Only Time Will Tell

I ran across an interesting article written by Charisma Magazine’s senior editor Lee Grady. Apparently, 61 so-called Christian leaders held a meeting recently in Orlando Florida called “Charismatic Leadership Conference”   at the Charisma main offices. Marcus and Joni Lamb of the Daystar Television Network were in attendance and two of their statements will be the focus of this entry. You can read Grady’s article here.

Consider this excerpt from Mr. Grady’s article if you will; We must have personal revival. Marcus Lamb, founder of the Daystar Television Network, fought back tears as he lamented how far leaders have fallen in this day of Christian superstar scandals. “When was the last time we fasted?” he asked. “When was the last time we studied the Word just to hear from God?” Lamb believes “an alarm was sounded in 2007” that is calling each of us back to the simplicity of devotion to Jesus. 

Hmmmm. I think it’s great that Mr. Lamb feels so strongly that he had to “fight back tears” when describing the scandals that have occurred during 2007. I have to say that I agree with Lamb on this. It saddens me to see these scandals. It saddens me to continually report of these very public scandals here at Theology Today. However, his comments lead me to ask the following; 

Why did Daystar, during their recent fall fundraiser, invite or show re-runs of Paula White, Juanita Bynum and Jamaal Harrison Bryant to raise money for their network? 

Why does Daystar allow Paula White’s television show to be aired on their network? 

I agree with Lamb that an “alarm has been sounded” but has he actually heard it? Did he “fast” and “study God’s Word” before he brought the scandalous three on his network to raise money? It seems when money is involved, Mr. Lamb only hears the sound of the ringing telephones bringing in the large amounts of revenue to keep his so-called “Christian” network on the air. 

Joni Lamb made this statement during this meeting; Joni Lamb of Daystar called 2007 “a year of sifting and shaking” and then held up a plumb line like the one described in the book of Amos. She said the Lord is measuring the church in this hour, and then asked: “Are we lining up to the Lord’s plumb line? Are we men and women of character in a world of compromise?” 

My questions for Mrs. Lamb are; 

Is Daystar lining up to the Lord’s plumb line by hosting Paula White’s daily television show? 

Are the Lamb’s and Daystar finally going to demonstrate character, or will they continue to compromise by allowing the likes of Paula White, Juanita Bynum, Jamaal Harrison Bryant and a host of other heretics to raise money for their networks? 

Bemoaning scandals while using the creators of these scandals to raise money for their network is hypocritical behavior. I hate to label the Lambs as hypocrites, but it seems to be the correct label for them. 

Only time will tell if they remain this way. 

Please see related article below; 


19 thoughts on “Only Time Will Tell

  1. Phil I don’t get Day star in my area. But I will agree that the money makers are the one who seems to be falling. so who can they use to help generate funds? The 3 you have
    named are the some of the big hitters.

    I think the Lambs need to talk to God and get direction on which way He would have them to go.

  2. Touche, Phil! I see a lot of questionable stuff on their network, too. And they use the same TBN-style praise-a-thon tactics and guests to collect money. They seem to be TBN-lite.

    Their statements, in isolation, make them seem separate from the individuals you mentioned, but they, like Parsley, are convicted by their similarities despite what they may say.

  3. Since we’re on the subject, will Lee Grady continue to take enormous amounts of advertising revenue from the same scandal-ridden preachers who darken the pages of his magazine??

    A quick perusal in the bookstore (I refuse to purchase this rag until they dissociate themselves from these wolves) shows glossy ads pimpin’ every Word Of Faith, Apostolic, Oneness, and televangelist hireling that the TBN be-numbed mind can conjure.

    I agree that the Lambs’ protestations against scandal are as empty as Benny Hinn’s “Confirmed Healings” file, but hearing this from Grady is like getting a lecture by OJ Simpson against domestic violence.

  4. Phil, I will.

    The lambs are hypocrites. I read that article and couldnt help but see the hypocrisy of their words.

    They are in a position to make some drastic changes but they cowardly blame it on “fasting and prayer”.

    We dont need to fast and pray to know that these charlatans need to be kicked off Christian television and disciplined by the church.

    But these “leaders” are no leaders at all if they cant see that.

  5. Hi All,

    Did you see who was in attendence at this conference? Here’s the link in case you missed it;

    Charisma Magazine is a mess. I agree with GaryV. They lose all credibility when they attempt to call out the very folks they helped to promote. I understand that they have to pay the bills, but come on……..they are just as hypocritical as the Lambs.

    Daystar is really just TBN in training. Marcus and Joni are just younger versions of Paul and Jan Crouch. Their are so many similarities between the two that it wouldn’t surprise me if one day Joni busts out a purple wig and Marcus starts yelling “critics be damned”!

  6. Hey Phil, I just looked over the attendees at the Leadership Conference (otherwise known as the “Better Pimpin’ Through Satellite”, or “How I Use The Prince Of The Power Of the Air For Fun And Profit” Conference).

    In a perfect world, that list of attendees would be repeated in the Police Blotter section of tomorrow’s newspaper.

    Phil: I agree GaryV. I agree!!

  7. I totally agree with everything that’s been said up to this point. Here’s my question – how on earth are these people, who are seemingly dedicated to preaching and teaching and propagating wrong doctrine, going to correct anything that’s out of order? Does anybody seriously think that Rodney Howard-Browne has something to add to a “serious” discussion on the problems inside the charasmatic movement? Is this a joke? Perhaps if he can stop practicing holy laughter and barking like a hound dog he might be able to come up with something. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  8. Lol

    It’s obvoius the statement by the Lambs is just a show for the public. How would people believe they are on the ‘inside’ if they don’t show concern for the body.

    Daystar, like TBN is just a money making org.

  9. Aight now Phil, you steppin on my toes!! Just kidding (I’m working up a peice on prophets and Apostles). I don’t know about anyone else, but I grew more angry as I read the attached article. I get upset when people say, ‘we need a fresh Word from the Lord.” As if the Bible doesn’t have anymore relevance or anything to be gleaned from any longer. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. The frustration rises. This is one of my problems with pentecostalism. I know we do have some saved brothers that hold to the word as pentecostals, but each and every day it seems that kind of pentecostal Christian is being lost to the nonsense on “God gave me a Word for you (but its really from me) and He told me to tell you that if you give 7x what you gave you can walk in a new anointing (because the old anointing is well, old and wasn’t good enough)- I know cause I am a prophet and if you give to a prophet you will reap a prophets reward!!!” These kinds of preachers are rampant in the A0G, Cogic and non denoms. As far as the Lambs, I turned them over awhile ago. But who knows, maybe God will have mercy on them and actually change from the inside out. I wish he would. Sometimes I feel bad because I have to tell people “don’t listen to Creflo, Jakes, Blake, White and others.” These are the people that they see (on tv) representing us and they are so far from the Gospel it ain’t even funny. I had to break my momma’s heart the other day when I told her to never watch Creflo again and why. Hopefully she takes my word to go to the scripture (which he perverts), but when people are told to uplift “men of God” in a certain manner, it becomes a hard habit to break.
    but commitment to the Scriptures is what is needed!

  10. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the part where they talk about giving in part 4 and one guy says “the prosperity gospel has gone off the tracks.” SIR, IT NEVER WAS ON THE TRACK OF CHRIST BECAUSE IT WAS NEVER OF GOD IN THE FIRST PLACE!”
    Gal 1:18 As we have said before, so now I say again: If anyone is preaching to you a GOSPEL CONTRARY to the one YOU RECEIVED, let him be ACCURSED. (emphasis definitely mine)

    There is only one Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Of Him being God incarnate, being born into sinful flesh, for the express purpose of glorifying the Father through the death, burial and resurrection to the Salvation of our Souls. Nowhere in there do I see the words “money cometh to me (creflo and Copleand’s rally cry)!”

  11. Nicely put Julian…… know I share your frustration (as I’m certain everyone else here does as well). It’s a sad state of affairs.

  12. Do not forget Steve Munsey. He is a paid con man used by both Daystar and TBN. He lies about the Bible to get money out of people. He is always saying, “God told me that ….” He uses God to threaten and pressure listeners into giving. If people do not get the miracles he promises for the money sent, he then accuses them of being in sin.

    I am starting to think of some Christian channels as “Quack TV.”


    Phil: Munsey is a crook, so is Mike Murdock and both of them raise money for ALL the networks. So, what’s your point?

  13. i know the lambs on a personal level and i have seen and know for a fact that the majority of the money they raise goes to orphanages, their daughters orphanage that will be starting soon, the church they attend, and missions…so for you to make false accusations as you just did is completely naive. you are putting people who ARE normal people on a pedastool. which is ridiculous. like anyone, a person of god or not will fall…divorce is possible. but have you considered why she got a divorce? most likely not. looks to me like you were to anxious to be judgemental. as for the “i think lambs need to talk to god…” they do constantly. and what you see on t.v. how loving they are is how they are in person. they love people and love to help. i know many people on the verge of divorce and they payed for counseling and REPAIRED what was broken. they’ve given cars away to people who needed them. also, the difference between daystar and TBN is…TBN has alot of background scandels that are covered. daystar has fabricated scandels naive people as yourself create.

    so touche phil! man you are one amazing man of god!

    i can see how many people would think this of the lambs and tbn, but their is nothing hypocritical about daystar.

  14. I have no faith in these organizations and its one of the reasons why people do not want anything to do with organized religion. Its guilt ridden mind tactics. Do you really think the old man who just gave almost his last dime to this “machine” will get helped when his house is in foreclosure or he has no food for himself or perhaps becomes deathly ill. You NEVER hear about anyone ever giving all they have and when they THEMSELVES get into real trouble because of it….these networks are no where to be found.

    Want to talk personal…ok…I will. I know an accountant that worked for one of these “machines” (I wont mention which one) and after working there for a very short while because he uncovered/realized how bad the books were “cooked.” He couldnt keep working there due to the evil that he saw. Hows that for personal?

  15. Are people such idiots that they are willing to hand over their hard earned cash to a cause that is so absurd it is ridiculous. If God did exist do you think he would reward a bunch of con artists and their followers who are only interested in furthering their own personal wealth? Are there not more deserving people and causes in the world? People need to start reading another book and get a grip on reality. The law needs to come down harder on the con artists but the problem will only be solved when followers educate themselves. Keep putting your teeth out for the tooth fairy!!

    • Hi Gerard,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I don’t think these people are “idiots” but deceived. Have you ever been deceived? How did it feel when someone or something you believed in so much so that you poured your hard earned cash into what you believed was true only to be told it was all a lie? That’s what has happened in the majority of cases involving these people you call “idiots”.

      God does indeed exist. Even though you don’t believe it and even though you don’t think we should read the bible John 1:1 tells us he existed. You can also read the entire book John if you have the time and are so inclined.

      How is it illegal to believe in God? That is what these deceived people believe Gerard. Whether they’ve been conned by a hustler or self deceived what the TV preachers are doing isn’t illegal by mans law. Maybe it should be but then how would such a law be enforced?

      I’ll be praying for you!


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