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I receive plenty of emails about various spiritual pimps and pimpettes and their activities. I appreciate the tips and I encourage you all to keep them coming. Some emailers chastise me for calling these vultures “pimps”. They complain the term is too harsh and spiritual pimps are not as bad as a “street pimp”. John Hagee comes up fairly often so I decided to watch his Sunday telecast and see if I’m being unfair by using a term like pimp. 

John Hagee is a divorced man which eliminates him from leadership within the Body of Christ. As such, I don’t pay Hagee any attention because he has no business calling himself a pastor. He teaches a false prosperity gospel as well as a “dual covenant” theology. In simple terms, Hagee believes that there is no reason to witness to the Jewish population because they are saved through the Old Covenant. He’s a masquerader, an imposter who shouldn’t be paid any attention to. 

Within five minutes of the one hour broadcast, the appeal for money came. Hagee cares so much for his people that he wants them to know they can use their credit cards to make a donation! On top of that, if you do this prior to December 31, 2007, you can use this donation as a write off on your personal income taxes! What a perfect example of cheerful giving! Isn’t Big John generous? 

You see, it doesn’t matter to Hagee that you don’t have the cash. You can use that plastic to fund his foolishness! Your tax deductible donation allows Hagee and his family to live like Kings and Queens while you’re stuck figuring out how to pay off the card and the extremely high interest rate. It’s all OK because it’s all in the name of Gawd! 

Street pimps don’t care how their ladies get the money just as long as they bring it to him. He doesn’t care about “his” ladies, just what they can do for him. John Hagee is a spiritual pimp. He doesn’t care about you or how you live. He only cares about your money and he doesn’t even care how you get it as long as you bring it to him. Not much difference between the two, is there? 

When you give your money to a spiritual pimp like John Hagee, you’re no different then the girls on the street who give money to their “man”. The spiritual pimp and the street pimp are both after one thing only: YOUR MONEY and they don’t care how you get it or even where you get it from. Just fork it over!  

I think I’ll keep calling them pimps. After all, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck………You get the point!!

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  1. Maybe they would rather be called false teachers. But Pimps fits so much better. They may use a different product but the end result is the same, they get the money YOU earned,

  2. hey stranger! 🙂 I miss you! Thanks, for alerting us to John Hagee…he had me so diggity doggone confused about Revelations and the apocalypse, the last days, tribulation etc w/all of his billboards …i didn’t if I was coming or going.

    Phil: I have tournaments here to run all this month. I lurk but don’t have too much time to comment. You’re doing a great job over there!

  3. When his son Matthew preached a couple of weeks ago he made a comment that it was good people payed his salary so he could eat well and he does. The two of them together look like a couple of sumo wrestlers. He sure doesn’t buffet his body but he does buffet it.

    Phil: Yea, they do. I would love to see these two heavyweights strap on those diaper looking things and have a go at each other. This way they would actually be entertaining the sheeple and earning their money honestly!

  4. It’s ok bro! You have to work…the Bible says if you don’t work, you don’t eat. We need you to eat so you’ll have fuel to post 😉 your hard work is appreciated 🙂

  5. Well, I refrain from using the word not because it is inaccurate, but from other reasons. But you are spot on with John Hagee! A visitor to Jesus Christology stated that Hagee was cheating on his first wife and she kicked him out. Funny how stuff like this tends never to be made public.

  6. Hey Phil, you see where this dispensational stuff leads, the next step is dual covenants! Hagee is the worse of his kind, due to the fact that he sort of fits in the right wing political movement and most people don’t understand he is a heritic. I don’t like Pimp either, but hey for the most part the shoe fits. I would rather call them wolves but I think you are given the liberty to do either.

    Much love on the site my brother. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  7. John hagee is a whore in bed with isreal. he excepts the jews who dont believe in christ compromising his spiritual conviction in the name of western supremacy.

  8. LOL – I just visited Hagee’s site.

    Do you know that I can become a salt partner if I commit to contribute money every month. I laughed when I read the description because it’s based on two men exchanging “salt”. Now does that mean if I give salt, I get salt? NO – I just get a salt bag – no salt. LOL

    For $1000 I can have a leaf added to the Tree of Life

    For $5000 I can get a platter and that donation is called “fruit of the righteous”

    But the best one – is for $1200, I can get a replica bronze sculpure of the Divine Servant…and I thought that was quite “brazen”.

    Now if I want to contribute $7200, I can be added to the Tree of life, show fruit of the righteous AND be a Divine Servant.

    hmmmm-so many choices….and me with NO money….bummer.

    What a scam……

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