Touch not Mine Anointed

Last week two posters posted the standby line “touch not mine anointed” whenever someone like me has the audacity to question one of their heroes, the very first in this sites nearly five month’s existence. I feel so blessed and have been waiting for such a time as this to break down this verse and teach on just what this really means, which will add yet another reason to avoid the false teachers who wrongly use this verse to attempt to silence their critics.

Psalm 105:15 Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.

What does the above verse mean? Does this verse mean that we aren’t to question our spiritual leaders on matters of doctrine? Or does it mean something entirely different and is being misused in order to silence critics?

The word for touch in Hebrew is naga. It means to strike, beat or bring down violently. It doesn’t mean not to criticize doctrine or to publicly examine another’s teachings.

The word for anointed is mashiyach, which means a consecrated person, such as a king, priest or saint.

Touch not my anointed means not to physically harm someone that has been set aside, such as a King, priest or saint. David stated that he would not kill Saul, but he definitely rebuked him (1Samuel 24:9-15).

Twisting Scripture to suit their needs is how the heretics get the sheeple to fork over their hard earned dollars so it should come as no surprise that they would come up with a verse to manipulate the sheeple into believing that they are not to question their teachings. This is the case here.

We are all called to be like the Bereans and to search and test the teachings of others. Paul commended the Bereans and consistently exhorted the readers of his epistles to do the same. David rebuked Saul. Nathan rebuked David. Paul rebuked Peter. There are countless other instances of rebuking others to bring about repentance. It’s biblical and necessary with the mess that is going on within the Body of Christ today.

Anyone who tells you not to question a spiritual leaders teaching is someone you should avoid. Any spiritual leader who refuses to answer your questions about their doctrine is not the person you should be learning from. These are false teachers and will take all of your money and lead you straight to hell.

Psalm 105:15 is being wrongly used and amounts to nothing short of spiritual terrorism. 



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  1. This is truly a much needed breakdown for this verse. We need more people who will stand up to the heretics.

  2. This artricle is much needed for the body of Christ, and for those women who has been fleeced.

  3. i just came out of a church that that scripture is used to protect the pastor..he has people always watching his back..even when asked why he was arreseted and his picture on the internet for domestic battery… i have been accused of asking to many people about what happened…he was contacted first with no response they felt that only the handful of elders left and him self had privilage to the information…they mark you as one causeing division if any questions are asked about leadership…very intimidating and hurtful

  4. It’s not just physical harm… the tongue is powerful! When coupled with ignorance it can be deadly. You don’t have to understand everything… just ask God. Seeking to much unnecessary knowledge is deadly… ask Adam and Eve. Some truths we can’t and should not handle… there is a reason for God being all knowing and not us! Also… sin is sin… ask the women caught in adultry who we, yes we, wanted to stone. Jesus didn’t ask her who she was with and for how long! Take your lead from Christ… not Pharisees! Keep your lips off people unless God steps down and decides to give you His saving grace. None of us have a hell or heaven to put people in!

  5. Yes, I agree with you as stated on the anointed but read it, what does the Lord speak to you about it? Can you hear from him on this scripture? I know I am anointed and of royal priesthood set apart. There should be no question unanswered. I am so glad my pastor is available for any questions about his sermons or the Bible doctrine.
    Good word………..

  6. I whole-heartedly agree with your breakdown of the scripture. However, I disagree with your application of these truths. In each Biblical case sited in the above article the “rebuker” went directly to the one rebuked. He did NOT publish hurtful and judgmental opinions of the person to others who have no responsibility or control within the situation spoken of. The Scripture clearly says that if you have an offense with anyone you should go to that person, just you and them. I am interested if you have done this prior to printing claims of heresy? If not, I challenge your own stance on scriptural application…

    (PN). Actually, in most cases, I attempt to contact these people prior to publishing anything. I never get a response.

    • Paul publicly rebuked Peter and he wrote(published it so to speak) about it in Galatians chapter 2:11-14. I presume the scripture that you are talkingis 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 which has got nothing to do with true doctrine, it talks about just mere disputes between people. We love all these false preachers and we pray that they see the light and teach true doctrine. Please also read 2 Timothy 4:14-15. There is absolutely nothing wrong in exposing the heretics.

      We love you brother Brian and please stop defending these heretics. Read the bible, OBEY JESUS then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free (NOTE OBEY HIM OTHERWISE YOU WILL NEVER KNOW THE TRUTH) John 8:31-32…OBEY OBEY OBEY

  7. “Touch not my anointed” is being used to not only fleece the sheep but by pastors in local churches to abuse the sheep. Thank you for not being afraid to publish truth.

  8. lacy:

    “Keep your lips off people unless God steps down and decides to give you His saving grace. None of us have a hell or heaven to put people in!” Actually God HAS done such a thing … by giving us a BIBLE that we should use to judge OURSELVES and OTHER MEMBERS OF THE FAITH BY. Paul and the other apostles did not even have a completed New Testament canon to go by when they were denouncing false preachers in the epistles. Now that we have a full, completed, authoritative standard, there is no excuse for not following it unless you love your false preacher so much that you are willing to follow them to the lake of fire for an eternity. And wouldn’t it be funny if the false preacher were to repent on his dying breath and all of you people following him to the lake of fire? Satan would be very much pleased by that outcome. See, the reason why you are using these nonsense arguments is that you are convinced that the false preacher that you are following is righteous and you want to shut everybody else up. If it was someone out there marrying gay people or snorting cocaine in the pulpit you wouldn’t have a problem calling them a false preacher.

  9. These preacher pimps have their whole backsides covered with false doctrine like “touch not my anointed.” They are untouchable with their own body guards and twisted scripture. They won’t allow themselves to be questioned or contacted. At Cornerstone (John Hagee) if you call and ask too many questions they will block your number. You get no straight answers. They are teaching a false “Santa Claus” Jesus and not the Jesus of the Bible. They are leading people to hell…….we are supposed to speak out. Maybe David was not supposed to KILL Saul, but he did rebuke him.

  10. First of all, whenever “people” like Benny Hinn, Paula White, etc. (as well as those who defend their heretical behavior) reach into their cliche bag and pull out “touch not mine anointed”, there is an erroneous assumption that an “anointing” is actually present.
    By what evidence do we assume Benny Hinn, for example, is even really “anointed”? Because huge crowds go to see him? Because his “ministry” is extremely popular and financially successful? Because he wears white and talks about God a lot?
    Because he grabs people by the chin and pushes them down onstage?
    Even if there were some legitimacy to the “touch not mine anointed” statement, would it truly apply to Hinn, Copeland, White, Bynum or many of the others who claim to be “anointed”?
    Secondly, there several passages in the Bible that back up the idea of “touch” signifying the meaning “to do harm” (especially if King David is the actual writer of Psalm 105).
    In 1 Samuel 24:6, David admonishes his men,
    “The Lord forbid that I should do this thing unto my master, the Lord’s anointed, to stretch forth mine hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the Lord.” David is saying this to his men in order to prevent them from rising up in violence against Saul and his army. In Samuel 26:9, David says, “Destroy him not, for who can stretch forth his hand against the Lord’s anointed.” There are many similar passages that support the idea that “touching” God’s anointed means to do them harm (1 Samuel 26:11; 26:23; 2 Samuel 1:14; etc.)
    In fact, Psalm 105 is actually an extended version of King David’s song of thanksgiving in 1 Chronicles 16:8–36. In this passage (as well as in Psalm 105), David uses the phrase “touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no HARM” to describe how God preserved and protected the Jewish people in the wilderness from being attacked and defeated by their enemies.
    Neither passage implies the notion of not criticizing or rebuking those who appear to be teaching that which is false.
    In Christ’s time, the Pharisees and Sadducees were considered to be “anointed” by God, yet Jesus did not refrain from “touching” them with rebuke, scorn and ridicule.
    In Ezra 7:24 the word “touch” refers to imposing
    taxes, tributes or custom charges upon priests, Levites, singers and gatekeepers.
    In Job 1:11, 2:5, 4:5, 5:19, and 19:21 the word “touch” consistently signifies to do harm to or to bring suffering upon someone.
    Jeremiah 12:14, Ezekiel 17:10, Amos 9:5, and Zechariah 2:8, also all clearly demonstrate the idea that “touching” refers to causing harm, misfortune, or painful suffering.
    Therefore, I believe the Bible provides more than adequate evidence to support and validate the author of this article and his claims that the phrase “touch not mine anointed” has been and is continuing to be misused by those who use it to defend their false teachings and unbiblical behaviors.

  11. Very well spoken Berf, and I agree and have been stating it in a similar ( not quite as eloquent) context. It is up to us to figure out (discern), who is annointed and who was just appointed, by themselves and ultimately others who wan’t so desperately to believe in a quick fix, perhaps, as in heal me now, give me money now, take my problems away from me now and etc. God does love us and wants us to be in abundance here on earth, I believe that, for what good would it do in heaven? However we need to do our part as well, and only He knows the appropriate timing in all things. So we must pray keeping, keep the faith and hope and rely on His understanding, not on mans. Shalom and joy………………y

  12. I confess that I used to be manipulated by these losers. They always have found ways to hustle people out of their money instead of winning lost souls to Christ. When I figured these people out I was and still am dissillutioned about the ways of Jesus Christ. I am still trying to figure things out but for now I at least know that not all Christians are phony about their beliefs and walk in what they believe in truth just like not all whites are prejudice against Blacks. I hope that one day that I will overcome the fact that I was manipulated by these liars and I hope to help people in my situation who were persuaded by the lies of these phonies.

  13. thx fa postin this…and i would add also…con man’s best weapons comes from tha mark….they badger and intimidate and use against u the very stuff u believe…if they didnt, nobody would fall fa they game…thas why Jesus said, its the stuf wat come outta a man tha defile him, not what he eats…be bless.. -g-

  14. My mind rocked and reeled as the News came hot off the press. Who in the world would have guessed, that the best had not arrived yet. Preachers, Teachers, Friends of the Gospel. Just trust God for he and he alone is worthy to be praised!. I had to check myself, then my check-book.I had bought into this stuff hook, line and stinker. But God, But God. Be not deceived for God is not mocked that whatsoever a man sows that shall he also reap. Well they were proclaiming “HARVEST SEASON” and indeed it has arrived even for those who spoke the words without first checking the seeds. Be very careful, we will have what we say.Pray for these Men and Women in HIGH PLACES, POWERFUL POSITIONS, STRONG PERSONALITIES & INFLUENTIAL LEADERS. These are MEN. They are capable of erroz :-).Let us FORGIVE THEM. Forgive ’em.

  15. anyone can be anointed bishop.. a well known COGIC Bishop in my area charges $10,000.. He will anoint almost anyone as a bishop (called or not except a woman) In the Catholic church there is a long history of selling the office of bishop, arch-bishop, cardinal and even pope.. many churches have adopted the Catholic ways, doctrine, and church structure.. It is really hard to tell a protestant church these days..

  16. The Bible says we are to judge ourselves. What about the great commission? How many souls have you won to the Lord? How many people are you discipling for the kingdom of God? Are you spending time daily in the presence of the Lord?
    Do you seek to promote his kingdom? What is the heart of God? I don’t see any indication in your writings that you comprehend the kind of sacrificial love that God has for us. Do you realize that He loves the people you are so quick to attack? Before we ever sinned Jesus gave his very LIFE…sacrificed Himself for us. I fear for you on judgement day, if you continue attacking people who God loves. PRAY for them. If you feel they are in error…pray for mercy. If things need to be revealed, let it come from those who are not of the body of Christ.

    While I understand your concern, it appears that you are a tool in satan’s hand bringing division to the Body. If you are truly concerned, you will fast and pray that God will bring forth what needs to come out. It should not come from christians tearing each other apart. Yes, we can judge fruit, but we are not to judge each other. Only God knows the heart. If there is deception involved, I believe God will allow the secular media to bring it out without involvement from His body. The Bible says that God loves mercy more than judgement. Mercy is greater then judgement.

    Phil: Thank you for your comments and apparent concern for my spiritual well being. I don’t understand why you’d prefer that outsiders expose false prophets as opposed to those within. The bible clearly commands use to test, rebuke and reprove so where do you feel that I am in error by obeying God’s Word?

  17. how can anyone take serious a woman with pink hair come on she is there for laughs ,but some idiots believe her so sad

  18. I screem every time I hear “touch not my anointed”. These people will question every thing in the world except the Pastors teachings. Ive got one for them. “follow not blindly.”

  19. whatever you say or do to the least of these my brethern, you do it unto me….Jesus Christ. Instead of praying for a brother or sister you think is less righteous than you, you mock, scorn,
    accuse and belittle. You do this unto me. They are my sheep and I AM the author and finisher of their faith. I told one pastor that if he did not stop mocking his brethern on the air, that God would kill him. God killed him.

    Phil: Another threat? You are too much Barbara! Everyone say GOODBYE to Barbara!!!!!

  20. Do you accusers and mockers think God does not hear you?? Do you really think He is incapable of steering His own ship?? Do you really think He approves of name calling and scorn of His blood washed sheep?? Do you really think He does not see you in all your own filthy sin, and do you not realize your righteousness is filthy rags??

    Phil: For someone who dislikes this site and it’s contents, you sure seem to spend a considerable amount of time posting here. Unless you come up with something better then your last several attempts, you can find somewhere else to defend the pimps who are stealing your money!

  21. Thank God for people like you! If Satan is responsible for ANYTHING, it is messing with the minds of feeble believers who have apparently had the GOOD side of their brain REMOVED! Yes, it is from the brainwasher faction of Christendom that allows us to NOT think with our brains! Therefore, we have the disgustingly wealthy Telemarketing Christian Leaders riding HIGH! HEY!!! I just got an idea!!! Maybe if I send GOD TV one thousand dollars (that is the amount they are asking for at this very moment on my TV set!)I can make my mortgage payment next month and Wendy & Alec can continue in their quest to prophesy over the Church worldwide.

  22. I, too, came from one of these types of churches. They were quick to hide behind “Touch not mine anointed”, yet felt that they could talk to you in a condescending manner. They only use that to silence people & manipulate them into doing what they desire & that’s to build earthly kingdoms for themselves, so that they walk around & receive worship like the false messiahs that they are. They use to tell us that if we talked against them strokes, heart attacks & endless things would happen to us. The first thing I looked at was the life of Jesus. If you read through the four gospels, the only thing that Jesus ever cursed was a fig tree. He didn’t even curse the devil when He was tempted in the wilderness. Why? Because, the devil’s already cursed. Jesus rebuked Pharisee & Saduccees, but he never cursed them. He only asked them how did they think that they would escape the damnation of hell with the hypocrisy that they walked in & the heresy that they continued to spread. This is something that I want Barbara to think about (& I’m confronting what you stated in love, not to ever belittle). Let’s look at the life of Peter & Paul. Now, let’s look at how Paul withstood him to his face for the very hypocrisy that you presently uphold for all of those false preachers. What if Peter had the kind of attitude that these false preachers have today? He could’ve easily said, “Man, I’ve walked with Jesus Himself while He walked the earth & what’s more, I’ve walked on water with Him!!! Who are you to judge me? You used to kill us yourself!!! Do you know who you’re talking to? I just healed a lame man at the gate Beautiful & 5,000 converted over to Christianity after MY sermon!!! Yet, he (Peter) was humble enough to receive the rebuke, because even though all of the aforementioned took place, in this particular instance, Peter was in the wrong. Too many of these “Touch not mine anointed” preachers don’t want to admit their wrong, but will be quick to tell you that you’re going to hell for pointing their wrong out? Just like we don’t have a heaven or hell to put them in, they don’t have one to put us in, either. Most of them are not man or woman enough to tell you to your face. They would rather hide behind the pulpit & spit venom. You can defend them all you like, but wrong is wrong, no matter who it comes from. I’m not telling you what I’ve heard, this has happened to me. I asked God from that day forward not to ever let me fall victim to that (as He has called me to minister & teach), but really, He won’t let anybody abide in untruth is their primary objective in this walk is the glorify Him. God will not let you abide in error if you’re seeking Him in earnest. Trust me on this much.

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  24. I just sat in on a church board meeting where a person quoted this scripture…out of context of course. She has no idea what the Lord was trying to say in the passage. She of course, had reasons to want the preacher to have all the money he thought he should have. She was to benift from his wages too. God does want us to question authority. They are not God…there is only one.

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