Big Trouble in Tinca Romania?

Today was a first for me in that I was threatened with legal action regarding my article regarding the despicable situation involving two sham ministries operating in a small Gypsy Village in Tinca Romania. What makes this a first? Glad you asked! This is the very first time that the main SOURCE of the article threatened me with LEGAL ACTION if I didn’t remove my article from the blog. Being the fair guy that I am, I decided to honor this request and removed it. Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter.

On July 13, 2007 I received a text message from this source, hereafter known as “Paleo” asking me if I thought tongues and prophecy were still valid biblically. I asked why and was informed about Matt Gonzales and his ministry, Carpe Diem Ministries based in Stockton California. I had never heard about either Gonzales or his ministry until that day and informed “Paleo”, after some investigation, that his ministry was shaky at best. On July 14, 2007 I received two more text messages regarding this ministry and “gold stars” being seen by the Gypsies on their hands after being prayed for by Gonzales and his cult disciples.

On July 14, 2007, we spoke via telephone and “Paleo” seemed very happy about exposing Gonzales and his cult but I never shared with this person my concerns regarding   Forget Me Not Ministries or its founder, Miss Rachel Ross. Apparently “Paleo” was spending a few weeks as a missionary with Miss Ross’ organization and is quite fond of her as a person.

On July 15, 2007 I received a lengthy and detailed email from “Paleo”. Below are some of the concerns that were raised;

  • Praying and speaking in tongues
  • False prophecies due to information passed on to Gonzales from Forget Me Not staff member Halie Volbrecht prior to his arrival and passing it off as words from God
  • The Village people believing that Gonzales was Jesus.

The email also contained derogatory remarks about Gonzales’ wife Deseree and others. I was only concerned with the above bulleted complaints and the two ministries involved. I addressed these concerns in the article that I removed and will republish these below;

Neither cult leader Matt Gonzales nor any of his disciples have the Gift of Tongues. In order to have this gift, the Gypsy children would have been able to understand what these folks were saying. They did not and Gonzales needed a Romanian interpreter whenever he spoke or prayed or whatever con he was trying to pull on these poor children of God. Gonzales may have the gift of gab but NOT the Gift of Tongues. All he and his disciples are doing is babbling and pretending. Prophecy? Spoon fed information from a naïve disciple to a cult leader is hardly speaking for God. Cult leader Matt Gonzales is nothing but a two bit con man pretending to be a prophet. He is a prophet- a FALSE PROPHET and should be treated as such.

Below are my thoughts about the Gypsies seeing gold stars on their hands and believing Gonzales was Jesus after being prayed for;

Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

The gold stars are nothing more then a false sign. This type of nonsense has occurred before in the Assemblies of God denomination of which Gonzales is a member. He’s pulling a scam to get naïve people to believe he has special powers which clearly he doesn’t have.  In fairness to cult leader Gonzales, he didn’t claim to be Jesus but he certainly didn’t try to deny it and a Romanian interpreter had to inform the village that Gonzales wasn’t Jesus.

I then offered the following from the article;

My question is this; If Forget Me Not Ministries are accepting donations based on their claims of leading people to Christ, why did these unsuspecting villagers fall for this scam and believe Gonzales was Jesus? Apparently Ross was sleeping during evangelism 101 because her ministry certainly isn’t doing what it claims to be doing. Who’s responsible for this mess? Rachel Ross is. It was her staff member that made the introduction and her ministry that sponsored this cult enabling them and allowing 24/7  access to these poor unfortunate souls who were duped by a two bit con man claiming to be a prophet of God. She clearly endorses this cult as evidenced by the friends section of her web page. Feigning ignorance won’t work Miss Ross. You are responsible for this and I hope you get your act together but I highly doubt that will happen.

“Paleo” knew all about this blog and my “methods” prior to ever relaying this information about this terrible situation. In fact, this person has stated to me many times how wrong my methods are yet had no problem with my methods until I contacted “Paleo” and informed this person that Rachel Ross wouldn’t look good. It appears “Paleo” was only interested in exposing Gonzales where I’m interested in the truth. This is where we differ.

There can be no doubt whatsoever these two ministries have difficulties that can hardly be overlooked. Will they repent and operate their ministries in a more biblical manner? One of them probably won’t and the other one might. We’ll see who in the not so distant future I reckon.

Finally, personal attacks and threats of litigation don’t frighten me. This article will NOT be removed by me for ANY reason. If anyone has personal issues concerning this article or has any additional information about either of these ministries my email is

Please pray for the Gypsy Children of Tinca. If you feel led to help support a legitimate ministry, please contact Rock Ministries.

27 thoughts on “Big Trouble in Tinca Romania?

  1. Legal action?

    1 Corinthians 6:1
    1 When one of you has a grievance against another, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous instead of the saints?
    2 Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases?
    3 Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life!
    4 So if you have such cases, why do you lay them before those who have no standing in the church?
    5 I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no one among you wise enough to settle a dispute between the brothers,
    6 but brother goes to law against brother, and that before unbelievers?
    7 To have lawsuits at all with one another is already a defeat for you. Why not rather suffer wrong? Why not rather be defrauded?

    Maybe some of us take the Bible too literally. I adjusted the link as requested.

  2. Yomi,

    Didn’t you know that many Christians today in America haven’t a clue to what God’s Word has to say? It’s been watered down by the mega church seeker friendly crowd to the point that it means nothing to them. this is definately the case with this bunch.

  3. Have you spoken to any of these ministries personally or is all of this information just “hear say”? To me it sounds like your source of information (Paleo) could be very unreliable and you could be answering to God for the things that you have said against some of His children. Maybe this person didn’t want you to publish this info because it wasn’t true. Have you thought of that?

  4. Actually, I never considered for a moment that “Paleo” may have been lying. I then received emails from a parent of a former disciple of Gonzales AND a former missionary with Miss Ross that supported what “Paleo” was saying.

    I contacted BOTH ministries. Never heard from Miss Ross and received a smart aleck response from Gonzales. I stand by my post.

  5. i see full of names blamed here. Phil, you forgot one,
    of “Paleo”! She is ***********!!!
    And next time when you have the “inspiration” to make a good story contact both sides before making something public. Probably all your articles were written like this, hearing only one side of story…
    May that God forgives you.

    Phil: I find it quite humerous that you attempt to out “Paleo” yet lack the testicular mass to use your own name. From what I’ve learned about BOTH of these ‘ministries’ that seems to be the norm.

    I’ve received more emails about this mess then I care to read. I’ve also learned more about Matt Gonzales, Rachel Ross and Halie Volbrecht then I care to know. Suffice to say, most of these emails backed up what I’ve written about this particular situation as well as other far more disturbing conduct, especially on the part of Gonzales. Look for more posts about Gonzales and his ‘activities’ in the near future.

    Gonzales and Ross were both contacted and neither made a comment except for a smart aleck remark from your “prophet” Gonzales.

  6. Your comment has been deleted.

    Matt and Rachel,

    It’s comments like the one I just deleted that show more about your ‘ministries’ then what has been written. It’s time for both of you to respond for yourselves instead of sending a clown like “me again” to attempt to shoot the messenger. Think about it.

  7. Hello Me Again,

    Your comment has been deleted. You add nothing to this discussion and are basically whistling in the dark. You have no idea who “Paleo” is and I would never tell you anyway. How about addressing the issues raised? Oh wait, you can’t and it’s ok that you can’t. The quality of both of these sham ministries supporters astounds me.

  8. you will be responsible for all that will belive these things that you post, even if you are not the author. it’s a lot of trash here. think about this.

    Phil: Just what exactly is trash here Geon? Since you seem to know so much, how about telling me where I got it wrong? Matt and Rachel don’t have the courage to respond so why don’t you set the record straight either publicly or privately via email? My email is

    Responsible in what way? Legally? Morally? Please enlighten me because I really need to know about my responsibilities are in this matter? If I’m responsible for either of these two “ministries” not receiving donations or not being able to deceive anyone, then my job is done.

    Personally, the only trash I’ve seen so far are the comments from people like you, and of course, Forget Me Not Ministries and Carpe Diem Ministries. Until someone proves me wrong, trash is a perfect description for this entire situation.

  9. Geon,

    One more thing. I’m receiving plenty of emails from a variety of people THANKING me for exposing these frauds. I’ll be doing another post about this bunch of scoundrals in the next few weeks.

    Phil Naessens

  10. I’ve been getting several emails about the individuals involved in this mess. Many are attempting to “out” “paleo”.

    It’s funny how these worthless vultures (Matt Gonzales and Rachel Ross) and the rest of their crew would rather attempt to out the source yet fail to address any of the complaints in the article.
    They prefer to say the nastiest things about “paleo” and threaten me with violence.


  11. Regardless of your beliefs or opinions, you will answer to God for coming against His anointed. Sheeka!!

    Phil: Who do you consider “anointed” Mantle? According to the bible all true believers are anointed which means you have some answering to do as well eh Mantle?

  12. do any of you guys even know matt gonzales. It seems to me that you guys are more into calling people out than going out and furthering the kingdom. Why can’t the body of Christ be united and work together instead of making yourselves look stupid. If you had the gift of discernment then just maybe you could discern the spirit on Matt. Hah I think it is quite funny you guys don’t believe in the gift of tongues. It is biblical right? Y’all just need to stop drinking haterade and get some more Jesus

    Phil: Nope don’t know him personally but I know people who do and they agree with me….how do I look “stupid” Brian? I think anyone that supports a lying punk like Matt Gonzales is stupid…..

    I believe in the Gift of Tongues Brian…..but I’m pretty sure Matt doesn’t have it…..

    Off to drink more haterade…..

  13. How would you know if Matt had the gift of toungues or not? Do you have the gift of discernment? You guys look stupid because you are calling people of God out and calling them false prophets when you only just know people who know him. Like you are going off what other people are saying. Why dont you talk to him and see if he is legit or not. Phil: I tried but he wasn’t interested Why is he a lying punk? Phil: Because he is i want to know how come the people of God cant be united and further the kingdom instead of being on a website as this pointing fingers at other men who are trying to spread Jesus. What are you doing to spread the kingdom?> are spending time pointing out other who are?

    Phil: Deceiving poor little children is hardly spreading the Word Matthew….

  14. Phil..
    i think its funny, you take time out of your day to write stuff like this.. i dont know the guy matt, but i do know that if he truly is a “fake Prophet” It would be exposed in God’s time, not yours. Your wasting your time, when u could be out, reaching people for Christ. Is that not the main purpose of being a “Christian”, To love God, and Love your Neighbor as yourself? It seems like you are having a little trouble doing that, and i’m not to judge, but i will be praying for u!

    Phil: How do you know exposing Matt wasn’t on God’s time Daniel? How do you know I’m not reaching others for Christ? You’ve made assumptions here based on ZERO facts…..I on the other hand have PLENTY of facts about Matt Gonzales to write a DOZEN articles…..but that would be merely wasting my and the Body of Christs time…..

  15. is matt gonzales of the devil then ? Lol it sure seems like the way you make it seem. I have been in services where pol have radically gave their lives to Christ after hearing the prophetic message he spoke. I have seen miracles and deliverences take place in his services. If he is furthering to kingdom what’s the problem, he is reaching the college campus for Jesus. I wonder why he didn’t want to talk to you after you were putting him in a really bad light on here. All I know he is he loves God and is wanting to tell people about how good he is.

    Phil: I have heard the opposite John….and Matt didn’t want to discuss this with me because he KNOWS that I KNOW he is a fraud….guess we’re going to have to agree to disagree…..

  16. Phil: Bro im not really sure about you man, i dont think your facts are straight, have you seen the people who are changed because of carpe diem ministries they set delta college on fire, look at the fruit my man. The fruit is good, and God has sued Matt mightily to impact college campuses along with several churches. I think Matt had wisdom proabably to not meet with you, what would be the point you would call him out on your supposed
    “facts or proof”. I think you should listen to that old michael song “man in the mirror” and really take a look at yourself like we all need to. Ask the holy spirit is what Matt is doing is of him, there is no way Matt ios of the devil, and yes i he has the gift of toungues as do i. Its availible to any believer who wants it. How is he a fraud? its funny you put your blog on here, i believe bloggers are the modern day pharisees, they can post whatever they want calling out God’s children with no accountabilty. Have a nice day phil and god bless man, i just hiope you really ask the Lord if hes on matt and his ministry.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for stopping by Brian.

      I’ve spoken to quite a few people that have a different opinion regarding Matt and his masquerade…..pastors and such that want nothing to do with him or his “ministry”. These are folks that use to support Matt and his wife but couldn’t do that any longer with what they had personally witnessed.

      I asked the Lord and He said Matt was a fraud too……..

      I’m highly accountable Brian. Google my name and you can actually find out EXACTLY where I live and work…..

      You have a nice day as well Brian!


  17. Phil how do you feel about Matt being connected with the people over at Bethel Church in Redding, they seem to like him as i have heard him and the Jesus Culture people are tight. Do you think they are wrong or off by not hearing from God that he is a fraud as you said? What is Matt in the ministry for? He’s not in it for money, or not for fame. He’s a low key guy it seems like , he’s not a big name but seems to to ignite people on fire for God and that churches,camps, bible studies he speaks at. If he’s leading people to cross and teaching how to operate in signs and wonders im down with that.

    • Brian,

      I could care less about who allows Matt to speak or perform…..ask him about the gold stars on the little gypsy childrens hands in Tinca…..that’s a trick on his part BTW……one I know firsthand how to do. Been there and done it and can spot a fraud like Matt a mile a way…….

      I’m “down with” the Holy Spirit teaching me how to use HIS gifts………after all those gifts are HIS…….Matt believes the gifts are Matt’s to freely give……

      I have no opinion about whether or not Bethel is in the wrong or off however Matt has deceived many a pastor over the years and it doesn’t surprise me when another Hyper Charismatic church buys Matt’s BS…….personally, after the BS Matt pulled on those little kids in Tinca I wouldn’t let Matt Gonzales clean out a kitty litter box let alone teach me anything about the things of God……..

      Thanks Brian,


  18. Hi,

    For anyone interested the following website are some of the “ministries” Bethel Redding is involved with…….a hyper charismatic “rap sheet”;

    Matt Gonzales should be right at home with the likes of Todd Bentley and Patricia King among others……..


    • Hi,

      Can you demonstrate where I am wrong? Can you discredit the eyewitness who saw the whole thing firsthand? Can you discredit the pastors who have written to me thanking me for exposing this fraud?

      Why did Matt change the name of his ministry after this article was published? Why didn’t Gonzales or Rachel Ross respond either privately or publicly? I already KNOW the answers but I’m dying to hear yours?


      • I do not know the people mentioned very well, but I have met Matt Gonzales and Christ has used him to touch my life. I’m not a great christian, but I know the voice of the Lord. I’m guessing these people didn’t respond to your accusations, had they known you were making them, because your mind will not be changed, Phil. No use kicking a dead horse. You should not be afraid of the works of God. I imagine there were characters like you accusing Moses and Aaron when God turned Aaron’s staff into a serpent, when in the end, God was only trying to set them free. Matt Gonzales is not seeking self edification, he is only seeking out God’s Spirit and only interested in expanding Christ’s kingdom. There is no reason for him to fabricate what God is doing. You can delete this message if you want, it is only meant for you. I hope I didn’t insult you with my previous comment, I was really taken off guard by your words.

        • Hi Joam,

          I have an EYEWITNESS that I KNOW PERSONALLY and KNOW this person isn’t lying. Matt and Rachel didn’t respond to this article because they couldn’t refute the truth. I had to remove this article for a few hours to edit it and Gonzales did contact me sarcastically asking me “where’s the article”?????. When I sent him the re-worked piece with new information added he never replied.

          I would hardly compare Gonzales with Moses or Aaron but there are some I COULD compare him with, like this guy.

          You still haven’t answered my questions Joam. Why is that? I suggest you spend a bit more time researching those who you claim Christ used to touch you because Gonzales is a fraud and that comes from actually doing the research and being contacted by PASTORS who have worked with this man and KNOW he ain’t what he claims to be.

          For everyone else;

          Here is a link to Gonzales’ “ministry” which includes a costly non-accredited “school” where you can learn how to do “ministry” like Matt and Deseree……..

  19. Hey, Phil!

    I’ve actually known Matt for years…he’s not a fraud. He’s not Moses or Aaron-he’s Matt (the man who God has created him to be). I’ve hung out with the guy and he’s not trying to get anyone to follow him-he just leads them to Jesus. And I believe that He’s doing the “greater works” that Jesus said we will all do.
    People’s lives have changed, because Matt has personally impacted them by bringing Jesus to them. All of our lives should have that type of impact on those we encounter where ever we go. At least, that’s what the Bible says.

    Oh and by the way, Matt was probably too busy actually bringing more souls into the kingdom to actually bother responding to such a ludacris claim. He probably thought it was a joke…I do.

    • Hi Angela,

      Actually, he did respond…..sarcastically so I guess he wasn’t that busy. He also changed the name of his “ministry” after his charade was exposed by an eyewitness…..gee, wonder why he did that?

      Happy Easter Angela!


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