They Just Don’t Get It!

I watched Joyce Meyer’s show last night and couldn’t believe my eyes. Actually, it was more like an infomercial. If I was a cynical person in regards to that ministry, I would say it was shameless begging and extreme damage control, but I wouldn’t do that, would I? This lady certainly knows how to turn lemons into lemonade and she’s bringing out her “pimpette” game this week wherever her infomercial is shown. The whole 25 minute infomercial attempted to display how much her ministry does for people and why this ministry needs “partner” donations. Granted, her ministry does help people but isn’t it supposed to? Supposedly, that’s why people go into ministry, right? To help people who are hurting and to bring the Gospel to those who are lost should at least be the reason, so why spend 25 minutes showing their “fruits” as it were?

I find it bizarre that Meyer’s ministry natters on and on about how much doing what they’re supposed to be doing “costs” and then turn around and spend 250,000+ on “office furniture”. I wonder how the brothers and sisters of the early church would have treated Paul if he would have pulled something like that on them. The word hypocrite would certainly have been used followed by a swift boot from their fellowship. That’s how serious they were back then. 

Jesus described hypocritical behavior when He spoke to the religious leaders of His day (Matthew 23:13-33). Lets look at verse 25: 

Matthew 23:25

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.   

You see, the teachers were putting on an act of religiosity while robbing the widows and Jesus called them on it. On the outside they played the part but they were far removed from it on the inside. These teachers made a living from extortion and crime yet appeared to be pious and holy. Looks can definitely be deceiving. 

Joyce Meyer is catching heat from a whole bunch of directions so what does she do; she parades what she’s supposed to be doing (helping people) as a way of cleaning up the outside (her image) in order to deflect what’s on the inside (lavish lifestyle and extravagant spending). The kicker is she wants her viewers to foot both of the bills. 

How about taking us “backstage” at one of her “conferences”? Let the people see all the buckets of cash she rakes in each night from the “offering” after she’s guilt tripped the sheeple into giving up their rent money. Have any of you heard the sound of machines counting money? You’ll hear plenty of that backstage. 

How about taking us for a visit to the lobby of one of the auditoriums she packs the sheeple in and let us all listen to the whirl of the credit card machines that rake in vast amounts of cash from her books, CD’s and DVD sales. Oh, and don’t forget the worthless trinkets she can’t give away and t-shirt sales either. Where does all that money go? 

You know what else I’d love to see? A tour of her several homes, her main office (warehouse) and her jet airplane. Let us all see the inside of the cup Joyce. Let us ALL see where the money really gets spent and then have the audacity to tell us you still need money. 

Fat chance of that ever happening! Nah, Joyce Meyer doesn’t want us to see any of that. That would be bad for business.  


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  1. “By covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words and many will follow their destructive ways because by whom the way of truth is blasphemed”- 2 Peter 2:3,2. From these phonies we are admonished to withdraw ourselves and not our cash to give to them.

  2. If Paul pulled a stunt like that, he would not only be called a hypocrite, but also be stoned alive. It’s a shame grandma had to come beg money herself. I used to respect her, though I never really digged her messages ‘cos they are usually all about emotions, heartbreaks… and not on the true gospel. It’s clear she is in it for the money and nothing else.

  3. Paul set the guidelines, according to God’s laws, how a “shepherd” is to be held accountable. This includes, lifestyle, how God’s money is being used, what type of message is being delivered to the public. Needless to say, Joyce Meyers and her “ministry” is not being held accountable to anyone for anything. It is appalling what is being done in the name of our Lord. His temple is once again being made a “den of thieves.” Harsh? You bet! When $23,000 marble top commodes, over $10,000 each for two Dresden vases, homes for her, her entire family, clothes allowance, etc., becomes a priority, Christ got lost in the shuffle. This is a business. It is not a church. How sad that these people have turned our Lord into a money making business instead of a saving souls business. While I know only the Lord can save anyone, it is up to us to present the message. Unfortunately, the only message here is how to get rich quick using a little theological knowledge. God help us and save us from these wolves in sheeps clothing!

  4. Don’t forget…in Paul’s days the people voluntarily gave the money. they sold belongings and sacrificed in order to support the ministry. Can you imagine selling things out of your home to sow into the kingdom of God, and Paul comes pulling up in a Carnival Cruise ship-courtesy of your dollars….talking about HIS SHIP?! I shudder to think about what those early Christians would’ve done to that ship!! But it’s done everyday in our faces, today!

  5. Let us consider this:

    If I were a minister, my church congregation over 3 years grows to about 5k people, I’m preaching the unadulterated Word of God, wholly straight w/ no chaser- no trickery. However, over that 3 year time as the church has grown, the initial space we had is now way too small to fit everyone and the office furniture/pews, etc. is now falling apart due to excessive use, is it ok to invest 20-30k for upkeep?

    I mean come’ on…some of you guys are really reaching here to find something wrong or bad w/ these preachers. It’s as though you feel something wrong on the inside and it fuels you to become overly critical of all. If an incorrect doctrine or belief is being preached, then rip into them, but if they are spending x dollars on office furniture for their huge office, then let them. It is necessary. Why does the church have to sit in ruin to make others feel comfortable about how the money is being spent. I’m not endorsing JM, but if they need to buy new office furniture, then let them.

  6. Hi James,

    One question that comes down to how much is too much. I work in the citrus industry and during the season I come in contact with hundreds of very poor people. An old southern saying is “an once of pretension is worth a pound of manure”. What I drive and wear greatly affects how they communicate with me and how far they are willing to get the job done right.

    So just for fun lets look at a Gulfstream jet. It costs around 60 million dollars. As Phil has pointed out here on site, it’s about $50,000 in fuel to fly one way across country, $100,000 round trip. That’s just ONE trip. Forget the fact that you have the salaries of the pilot and crew which is hefty in itself, plus maintanence, hangar fees, and insurance.

    Now take into consideration that ONE million dollars will clothe, house, feed and educate about 1250 children in a third world country for an entire year. Multiply 1250 by 60 and see what the numbers reveal. That equates to 75,000 children receiving Christian care and education for a year.

    There is a vast difference between WANT and NEED. So for me, how can I justify driving a Bentley versus a more moderate car? Both will get me from point A to point B in the same amount of time. I can fly across country for under $1000 dollars, so why spend $50,000 +? Is spending MORE money to get the SAME job done really good stewardship of the money entrusted by others?

    Even secular corporations understand that concept. Specifications are issued for materials, and bids accepted for materials that meet those specifications. The lowest bidder gets the job.

    NOW, add to all this pretension unsound/false doctrine and we can safely say we have a bunch of wolves in sheeps clothing fleecing the flock.

    Just to enforce my position here, I was on a charitable board with a man whose companies were very successful and worth hundreds of millions of dollars and he gave liberally to charity. Every year, I would put together the volunteer team to host his company picnic. We always had VIP parking, but he refused to use it. He always showed up a few minutes late so he had to take the parking space furthest out from the event. He drove a car that didn’t have automatic door locks. He lived in a very modest but servicable home and it wasn’t in a gated community. His brothers were very pretentious. The employees hated his brothers, but they loved this man dearly. That was the key to his success. He never made his employees feel like they worked for him to add to his exhorbant lifestyle. They worked for him because he was so generous with what was given him and the work they produced added to that generousity and he gave them all the credit. He was a Christian whose life was a tremendous testimony to his faith. He understood that he was only as rich as his poorest employee.

    Stewardship should always be front and center of any ministry. That doesn’t mean allowing buildings to go into disrepair, but it also doesn’t mean using donated funds to extend beyond what is needful to get the work done.


  7. Please……I am speaking to every christian who trust God and has a personal relationship with him.
    BELOVED…we are all broken and blinded in different ways. Understand condemnation and conviction. If a beliver is going against God….God WILL deal. But know this……desention among christians IS a greater offense. We are to love each other and it is the rule not the exception. Pray for her…..but keep your lip because you have to see the evil at work here and which evil is greater???? “Be angry but do not sin” what is at stake is the hearts of those watching for the, “We will know they are christians by thier LOVE.” Write her… not post degenerate mud slinging words. I love you all in Him. She is not Jesus, she is the messenger and she may need lots of prayer for her materialistic nature. Help her with your prayers.
    He will not have you condem her, as we all deserve death for our sin. Petition the Lord for correction out of love and regard for his Kingdom. In the Holy Spirit flesh is quieted….ssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh his love is felt and stregth to over come our own condemning spirit. Paul always corrected behavior with regard to who he was representing and was direct but gentle and loving. Do not accept this behavior but do not let it cause you to sin greater.

  8. Jelousey will get you nowere……. did he not say we should first take the log from our own eye before pointing out the twig in the next?
    Also if any man is without sin let cast the first stone…..
    Jugde not lest you be Judeged…..
    …. does this not speak to anyone???
    If she has faults… then she is human,, i just dont see how anyone can claim to be better then the next..
    God will deal with faulse profits and faulse doctrins.
    He said vengance is mine….. worry rather about yourselfs.,,, that you be a shinning light…. putting otheres down is not what Christ did… he spoke the truth… for he is truth…
    You and i are merly human… we can not always see nore understande the bigger picture.
    We are all sinneres…. ,,,, God is more then some doctrins and rules he is more then our way of thinking,,,, so rather then spending time trying to find wrong in others,,,, stop and lets take a look at ourselfs… for you will not answer for Joyce Myeres on Judgment day/… you will only answer for yourselfs.

    i hope i have not brought any offence to anyone,,,,,, this was not my intention,,, but this is the conviction God has laid on my heart.
    Thank you for reading and God bless you all.:)

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