Is Christ Your Foundation?

One thing I’ve noticed is how rarely Jesus gets mentioned by the pimps on their broadcasts, websites, interviews and even the books they claim to have written. Gawd yes. Jesus rarely if ever. What type of spiritual foundation are the sheeple building if they never hear about Jesus? 

1Corinthians 3:11 For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ. 

I love Paul’s statement above. You won’t hear the pimps teaching this at their conferences or at their Sunday morning services. That would be a big no-no. In order to correctly expound on this verse, they would have to show this as well; 

1Corinthians 3:12  Now if anyone builds on the foundation with gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, straw– 

Gold, silver and precious stones are important. These materials can go through the fire and be refined and made perfected. These are the true doctrines of the Word of God and will sustain you. These doctrines, when added to the foundation of Jesus Christ, the Chief Cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20-22) make your building solid and a building such as this will withstand any trial and tribulation. This is how faithful ministers of the Gospel disciple their sheep. These ministers teach you to depend upon Christ and aid you in allowing Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit to teach you in all ways. A house built as such will never crumble. The pimps don’t teach you this. 

The second half of this verse describes what many of today’s teachers promote. Wood, hay and stubble are their main themes. These materials can’t be refined by fire. Wood hay and stubble burn and disintegrate when placed on the fire. These are the doctrines of prosperity, health, wealth and feel good drivel being taught by heretics who prefer experience over Scripture. Actually, the vast majority of these teachers are building disciples without Jesus as their foundation. Paul says that’s just not possible. Jesus MUST be a professing Christian’s foundation. How will we know how solid our house is? 

1Corinthians 3:13  each one’s work will become manifest, for the Day will disclose it, because it will be revealed by fire, and the fire will test what sort of work each one has done. 

The day is the Day of Judgment (1Corinthians 4:5). Paul states that ALL of our works will be brought to the light and tested through fire. Jesus will be the one who not only will test the foundation but also the structure of our buildings. Everything we have ever done, both good and evil will be revealed to us on that day. Everything will be tried and tested. Things that we’ve forgotten will be shown to us. Eliminating Jesus from the foundation, as so many have done, will make the whole house tumble and fall. A house, built on solid doctrine, with Christ as the foundation, will stand to this test and be purified.  

1Corinthians 3:14 If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward.  

The foundation is again mentioned here. Paul implores us to build our foundation on Jesus. If the foundation is important to Jesus and Paul, why isn’t it as important to the pimps? Shouldn’t this foundation be important to the sheeple as well? The work he is talking about here is the structure built on sound doctrine. The rewards are great for all who build their houses through the teaching of the wonderful truths of Scripture.  

 1Corinthians 3:15 If anyone’s work is burned up, he will suffer loss, though he himself will be saved, but only as through fire. 

The prosperity teachings and all the other nonsense will be exposed for the sham that it is and will be burned. There will be no rewards for those who teach false doctrine and sit under false teachers. However, if their foundation is built on Christ, only their works will perish. If not, they will perish right alongside their works. 

I receive so many comments and emails from people, describing for me how much good their pimps do for their communities. This may be true but the best thing these pimps can do for their sheeple is to at least teach that Christ MUST be the foundation. Sadly, Jesus rarely gets a mention unless it is to degrade Him.

Why is this so?  The pimps just don’t care about you. They are only interested in entertaining you and making you feel good about yourselves while they steal your money from you. When was the last time you heard Joel Osteen ‘preach’ about Jesus? When was the last time you heard a salvation message preached on what is commonly referred to as Christian Television?  

Lakewood Church in Houston Texas boasts of over 40,000 members. How many of these members do you think have a foundation built on Christ? The Apostle Paul clearly shows us that those who don’t have Christ as their foundation will not survive the fire and their houses will crumble. Yet, Joel Osteen rarely if ever, teaches about Christ. He never disciples with gold, silver and precious jewels and only offers wood hay and stubble. He offers the temporal and ignores the eternal. I implore anyone who reads this to examine their foundations and structures. Is Christ your foundation? If not, then you need to make Him your foundation today. How’s your structure? Are you being fed the Word of God or the gospel of greed? If the former, great is your reward. If the latter is indeed the case, find yourself a bible believing church with a pastor who will feed and not fleece you.         

7 thoughts on “Is Christ Your Foundation?

  1. When they do mention Christ, it is to degrade Him – reduce Him to nothing more than frail humanity, make Him out as a failure, present Him as a weak puny creature bound and tortured by Satan in hell.

    What blasphemies!

    But thank God for Jesus Christ, our glorious and glorified Redeemer and Lord. He is the beginning and the end of our faith, our Sustainer, High Priest, King, and the Pre-eminent One. On Christ the Solid Rock we stand. Him we proclaim – we have no other message, no other desire, no other hope.

    Hallelujah for evermore!

  2. That is sadly true so many flase Chirstian paster

    preach on t.v.. They do not use Jesus. They

    preach, like worldly cancelers.They preach on

    postive thinking. That why so many Non-Christian

    think where like world. Where in world, but where

    not to be like world.We not be like luke warm


  3. this comment that was placed i under my name title was written by my sister. This is not my feelings and I don’t believe in Christianity.

    Phil: Just what don’t you believe about Christianity?

  4. all of it except the morality

    Phil: Who’s morality are you questioning? The pimps? Christians in general?

  5. I’m not questioning the morality. I believe in not killing and etc…. Its I don’t agree with Jesus being the altiment sacrifice. His life story mirrors many leaders that came before him. His birth, ministry, death, and ressurection. To me the bible is a great book of stories to give us a sense of right and wrong.

    Phil: Which stories of men that preceded Jesus were similar to His? Do you believe that the stories in the bible are true? Some? None? All?

  6. Foundation is very important. Any one who is not rooted and grounded in God’s word cannot stand. Our Lord and saviour made this clear in Luke 6: 46-49. Any house built without a solid foundation which is Christ will collapse and be completely destroyed when the flood comes.

  7. Once again, Joel Osteen’s utter failure to uphold Christian truth in an age of apostacy only further supports what is all too clear about his teaching: it is spiritually bankrupt.

    Here is a link to articles our ministry has created on Osteen’s heretical compromise that is anointed as “Christianity” today.

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