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The site has been in existence for over 7 month’s now. I’m still not finished filling up the pantry and am researching and writing to give you, my faithful two or three viewers, as much information as I can about the pimps and pimpettes that make a mockery out of Jesus Christ. I’d like to use this post to clear up a few things and let you in on what to expect in the next few month’s from Theology Today. 

For starters, this blog isn’t intended to lead anyone to Christ. There are plenty of websites that are already doing this. This sites sole purpose is to expose the pimp’s false teaching and weird antics to the Body of Christ. I believe by the comments that I’ve received from knowledgeable Christians that this site is doctrinally sound in regards to the teachings and the exposes. I encourage you to read your bibles and not just take my word for it. After all, this site is all about truth and the exposition of doctrinal error so when you see something that you feel is off, then please correct me with Scripture.

 Comments are welcome and encouraged whether you agree with me or not. I believe I’ve only deleted 3 comments out of the 700 or so received. My objective is to let you have your say and I rarely comment back unless the commenter is way off. Fussing is fine….Cussing is forbidden. I live on a beautiful island in Greece which gets tremendous storms that can knock out the internet so please be patient if you don’t see your comments posted right away. 

I practice smash mouth apologetics and make no apologies for this. This site and its contents obviously isn’t everyone’s cup of tea nor was it intended for everyone. I have zero problem knocking the pimps and pimpettes off the pedestals the world has placed them on and will continue this method because I know it works. Strong rhetoric is unpopular but highly effective. I don’t really care about popularity, I care more about truth. Truth is rarely popular but God holds the truth above all else and I feel fairly certain God is happy with the site Theology Today. 

Here’s what you can expect to see in the next few month’s. I’ll continue identifying and exposing the major pimps and their false doctrines and if you think I was harsh in the past you ain’t seen nothing yet! I’ll also continue teaching whether anyone reads the articles or not. People don’t seem to care much for dry theology these days which is why people are getting pimped. 

The two networks I will be focusing on are Daystar and the God channel. Both are coming up fast and are full of heretics and lesser known pimps. Its time we start to give them some attention and hopefully keep their growth to a minimum. 

I’ll be inviting guest bloggers to post here from time to time. I promise that they will adhere to the tone of this blog and be a blessing to our readership. Expect hard hitting commentary and theologically correct exegesis from these guys and gals I will be featuring here at Theology Today.  It’s going to be a busy time around here for sure! Buckle your seatbelts and be prepared to be blessed, shocked and well informed about the shenanigans going on in the Body of Christ!       


7 thoughts on “What’s New at Theology Today

  1. Sounds really, really good. Im excited about your renewed passion to defend truth! God knows the tide against it is huge.

    Im with you 100%!

    Be blessed

  2. Phil,

    Sounds like exciting days ahead! I’m locked on to your channel and won’t touch the dial.

    Together for the faith that was once for all time delivered to the saints,


  3. Ride on brother!

    You have gone to refire and not retire. 🙂 The Lord is your helper. We will continue to study and pray along. We are solidly behind you.


  4. I would expect nothing else from a Watchman ministry. Few pulpits today care a whit about warning and that is the function that our ministry also serves. Keep up the sound work. By the way, you have far more readers than you might think.

  5. Thanks David!

    I like what you guys are doing as well. You have a very informative site and I enjoy reading the posts!

  6. Usher: Hey Deak, another site that thinks like us buzzards!

    Deacon: Not bad, not bad. Nice to know we’re in good company!


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