Hey Joyce Meyer Supporters; Check Out This Testimony

I’d like you all to check out the following testimony from a former Joyce Meyer supporter. After reading this, please tell me how in God’s Name could you still support this greedy Grandma.


46 thoughts on “Hey Joyce Meyer Supporters; Check Out This Testimony

  1. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the comments.

    The sad thing is that people will still follow this lady and her teachings which are nothing more then a heavenly lottery devised from the pits of hell.

    I never really looked at this like Meyer is running a cult, but her teachings are unorthodox and quite extreme which are two warning signs of a cult. So, defining her a cult leader is a fair description.

  2. She is supposed to be here in a week. I thought about protesting outside. Maybe I could stir someone up to good works and get them to read the bible for real. Whatcha think?

  3. Here is a great 15 minute compilation of Joyce Meyers preaching clips with background music contrasted against a Biblical view of money. It is called escaping the theology of babylon. I highly recommend everyone listen to it. Run for your life from this deceiver and her teachings. 2 Cor 11

    [audio src="http://www.fleebabylon.com/audio/babylons_theology.mp3" /]

    In Christ – Jim (www.fleebabylon.com)

  4. there is 15 minutes I’ll never get back. these people are no more decieved beyond any degree that you are. they have great outreaches and are winning souls to Christ. i’ve never listened to more than a couple of hours of J.M. but that is by choice. it all reminds me of something i heard years ago – that the only thing the devil hates more than a born again Christian is a rich born again Christian. helping the poor is a noble cause indeed as long as you are helping them not to be poor anymore. it would be like reaching the lost yet leaving them the same way they were. i couldn’t believe the Job story…he was twice are rich in the end by the way. i can’t say that your target group is right on spot on etherything but i wouldn’t go so far as to say you are right either. seems true that every man is right in his own eyes.

  5. Pastor Mark, explain to me how one “helps” the poor by taking their money? Joyce Meyer is NOT helping the poor not to be poor anymore … she is sending them deeper into poverty! You liken it unto “reaching the lost yet leaving them the same way they were.” I submit to you sir, that Joyce Meyer is not leaving them the same way they were … she is leaving them WORSE than they were before. How can one “help the poor” by taking from them and then telling them that God will bless them? If Joyce Meyer truly wanted to help the poor, she would GIVE to them.

    I speak about Joyce from experience. I have been a staunch follower of the Word of Faith prosperity gospel for over 30 years, and have been a faithful and loyal supporter of Joyce Meyer Ministries since 1997. I gave nearly all that I had in her support, both spiritually and financially. I stood by her and defended her much more than you do now. But that unwavering support nearly led to my undoing, both spiritually and financially … do not try to label me as one who “is of little faith” …. you do not know me or from where I have come. I am not, nor will I ever try to convince you of your error in defending this reprehensible woman. But at the same time, I can NOT keep silent in speaking out against how Joyce Meyer (and all the other prosperity gospel pimp preachers) are RAPING the poor!

    By what you have written, I can only say that you have no earthly idea the false hope that this woman gives to the poor with her preaching. You say the devil hates a rich born again christian … hmmm … this brings to my mind the scripture from Matthew 19:24, which says something to the effect of it being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich (woman) to enter into the kingdom of God. Funny how scriptures like this seem to elude the propagators of the prosperity gospel “vomit” that is spewed into the livingrooms all across this land by the likes of Joyce Meyer. As for me, I know the truth, and the truth has made me free.

    Phil: Thank you for sharing your testimony with us Boo Boos Dad and welcome to Theology Today!

  6. The bitter way you speak about this women tells me that you have personal problems that you didn’t give to God. Bitterness is not good and any time you speak out of bitterness, tells people around you, more about you then about person you won’t to represent like ripper.
    No matter what you or anyone say, i have never heard her doing or saying things like that. I knew people who has been changed, their lives on a positive ways. So, before you throw a stone to some one, look at the mirror and ask your self what are you motives to do things like these.

    • All too often we consider standing for the truth in a passionate way as “bitterness”. Please open yourself to the idea of righteous anger. Christ portrayed this in the Temple of “thieves & robbers”. As Christianity is under seige, most disconcerting from within the Body, those who stand firm in the truth are not worried about offending people, but are more concerned about offending our Savior. Word of Faith preachers focus on self, wherein the true message of Christ is denying self and seeking His will as a bondservent of Christ.

  7. I don’t understand how a women who is preaching healing and restoration to a broken generation can be a bad thing. Regardless of christianity or not, there are hurting people out there hearing the message Joyce is bringing that are finding out the true meaning on life. For every testimony you find of a former Joyce Meter supporter, I am sure you will find 10 to say differently.

    • I agree with you Anonymous. Any theology or interpretation of the Bible is just that “an interpretation”. The only way one can understand the “true” interpretation of God’s word is through the Holy Spirit’s help in understanding while reading the Bible.

      I have watched Joyce Meyer and many others, read books by several, and still rely on the explanation that is given to me by Holy Spirit while reading God’s word. Each evangelist has something that will offend someone. THEY ARE ONLY HUMAN. As long as one understands that they are sharing their opinion of the interpretation of the word, it will be easier to simply dismiss what you know to be contrary to God’s word. If something seems not quite right, go to the book with the answers . . . the Bible.

  8. It is very dangerous territory for any christian to be judging another. That is the domain of God and God alone. Remember that King Saul was not much of a king but David lamented when he stretched out his hand against God’s anointed. You may not like Joyce Meyer, that’s your choice, but for myself, a person who has come from a background of sexual abuse, her teachings have helped me to forgive, overcome and grow and develop as a person and as a christian. Judge not…..

      • Melissa,

        We judge in righteousness, not self-righteousness. That is why we do not judge the lost (for we were all once lost), but admonish those in the church (1 Cor 5:12-13) for the good of the Body. We should use God-breathed scripture to teach, rebuke, correct & train (2 Tim 3:16).


    • We are not judging “another Christian”. We are evaluating the works of one who has left the orthodox faith by the Word of God. Joyce Meyer falls far short of what one could call a woman of faith.

    • Melissa,

      I agree with you! The Bible is very clear about helping a fellow believer out of sin carefully as to restore them and if they are not a believer the judgment is to be left to God. In this way these people have proven to me and God they are deceivers causing confusion and strife among believers. If Joyce Meyers is caught in a stronghold of greed then it is the Body of Christ’s duty to help her. Not to criticize or condemn, and tear her ministry down! The fact that Satan has this site up to divide and destroy God’s children sickens me! It truly screams to me someone is caught in the love of money and is bitter over God’s blessing on His servant..oh trust me I have been there! Such a trap. All that sin is doing in this case is making a mockery of God before unbelievers and believers alike! God will not be mocked. He is holy. He is love. Love never fails. Praise Him! Rejoice in Him! Do not be deceived any longer!

    • Hi Sherri,

      You said

      I agree with you! The Bible is very clear about helping a fellow believer out of sin carefully as to restore them and if they are not a believer the judgment is to be left to God.

      I believe you are referring to the following….

      Galatians 6:1
      Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

      That verse means to gently restore someone who was “seized suddenly or overtaken”……Mrs. Meyer has been preaching her greedy gospel for decades…..hardly seized suddenly and overtaken huh?

      In this way these people have proven to me and God they are deceivers causing confusion and strife among believers.

      I’m sure the Apostle Paul will be very happy to know you think he was a “deceiver causing confusion and strife among believers”……after all he wrote the following…..

      1Corinthians 5:9-13
      I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people–not at all meaning the sexually immoral of this world, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters, since then you would need to go out of the world. But now I am writing to you not to associate with anyone who bears the name of brother if he is guilty of sexual immorality or greed, or is an idolater, reviler, drunkard, or swindler–not even to eat with such a one. For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

      Doesn’t sound like what YOU had in mind eh Sherri?

      I’d deal with the rest of your comment but I think I’ve given you enough to ponder for now.



  9. I just read your website while searching for information on the theology of Paula White. I am a retired Assemblies of God minister, preaching and teaching the “old fashioned” way. A Baptist pastor once asked me of my opinion of Joyce Meyer, and before I could think I blurted out forcefully, “She is a theological whore!” Tninking back, I stand by that statement.

    Since the Word of Faith philosophy crept in to our churches, I have had nothing but heartache from them. I lost a church because of their sins. I will preach and teach against them until the day I die. I will never abandon the clear statements of “the faith once delivered to the saints.”

    Thank you for letting me get this off my chest. God bless you.

    LeRoy Wornell
    Everett, WA

  10. I just replied, but I don’t think I did it right. I have just finished forty years in the gospel ministry. I am an “old fashioned” Assembies of God minister, and I’ve always preached a simple, clear cut message based on the “faith once delivered to the saints.”

    I lost a church years ago because of the name it claim it people. They literally stole my congregation. Since that philosophy crept into the (mainly) Pentecostal churches, I have had nothing but trouble from them.

    Thank you for letting me sound off. I will continue to preach the only way I know how — the way Paul did when he wrote, “Woe is me if I preach not Christ and Him crucified.”

    God bless you.

    • @ Rev. LeRoy Wornell

      Dear Rev. Wornell:

      I just read your posting and the name “Paula White” in the text. Paula White and Joyce Meyer are in the same “Money Club” together and are $ucking people dry for money with their wonderful “faith” material !

      Here’s a tidbit about Paula White that some / many of you may or may NOT know and it is this:
      Paula White (the PHONIEST of them all !) owns a $4 (Four) million apartment at Trump Tower in New York and every cent any person donates to her “Ministry” might quite well flow into “upkeep and maintenance” of it …

      Her bodylanguage: “I WILL make this work”

      Her voicetone: “Oh please, give me a break”


  11. What ever happened to “Judge not, lest ye be judged”? If Joyce Meyer is doing what she does partially for her own selfish motives, the she will have to answer to God for it. But think about this: God can use even a corrupt person for his purposes. THOUSANDS of people are led to Christ through her ministry. Many times, she has preached EXACTLY what I needed to hear, and I have been immensely blessed by her ministry.

  12. I kindheartedly agree with Melissa…thousands of people are being led to Christ because of her ministry…That’s bearing the fruit of God’s will, and tens of thousands more are being saved. That’s what counts. As for Joyce? God Bless her ministry…and if God has a problem with her, HE will deal with it…not the millions that ‘are’ and ‘will’ be saved.

    • Hi Bonnie Jean,


      Would you be able to point us to a sermon (that we don’t have to pay to hear) where Mrs. Meyer has preached the Gospel? That would be 1Corinthians 15:1-6. I ask this not to be a wise guy but in order to hear this for myself as I personally haven’t heard her preach much of anything remotely close to the Gospel.



  13. My goodness, someone OTHER THAN ME is on to Joyce Meyer, PRAISE THE LORD !

    Few years ago while channelhopping, I stumbled across one of TV broadcasts and … listened. I am a person who very much goes by FIRST impression and this my first impression of her was anything b u t favorable !

    In this particular broadcast, she talked about her husband’s Mercedes, his golf outings at golf courses I KNOW and the green fees there.

    She kept rambling on about her manicurist, her hairdresser, her housekeeper, about her “love” for expen$ive Starbucks coffee, about her clothes, her airplane, and, last but not least, the white carpet throughout her house which, in an online research, showed up as a huge mansion, the likes of the folks who live in Beverly Hills.

    In the 30 minute-duration of this particular broadcast, the name “JESUS” came up in this context:

    “Jesus has made me, a one-time nobody 9-5 bookkeeper / housewife from St. Louis, rich and I am enjoying all of it to the hilt. Those who begrudge me it, should work on their Faith”

    Her attire, complete with dangling earrings and too much jewelry reminded me of a Barbie Doll gone bad and, needless to say, my first impression of Joyce Meyer was to put it nice and mildly: UNfavorable !

    As time went on, I caught her broadcasts several more times when each time, my first impression of her, kept ringing in my ears. Joyce Meyer sells “teaching tapes” and books one of which I thumbed trough sone, but put it down because of her exhausting personality mirroring every paragraph of text I read.

    On several more occasions catching her on TV, I each time felt a “sour burp” in my gut listening to her ! Here is a GREAT actress who plays her “role” on the stage she calls “Christianity” and she plays it WELL !

    Her body language: “Get out of my way, like it or not, I am i t !”, insincere and “over the top”.

    Her voice tone: ” Don’t disagree with nor interrupt me”.

    I am of the opinion that what matters is very much NOT w h a t you do, but HOW you do it. “Getting saved” on one of her broacasts and/or “shindigs” she holds at huge arenas would NOT be good enough for me !

    I came to Faith and accepted Jesus as my personal Savior from a p…poor, but SINCERE pastor who rented a small space in a privately owned building for a fee each Sunday to preach the Word of God wearing 2nd-hand jeans (he admits it freely) and whose wife cleans houses for the affluent. However, this man is so filled with the Spirit of God, that it rocked the house each sunday and after he had me say the “Sinners Prayer”, there was absolutely


    NO DOUBT in my mind that I indeed had received Christ in my heart. I cried an ocean of tears after having said the prayer and this pastor, holding my hand, whispered in my ear: “let it go, the Spirit is cleansing you” …. and .. it did !

    Joyce Meyer might take example on a Man of God like this, he REACHES the hearts of people with his sincerety and the Lord has since then (1999), grown his congregation to the 100’s if not 1000’s, why ? Because he is sooo busy sharing his message with the people, often times at the beach (FL) , including the STILL 2nd hand jeans he wears … and .. his wife still cleans houses for the rich !

    Amen ! Thanks for reading

    “Joyce Meyer who”- Keen

  15. As a vaguely interested party when I see Joyce Meyer on my screen I see ego … no, make that EGO! massive and very unattractive.

  16. i am convinced that many word-faith preachers are responsible for the economic meltdown. People were duped into believing they could have McMansions because of their confession. Banks saw these suckers coming made insane loans that finally came due and guess what? People I know who bought into this garbage were foreclosed on. God apparently took away their covenant blessing!

    God is only responsible to keep his word, not the hyper-faith preacher’s words! Joyce and her money club are running a ponzi scheme.

  17. Hi there,
    I think Joyce Meyer is an amazing lady! I love her message and I have grown and matured beyond my wildest dreams because of her teaching. I never opened the bible in my 37 years now I read it every day! I do not feel under any pressure to gve money to her ministery and have only ever given a small donation once and bought her everyday life bible.. That is the sum roral of my money spent. I am not wealthy and the recession has hit our Family hard.. I have access to Joyce Meyer via the web site for free and every day I enjoy watching her and growing in my faith.. Thanks to this Ministery.! I cannot understand how anyone could write such a hateful article on such a good Ministery! These People are brave enough to go out on a limb for God and preach what is burning in their hearts …It really is a case with Humanity you are damned if you do and you are damned if you don`t. I have the utmost respect for Joyce Meyer… She deserves to be blessed and has worked hard she is heading for her 70s and is working like a 30 year old.. All i know is my Spirit moves in me when i hear her and as she has often said God is working through her.. and I believe he is … Joyce thought me to have an intimate relationship with God through studying the word and meditation and prayer .. She certainly saved me and I will always pray for her and be thankful for her amazing ability to impart the message of God to the everyday people.. Amen.

  18. Sorry Just to add.. I used to Judge People very harshly and write People off very quickly, if something about them did not sit right with me.. e.g. the sound of their voice , their confidence..etc I truly prayed and meditated and asked for God to guide me on this and I have come to realise that dislike and judgement was my own shadow side.. I was seeing that very thing that was deep within me in that person .. the confidence I wanted deep down … Its a form of projection .. we as humans tend to project our shadow onto others rather than recognise the very same thing we are judging within ourselves…. As Jesus said take the log out of your own eye before being bothered about te speck in your neighbours eye! the simple message here is if these mimisteries bother you so much , don`t bother with them…. I am not being mislead if anything I have had my eyes opened to the wonder of living in the Spirit thanks to JM. you will always have people who will idolise these Ministers and put all their faith in the person.. To put your Faith in man you will always be disappointed … These People are mere human beings and we have all read of the nature of Man!! Joyce meyer has openly said she has to work hard everyday on her personality and how she without constant prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit would be a very hard person to live with! Due to the very negative upbringing she experienced! She is human and honest and I can so identify with her as I am no saint and I too have to work hard at living in the fruits of the Spirit… It does not come easily to all .. certainly not me I was raised in a home of judgement and critizism and only now am I learning to undo all those years of Pain… I really enjoy JM , But I do not idolise her!! .. only God.. God works through everyone we are all of value and Judging and knocking one other do is not the way………

    • Hi Deirdre,

      Since you claim to hear Mrs. Meyer speak on TV every day have you ever heard her say anything like this?

      “There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth I am presenting. You cannot go to heaven unless you believe with all your heart that Jesus took your place in hell” (p. 37). [The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make Booklet, 1991 edition

      Do you believe this? If not than you aren’t going to heaven, at least not according to Mrs. Meyer.

      Or how about something along these lines?

      “I am going to tell you something right now. I no more believe that my God is going to let me stand around and believe a lie than I believe that I am going to turn green in the next two minutes. God is my source and He loves me and I am after God with my whole heart. And if I am accidentally, or any other way, getting into error, I am going to have a bell go off on the inside of me that is going to be so loud that not only am I going to hear it, but so is everybody else.”

      Do you believe Mrs. Meyer is infallible? Sounds as though she does doesn’t it? She certainly doesn’t sound like a mere human being does she?



  19. To answer your question Phil No I have never heard her say anything like that.. I have no interest in what was said or not said in a booklet back in 1991 … and if she said something that flies in the face of your beliefs.. so what .. forgive pray for her and move on…I listen to her show and take what I need from it… I pray for the spirit of discernment everyday and i really feel to live in the Spirit is to Honour the divine that is in all of us and let God do the vindicating… I am sure her good works out weigh the faux pas …. I certainly have said and done plenty of stupid things in my past. and still slip up now and again. But, hey thats life we are always growing and learning…. I am not arguing and I am sure Joyce is not Perfect as I am not nor or you ,,, Only God is Perfect and always slow to judge and quick to forgive as we all should be… Those of us who have never sinned cast the first stone! I am a sinner and I pray everyday for Gods grace and favour and for the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me so that my life can honour God and that God can forgive my trespasses and those who trespass against me…… we all need to step out of the Ego legalistic mindset and work from The Spirit of Christ! ….. I have no more to say on this topic and not interested in blaming and shaming anyone, so may God bless us all and Open our hearts and minds ,so we may see through his eyes and hear through his ears and speak his truth… Amen.

    • Hi Deirdre,

      Thanks for your response.

      The reason I posted the quote from 1991 was to demonstrate how the second statement is just her and her ego talking. Here’s why.

      Mrs. Meyer removed the first statement from her booklet after taking enormous heat from a variety of sources. She never renounced that belief and hasn’t since. Now where were those alarm bells going off prior to her publishing that foolish “born again Jesus teaching”? I know, maybe she became infallible after 1991 right? That’s why we can’t trust her.

      You never got around to telling us what you found so hateful about the article yet? Hopefully you will come back and tell us why you made that statement!



  20. “That, my friend, was the beginning of my exodus from the Word of Faith! Each time I saw her show, it got even more disgusting to me … and I stopped giving to her. S L O W L Y, by putting a stop to the hemorrhage of money flowing out of my bank account to these people, I was able to recover somewhat, and I never did lose my house. But it was close. That, my friend was GOD showing me that He really did care about my financial well-being. He didn’t want my money!!!!! And not only did He NOT want my money, I was NOT cursed with a curse if I KEPT it !!!! That is freedom!”

    This quote alone says is all ! Anyone who would get in debt and have money hemorrhaging out of their account to Nearly lose their home .. so , they could donate to a ministery is seriously misguided! And its not JM doing that misguiding.. That kind of behaviour is certainly not divine or God centred .. that blindness came from laziness.. seeking God by givivg donations and praying for prosperity and hanging on Joyce Meyers every word instead of seeking your own path and in essence idolising JM above God iand thats a serious error and in my opinion extremely immature.. I would suggest instead of blaming and sharing these boo hoo poor me victim stories people on this site should pray for the Spirit of Discernment and wisdom as both these virtues seem hugely lacking in all the testimonies! Totally Ridiculous!! I would be embarrassed to admit not to mind publish this kind of stupidity! ….. I listen to JM and enjoy her and take what I need from her programme and thats where it ends . the rest of the time is me in prayer, meditation , sacred reading and following the lead of the Holy Spirit in a close intimate relationship with God… I give him my first hour every morning and work hard at keeping myself close to him…and the easiest way to know you are alligned with God is to be at Peace ….. and if you do not have peace you are not alligned with Gods will! Just saying we all need to take ownership of our mistakes and learn from them!! and stop blaming others!! Thats what mature Christianity is! I have done silly things in the past wasted Money on resources But I learned that i had to work at my relationship with God find my own way intrepret the Scriptures for Myself and pray and meditate on what God wanted from me and no one can do that part of the Journey for you .. .. Teachers can guide and inspire but we all have unique gifts and God has a plan for all of us …………. The First commandment is jumping out at me on this subject ” you shall have no other Gods before me” the person who wrote this article said earlier they hung on JMs every word…. it just seems like there was alot of idolizing of the person going on not of God!

    • Hi Dee,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I believe the person who gave this testimony has learned from his mistakes and has helped many others through this testimony. I don’t believe publishing such a testimony was misguided at all.

      How isn’t Joyce Meyer responsible when she stands before her adoring crowd at one of her conferences and tells these folks they can use their credit cards to donate to her and simply believe by faith the money will be there when the bill comes due? You won’t hear that too often on one of her carefully edited TV shows but she says these things often. I know because I have personally heard her and others of her movement say such things.
      Perhaps this verse hasn’t shown up too often in your daily devotional?

      James 3:1 Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.

      You might not believe Joyce is responsible but God does and my prayer is that she repents of this foolishness before it’s too late.



  21. Hi Phil,
    You say I might not believe Joyce is responsible! But God does! And your prayer is that she repents before its too late! Please don`t tell me what God thinks! How do you know what God thinks? this is where all the trouble starts this kind of self righteousness , misguidance…. and judging!
    Luke 6: 37
    37 “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; and do not condemn, and you will not be condemned; pardon, and you will be pardoned. 38 “Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure—pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.”

    Take note of the last line Phil.. for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you !…
    I don`t like this kind of approach we need to let go and let God be the Vindicator not us!

    • Hi Dee,

      Take note of the last line Phil.. for by your standard of measure it will be measured to you !…I don`t like this kind of approach we need to let go and let God be the Vindicator not us!

      For someone who doesn’t like this “approach” (judging others) you certainly are very good at it. How come you didn’t just “let go and let God” in these instances Dee?

      What do you think about this verse Dee?

      Jude 1:3-4

      Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints. For certain people have crept in unnoticed who long ago were designated for this condemnation, ungodly people, who pervert the grace of our God into sensuality and deny our only Master and Lord, Jesus Christ.

      It sure doesn’t look like Jude, inspired by the Holy Spirit held to your “let go and let God” doctrine did he?



  22. I don`t see Jude naming and shaming in this scripture and I am not Judging just giving balance to this totally subjective topic ! But , Phil you seem to know what s on Gods mind and who can argue with that!

    • Hi Dee,

      I’m going to give you a chance to demonstrate to me that Joyce Meyer’s teachings are biblical. Normally when I ask one of her supporters/defenders to tell me why the following is biblical they can’t. Who knows, you might just be the first!

      “There is no hope of anyone going to heaven unless they believe this truth I am presenting. You cannot go to heaven unless you believe with all your heart that Jesus took your place in hell” (p. 37). [The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make Booklet, 1991 edition

      Come on Dee. Give us your best shot!


  23. Dee, since you have so much discernment how come you like JM? Can you find an example of a Joyce Meyer in the new testament? As far as knowing God’s mind, we find that in his word. Where is JM’s discernment? If she is so anointed why didn’t she realize that this person whose testimony you were offended by, was giving more than they could afford. If I follow your reasoning then there is no such thing as false teachers just ignorant students, because you said this wasn’t JM fault?

  24. Forgiveness is a gift that says two things. First, I am just as weak as everyone else in the human race and I know it. And, second, my inner life is too rich to be destroyed by anything outside of it. ……….. Lets all sing a new song. Create a new heaven and a new earth!


    Praise the lord, I’m Edna Edward. I belongs to God and I want to share all what I have experienced with my Lord God of Israel and Lord Jesus Christ. I’m a Christian Pentecostal.
    When I’m 1½ years old Poliomyelitis disease came to me and there after I couldn’t walk,
    Our church servents of god prayed for me and then god performed a miracle and healed me,
    Then I gave a testiomony in a big convention, I want to thank my loving God. Thereafter
    I got Baptist in Ceylon Pentecostal Mission then I received Holy Spirit, I went to church regularly on Sundays and participated in all conventions. When I got married I went to a non spiritual church and I’m not satisfy with that because Spiritual churches are much stronger Holy Spirit,Healing,Testimonials ,visions and so much of blessings. But after long time I’m back to my spiritual church, I’m now happy with all the blessings from my loving God specially I’m spending moretime with reading bible scriptures when I’m reading I received 7 gifts from my loving god.
    God forgave all my sins and when I’m a lone Holy Spirit encouraged me a lot, those days I’m always falling down, now I’m not because God one day spoke to me and said I will take care of you with my mighty hands. Sometimes I see heaven open and angels coming down from it, and some holy visions. I will say God’s grace is sufficient for us 2Cor:12;9. Now I’m Blessed because of my Lord God of Israel and Lord Jesus Christ, So my friends do you like to receive these miracles and great blessings from our loving God, what you need to do is love your God with all your heart with all your soul and might, go to church every Sundays and read all the bible scriptures every day specially Revelation chapter and give the first place to god in everything you do and think, and then he will take care of you.

  26. BIG PROBLEM that i see here and in the world today. We’re too busy following and supporting religious leaders, rich or poor, that we sometimes lose sight of the God they serve. “Joyce Meyer Supporters?” REALLY?? What in the world?? Like agreeing with/supporting her ministry will bring you closer to God. God’s the ultimate one we follow as Christian. Not some evangelist. God uses these people. WAY TOO OFTEN we expect them to be PERFECT but let’s face the fact that they’re not. So if you do not like their attitudes or whatnot, then hey, too bad. They’re people, and you won’t like EVERYBODY. And if there is anything that they do or say that is biblically incorrect, then, hey, don’t follow it. Personally, i live my life in a “fool to the word” way. If the bible says it, that’s cool, i believe it. So what if the ministry makes money? Since when was making money wrong. Bear in mind that all theses “faith materials” need money to produce. And Do you know for sure what the money is used for?
    I think arguments like these act as a stumbling block to many believers out there. Someone might be preaching something that God has told them to, and a bunch of critics sit in the back whispering and spreading doubt in the church. Eventually, all who hear these doubts don’t only doubt the preacher, they doubt the word.
    So whatever. It’s time we move from following evangelists to following Jesus. Because Maybe…just maybe…we’re setting them in the place of God in our lives.
    Just Saying.

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