Paula White’s Magic Formula…..YOU

I wish there was a magic formula that gave you guarantees in life,” she said. “Now I have to draw deep into my faith and let God draw me out of this dark place.”

(Paula White August 23, 2007 commenting to Tampa Bay Tribune on her impending divorce from husband “Bishop” Randy White”).


The above statement, made by precious Paula White, is a perfect description as to why this woman is being blasted and ridiculed throughout the blogosphere and beyond. It’s also the very real reason as to why I and many others consider this woman a viper and a cancer within the Body of Christ. My fervent prayer is that she removes herself from ANY form of ministry within the Body of Christ and repents in the hopes that she realizes that her hypocrisy has done major damage to many millions of souls worldwide through her sham of a ministry.


Magic formulas? Who is this viper kidding? This woman is all about magic formulas for wealth, health and success. The common denominator in all of her teachings is “sow a seed” which simply means give precious Paula money and all of your troubles will go away. As been brought to light in recent weeks, she obviously doesn’t practice what she preaches.


Here is a perfect example of precious Paula’s magic formula that she wants YOU to follow;

It surely hasn’t worked for her so why would YOU expect that it would work for YOU? 

Here is another of her “magic formula’s) regarding the Passover and pay close attention to what she claims YOU will receive when you give your BEST Passover offering to God (precious Paula) (email me and I’ll send you the newsletter).


Do you need God’s favor? Honor His Sacrifice!

Through the study of Exodus 23, you can receive 7 different supernatural blessings from God this Passover and Easter season:

1. God will assign an angel to you.
2. God will be an enemy to your enemies.
3. God will give you prosperity.
4. God will take sickness away from you.
5. God will give you a long life.
6. God will bring increase and inheritance.
7. God will give a special year of blessing.


Pay close attention to the “God will” bit. She wants YOU to believe that “God will” give you all these things because YOU give precious Paula YOUR hard earned money. She reduces God to some cosmic stock boy who, when YOU give money to precious Paula, will provide you with the above seven blessings. It certainly hasn’t worked for her so why would YOU expect it to work for YOU?


Below is another of precious Paula’s magic formulas


This magic formula will make you healthier, at least according to her. I find it quite interesting that she has this celebrity personal trainer aiding her in teaching YOU how to look better and feel better. You know how she does it? Plastic surgery. Her magic formula certainly doesn’t work for her so why on earth do YOU believe that it will work for YOU?


Precious Paula does have a magic formula. YOU! That’s right. Those of YOU who give her YOUR hard earned money to her ‘ministry’ are her real magic formula. Without YOU there would be no precious Paula. YOUR money pays for the airtime so she can make more money from more people like YOU. YOUR money pays for the jet fuel that allowed her to fly off into the sunset when the walls came crumbling down in Tampa. YOUR money has allowed her to leave one unbiblical leadership position for another in San Antonio without the hint of repentance, responsibility or remorse.


Please do the Body of Christ a favor. Stop giving this viper YOUR hard earned money and force her to find the ONLY magic formula that precious Paula needs right now, the Lord Jesus Christ! He’s the ONLY guarantee that YOU and SHE will ever require!


I’ll conclude this posting with the Words of Christ, which I believe fits this situation perfectly. They are from the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 8 verse 36, ESV.

 “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul”? 

Paula White, please repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Your very soul depends on this.


19 thoughts on “Paula White’s Magic Formula…..YOU

  1. It makes Me sick when I tune in the babylon network (TBN) and see all the prosperity pimps being featured to suck money out of the most vulnerable people in our society. They are laughing all the way to the bank while these poor people deprive themselves of the basics of life to support these frauds thinking this is what Jesus wants.

  2. In my humble opinion, I believe we need to get back to the basic Gospel of Jesus Christ. What we are dealing with are modern day Pharisees. Whom Jesus said robbed the widows and loved the gold on the altar instead of God. He also said “The love of money is the root of all evil”. In Ephesians Paul says to expose unrepentant sin openly. Souls are dying and going to hell by the droves for eternity — where is the church? Where are those who will sacrifice all and pick up their cross to follow Jesus at all cost?

  3. Your call for Paula to step out of all ministry due to the damage she is causing to the cause of Christ seems to have fallen on deaf ears. This weekend she is leading her annual “Satisfied Ladies Retreat” in Orlando. The “retreat center” is the Omni hotel. I am sure she has a lot to tell the gals about being a satisfied woman since her marrige is falling apart due to her and Bishop Randy “going in two different directions.”

    It seems she has quite full schedule coming up including some spiritual pep talks with the NBA Wives association.,com_itinerary/Itemid,64/

    Don’t look for her to slow down anytime soon. There is a lot of money in these meetings and she needs to keep her cash flow up.

  4. I attended a Paula White conference earlier this year and I came to a similar conclusion. I was surprised that she calls herself a “life coach”. I guess anyone could call themselves that, but if you want to know what a genuine, Spirit-led Christian life coach is, check out the testimonials on the website. Then prayerfully draw your own conclusions.

  5. This is why we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and not man.
    Paula and a lot of the others have gotten caught up in the “love of money”. They have gone way to far in many ways.
    Donald Trump is a friend of hers I see as well. Money, Money, Money.
    Now, the love of money has cost her her marriage, etc.
    “You can have it all” on her website really tripped me out. That is why she is in the shape she is in, trying to have it all and tell everybody else they can. No you can’t have it all.
    Hopefully, we all will get our eyes back on Christ and keep them off man.
    No good thing dwells in man.
    I believe she started off well, as many do and money has led them astray.
    Pray for them!

  6. That one thing you can say about “US” CHRISTIANS we kill our wounded!! We have no mercy or grace to give and God forbid if we ever, ever, make a mistake! I thought Jesus died for it all!! Did not HE say “IT IS FINISHED!!!” Which one of you making negative comments have a “HEAVEN” or a “HELL” to place anyone in?? I”ll wait…. none of us!!! We should be praying for those that have fallen lest we fall! God respects a Humble heart and one that is humble He will draw near to them. Let’s
    pray before we open our mouths in judgement against another.

  7. First and Foremost, Thank You for this Open Forum.

    Dear Body of Christ, Are we really Surprised or Shocked with what is going on in these last days? or should the question be, should we be surprised or shocked? Has not our BIBLES declared unto us that in the book of II Timothy chapter 3:1-5 that in the last days perilous times shall come. That men shall be lovers of their ownselves…..Having the FORM of Godliness, but denying the Power thereof: from such, turn away. Yes I’m saden and somewhat angry, but not suprised, for our God who is faithfal to his word and (TRUE) children has warned us of what is and what shall come to past. I preached a message about a year ago entitled, “The “LIGHT” has come to SHINE upon our Darkness, and this was not a message for the sinner, but for us the saints in the body of Christ. It was a message of warning and especially to us leaders, to acknowlege, repent, and seek help to get ride of the hidden sins within our lives. God was saying to his people, its time to address our areas of sin while His mercy is upon us, and to take the opportunity to do it behind the scene, before He has to Openly bring us to shame. As leaders, preachers and teachers of the gospel, we not only have the responsibility to teach and preach the “TRUTH”, but more importantly, to live our lives by demonstration in the “TRUTH”. People of God, it is time that we begin to start addressing the Hidden issues of our SIN that is destoying the lives of so many of Gods people. We are called as ambassador’s of God, and we are doing a poor job of REPRESENTING His Kingdom. Yes, its time for us to take responsiblity for our “ACTIONS”. Why is it that we as the Church, seems to be the only ones that don’t want to deal with our actions. No, this message does not come to condemn us, but to empower us in His truth. We all, and yes especially us leaders have the duty to uphold the HIGH standard of His word through Holiness. There is no way around this. Lastly, I would like to leave us with a series of questions and comments, just something for us all to think about:

    Q. Who are God’s True Leaders/People, and how do we know that they really are?

    C. The Bible says that not everyone that saith unto me Lord Lord, shall enter into the Kingom. Also, will they not say, Lord we have Prophesied in thy name, Cast out Devils in Thy name, but to some he will say depart from me ye workers of inquity, I know you not. People, People of God were we not warned of those that will Use His Name GREATLY, even the FALSE Prophets will perform many GREAT miracle in His NAME. Its time to wake up and Get a true relationship with God for ourselves. Aren’t we tired of the Devil dictating who the true saints are, and falsely representing the Body of Christ. Contrary to popular belief, There are STILL TRUE and REAL God FEARING Leaders and Saints out here, and If we don’t stand up with BOLDNESS in LOVE and represent, the devil will continue to have a field day making a mockery out of Gods People.

    C. I am called as a Prayer Intercessor, and I believe in the Power of Prayer, but I don’t believe in using prayer as an excuse to ignore and cover up for the things we know not to do. Some things must be addressed.

    Q. When should we just pray, or is there a time that we must pray and standup and take action along with our prayers.

    Q. What is forgiveness? Does forgiveness mean we are always excused for our Actions?

    C. Why is it so easy that we can “Judge” or for a better term of word, bring to accountablity to everyone else, (Our Presidents, Political leaders, school teachers, Police officer’s, ect…), but ourselves and leaders in the body of Christ, this seem to be a hard thing to do. As a parent, there are times that I excuse my childrens behaviors and disobedience. But there are times that some of their behavior is not exceptable or excusable, because I expect them to know better. Does this mean I don’t LOVE them? No, of course not, and YES, I do as their parent have a responsibility to correct them, and It sometimes hurts, but its done in LOVE.

    Q. How do we determine what’s of the Hand of God, or the Hand of the Devil and Further more, the Hand of ourselves?

    In my conclusion, I pray that we as members of the Body of Christ will begin to take FULL reasponsibility for WHO we are and Whose we are. We are representation of a HOLY and RIGHTEOUS GOD, who is Faithful and Just concerning His people. We were created in the Image and Likeness of Him. Who’s Image are you reflecting?, and lastly but certainly not least, we must take guard over our own lives through the leading of the Holy Spirit. If we would personally pickup the Word of God (our Bibles) and Read them, we will dicover, again, through the Spirit of Truth all the Promises, Blessings and Instructions for life, where no Man or Woman will be able to deceive us. People of God we are without excuse. The Bible says if any man lacks wisdom, let him ASK of God, (not Man) that giveth to all men liberally. That means you too. One thing I do know from experience, is that God reveals truth to those that truly seek it. The Question is are we really seeking His Truth? or are we satified with not knowing, and yes we are still accountible for not knowing, because its the lack of not knowing that destroys a people.

    Yours In Christ, We continue to pray for us all, to be who God called us to be.

  8. First of all i’m against sin in any way by anyone.Yet gods word is plain about sowing and reaping.Remember without a seed you wouldnt be here.If you keep putting all sowing in this context you are robbing Gods people of a truth.Expose all wrong but do it in a way that people understand the truthabout sowing according to Gods word opposed to mans word.For forty years I have preached around the world,sown financial seed,the word,labor,love and kindness and have reaped a hundred fold.
    please get it straight.

  9. I just happened to drop by and check on your site. Glad I did! (lol)

    I’m not at all surprised by the extent Paula, and those of her character, would attempt to go in order to fleece the ignorant. None of what she purports has anything to do with a dying nation in need of a Savior. Jesus did not stand at the place of the cross, and take a collection for those who wanted to be saved, blessed, or kept; so, why in the name of all that is good, would people believe these hucksters and hirelings? Simply because they know not the God of Creation, but the god of their imagination.

    Both, Paula and Juanita have single-handedly killed the witness of the Word of Faith doctrine; and, while we know it is the doctrine of devils, it is now never more clear that they were not able to ‘name it and claim it’, and no one else is, either.

    They are now headed over into the world; the world in which they had never left, and will carry lost souls right along with them. I will not pray for these beasts; I pray for the unlearned souls that follow them.

    *looking up*
    And what is “Ronnie” talking about? He’s a hireling, too. Longevity of teaching error doesn’t make it right. The Word of God is right.

  10. those who judge have no idea what these two have sacraficed for the “people” . thier family, thier kids, thier marriage. you ever hear of married couples staying together just “for the kids” . unfortunately, that’s the case here. I for one am happy to know they no longer have to live a lie of a happy marriage. i wish the best for both of them. god is soverign. he knows the begining and the end. to the other christian leaders with miserable marriages who continue to deceive the body of christ so be it.

  11. I’m confused about this prosperity stuff………..
    If Paula tells me to send £100 (I’m in England) to the Lord, Why does it have to be to Paula (or the ministry she is touting for ? Why not Don Stewart, TBN, Jimmy Swaggart, ………..or my local pastor , who struggles to keep up with the payments on his small secondhand car …… anyone know

    (PN). Because she claims to be doing God’s work. She claims to be a representitive of God and thus you should send it to her. Forget about the fact that she has no business being a pastor, or that she’s about to be divorced for the second time. That stuff apparently means nothing to her. Hang onto the 100 quid mate and give it to someone who really needs the money.

  12. I know that by sowing you do reap. I have sowed into others ministers and I have reaped abundantly. I am praying for Paula, and Randy, this is a horrible thing that is happening! We have to remember that God also hurts over this, They are his. Please intercede for them, David had the chance to Kill Saul, but instead he refused to touch Gods anointed, even though Saul was wicked. By attacking them we have become partners with the devil, lets pray for healing instead of gloating over this. The devil always attacks the leaders, then it is much easier to kill the sheep. Please interceed, Let this be God’s to deal with. Remember he is full of Mercy…..Are WE?

  13. Anita thank you for your comments. It is good to know there are some people who will take a stand for god’s truths. What is sad, is in this day and age there seem to be few who will take a stand. I can comment so much more on this, but I will save it for later.

    To “(Rev)” Holmden To you, what is sowing seed. False teachers equate sowing seed with giving money to receive a blessing or miracle from God.

    Acording to scripture sowing seed has absolutely nothing to do with money, but everything with a person sharing God’s Word.

    A second question I have is this. The name REVEREND is found only one time in the entire Bible. Some translations use the name AWESOME, others use the name TERRIBLE. According to scripture, who does the name REVEREND belong to, (Psalm 111:1-10). I am not asking what people say the name means in their tradition, what does the name mean according to God’s Word and His Truth.

    Also what are your comments regarding what is written in 8:18-23?

  14. hELO BROTHERS what’s wrong to teach about God’s economy.Is it sin? No. Money is neutral if you make it offering it will be holy money and if we drink with it in pub it becomes evil money.we need to hear God’s perspective on if there are not preachers in finance what shall we do /we will follow world it is better to hear like paula white.those who refuse this teaching are suffering several days asking God to give them money.but God gives you the seed not harvest .he gave us his principles.

  15. To Rev. Michelle:
    This is just wrong on so many levels. If you are really a reverend, haven’t you been taught that “sowing and reaping” in the Bible has to do with God’s word? Not money!

    I don’t see anyone here “gloating” over all this….most of us are devastated. The devil has attacked the “leaders” because they have chosen to leave the one and only true God, and follow after their own god of mammon. It should be no surprise.

    Haven’t you read where Jesus “attacked” the moneychangers in the Temple? Where he admonished the Pharisees and Scribes? As a Christian, you ESPECIALLY you, are supposed to expose false doctrine.

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that Paula and Randy are “His” anymore. They have left their first love and gone into the world. Paula has teamed up with Donald Trump (even owns a Condo in his Trump Towers) and is a “life coach” for Tyra Banks. Please follow her principles if you want to get out of your marriage vows…..

    These TBN pimps are all and only about money. Sow $1000 to me and Gawd’s gonna heal your sick child, heal your marriage, save your loved one, give you a breakthrough miracle……send it even if you don’t have it…..send it instead of paying your bills and believe Gawd for it.

    Innocent and desperate people are sending their money….in some cases ALL OF IT. My best friend died 5 years ago of cancer, after giving and giving, then so disappointed that she thought God didn’t love her enough to heal her because she didn’t have enough faith. THERE IS NO END TO THE EVIL IN THESE PIMPS. A few months before she died her husband took her to a Benny Hinn CONference, I called the ministry before she left and they said she should tell a ‘worker’ her story so she could sit in the front rows so Hinn could lay hands on her. She did that and was ushered UPSTAIRS and to the very BACK away from the TV cameras… that she wouldn’t embarrass Hinn. She was very weak and on oxygen at that time……A FEW MONTHS LATER SHE DIED.

    I also believe that we will be accountable to God for whom we allow to teach us, and whom we send our money to.

    Yes, we should pray! But I’m telling you, if not for blogs and information like this, I would still be lost under the “greasy grace” anointing of these pimps.

    I thank God He led me out!!

  16. I was a memberatFPC. I will not give more money to False”so, call Preachers” no!!Fear ofGod.I’m going to a very Holyness church now.
    my eyes are still on Jesus!!! God took me out. people you must listen to the Holyspiritand get out off!!so, call!!! men teachings!!!!

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