Do Genuine Apostles Exist Today?

From time to time we get people that visit this site who claim to be members of the clergy, but we’ve never had anyone claiming to be an “Apostle”. Well, that all changed the other day as I was criticized by a man claiming the title of “Apostle”. I like this because it gives us all an opportunity to examine the Scriptures to see if the office of Apostle still exists today or is this just another baseless self appointed title that men and even some women give themselves in order to gain some form of credibility within the Body of Christ.



The word apostle means “sent one”. Some can make a case that missionaries can claim to be “apostles” as they are sent from their churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the four corners of the earth. This posting has nothing to do with those folks. This posting is meant to determine if the office and title of an Apostle is valid today.


The Bible is fairly clear on the qualifications for anyone claiming to be an Apostle. The qualifications according to Scripture are as follows;


 ·                    An Apostle should have seen the Lord, and been able to testify of Him and of His resurrection from personal knowledge (John 15:27; Acts 1:21, Acts 1:22; 1Corinthians 9:1; Acts 22:14, Acts 22:15).  

 ·                    An Apostle must have been immediately called to that office by Christ (Luke 6:13; Galatians 1:1). 

·                    An Apostle should be infallibly inspired, and thus secured against all error and mistake in their public teaching, whether by word or by writing (John 14:26; John 16:13; 1Thessalonians 2:13. 

·                    An Apostle had the power of working miracles (Mark 16:20; Acts 2:43; 1Corinthians 12:8-11). 

Hmmm. Now that we know what the Bible says about who can call themselves an Apostle, I have the following questions to ask those of you that either believe that you are an Apostle or those who sit under the teachings of those who call themselves an Apostle. Here goes;


1.Did they see Jesus before He was crucified? How about after? According to the Scriptures, both the before and after had to have been witnessed.

2. Were you or those you sit under immediately called by Jesus? Again, the Scriptures are very specific.

3. Does the Apostle that you sit under ever make mistakes when preaching or teaching? How about their writings? Are the writings free of any error?

4. Can the person claiming to be an “Apostle” work miracles?

If you answered no to any of these questions then you can’t claim the title of Apostle. According to Biblical qualifications, the office and title of Apostle has ceased with the death of the Apostle John.


Are there “sent ones”? Of course there are. There will always be sent ones until the day when Christ returns for His Bride. They just can’t claim the office and title of Apostle. That title and office were for a select few and not for just anyone the way it seems to be claimed ad nauseum within the Body of Christ today.


Please see the following links for the man who claims to be an “Apostle” and his comments and judge for yourselves if he is a true “Apostle”. 694  


11 thoughts on “Do Genuine Apostles Exist Today?

  1. Hi Phil,

    I haven’t been here in a while. Having studied the subject myself before now, I find it difficult to accept modern-day Apostleship in the sense that we see as defined in the Bible.

    Everyone who have claimed to be called as an apostle whom I have evaluated (including myself; I once believed I was called to be an apostle!) with the Biblical criteria failed in one point or the other.

    Yes; I believe that God does send people to the mission field, or to the Body of Christ, but we cannot ignore the Bible’s criteria for those who claim to be apostles.

    Someone who used to know me recently asked, “Are you saying that you are not an apostle?” My anser to him: Yes; I am saying I am not, as I fail the Biblical test effortlessly.

    God bless you.

  2. What about Paul – he did not see Christ and was called Apostle Paul?

    Paul healed and many miracles where done as he travled and preach.


    Phil: Read Acts Chapter 9. Paul heard His voice and so did others. That qualifies Paul,, in my opinion.

  3. Excellent post on this subject and one in which I hope and pray will be read by a contributor of ours to help her see the light. It has been emailed to her.

    Phil: Thanks. I will be posting another article relating to this subject this week.

  4. My question to you is – Who are you to say he is not an apostle.

    You said Paul heard his voice, what about mem and woman of God today – do they not hear his voice?

    Phil: I also said that others heard this voice also. 1 Corinthians 9:1 tells us that Paul actually saw Jesus. I was using just one passage in hopes that the reader would look for it on their own. The later chapters of the Book of Acts is another good place to look.

    We do hear God’s voice, through His Word which clearly states that the Office of Apostle has ceased.

  5. I have a comment with respect to this statement you made, “An Apostle should be infallibly inspired, and thus secured against all error and mistake in their public teaching, whether by word or by writing “. Sounds very Catholic to me, and unscriptural as well. Even the Apostle Peter made teachings errors that had to be confronted and corrected publically by Paul. I understand your intent to show how special apostles were by linking them to scripture, being capable of writing scripture under an infallible anointing, yet your statement is too broad. It is the collective discernment of all other apostles/bishops, etc to recognize and affirm when a particular writing is considered scripture. Understanding the many years/centuries required to filter out the chaff and universally decide what was canon scripture and what was not, is a very different process, never to be repeated, but is not, in and of itself a qualification of apostleship. As noted by the fact that several NT letters were written by those who were not apostles (Mark, Luke, Jude and the writer of Hebrews) yet who were able to produce inspired writing.

  6. greetings in the name of Jesus.
    i am really shocked at this website. I had just decided to browse on some sermons and was not expecting this.
    i browsed through the comments on the likes of Dr Nasir Sidikki and Dr Creflo Dollar.
    I really do believe that as the bible says to study the word and show yourself approved. i do also believe that we should all make disciples of ourselves and go out and do the great commission. i know about the warning of false prophets and a bit about end time teachings.
    but most of all, what i really understand is that we should not look to man, but to God, who is the author and finisher of our faith.
    please, i urge you brethren, please consider your weaker brethren before you start typing this lest be caught up in the net of obsession against the body of Christ.
    I am but just a believer who believes that the word is God’s authentic word, that should not be altered. I believe that Jesus will come again and The word is instructions to live by…..trying to disect the word in every possible way t show maturity in the word is not what was intended. be childlike and learn to love God more and more each day, the HOLY SPIRIT will minister to you and lead you inthe right path.

    May God bless you and forgive all of us.

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