Yesterday I discovered an article describing how some celebrity Christian authors may not actually be the author of the book you just bought at the Christian bookstore. It appears that ghostwriters are hired by the publisher and after the book is finished, a pimp or pimpette is hired to pretend to have actually written the book! Please read the following article and I invite you to come back here and discuss the practice of ghostwriting.  

 This type of deception is horrible. It appears that these publishers don’t care if the ghostwriter is a believer or not. This bothers me on many levels. How can a homosexual ghostwriter edify the Body of Christ when he himself is spiritually dead? What could you learn about the Holy Spirit from an atheist who denies the very existence of God? These issues don’t seem to matter much to the publishers…or the pimps masquerading as best selling authors.

Its all about the money in the religious industry.  Jerry Falwell hiring a homosexual to ghostwrite his own autobiography makes me laugh at the hypocrisy that exists in Christianity these days. Preach against homosexuality in the pulpit yet directly profit from people who practice homosexuality. Jerry was some example of godly character.    

The pimps and pimpettes demonstrate their lack of integrity by allowing ghostwriting to occur. These people who masquerade as best selling authors, autographing books they didn’t write, or barely have read are an abomination. You can’t tell me these people who are deceiving the public are Spirit filled Christians. Don’t even pretend to try and convince me these people give a hoot about the sheeple who spend their hard earned money believing what they’ve purchased is the celebrities own work when it isn’t.  

Is there anything about these pimps that’s real?    

This ministry is truly an incredible gig. I sorta feel like I’m in the movie “The Wizard of Oz”. I’ve been trying to find this all powerful wizard, yet when I get there and pull back the curtain, all I see is a short fat guy that is nothing like I imagined him to be.

Just one big farce ladies and gentleman with no apparent end in sight.   


4 thoughts on “Ghostwriters?

  1. Phil, Who can we trust? Great post! Down through the years I have purchases many christian books from Jakes to Bill Graham. I never thought about some one else writting them beside the author. Who would have known.

  2. Hey,

    Easy on the Wizard of Oz comments…ok? Just kidding. I have endured with people asking me if I have a dog named Toto. No I don’t and never will. I did have a grandmother who lived in Kansas.

    I have used the Wizard of Oz description in my work also. It’s a great one. I read that it was actually written as a political satire and these characters reflected actual people in government. Who knows….but the “real author”.

    The ghostwriters go a long way to explaining why I find so many non-Christian quotes in the books they write. I pointed out one to the Billy Graham group not long ago and they did pull the book from their online bookstore. I can give them credit for that.

    As Christians, we need to be very discerning when reading the work of others. There is a ton of garbage in the bookstores under the section of Christianity. In fact, I have made use of bookstores to witness and promote Bible study. It’s a non threatening environment and people are very open to talk about their faith.


  3. I was shocked to my bones when I first read about the ‘Ghost Writer’ stuff. It’s common practice here in Nigeria. Usually, when you see books by a minister that is dead and long gone, in all probability it wasn’t written by that minister. Most times, upcoming ministers in that ministry write the books and put the name and pix of their favourite pastors so that the book can find its way to the top without sress.

    I’m grateful to God that I don’t purchase books by these pimps anymore. I can be restassured I won’t a victim.

  4. This is not surprising. I mean really, how can Joyce Meyers and all of these other people crank out that many books, back-to-back?! I mean come on, Holy Ghost is awesome but we’re not!!

    I’ve entertained the idea of there being a ghostwriter for sometime now…there is no human possible way that a human can CRANK out that many books!

    It’s like Joyce, (Juanie B was the same way) releases one every other month! I mean you’re traveling to other countries digging wells, digging wells, opening up clinics, buying planes & $23,000 commodes, going to do different states and speaking, you have a magazine, and radio, and TV—how in the world can you write that many books?! when do you have the time?

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