Learning from the Sheeple!

 I learn a lot from the happily shorn sheeple who come here defending their shearers. Most of them are as biblically illiterate as the pimps they are protecting. Below is part of a comment I received from one of the sheeple in regards to Paula White; (the full rant can be seen here) 

 “You know-people like you who attack another Christian only gives non-Christians further ammunition that Christians judge others and look down on any lifestyle that isn’t similar to theirs. You outlook on Christianity is probably shared by other Christians and that’s fine but you’ll never be able to reach a non-Christian because of your superior attitude that you show. Paula White will reach those people and bring them to the Lord so you tell me who is doing more for the Lord-you or her. I would assume she has exposed more people to the Lord than you could ever hope for so if even a few more people have accepted Christ because of Paula White-why in the world would you attack her like you did. We, as Christians should show our Christianity to a fellow Christian who is going through an exceptionally hard time right now, instead of attacking”.  

This gal has made quite a few assumptions; 

1.    People like me as if she knows me

2.    That Paula White is a Christian

3.    That non-Christians consider Christians judgmental

4.    I will never reach a non Christian because of my superiority                      

5.    Paula White does more for God then I do.

6.    I should be kinder because Paula White is having a hard time right now. 

Notice right away how this lady attacks me personally. She claims I attacked Paula White. If I were attacking Paula White it would sound something like this; 

“ If Paula White really cared about her “daughter” (actually her step daughter) she wouldn’t be divorcing this grown woman’s daddy, or going on book tours or traipsing off to San Antonio to oversee her ‘friends’ church. She certainly wouldn’t be preaching because she would feel an overwhelming need to be with her “daughter”. More importantly, she wouldn’t be using her dying daughter as an excuse not to answer legitimate questions. 

Paula White is no more saved then Donald Duck is. Her teachings deny Christ and exalt self. Currently she is using a secular American holiday (Thanksgiving) to beg for donations. This Jezebel is only interested in money and herself. The last time I checked, we are supposed to die to self and not be greedy. Yeh, she’s saved alright. 

Paula White is the one who believes she’s superior. Say’s Paul was boring and couldn’t preach very well. Allegedly wrote a book “You’re all that” that puts self over God’s Word which clearly tells us to deny ourselves (Matthew 16:24) take up our cross and follow Him. The boring Apostle Paul tells us to follow him as he follows Christ. Paula wants you to buy her books, attend her seminars, give her money and follow her as she follows the world. Yep, she’s sure leading people to Christ. 

Give her a break? Why? Did she, at the end of their interview, give Paul Edwards a break when she laid that guilt trip about him not mentioning her seriously ill daughter? No, because she’s “all that” and believes she’s superior to a guy that drives a 6 year old Ford to work at an AM Radio Station. She apparently doesn’t like people who ask legit questions about her beliefs and pseudo Christian life style. Paula White showed her true colors and anyone that financially supports her after this deserves to be fleeced”! 

Yes, follow this heathen to hell if you’d like. Her god is greed and her father is Satan. Everything about her is false. She fell for Satan and his lies hook line and sinker. He’s filling her full of the world and she’s loving every sinful minute of it. Then he’s going to kill her if she doesn’t repent. Remember what Jesus said about the rich young ruler? That applies to Paula White as well”. 

Keep in mind that the above paragraphs were if I attacked her. Just showing you the difference between what I did write and what I could write. Maybe I should do more of the latter and less of the former?     


2 thoughts on “Learning from the Sheeple!

  1. Phil,

    You are just an exceptional case :- ) . I would advice you do more of the latter too than the former.

    Like I always say and will continue to say, these people ( the sheeple) worship their pimps while they they think they are worshipping. Paula is going through a had time my foot. Where did she keep her bible all along. She is one that is deceived and also deceiving people. No one can tell me Paula ignorant ao all she’s doing and certainly will pay for them.

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