Ole Anthony and the Trinity Foundation

I’ve been researching Ole Anthony and the Trinity Foundation for about a year now. For those of you who’ve never heard of this organization, these guys are the ones that assist the media by exposing frauds like Robert Tilton and Benny Hinn. Anthony is their founder and leader. They tape Christian TV shows 24/7. They also go undercover within the bowels of some of these organizations and dig up the dirt and expose them for all to see. Sounds great, huh? I’d now like to direct you to one of the most extensive blog posts that you will ever see written which thoroughly exposes this organization as a cult and Ole Anthony as a dangerous cult leader. Read the post and then come on back for my take on this whole situation. 


 Like IC, I have also referred many people who were looking for information on a particular ministry to Trinity. Like IC, I believed in Anthony and the work that his organization was doing. I considered their work to be an important part of the Body of Christ. About a year ago, I began reading some strange things about Trinity and Mr. Anthony that disturbed me greatly. I began researching this organization and was planning on posting about them when I began this blog in March of 2007. To be honest I was hesitant due to the high regard I held for this organization. I was WRONG.  

I have to say what I read on IC’s blog and the claims made concerning doctrine and aberrant behavior to be far worse then any of the individuals that have graced the pages of Theology Today. What makes this even more painful is that Trinity were members of the Apologetics Community. My community. A community that’s supposed to stand for the truth. This community boldly calls out the heretics out of a deep love for the Body of Christ and the Word of God. Regrettably, we must now warn the Body of Christ that there is a wolf in our midst. Ole Anthony is a heretic and a hypocrite and it saddens me to have to say this. 

The whole “hot seat” mess is disturbing. Forcing others to “confess” their sins and personal shortcomings while under great emotional duress is frightening. What makes this even worse is that Anthony took notes during these sessions.  Using personal information gained under trust against a member is a classic tactic that cult leaders employ to keep their disciples in line. Whether or not he used these notes for personal leverage is anyone’s guess but I think it’s safe to assume that this could possibly have been his intention.  

 It’s also been alleged that Trinity investigators were less then ethical in regards to their investigations and that possibly Anthony was interested in personal fame and glory and using the pimps he was investigating to achieve this. This calls into question the credibility of the information they provide about various ministries they expose. A little leaven leavens the whole lump and there is far more then a little leaven in this mess that leads me to believe that this organization can’t be trusted. Also, anyone who enters the apologetics field seeking personal fame and glory needs their head examined because a true apologist usually receives persecution from friend and foe alike because it is a VERY unpopular ministry. I know of this persecution from personal experience. 

What Christian leader would discourage others from praying to God? Even the pimps encourage the sheeple to pray. Yet, when in great pain, Ole will pray. This makes him a hypocrite and hypocrites have no business being in leadership within the Body of Christ. As I have so vigorously called for other leaders to resign from their positions for far less, I must now make the call for Anthony to resign from Trinity Foundation immediately because he can’t be trusted. 

Finally, it really is a sad day when someone you have respect for turns out to be a fraud. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I take so long between posts. I want as much evidence as possible that what I write about is what I say it is. I take no great joy in exposing the heretics but I know in my heart that what I present for my readers is accurate and done ethically. Ole Anthony is a manipulative lying cult leader who needs to be stopped.

 Hat tip to IC for his excellent work!  

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  1. Phil,
    Thank you for posting this information on your blog. As someone who was deceived by Ole Anthony and his Trinity Foundation for seven years, I understand how difficult it was to write this piece.

    I wrote a book on my experience at Trinity Foundation and it was the most difficult thing I have ever done.

    To read more about this book, I Can’t Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult, please see http://www.dallascult.com


  2. Wendy,

    Thanks for posting the link. I saw it the other day and it still amazes me that Ole still wants to stay in the limelight!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    I haven’t read your book but Paul Crouch Jr. has and he is using this to discredit anything that Ole Anthony may or may not have given to Senator Grassley. I’m fairly certain that he has passed what he has learned onto the others being investigated. I guess my question is;

    Do you believe, based on your vast knowledge, that whatever Ole and his cult have dug up should be considered reliable information?

    Also, is it possible to have some of the former members come here to share their stories with my readers? I think it would shed more light on Ole and his cult and most likely help you sell a few more copies of your book.

    Thanks for your courage and contribution to this discussion!

  4. Hi Phil, Thought I would answer one of your questions with an excerpt from my book:

    Chapter 12:“Shattered Believers”
    The transition out of the Trinity Foundation was one of the worst periods of my life. When I came to believe that the Trinity Foundation was a spiritually abusive religious cult, all of those feelings of being special—because I had been involved in a great and meaningful expression of Christianity—were gone. My whole sense of self had been wrapped up in the mission of the Trinity Foundation. The community had become my whole universe—my whole life—so much so that I felt that I had lost everything—my belief system, my family, my faith, and even my very sense of who I was. Before, I had been a part of a unique community. Now, I felt that I had no direction, no purpose, and no sense of who I was or what I believed.

    For years after I left, my one remaining hope that my time in the group had not been totally in vain was the belief that at least the Trinity Foundation had done some good through its investigations and exposure of the televangelists….(I go into detail about some of the investigations)

    The possibility that Ole’s investigation was fraught with deliberate misrepresentations of the facts and that the prayer requests had been planted was troubling. I had been proud to have belonged to a group that exposed hypocrisy; however, I began to doubt the integrity of Ole and his investigation. Although I attempted to uncover the truth, I was never able to conclusively determine whether or not Ole had staged the discovery of the prayer requests. Sufficient doubt existed, though, to destroy what little hope remained that there was anything commendable about the Trinity Foundation. When I discussed with other former members the possibility that Ole may have planted the prayer requests in the dumpster, where he later “discovered” them, they all replied in a similar fashion, “Well, Ole was certainly capable of doing that.” None of the former members thought that such deception would be out of character. (end excerpt)

    When I began writing the book I interviewed dozens of former members and conducted many hours of research. Interestingly, until someone asked me point blank if I had ever researched Ole’s background, it had never occurred to me that it was an issue. Then when I began researching Ole Anthony himself, I was blown away. I only scratched the surface. An investigative reporter from the Dallas Observer did an extensive investigation and uncovered tons more than I had. No one–not former or current members, not anyone in the media -had ever questioned Ole’s background or the integrity of his investigations. Everyone assumed that this man who preached accountability and total honesty practiced that himself.

    I will forward this blog to some of the former members and see if they would like to post. My husband, Doug, started a thread over a year ago on Rick Ross and it is still active! Here is the link if you are interested.


    Thanks so much!

  5. I was also a decieved member of ‘The cult of Ole’.
    I pray that this group become as transparent as Ole preaches each of us should be. They have circled the wagons though. An independent financial audit would be a good place to start. Wendy was too nice to Ole in her book!

  6. Hey Phil, thanks for posting this. I came across some disturbing articles (the same ones you posted) about Ole last year, but I didn’t dig deeper because I didn’t have the time. Still, after reading your post, I am more convinced that I should stay away from Ole and the Trinity Foundation. They appear to be unreliable sources of information.

    I have ruminated the possiblity that an investigative journalist or Ole have witnessed a genuine sign and wonder, but chose to write it off as fraud. This would mean that Benny Hinn and Fiends were right all along. But I doubt it, because these folks do not measure up to Scripture, our only authority on spiritual matters.

    It is ironic, isn’t it? A wolf warning about other wolves.

  7. Yet another bites the dust… The wolves show themselves and the supposed lambs argue over which wolf was the worst… The only “proof” that you show for your scriptures is the scriptures themselves…

    Ole seemed to be trustworthy, and was not. How am I to believe that you are any different? Through my youth and even into Seminary, I made excuses for why god did not do the kind of things that god supposedly did in the old testament… and even the new, but it finally came down to the idea that god does not really care.

    God may have started things, but you are all evidence that even “his” people have nothing different from those of us who have decided to drop the bull.

    Christianity is apparently, in and of itself, a soporific, designed to dull the mind into following someone else through teaching, preaching, etc.

    “I would have become a Christian, had I not met one.” Ghandi


    Phil: Hi Srewolf…welcome to Theology Today!

    I suppose if you went to Seminary, you’d know how to tell how to trust me. Read God’s Word and see what I say lines up with God’s Word. Pretty simple eh?

  8. WOW! Until today I had never heard of Ole Anthony or the Trinity Foundation. And I lived in Dallas for yrs. The person that brought this name up is a very close friend of his and was telling me how great he is. I googled the name and started reading. It is sad that people will get pulled into such a place…

  9. I listened to some of the Trinity Bible studies and have been very intrigued by the focus on “Christ in you.” I read that Ole Anthony read Norman Grubb so I read several of his books plus Bill Volkman’s “Wink of Faith” but can’t find anything else comparable and would like to read more. Perhaps Wendy has some recommendations (or anyone else) because I would like to read more about the union life.

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