Scott Paschal Caught Lying Again!!UPDATE 7/21/2007

My anonymous blogger, the one defaming me and a couple of tennis people, has been identified. Yesterday I discovered that Scott Paschal, founder and president of the cult known as International Christian Tennis Association, was the author of the ANONYMOUS attacking blog I wrote about here. I also discovered that popular evangelist and Christian author David Nasser endorses Paschal and his cult.


I contacted WordPress support Tuesday July 17, 2007 in regards to the blog Theology in Sports Online Magazine. I stated that the blog was actionable due to defamatory statements and that I believed the owner to be Scott Paschal. This blog was removed as were the following blogs;


This blog detailed the activities of the International Christian Tennis Association and is similar to Paschal periodically uses this blog to attack his critics and brag about him self.


This blog was allegedly written by a woman named Jeanne, who claimed to be an author of childrens books. “Jeanne” further claimed to be a Jewish woman who was led to the Lord by Paschal and that Paschal coaches and mentors her son. This blog praises Scott Paschal and “thanks God for him”. Pretending to be a woman Scott? Is there something you’re not telling us?


This blog was identical to the blog Theology in Sports Online. Why on earth would you need two ANONYMOUS blogs to attack and defame? My lawyers LOVED that.


All of these blogs can be traced to the computer of Scott Paschal and all were removed by the wonderful staff at WordPress.


What type of person pretends to be someone else in order to pat his self on the back? What type of person uses anonymous blogs to defame someone who criticizes their organization? Paschal has a very LONG history of this type of behavior as you can see at the links below;


This is enough right? Oh wait, there’s more. Within hours of having the plug pulled on his blogs, this blog appeared. It’s exactly the same as the attacking blogs without all of the false accusations and as always, written anonymously. Scott Paschal’s arrogance and desperation still amazes me after all these years.


Evangelist David Nasser offers the following public endorsement in regards to the International Christian Tennis Association and Scott Paschal that can be found here. Paschal uses this endorsement to gain credibility. Nasser is the only ‘minister’ that will publicly endorse Paschal despite the mountain of negative articles written exposing Paschal and the ICTA.


In light of this long and very detailed past and present history, I think Mr. Nasser and I would disagree on the definition of credible in regards to Scott Paschal and the International Christian Tennis Association.


David Nasser claims the International Christian Tennis Association is a “credible” ministry. I have the following questions that Mr. Nasser is invited to answer;


1). Do credible ministries author anonymous blogs and use them to defame others?


2). Do credible ministries lie about nearly every aspect of their ministries history and activities?


3). Do credible ministries have imaginary employees? Ask Scott who Dan Evans and Max Burns are?


4). Do credible ministries brag about accomplishments as fact that never actually happened?


5). If you have answered no to any of these questions, are you still willing to endorse the ICTA?


We’re waiting patiently David.


The ball so to speak is firmly in Mr. Nasser’s court.    


UPDATE 7/21/07


It’s just like having Scott Paschal hooked up to remote control. As soon as my posting was published, Scott Paschal, pretending to be someone else, wrote a post about me. He’s a funny guy. If he’s like this on the internet (multiple personalities, angry, manipulative, threatening) imagine what he’s like in person when he’s angry?


Speaking of multiple personalities, two more blogs were shut down by the support staff at WordPress. How many blogs does this clown need?


David Nasser hasn’t contacted me yet and I don’t expect him to either. No one is judging him here for wanting to believe in Scott Paschal’s sincerity. He wouldn’t be the first and he most likely won’t be the last to fall for Paschal’s con game. Nasser is just a victim of a two bit con man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.  





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9 thoughts on “Scott Paschal Caught Lying Again!!UPDATE 7/21/2007

  1. Glad you wrote this, keep going. I look forward to hearing from Chris Tomlin is he endorses Paschal, as I may get a change to meet him in Paris at a concern June 3, 08. Paschal quoted Tomlin a lot in the past. Let’s see!

    Hi Bob…..welcome to Theology Today. This really says it all doesn’t it? I don’t think there’s much else to say on this matter….Scott will still be Scott and people will still go to him no matter what we say or write….

    Everything on Scotts web site in regards to David Nasser has been removed….does he still endorse Scott?


      Hi Phil, I just read this article by Scott. It really reaffirms my feelings. Basically it is a tirade against Julia and Marek. I actually know both of them well and have discussed the situation with them a few years ago. They side of the story is much different that Scott is giving publicly. In fact, I can not understand why Scott writes about this for the public which he is obviously doing in this article. In short, I can say that Julia went to Scott because she thought he was a Christian tennis coach. When she arrived she found Scott could not even play tennis well himself, other issues that I do not totally know about and she was trapped. It took her a few weeks to figure out how to get herself out of that situation.

      Marek also wanted to leave and they started dating. It seems reasonable as they are both young adults, over the age of 18 and tennis players. So Julia and Marek left at the same time. In checking with the USTA ranking office I was told that Marek was at no time ranked #1 in the USA. As they gather points for each tournament played, Marek did well in the first tournament of the year (that was not played by the best players) and his points gathered put him at 1. But this in no way determines a ranking according to that office. So this is nothing more that Scott trying to promote Scott thorough Marek’s accomplishments. Marek made it clear to me, without going into specifics, that he was hurt by Scott. Marek stayed in my house at Wimbledon a few years ago for two weeks and he was Justine Henin’s hitting partner and playing pro tour Challenger events. Great accomplishment to be hitting on the courts of Wimbledon and also to be playing European events which is not an easy feat.

      Julia’s mother, who is my friend, was kept away from Julia while she stayed at Paschals. The mother is a committed Christian and is active in Christian work in Spain. So for sure – a so called Christian tennis Academy keeping away a Christian mother -seems like a misnomer.

      As far as the Las Vegas tournament. Julia escaped from Scott at the tournament. He showed up there to keep control. She left him there. He reacted very angrily and from what I was told was way out of line and this brought him to the attention of the pro tour administrators. The administrators have a ban list from pro tour events and being in closed off access areas with players and Scott name is checked if he is found to have applied for this access. I do know for a fact that Julia discussed this with the pro tour administrators but I was not privy to that discussion.

      In addition a well known women’s pro player spoke to me at Wimbledon a few years ago and is from Russia told me that Scott had taken a young Russian player who was junior and was this player’s friend and once the girl arrived with Scott he took control of her passport and would not left her leave.

      As far as Nasser. I do know that Chris Tomlin and David Nasser he came to the US Open a few years ago and met up with several Christians involved in pro tennis world, including Julia. Julia shared her experiences with Scott. I heard Chris Tomlin denied having a relationship with Paschal. I do not know all the details as I was not in the meeting but my guess is that any comments on Paschal on Nasser site or Paschal site seemed to be removed around this time. It does seem to me strange that Scott Paschal keeps mentioning in 2008-09 that Nasser is her close personal friend. I really do not know.

      These are the facts as I know them and are all first hand accounts of Scott.

    • There is a good chance that Nasser no longer endorses Paschal. We had MAJOR problems with Paschal when our son enrolled at ICTA. In the absence of any ICTA governing board, we made contact with Nasser when we had serious problems vis-a-vis Paschal . . . including having to contact the Palm Coast police about securing a police escort to simply get my son’s belongings out. I believe it is more than fair to state that Paschal grossly overstates any endorsement by Nasser.

      Our son went to ICTA to prepare for collegiate tennis. The incompetence of Paschal resulted in our son being barred from playing collegiate tennis for a year and the loss of a substantial tennis scholarship.

      Despite our son’s departure, Paschal intermittently contacts our son to remind him that NO ONE cares about him except Scott Paschal. CULT is an understatement. Fortunately, our son has enough smarts about him to see what was going on. He got out and will NEVER go back.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks Bob!

    I receive between 5-10 emails a month asking about Scott and his claims of being a “pastor”. One such emailer referred me to this aricle;

    This article led me to believe that Gary S. Paschal hasn’t changed one bit in regards to making claims that are simply untrue.

    As far as Nasser and Tomlin? They need someone to peddle their merchandise and who better then Scott? That is what Scott did in Steamboat right? Sell t-shirts in a pro shop. Apparently that was prior to him becoming a world class elite tennis coach.

    Scott emailed me 2 weeks ago requesting I remove articles both here and elsewhere I’ve written since as far back as 2005. In this email he claimed he was trying to unite tennis ministry leaders such as yourself and others. I asked him to have you and the others contact me and so far no one has. I’m going to leave the articles up Bob.

    As far as I’m concerned Theology Today and Phil Naessens have no further desire to further expose him. There is plenty enough out there in cyberspace for someone to make an informed decision regarding Paschal and the ICTA.

    Thanks again Bob,


    • Scott Paschal is NOT an ordained minister and has no endorsement by any recognized denomination. I know this FOR FACT as he wrote to me a couple of years ago asking me what he would need to do to be ordained. I advised him that he would need the endorsement of his denomination. There is no denomination lending him any form endorsement and Paschal dropped pursuing it. It is important to recognize that Paschal recognizes NO authority (other than his own) and rejects all forms of any kind of accountability. This does not result in ordination for anyone in any credible Christian denomination. I KNOW . . . I’m an ordained Christian minister.

  3. Scott has married one of the twin sisters who moved into his “tennis academy” (small 1 Bedroom Texas apartment). The girls were 16 at the time and now they would be 25, 26 years old. He always stated he was “like a father to them” whenever eyebrows would raise or concerns would be voiced about their living arrangement. Guess we know better now huh?

  4. Hi, thanks for that post on Scott’s marriage. I do not have a problem with that. However it is important for people who are sending their children to him for tennis to know the background. I was contacted about 3 months ago by the parents of one of his top students. They were missionaries in Costa Rica and Scott had their son. They wanted to pull him out and felt a lot of pressure from Scott to not be around. It was difficult for them and I believe that got him out. Now as to Scott’s marriage. They are both adults. But Scott did have his wife as a 16 year old tennis student. Scott was married during this time and did get divorced. From what I heard ran away with her from her parents and she has been with him ever since. Now that is a warning. But I spoke to one former student of his, Marek who shared with me that Scott and one of these twins (I forgot which one)would go into Scott’s office that he used at his house where he and the students lived and he would hear the door being locked and they would be in there for sometime. This occured at least 4+ years ago, so this girl who was a student at that time, a so called co worker in the ministry, would have been in that house not in a martial relationship. That is the latest that I know.

    • Hi Bob,

      Hope you are well?

      It’s interesting to note the timing of the founding of the ICTA and the twins taking up residence with him as both took place in 1999.

      Scott is a clever boy. When he fled Texas with the girls and headed to Florida he didn’t even have a place of his own. Now he has a home, condo, vehicles and a wife thanks to unsuspecting born again Christians funding his charade. Academy fees are considered “donations” to his “ministry” which means he lives for free tax free as the money goes back into the ministry and his expenses are ministry expenses….nice huh? Now you know why he calls it a “Christian” ministry.


  5. yes, I think you are correct. Just lax laws we have on non-profits and he figured a way to work that. Many years he reported an income on $100,000 on the non-profit. All returns are public and were online. Then he used a ministry that donated cars to ‘ministry’ and can be written off as tax deductions. That was a suburban van which he then sold. So yes, dirty is a kind word.

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