Rod Parsley’s Prayer Cloth Service

I remember a time when I believed Rod Parsley was genuinely sincere about preaching the Word of God. This was probably 20 years ago before the TV cameras, fame and fortune corrupted this once promising preacher into a preening posturing blithering idiot who either needs to repent or remain silent. Tonight he will be live on various Christian networks, teaming up with known heretics for his annual prayer cloth service. We’ve talked about this scam before. You contact Parsley with your prayer requests and he places them on an altar where he and others promise to “agree” with you and send you an “anointed” prayer cloth. Then you return the cloth with an offering. Voila! Your prayers are answered! 

Yea……sure they are.  

Pay careful attention to this. The only “contact” that Parsley is interested in is your contact information. That’s right boys and girls. He needs your contact information so he can bombard your mailbox with appeal after appeal in an attempt to separate you from your cash. Just look who Rod has teamed up with; 

·                     Larry Huch

·                     Jesse Duplantis

·                     Marilyn Hickey

·                     Dr. Creflo Dollar

·                     Kenneth Copeland

·                     John Hagee    

 Quite an impressive list of heretics, huh? Don’t you feel blessed that these hell bound heretics have a desire to pray for you? Can I tell you something? I wouldn’t want these demons praying for me. I don’t know who they are praying to but it certainly isn’t the God of the bible.

Would you want someone like Copeland, who claims that God was the “biggest failure in the bible” praying for you? Why would God listen to someone who calls Him a failure? 

How about Duplantis? Why does he need to pray? Couldn’t he just ask God for anything he wants while he’s making one of his visits to heaven to “cheer God up” because He’s having a “bad day”? Why doesn’t he take a break from his water fights in the River of Life with Jesus and just ask Him to hook everyone up?  

Rod Parsley has gone completely mad. He needs our prayers desperately. The good thing is we don’t need some anointed hankie to do this. Just a simple “Our Father, whom art in heaven, please change Rod Parsleys heart Father” should suffice. For additional reading, please see the following links;   


40 thoughts on “Rod Parsley’s Prayer Cloth Service

  1. Phil,

    Rod Parsely’s a far-gone case, just as many others are. Prayer-cloth my foot. The sad thing is, multitudes will swallow the bait, hook, line an sinker.

    This is why we must keep speaking out – perhaps God will snatch some out of this darkness, as He did us.

    In Christ,


  2. Sir you obviously aren’t spirit filled. You better be very careful who you are talking about. The word clearly says touch not my annointed. We are all intitled to our own opions. But be very careful who you speak out against.

    • amen,god help these folk who seem to have nothing to do or say except attack, even some well know betrayers of the faith and jesus love ..thank you for your words to this person who has this site we came across to, it hurts to think what this person and others like are heading week and blind we all are when in our fits of carnality!!

  3. Stephanie, Phil is all the way in GREECE! I’m sure he didn’t touch Parsley.

    Context please!

    Seriously, I was wondering if anyone else saw this drivel.

    If we can’t “speak out against” these who lie on GOD, of all people, who CAN we speak against?

    Parsley is slick, though! He is jumping on the Focus on the Family, bandwagon by going religious right in his latest campaign to stop the horrors of abortion. People will be to busy amenning him in that area to notice his Word of Faithiness.

  4. Rod Parsley is not anointed except perhaps by his own sweat cloths. “Woe to the foolish prophets, who follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing”- Ezekiel 13:3. Prosperity preyers follow their own spirt and are NOT anointed.

  5. Stephanie,

    Hehe! I haven’t had one of these in a while.

    Touch not my anointed? Oh, so you’re claiming that the frauds in this article are anointed……I see…….Hmmmmm………I see you’ve also issued a warning for me as well…….I guess I should run out and catch me some of that anointing like you did………Hmmm……….what type of seed should I sow so I can be anointed like your heroes…………..In the meantime, why don’t you read an article by a guy who has the same anointing as everyone else who’s truly saved then come back here and tell me the same thing you just did.

  6. Phil,

    Gawd’s wrath is definitely coming upon you. You dare touch his precious anointed. How did you do that, if I may ask? If I can remember, you are still in Greece, aint you? And I don’t think Parsley is one of God’s anointed, or else he won’t be lying in the name of God.

    Phil: I must have very long arms, huh? Parsley is far from anointed.

  7. Phill, For your information I’m not a Rod Parsley backer. And no I didn’t send for his prayer cloth. But you said everyone he had invited to his service was a heritic. John Hagee is a wonderful man of God. I have never heard anything against his ministry. Also he had Judy Jacobs on that night as well. She is a mighty woman of God. It’s not fair to throw all of them in together. All I know is we as Christians must examine our own lives first. By the way just what do you belive in?

    Phil: Judy Jacobs is a false prophet. John Hagee is an adulterer and also a dual covenent teacher who, if he has his way, will get America involved in a war with Iran. Nice guy, huh?

  8. Maxxdaddy, Wow what a real grown up name. If that’s your picture beside your name, do your parents know your useing their computer. I did not understand a word of your comment towards me. As far as your comment about Phill not touching Parsley obviously you don’t read your Bible alot or you would know what I was talking about. Maybe your parents can exsplain it to you.

    Phil: Max is his sons name Stephanie. I believe that is also his sons picture. If you go to his blog you’d know all of this. The article explained “Touch not Mine Anointed”. Obviously reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit.

  9. Well Phill I have been reading alot of your blogs on your web site and my question is, who do you like in the ministry? So far I haven’t found anyone that you like. After researching all of your material it would seem that you must be a once saved always saved, no speaking in tongues believer. Which is o.k. Because when we get to heaven God’s not going to seperate us by churches. You seem to be a bitter person. I’m sorry for that. You spend to much time running ministers down. I know there are alot of strange beliefs out there. Your right about alot of them useing their pulpit’s for their own finacal gain. If we as chrisitian don’t agree with their teachings then just turn them off. Because God will deal with them. And He will expose them for what they truely are. Paula White is a prime example. But over all God still wins out. I am a full gospel believer and I assure you that not all of us are as bad as the one’s you have talked about.

  10. Stephanie,

    This site isn’t about who I like and I don’t make recommendations. It’s up to the individual to determine how what’s being taught lines up with the Word.

    I’m a mogernist and a cessationist. I’m sure that will get some in here riled up.

    Thanks for your comment!

  11. Hi Phil,

    I see we have another one of the mantra spouters. Here are a few things I saw.

    “All I know is we as Christians must examine our own lives first.”

    Actually, we must examine God’s word first, then our lives in light of it.

    Followed by:

    1) saying you’re not spirit filled
    2) support of ministries that teach a false gospel
    3) insulting another
    4) seeing you as bitter

    Followed by the one that raised my eyebrows…

    “I assure you that not all of us are as bad as the one’s you have talked about.”

    LOL – and some are not AS bad – compared to what standards – examining their own lives first?

    You know, there isn’t a soap opera on TV creative enough to dream this stuff up. LOL

    It’s pretty obvious she hasn’t “researched ALL the material” on this site as she claims, or she would have listened to some of the sermons posted here and would not be able to profess that she “hasn’t found anyone” you like. Go figure…

    Her time would be better served searching out the WCF and taking it to scripture. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that would be too much like “work”.

    I must say I feel grief when I see someone like Stephanie show up. The minute I see the mantra’s I know she’s been sold a false gospel and has bought it hook line and sinker. This needs to stop before the next generation is seduced. Keep up the good work.


  12. Hi Phil,

    A cessationist????

    So am I.

    Now mogernist is a new term to me…what is it? Is that a trick word or is it like someone who wrote me this week who used sopos instead of suppose? LOL


    Phil: Monergist! I need to learn how to spell better!!!

  13. OK – Monergist….

    Yes – I agree…

    I thought there for a minute you were using some of the $10 words. LOL


  14. Touch not mine anointed? They still use that? I just read your post on that subject, it is almost perfect. Now if you could just add some pictures and pop-ups for the people who dont read their Bible then you would have something. Only one person can use the phrase, “Touch not mine anointed” and that was Jesus, and he never used it to defend questions against him, in fact he incouraged people to ask, and wonder who he was and what he lived for.

  15. Stephanie, you go girl! God Bless you for taking on arrogant people trying to intimidate others on www and still using cheap sycho by saying its for the individual to decide.

    one listen to the Word and the Word is God! remember Steph, the devil is like a roaring lion, but he is’nt one.

  16. Man! I have a pregnant, sick wife at home, so I haven’t been here in a while. Looks like there was a slight skirmish!

    Phil, thanks for responding for me. I guess there is nothing for me to really add but this: I thought “Maxdaddy” was a pretty cool and self-explanatory name… Oh, well.

    I thought my comment was as well. (I wouldn’t expect a one-year-old to be able to use a word like, “drivel”.)

    In a later comment, you said,
    “If we as chrisitian don’t agree with their teachings then just turn them off. Because God will deal with them. And He will expose them for what they truely are. Paula White is a prime example.”

    I have some questions.
    1. If we just turn them off (like the gangsta rappers say do), how will those being devastatingly negatively affected know that they are being so? What about those who are dying and ceasing to take medication, hoping to be healed by the force of their “faith”? What good does an “ostrich mentality” do the Body?

    2. How will God deal with them? Doesn’t He use and exhort US to do His work? Didn’t Paul warn people with TEARS about false teachers?

    3 I gather from your comments that we should not touch (your interpretation being “speak against the teachings of”) those who preach what are untruths. Or is that just those YOU like? I gather that you suggest that we not JUDGE these people.

    My question is, on THAT basis, how do YOU judge Paula WHITE to be wrong? (seems like you contradicted yourself) By what standard is SHE wrong? The Bible, you say? I say that it is by that EXACT same Standard that Phil judges the TEACHINGS, not the eternal destination, of Parsley, Hagee, and anyone else who teaches the Word. We all are to do this.

    The Bible is not a COUPON that allows Mend of Gahd(!) to do what ever they do as long as they do it with flash and charisma!

    The pulpit is not some foreign embassy whereby diplomatic immunity frees the occupant from culpability for his actions. They who teach are held to a stricter standard!

    Branden, it is not arrogant to know the answer! That is the same mentality that forces smart kids to underachieve in order to seem cool. Blowing the whistle on the wolf is not an intimidating tactic. Phil’s knowledge is the result of arduous study. ANYone can do that.

    I don’t sense arrogance, but confidence in knowing where the answers are. I try, on my blog, to show people where the answers are. I’ll bet Phil’s motives are similar.

  17. Phill you said:

    I’m a mogernist and a cessationist. I’m sure that will get some in here riled up.

    Get on the Sovereign Grace kick (Charismatic) the gifts are still here brother! But since you are a Monergist, I will let you make it. God bless and keep up the good work. Exposing false teaching is a tough job in a blind sheep culture.

    Phil: I’m also a horrible speller, huh? Thanks for the grace Lionel, and after the holidays I need some advice regarding the whole hip hop thing. I’ll email ya!

  18. When will the church wake up and throw these False Prophets out of the house. WAKE UP! God does not work this way. God does NOT need your money. Only these fakes do, so they can buy their Jets and McMansions on the backs of the poor and gullible.

    And for those of you who like to quote, “don’t touch God’s anointed”. I AGREE. These guys are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being anointed. Case in point. If Benny Hinn could really heal, why isn’t he spending any time at the local cancer ward? Think about it.Peace out.

    • the problem is not in the men of GOD but with all of you who do not believe. Faith without works is dead. does not mean go and do good works, it means Believe in GOD’S WORD JESUS CHRIST. All things are possible through CHRIST JESUS. the reason your prayers aren’t answered is not based on the Faith of the man of GOD but on your Faith. even JESUS Himself went to areas were He could not perform miracles, this is not because He did not want to but because of there disbelief. READ the WORD of GOD and you will see this to be true. ye of LITTLE FAITH no wonder your prayers are unanswered. Faith without works deals with how much you believe, good works is a fruit of the spirit, charity, helping others in need not your FAITH. your FAITH is BELIEVING no matter what, even non believers in CHRIST JESUS have faith, take for example a gambler they will loose everything because they BELIEVE ( have faith ) that they will eventualy hit it big. the problem is your lack of FAITH IN THE WORD OF GOD because you listen to the rules of this world. the WORD of GOD tells us that WE ( TRUE BELIEVERS ) are in this world but not of this world. put your treasures up in heaven not in the world beneath , FIRST SEEK YE THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTOUSNESS AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO YOU. in other words DO NOT worry about the things of this world but THAT WHICH IS ABOVE and all the things you seek after on this world WILL be GIVEN to you by the FATHER in HEAVEN ABOVE. the things of this world WILL PASS AWAY BUT THE WORD OF GOD SHALL NOT PASS AWAY. the WORDS OF JESUS ARE MORE CERTAIN THAN THE EXISTENCE OF THE UNIVERSE.


  19. While Christians are indeed called to ‘test spirits’ without fear of ‘touching God’s annointed’, I have serious problems with the attitude displayed by the author of this article. One, it doesn’t show the humility taught in the Bible. The Bible teaches us to return the ‘lost’ with humility and perseverence- none of that is displayed in this article. The opposite is true. Two, name-calling. People reveal the spirit which is working in them by what comes out of them. Can you ‘see’ Christ in this article? Just observe the contrast with a parallel situation in 1Cr5:1-14 as dealt by Paul the apostle. The Bible doesn’t end at exhorting us to examine and test spirits, but we are to do that in humility of spirit, lest we ourselves fall. I don’t see the ‘spirit of Christ’ in this article- but rather the devilish spirit trying to bring disappointment, disunity and disharmony into the body of Christ.
    Now, back to the theme of the article- it is true that there is an unhealth emphasis placed on money, and some practices can be worrying sometimes- but ministers don’t deserve such a gross mis-characterization as written in this article. I believe that we can admit to one thing- the fund-raising techniques for the Godly and the un-godly ministers are the same. (Just read the exhortation to give to build the tabernacle as shown in the bible in Exodus 24f.) What makes the difference is the intents of the heart. Our human limitations demand that we become humble when judging ‘intents of the heart’- lest we become obstacles to the work that God is doing by some crazy pronounciations. So next time a minister asks me for contribution for some ministry work using some ‘known’ techniques I am supposed to call him a demon also? This is not Christ. We cannot permit unbelievers to judge believers. Not only is it is unbiblical, but I am sure Christ has given us enough wisdom to handle not only the heresies but also the heretics without becoming an obstacle to his work.

  20. Charles,

    Welcome to Theology Today!

    You said “we cannot permit unbelievers to judge believers”. Please clarify this statement for me. Who are you refering to as an “unbeliever”? Me?

    Following your logic, then is it safe to assume that it is ok for a believer to judge a non believer?

  21. Please pray for Ms Mamta for her safety, protection, deliverance.Her mother & sisters are getting her forcibly married to a person whom she does not like.That boy has beaten her on the street and in the commercial area.She is afraid cause she is all alone for no one is standing with her or supporting her in this situation.Pray that trhe Lord would intervene and make a way out for her in this situation. She is a believer. She may be have compromised with the situation cause theres no other option for her.But still we believe in the God of Miracles.Pls pray for a miracle to take place and that she would be delivered.Pls pray for the miracle totake place before 26th of this month.

  22. Please pray for the Lord’s Divine and Glorious Healing Power in my life. Also for Lynne Sams as she undergoes chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer. She recently had a breast removed and does not have insurance. Please pray the Lord will erase the doctor’s report to read: “No Cancer-No Need For Treatment” before treatment begins May 13, 2008. No further tests will be given Lynne before treatment begins; so please pray for the Lord to change the report. We do not want Lynne to have to have this poison in her body which is the temple of God. Thank You So Very Much! Marianne, Missionary

  23. I stumbled to this website while searching for Judy Jacobs singing the live version of the song: “Day’s Of Elijah”. Once I got here and started reading the responses and comments, I took a deep interest in some of the things said.

    I consider myself to be a Christian man fighting the good fight. Sure, I’ve fallen, like we all have. But, if it wasn’t for me failing, there would never be a lessoned learned so I am grateful to God.

    However, I choose not to speak out against anybody, regardless of thier fincancial standing’s or thier profession and especially those that stood up and took a stand for God. Sure, there are false prophets, the same false prophets we are warned about throughout the Bible. How do I deal with it? I don’t, I let God. Our flesh has been known to get us into a lot of trouble so each day I try to crucify it and choose to be lead by my spirit.

    I have sent money to a few ministries on TBN, only becuase of the cause and what it would go towards. If that money didn’t make it to it’s destination and something else happened to it, I do not get robbed of a blessing becuase God seen my heart and that I was cheerful giver however, those that mismanage the donations will be dealt with accordingly by our Father.

    Understand this, by pointing the finger at somebody else, anybody, you are making them a target and people do not like to be pushed in a corner. Especially when you attack a public figure like the ministers stated above. Loyal followers of these people are going to get upset and expect people to come to their defense. Do not try to convince somebody not to like somebody else, let them learn for themseleves. Save yourself the embaressment or heartache.

    We all live our individual lives and we all walk with God one-on-one. Nobody know’s the most intimate secrets of another. Maybe these preacher’s have talked with God, understood where they were going wrong, do you believe in second chances? I’m sure glad we have a God that does. “Him withough sin, cast thy first stone”.

    This entry was entered soley for the purpose of giving insight and to maybe open the eye’s of the people to my understanding of certain things. Above all, I wish you love, health and peace in the name of our Saviour. God Bless

    R. LaPlante

    Phil: Hi Roger…welcome to Theology Today.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything….I’m simply trying to warn people that what they are hearing from the tv’s is not the Gospel….if they choose to not heed the warning then so be it.

    The fact that you choose not to say anything is completely up to you…but it goes against Scripture that clearly states that we are to publicly expose false teachers….again completely up to you…

    If there were a child molester in your neighborhood would you warn your neighbors or just leave it up to God to take care of it?

    I believe in second chances Roger….I’m living proof of this but my second chance came after I repented of my false teaching (WoF)….to the best of my knowledge NONE of the preachers highlighted on this blog have publicly repented of their Scriptural errors….

  24. Hi Roger,

    Here is a good article on judging. It explains quite clearly that God’s Word is our plumbline and that is HIS judgment we are enforcing and not our own. We are to judge by God’s righteous standards and His Word. He has spoken.

    False teachers and those who often quote their mantras are only trying to remove us from the Word of God. They claim “we” judge and we don’t. God has told us what is right and what is wrong….

    So when others come here claiming we are judging…they need to consider that we are very much operating under God’s established rules of what is right and what is wrong.

    Also, as a side note here, we are often accused of placing God in a box which is a lie. We don’t place God in a box, God placed us in one. He hedged us about…and scripture is our hedge…Liars will always try to get you to move beyond what is written….

    Anyway, I hope this helps explain how we are expected to operate within the body of Christ and maintain purity…

  25. A prayer cloth is material that has been prayed over, that you hold as you pray as a connection to those whom prayed over it. The bible says where 2 or three gather together in my name, there I’ll be a god in the midst. some use ropes for prayer some use cloths, representing you and that person the power is in god and your faith to touch god but some people need a point of contact like a prayer cloth.

  26. every one who call JESUS THE CHRIST LORD AND

  27. The wrath of God abides on people who speaks
    against His people wrongly.Do you know what!
    It is a free world,If you donot understand,it
    is better to keep quite

  28. ACTS 19:11-12 study to show thy self … God help us to dig deep into your word that we might know you .,and be not hearers only but doers also. To some there were gifts…. read , pray , praise ,worship HIM in Jesus name Amen.

  29. please pray for me so that the Lord Jesus Christ can help me to help to get out of debt and for me to become his messenger too. for the Lord to lead me in everything in my life. To heal every part of my body, in Jesus Name. i need help from God Jesus.

    archie shikemeni
    p/bag 13198

  30. Hello Christians – nice to be here – I Nneed prayer for healing and financial Blessings,
    67 not yet retired – still working – I love God for blessing me with this job and the pT on Saturday mornings – God is good . 🙂 Yes, he is . PTL

    I saw you on tv and I believe that on 10/10/10 I WILL receive my total total Miracle.

    Randy (my son) eyes healed – also his back.

    Donny (son) – healing on his back as well, – A walk with Jesus – Donny was saved as a child – I want to see him be on fire for the Lord – like me and son, Randy. Amen!!
    Asking Believing “God to touch me head to toe” and a Beautiful Financial Blessing.

    YES< (10/10/10) is my day of HEALING AND PROSPERITY – I will prosper in everything as my soul prospers – I will be in good health – ACTUALLY "I am in good perfect health".


    BLESSINGS TO YOU AL FOR PRAYING FOR ME and my kids and grand kids that we all accept jesus and serve our savior Jesus. on a daily basis

    • I was diagnosed with ALS in Jan. 2006 and I know God has healed me but it is in His due time that it will be manifest in my life. Praise god for the healing and I thank God for the good that He has brought forth through this illness, bringing my sister back to Him and opening her eyes that she can see Gods truth.

      Thank you so much and God bless all that work for Gods good!


  31. Some o you people who critize Gods people are so ignorant.Even if you felt they doing wrong why dont you pray for them.No!you will not do that becoz you thrive on hurting people and you are idle men and women who have alot of time on your hands.But see that you have alot of time on your hand.Read what Paul said to the churches.He tod them to keep the offering ready when he comes(money) to collect it.So whats your take on that!! They called Jesus a demon and glutton,we are ready for you to call us that,BRING IT ON !!!.The blood of Jesus is ready to clean your mouths.

    • Hi Josephine,

      How is it ok for you to criticize us but it’s not ok for us to critique what we belive to be erroneous techings by Rod Parsley?

      Did or do you pray for us?

      My take on Paul coming to collect the money? If you are refering to 2 Corinthians 9 my take on this is simply this. They were asked to give and they did. I don’t believe he used whatever gift he recieved to buy himself a mansion or a super fast chariot or fancy jewlery or any of the other luxuries Rod Parsley buys with your money.

      Yes, Jesus was called a demon and a glutton which was untrue. I hope you aren’t comparing Rod Parsley to Jesus because that would be unfair. After all Jesus is God the Son where Rod is merely a fallible man who teaches things he knows are wrong in order to get wealthy. That says something doesn’t it?


  32. Josephine,

    Paul was carrying an offering from one group of christians to another group of christians that were suffering from a lack. People like Parsley have perverted this simple sharing with those who have less than you have, as a means to enrich themselves. If you are giving to Parsley ask yourselve this simple question, “does Rod Parsley suffer from a lack or need of food or neccessities”? Surely you know some believers that are poorer than Rod Parsley.

  33. Rod Parsley has hurt so many people and he is a false prophet, operating under a false anointing. He doesn’t care anything about his congregation, all he cares about is your money. You have been warned. Follow The Lord Jesus Christ and be a REAL Christian. World Harvest Church is a cult.

  34. I attended WHC for twelve years and served in the music ministry there. I also attended WHBC and graduated. I know the church inside and out and the whole ministry is enveloped by a spirit of greed. Ellen started the whole thing because of money, and forced her son to do what he has publically, time and time again, said he didn’t want any part of. But he’s trapped now. All of his sermons are written for him and he’s forced to lie to keep the money coming in. They all have vacation houses and live in absolute luxery. WHC offerings spend the least possible amount to keep up minisrty appearences through fake causes, and most spent on the lusts and carnal wants of their own family. They kill more people than they cure.

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