstrating Christian integrity. 

I titled the post I made in January “Only Time Will Tell” because I wanted to give the Lambs a chance to demonstrate their integrity. I guess it didn’t take too long for them to show their true colors did it?     


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    Phil: Hi Hannah, Welcome to Theology Today! I think you’re confused. How have I been “muddled up with the ways of the world? If I were, I’d be just like the Lambs and the wolves they traipse out for your viewing pleasure…..and they’re personal profit. You don’t think I’m doing God’s Work Hannah?

    • Go Hannah! What the Lambs did today was amazing. They didn’t have to go to the world and tell their story, they could have just paid the people off. It shows Marcus Lamb’s true character of humbling himself before the world. God will be glorified through this all and how scared would I be to write something so cruel and have to face the Lord someday.

  2. Well Phil……… least she didn’t say “Touch not My anointed”. I don’t think I could have handled that again.

  3. Did she just say “ways of the world” ? Selling a product is a way of the world right ? And didn’t Jesus say he did not commit to all ?

  4. im not giving any money to any one but my church. and if my preacher buys a bentley, or stars wearing designer suites, buys a big fancy home and quites preaching Christ crucified, and stops preacing the blood of jesus, buys a condo in trupp towers, gets plastic surgery or divorces his wife im out of there.

  5. Hi,
    I think you have the right idea.
    Christian’s need to be in a church with a pastor who preaches the truth of God’s word. Every believer should be a continuous student of God’s Word. I am an associate pastor and know that our precious pastor ( Dr Gene Holmes) who is the probably the fomost Greek scholoar in the United States brings us the Word translated from the Greek. He is a most humble, faithful
    and loving shepherd toward his flock. He insists that we know the Word for ourselves so we can grow up in Christ and be all we were created to be.
    Irene Gonzalez

    • so.. you call yourself a pastor… in the greek and hebrew, that word is also translated as bishop, elder or overseer. and according to 1 timothy 3:1 and following, how can a woman be the husband of one wife? how can HE rule his house well if HE is a SHE; or how can HE desireth a good thing if the HE is a SHE? not saying that theres not a place for women in the ministry; just not in americas pulpits. God ordained men to be the leaders in the home and in the church.

  6. Hi Irene,

    Welcome to Theology Today!

    I think it’s great your pastor reads from the Greek….where in the NT does it allow for women to be “associate pastors”?

  7. Hi,.
    I haven’t been back to this site in a few weeks.
    I have been busy, about my Father’s business.
    You pose a interesting question, but I don’t really need to refer the original Greek to answer you.
    God shows us all through His word that He can raise up and use whom he will. He’s known to use men, women and even donkeys when he has to.
    He is no respector of persons. Acts 10:34
    The woman at the well in, John:4, was probably the first woman evangelist
    “For as many of you as have been baptised into Christ have put on Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, neither bond nor free,
    neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.
    Gal 3:27-28

    Phil: Hi Irene! What about 1Timothy 3? Are you the husband of one wife?

    • I agree with the “pastor” on this one. God can raise up anyone he sees fit do do anything that he wants to accomplish; but God also doesn’t contradict himself. He laid out foundation and order for the church. Man is to be the elder of the church, women are to support the men, not to usurp authority over them. It never worked 2000+ years ago; it works for the most part in the working secular world, but never in the Church; even from the beginning, Eve was made subject to adam; ma;am please read your bible before you call yourself such a title.

  8. Phil
    I think you sound like a very hurt christian and are out to bash anyone that has any difference of opinion.

  9. I accidentaly found this site while looking up the Lambs. Is this a christian site? I am a christian and I would be fearful of degrading anoited people such as the Lambs. Oprah also doesn’t believe that Jesus is the ONLY way. Tom Cruise:( The Lambs are dedicated christians trying to reach all the lost souls through their network; it takes money. I recently heard him say that christians should pay their tithes to their home church and NOT send money to any ministry without taking care of their home church first.

  10. The only weird feeling I get about the Lambs, is Joni’s lack of compassion or so it seems. She has guest on her show that tell heartbreaking stories of their past and how great God saved them and showed himself to them, the camera will show the audience in tears, as I will be at home in tears, then it shows Joni and she has no emotion about it and rushes them into the next question. Like it didn’t even phase her not the least. Reminds me of a pastor’s wife I once knew, sweet as could be, through all the prayer and praise and spirit filled services, I never saw her shed a tiny tear until the day the Pastor (her husband) set us all down to tell the church we were pretty much broke, she cried then.

  11. I happened upon this and it is disturbing but we are to expect such things in the last days. As many times as some do not want to hear it, the Bible does say, “Touch not mine annointed and do them no harm”. You are putting yourself in a very dangerous situation talking about these men and women of God. We are to work out our own salvation. Why not make sure you are where you need to be with God and do something to help people that need salvation or prayer? People who really pray and seek God will know for themselves who is of God and who isn’t.

    • Karen,

      Touch not mine anointed means to not physically harm someone. I’m not doing that. Here’s an article I wrote about this;

      Now, what do you mean by helping people with their salvation? Do you mean church planting? I do that. Do you mean pray for the sick? I do that. Officiate funerals and weddings? I do that. Teach at a seminary? I do that. Warn folks like you there are wolves out to devour them? I do that.

      • Well said in last post! There are Seniors in my neighborhood outside Dallas, living on limited incomes, who believe these teary-eyed clowns! They are no better than blatant pimps! Or thieves!

        I support my local church and St Vincent de Paul , who partners with different community agencies, where I KNOW the contributions go to the poor. needy in your community. You will feel much better about that than pouring money into a black hole! such as teleevangelism…

  12. I continue to be amazed by the unwarranted loyalty that some of these “followers” have for people like the Lambs, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, T.D. Jakes, et. al…. ad infinitum. Christ called us to love our fellow man, to preach the Good News, to carry that News to the world. The aforementioned “preachers” and I use that word facetiously, take the Word and twist it into nothing more than a “for profit” scheme. I watch these folks all of the time, following the age old axiom, “keep your friends close, your enemies even closer,” because these people are heretics. Period! End of story! I honestly believe that these people would sell their own mothers, if there was a profit to be made. They are no better than the snake-oil shills of the 19th century. In fact, I would rather hang out with the snake-oil guy. The message of Christ, and the message of salvation has all but been removed from the churches of these “saints.” Money, money, money… that’s all they talk about. They have one simple formula that they foist on their deluded sheep…money = faith. More money = more faith. Shame on those who continue to defend those who would rob sincere, genuine, devout believers, desperate for healing and miracles. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!! You are being led astray and don’t even realize it. Hmmm, a sign of the last days?????

  13. I agree with both Phil and Marty on this issue. I have been following these so-called “preachers” either on Daystar or TBN, I am always disgusted to hear them telling people over and over again to donate money. But for what reason?????? JUST TO FULL UP THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS and lie to the miserable people really hungrily searching for the Lord’s Amazing Grace. SHAME ON THEM AND FIRE UPON THEM. As a servant of God, I feel pity for these christians who have eyes but cannot see and have ears but cannot hear. How many times are we gonna say this. The signs of endtime are real and Satan has entered the Church. These poor fellows should read the Books of Prophecy such as DANIEL & REVELATION and get enlightened. OPEN YOUR EYES FOR THE BEAST IS DEVOURING MULTITUDES.



  14. It is truly unfortunate that the largest networks claiming to be Christian are quite possibly the worst examples possible. What ever happened to the true gospel where people deny themselves, take up their crosses, and follow Jesus (Matthew 16:24; Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23)?

  15. One thing you seem hesitant to point out is that NONE of the money raised during the Daystar Sharathon goes to the Day-to-Day operations of the network or to the Salaries of anyone in the company. Not even the Lambs. The business expenses and company salaries are paid for by the programs that run on the network. Donated money goes solely to Charitable organizations and expanding the network (ie cable/satellite deals, buying new stations, etc.) Daystar has given tens of millions of dollars over the years to organizations like Feed The Children, Buckner International, and other various orphanages and ministries around the world. They’re adding an entire trauma center to a hospital in Israel, and gave half-a-millioni to build a much-needed hospital/nursing school in India. Their charitable donations are much too numerous to list. This is where the donated money goes. Disagreeing with the theology of certain guests is one thing, but calling them money-hungry wolves in sheeps clothing is another.

    • That is a pretty weak argument. As someone who has been a resident of some Mafia-controlled areas, for a long time, I can testify to the generosity of these folks. It would amaze some people how much “dirty” money actually flows into charities, hospitals, shelters, etc… However, generosity alone doesn’t justify their actions, in any way shape or form. Don’t get me wrong, I am not equating TBN or Daystar with the Mafia. In fact, TBN and Daystar are much worse. The Mafia deals in death all of the time. It’s a given that no one speaks about, at least publicly anyway. Daystar and TBN deal in the worst kind of death possible, spiritual death. Do I really need to quote Mark 8:36? Come on!!!! These people are leading others to eternal damnation, and using the God, Jesus and the Bible to do it. I don’t care if TBN and/or Daystar give all of their money away. Their theology is wrong, period! If you choose to believe that what they is agreeable and acceptable unto the Lord, then that’s your choice. As for me, I don’t want to be anywhere near those folks on Judgement Day.

  16. Just watched a little of Marcus and Joni’s latest Share-a-Thon 2009 and the parade of thieves continues one after the other. Of course they all were begging for money and bending the word of the Old Testament to pressure folks into giving them ‘seed’ money in order to qualify for God’s blessing . Haven’t you heard? The more you give Daystar the more God is going to give you. The other time was spent praising themselves and their ‘Christian’ network. Marcus was trying every angle in the book to try to tie 9-9-09 into a money amount that God ‘told’ him to relay to us. It was very sad to watch. I wonder….do they spend as much time helping others less well off than themselves as they do begging for money to live like kings? If prayer partners are sending them money, then why don’t the Lambs share the wealth that they have with them, their partners? After all, Marcus and Joni and Daystar must be worth millions. To all you ‘fans’ of these false teachers, please read your Bibles. Please read all of Proverbs 22 when you have time. Especially 16-23. May God bless you.

  17. Hello All, Mikey fae Scotland here:o)

    Have just been watching some Daystar share-a-thon, yet again i’m shocked by the twisted Gospel they’re presenting. In fact, it’s not the Gospel at all! They are actually telling people to give money in order to receive financial blessing back!

    Marcus Lamb once said on Daystar “God spoke to me last night and told me that 7 people are going to give donations today of $5000 each, and God said that with that 7 gifts of $5000 he’s going to perform ‘a mountain moving miricle'” I couldn’t believe what i was witnessing. Every time someone donated $5000 a screen came up with 7 pictures of stacks of money and one stack would then be crossed out. Marcus would then encourage the viewers to hurry uo or they’ll miss the opertunity for the “mountain moving miricle”. Unbelievable.

    Can I just say to you all, as i say to myself, Don’t love money, Don’t give in order to recieve, Do “Repent, and believe in the gospel”(Mark Ch1v15) & Do “offer your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service(Romans ch 12v1).

    God bless

  18. giving is no heresy, it is biblical. if u don’t read the bible say so. if u get irritated because someone asks you to give , own up to it. have you ever asked some of these ‘preachers’ how much they/their ministry gave out in one year? someone said if a preacher believes in giving, he should give all he has…many have done that, do you pay attention? have you ever given half of your belongings before? what s the real purpose of this ‘ministry or website?expanding the Lord’s kingdom or hunting preachers??? I have not seen such a ministry in the bible devoted to hunting ‘wealthy ministers’…have a feeling Jesus will not be right if you realise that he was not poor…he had a treasurer in Judas Iscariot

  19. hi
    it was interesting to read all these comments. Can I just say to all those criticising Daystar, if you are so worried about what they are doing, are you praying about it? Are you seeking Gods face about it? Or just gossiping about it? Boy the devil doesn’t need to do any work, so called christians are doing it all for him. Why are you all so worried when it comes to money? You think you’re missing out? Want some bentleys and helicopters for yourselves? Look, its only God who will judge these people, not us. Any decent christian would pray and work out their own salvation with fear and trembling, instead of busy shooting off about other christians. And if you have the guts to allow a different opinion, then publish this. We live in the last days, and anyone who has enough time to demolish people but doesn’t spend time building up God’s kingdom is treading a dangerous path. Please, leave the christian bashing alone and go help someone. Go volunteer at a soup kitchen or something. If you feel its so fake, don’t support it but don’t put out all this bile online when you could spend your time doing something far more constructive. God bless and i hope you find your purpose in life.

    • I definitely pray about it that the Lord will bring the people, who make donations to these thieves, to their senses. No, I do not think I am “missing out” because I do not desire Bentleys or helicopters!

      I definitely pray that God will have mercy on the Lambs and people who prey on vulnerable people! Yes, I pray and have worked out my salvation but we must stand up for those who cannot and will not stand up for themselves….! Furthermore, no one knows when our last day will be.! Scripture tells us that!

      I do not bash Christians. I bash hypocrites, who prey on vulnrerable people. And, I do volunteer at soup kitchens, raise money for the needy in the community, help the homeless downtown Dallas and spend time helping a paraplegic neighbor! I know my purpose and it is to help make aware the vultures that prey on society…. Remember! Jesus became angry with the moneychangers!

    • Sharona sounds very pompous, smug and judgemental like the pharisees ”be more like me, I go to soup kitchens”. I think it is perfectly alright for people to vent and give their personal opinions about what is going on in the world and in the so-called christian community……in fact we are told to expose error and name names. Why don’t you read all the bible and get the complete biblical perspective on what a genuine christian’s character is and should be in not conforming to this world and satan’s ever seeking influences on those who have not put on the whole armor of JESUS CHRIST!

  20. Sorry if you are offended, but I’ve known people to be ruined financially and more importantly spiritually by this type of prosperity gospel. This is not about Christian giving (which is a good thing), nor about “hunting preachers” which is a horrible thing to say! It’s about a false Gospel message which is very serious and should be highlighted.

    2 Corinthians 9:7 (NIV)
    “Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. ”

    Our motive for giving should only be for the Glory of God. Prosperity Preaching goes against this 100%. It’s wrong folks.

    Luke 12:15 (NIV)
    Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

    1 Timothy 6:10 (NIV)
    10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

    James 4:13–16 (NIV)
    13 Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city, spend a year there, carry on business and make money.” 14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

    Matthew 6:19 (NIV)
    19 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

  21. You all left out three of the biggest hypocrites and money grubbers breathing today. One is Benny Hinn, who passes out ‘miracles’ like circus clowns tossing candy in a parade. The other 2 are Richard & Pattie Roberts(sic) once of Oral Roberts University. They have a tv program that seems to run 24/7 wanting money. “God’s gonna send you a miracle! But God wants you to prove you deserve it! The only way you can prove it is by sending Pattie and me money. The more you send us, the more God believes you deserve that miracle. Mortgage your house if you have to, let your children go hungry and raggedy-clothed, but send us that damn money!” Don’t get me started on Larry Jones & Feed the Children.

  22. Wow! The exegetical skills displayed by some of the posters here is incredible…

    Incredibly lazy that is. Hey sheeple! Try actually READING & RESEARCHING & PRAYING, then apply a little bit of context before you wrongly “pick quote” PART of a verse to defend an erroneous position.

    To the poster “Irene Gonzalez”:

    Aside from the fact that you “pick quoted” (out of context I might add) part of a verse to establish who you think the first female Evangelist might be to depend a direct query about you being a female Pastor.

    That would be like me using a book about coyotes to try prove zebras exist, to defend my claim of being a bird.

    “The woman at the well in, John:4, was probably the first woman evangelist”

    If you will read the WHOLE interchange that took place in John 4 you will clearly see the context.

    John 4:17-18 NLT
    “I don’t have a husband,” the woman replied. Jesus said, “You’re right! You don’t have a husband–for you have had five husbands, and you aren’t even married to the man you’re living with now.”

    So she would make a good MODERN day Evangelist. 🙂

  23. Yes, there are teachings that are not balanced and giving can be one of them. Giving with the wrong or selfish motive in order to get something in return for selfish reasons is an immature motive, that can be matured in. The other extreme is those who don’t believe that God can and will bless and prosper you when you give with the right motive, which is to be obedient to the leading of the Lord in giving to see needs met and further God’s kingdom. Bottom line, you reap what you sow, good or bad.

  24. One of the seven abominations is disunity among the brethren. Disunity among marriages, parents & their children, Churches, etc… is rampant and the demons are having a field day. Its all very, very sad and all of us need to be praying for the Holy Spirit to enlighten our spiritual understanding. I, for one do not want to fall into deception myself. How we measure out judgment will be measured back on us. I need mercy myself…

  25. And now, an affair is revealed. He now has even more in common with Paul Crouch, and less in common with the apostle Paul.
    “Judgment begins in the house of the Lord.”
    Another sad day for the body of Christ.

  26. Well, the Rev. Marcus Lamb admitted a seven year adultery affair with a Daystar employee (Nov. 2010) and then appeared on secular TV with his wife and supporter, Joni, to insist he and Daystar were being extorted over the adultery. Apparently the local police in Texas investigated and said Marcus Lamb’s claim of extortion was groundless aka another fib (lie) by Marcus Lamb. This sounds like echoes of the corrupt Pope of Italy (all claims of child abuse by Italian Catholic ministers anywhere) are only idle wives’ gossip and bad reporting by the secular news media. Hogwash. Bunk. Rubbish. Apparently both Marcus Lamb and the Pope of Italy are in the same business of raising money and denying known wrongdoing.

  27. Do you seriously refer to these tv celebs as “SERVANTS” of Christ ??? I”m done with all of you idiots who have ever sent them one thin dime….God will reward unfaithfull steward like yourself..Sorry, I never knew you

  28. You are right on, Phl! I am so glad someone finally sees Marcus & Joni Lamb’s true colors! They are, like all the other tele-evangelists, money oriented and prey on the emotions of people to send them money. I question “charities:” who beg for money. Why should it be any different with a minister, who prostitutes himself to live “abundantly” off his congregation? The problem is they do it in the name of God! The Lamb ministry is hypocritical. They talk about their trips to Israel, Spain, etc. etc. How much of that was paid for by the ministry? I don’t have a way of funding my foreign trips by my faith! I am jiust sick of all these evangelists and hope Sr. Grassley is successful in exposing more and more of them.

  29. I have attempted on numerous occasions to watch the tv programs that have been discussed here.I am so thankful for discernment. My gosh all I hear is begging for money.

    Will someone tell me why does Paula White dress so seductively ?Mind you I am not a prude.But a pastor on tv with the left shoulder of her blouse cut out with flesh showing. Come on ! They live like Kings and Queens………

  30. Paula White? She’s recently divorced from her “pastor” ex-husband; linked to an affair with Benny Hinn(we don’t have enough room in this forum to discuss Benny and his antics) and also linked to a recently deceased pastor in Florida. All of these “men and women of God,” aka Paula White, Benny Hinn, Rod Parsley, The Crouches, The Lambs, The Copelands, The Dollars, ad infinitum, are nothing more than snake-oil shills. They deliberately deceive and profit at the expense of others, most of whom don’t have two pennies to rub together. It is always about the need for more money to pad their bottomless pockets.

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