Questions for Dr. Creflo Dollar?

Creflo Dollar was interviewed the other night on Larry King Live. He says he won’t comply with Senator Grassley’s request for Dollars financial records. In fairness, he doesn’t have to. Ok. Same deal as before. Ask anything you’d like and we’ll see if we can’t get him over here to answer our questions. I’ll start;

What was the topic of your doctoral dissertaion and who was your reader?


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  1. As I’ve asked before, to piggy-back off your question, Phil:

    What website did you get your doctorate from? I need one, too.

    If Jesus has two natures, one human, and one divine, 100% each, how could God have had the possibility of sinning?

    How can you, in lock step, teach what Copeland teaches, when he says that God was the biggest failure in the Bible?

  2. Creflo, You stated that your church brought a Rolls Royce as a gift, and you also stated that you only drive it on special occations. Do you personally think that it was wise for the church to purchase a 100,000 dollar automobile for a wealthy pastor such as yourself to use part time, instead of using the money for the basic needs of those who are in need of help?

  3. Dr Dollar did a remarkable job on this interview and may God continue using men and women like him to bring the bible to live. It is common for people to misunderstand the bible if they don’t read it in the first place. Mr. King stated in this interview that the Senator mentioned Jesus rode a mule. If the Senator reads and understands the bible he will also understand that Jesus came to Jerusalem on a mule not because he was poor but because the mule signifies his triumph over death. Jesus became poor so that we might be rich, the bible even says so. He was born in a manger and who were the first to come visit him. Wise men that came bearing gift fit for a king. Has there been any poor king before both past, present and future? So if we as human can be rich, why would God have a problem if preachers live in wealth so as to teach us that God is no respecter of person or even so as to spread the gospel across nations? We live in a see before we believe generation and the reason in my understanding that God lets us see wealth and prosperity through our men and women of God is so we can believe in him. God knows us even better than we know our selves and he gives us good gifts. The bible even says in Matt 7:11 that if we sinners and unclean can give our children good gifts what more of our heavenly father. People I am not trying to preach here but God knows he said he’ll supply all our needs according to his RICHES in glory through Christ Jesus. How much time do we spend in reading and getting understanding from the bible? If we are this ignorant as not to consult with the bible, the same manual God gave us to live by, then how can we understand wealth amongst believers? None of those who followed Jesus (his disciples) were poor were they?

    Come on people, we know we are just being biased and hateful to the men and woman of God ignorantly. God doesn’t like ugly the bible even says in IS 54:17 that “no weapon formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that rises up in judgment against me shall be condemned” I will not judged on condemn people who have followed the blue print of the bible and are been rewarded by God himself. If God himself can say according to Eph 3:20 that he is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think who are we to place a limit on what God can do for us all including pastors?

    People forget that they see now through Creflo Dollar and all these other preachers are an accumulation of hard work for years. Where the Senator was when Dr Dollar started his ministry 27 years ago with just 8 members in a cafeteria in Collage Park GA and by faith and trust in the supernatural power of God, Dr Dollar grew from strength to strength to demonstrate to some of us pointing fingers at him now that God keeps his promise to those who are diligent and trust in his word? Why do they wake up after 27 years of his life in ministry and all of a sudden act like they knew him when he spent those sleepless nights praying, looking on to God and believing God for things he had not seen or knew how he would get ? Did God not say for those of you who read the bible that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can speak to mountains and command them to move? I would kindly suggest for those of us who sit and condemn others or bad mouth others, why not learn a lesson or 2 from their faith and begin to apply it to our lives and test God if we do not believe he can do it for us also..
    Wake up people and leave these preachers alone. If we pray and not receive answers then we should understand we are not doing something right. We all as children of the most high God have the right to prosperity, be it in by way of health, wealth, spiritual or even emotional. Let’s live like it and stop spending time talking about what who has what and what they don’t because this time can be used to create our own wealth and prosperity..who knows may be we too will be on Larry King someday trying to teach some of us ignorant folks how to apply the bible in our every day lives…
    so to all you hater hate me but as far and me and my household are concerned, we will follow the examples of the bible and tap into that same anointing that these pastors or preachers have and enjoy the wealth the good Lord commanded us to claim, receive and retain.


    Phil: Hi Sharon, thanks for posting.

    If Dr. Dollar is such a fine example of prosperity, why aren’t all of his followers wealthy like him? Is it because they don’t have his faith?

    Dr. Dollar teaches that Jesus was the first “born again man” because He suffered in hell for our sins. Do you agree with this teaching?

  4. It is appalling that people justify obscene wealth in anyone, let alone a preacher. I will know the person is genuine when they do what the Holy Ghost did right after Pentecost – those who had lands and wealth contributed to the needs of the poor so that those who had little did not have TOO LITTLE and those who had much did not have TOO MUCH.

    Creflo and his friends take Bible verses out of context, half verses here and there and this is what the cults all do. I have NEVER met a prosperity proponent who was personally generous and who really cared for the poor. Instead, they exploit the poor.

    Phil: Hi John! Welcome to Theology Today! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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